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$h!t Happens or maybe it just happens to me?
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Zeke Wilder
28 years old
Born Sep-21-1991
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Zeke Wilder


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15 Jun 2008
Name: Zeke Wilder
Nation: Hatari (now a traveller)
Age: 51 (looks 28)
Race: Branded (wolf)

Appearance: He has long black hair, which goes down to his jaw, except at the back where it goes to the base of his neck he often ties a piece of black material around his forehead to keep his hair out the way. He has sage green and looks to be in his mid twenty's early thirty's and has slightly tanned skin. Zeke has a slender face with a small scar going down the left side of his cheek, his expression seems as if he's looking through the person rather than at them and he always keeps his mouth shut unless talking etc. He's rather slender and fairly muscular. He wears a black Swordmasters robe, it has silver trim and buttons up on the right, and the robe its self reaches to his ankles and rests just above his steel toe capped boots, the robe also has a sage green dragon design which is hard to see when its dark. The robe hugs tight to his chest and just flows from the waist with a slit in the back going up just above the knees to allow for better mobility. He wears Midnight blue trousers with black stitching under his robe, it has no design and is quite plain apart for the several pockets. For armour he wears a pauldron which consist of several silver looking plates over lapping, light metal shin guards concealed by his robe and wears leather vambrace's to conceal his branded mark on his left arm. Zeke has a scabbards strapped to his waist on the left and one strapped to his back. He can also be seen wearing a neck tube when in a cold or sandy conditions.

Personality: He's generally nice and tries to help his friends out when ever he can. When it comes to people he either doesn't know or doesn't like he keeps his feeling's and any thing else he can bottled up so he stays unknown to them and will observe them until he feels he can trust them or they leave him be. He's generally a loner but he knows when he should accept help most the time. The only major flaw people see in him is his high sense of pride which sometimes clutters his judgment. He likes to play with peoples mind a lot but doesn't do it to friends as he's very loyal. He loves to have fun but as he has few friends he rarely shows genuine happiness. He prefers Laguz to Beorc for many reasons.

Biography: His dad, Zidane Wilder was a dragon rider from Daein fleeing from a group of bandits why they chased him he never explained but one day they were catching up and he had no were left to run but the country of Hatari. So he flew for mile on end until his dragon couldn't take it any more and then descended near this little wolf laguz village. He begged and pleaded for food and water but they all just walked away. Eventually it was the middle of the night and a single laguz woman called Sheena Aurora, caring a pale of water and a basket of food for Zidane and his dragon. Zidane eventually decided to live in the village and slowly the village accepted them and as Sheena and Zidane's fondness for each other grew they eventually had some children. The first was called Zeke and the next was called Kaze(car-zay). The two brothers could have passed for twins as only their eye colour was different Zeke had green eyes and Kaze had blue eyes.

When Zeke was twelve and Kaze was nine the bandits had found their dad. Zidane knew the battle would destroy the village so he took them to some ruins half a mile a way. The rest of the family followed. As Zidane was about to finish some of the bandits off, the leader had grabbed his wife and slit her throat and threatened to kill his children. He dropped his sword and his dragon dropped one of the bandits. In a fit of rage Zeke escaped the grip of the bandits leader and grabbed a sword, which had been dropped and preceded to attack all of the bandits. Kaze mad a run for it and Zidane went to grab Zeke but he was knocked out so his dragon flew of to save its master. Zeke managed to escape but they found his brother.

For years Zeke trained with the sword he found and the village left him to it. When he reached thirty his brother appeared on his doorstep they had a long talk about what happened to each other. Eventually Kaze explained that they taught him to be a thief and that he had ran away and the bandits were following him. They decided to lay a trap in the old ruins. When the bandits walked in half of them had about a second to realise what was happening before their head rolled onto the floor. After the massacre of the bandits they went there separate ways.

Twenty years later, three months before his birthday he gets a letter from his brother saying that there dad is alive. Exhilarated he gets ready to leave and asks an old laguz friend of his to look after his house and so leaves on a quest to look for his dad.

Class and Level: Myrmidon 3

Weapon Levels: Sword - E

Iron Blade
Rank: E (0)
A basic iron blade founded in some ruins
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