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26 Dec 2011
Have You Been Injured in an Accident That Wasn't Your Fault?
Near the Village of Brigston, South Bern

This was a particularly fascinating case for Sybille. The man lying on the mat had an arm that was hanging on by a thread. A heavy piece of lumber had collapsed on him during the terrible fire. The man was not the only one suffering; the long tent was full of victims of the recent fire. They were groaning and rolling around in agony of burns and bleeding gashes, the air was thick with the scent of blood. Most of them were being tended to by clerics under Countess Sybille's leadership, as she had been charged with the management of aid and healing in the area. They needed to act fast before any bandits or rogues that roamed the southern lands decided to take advantage of the situation and raid the already poor villagers and whatever might be left of their livelihoods.

"My lady, what should we do about him?" asked Sarah, a young, blonde haired healer in a white robe. Sybille, who was also wearing her robe, glanced up at her. She ignored the whimpers and tears of the hurt man, having been surrounded by his cries of torment many times in the past.

"I doubt this arm could be fully healed by any of us. To try and fix it now might just complicate things in the future, and I think we should consider amputation." She leaned over for another inspection of the arm. She was not ashamed to admit that she did not have the power to mend it completely as it was a shocking wound which was likely to become gravely infected.

In the corner of her eye Sybille spotted another cleric using her staff on an armed man, presumably one of the mercenaries she had hired for the camp's protection. The cleric was healing a small injury the mercenary had on his leg. The hired help was ordered to form a perimeter around the camp to keep watch for trouble, but half the time they just ended up getting in the way of work. "Sarah, you shall tend to this man... use your judgement wisely and do not allow him to make much more of a racket," she said, raising up and heading for the nearby couple with a furious expression. "What's going on here!"

"My lady... I was just-"

"These troops are on my payroll to protect the camp, not to make more work for the rest of us. Mercenaries should provide their own aid and should not drain resources from the rest of us... unless they want have their pay cut." Sybille glared at the swordsman who grudgingly wandered away unhealed, not wanting to see his wages taken away. The grumpy troubadour turned to the cleric again who straightened her posture out of intense fear. "Now get back to work!" the healer scampered off with a little squeak. Unfortunately for Sybille, more trouble was brewing.

She saw the mercenary she had just yelled at being approached by a well-dressed man with grey hair and glasses. She knew this man to be a servant of one of the more obnoxious people in her care; a merchant who had gone as far as to demand his own private tent separate from the peasantry. She could not hear the conversation, but she was enraged to see the mercenary then head towards the small tent in the near distance where she noticed more of the paid hands were gathering despite them not having her permission to take a break from their rounds. She did not know what the merchant was playing, but it was the last straw for her. She clenched her teeth as she put her healing staff back into the sash around her waist. It was time to knock some sense into that man.

OOC: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Basically, I want your characters to have gathered around the enterance of a small tent with a small group of other mercenaries. The summoning your character would have gotten off the servant would have been vague, but it would have been made to sound urgent. You can use this round to introduce your characters to each other.

17 Dec 2011
The Topic is up.

After a village in the south of Bern is razed by a sudden arson attack Countess Sybille Blacklight is charged with organising a relief effort to aid the many victims of the fire. Because the village borders bandit infested lands she takes extra caution by hiring extra mercenaries to protect the site and the villagers, and the situation appears to be under control at first. Unfortunately, there was one person she had not counted on. One of those wounded in the fire was a wealthy and paranoid merchant, Fredrick Lutgrass, who constantly fears assassination. A power struggle begins to form at the site when Fredrick starts trying to buy out the mercenaries as his own bodyguards, leaving the site's defences weakened.

- This RP is open to any characters who are mercenaries, members of the Bern army, healers, though others will be accepted into the group.
- This won't necessarily be first come first serve, I'll be taking people who I feel will fit in best.
- I would prefer active and attentive RPers, I don't set a specific time limit on posting, but I won't hesitate to chase people up over posts after a week.


Sybille Blacklight, Level 15 Troubadour - Shuuda
23 Nov 2011
The Terror of the Deep
S-Rank RP: Audhulma
Southern Azgarth

Lyra stared out to sea as she stood on the deck of the colossal battleship. The ocean, far from being calm before the storm, was rougher than she had ever seen, with rain pour overhead. The whole ship was swaying and creaking under its influence. Lyra was not accustom to seafaring, but she managed to hide her unease about the battlefield, as did everyone else on-board. She had made the vow never to let her heart weaver, and now was the hour of testing. Many similar ships were out at sea as well, forming a row to blockade the coming assault from the south. She was stood in a line along with Elphisia and some other mercenaries. Of these people, the priestess Elphisia was the only one she knew well, the others appeared to be a variety of fighters. There were also many soldiers stood to attention, perfectly still as to not attract the ire of their commander.

Lyra and Elphisia had joined with this fleet after helping a group of a scout clean out hidden nest of demons on the northernmost isle of Azgarth. With the threat of a surprise attack from the rear reduced the Fleet Admiral had decided that now was the best time to set up their defences for the main battle.

A tall man with dark blue hair and a goatee oversaw their preparations, marching up and down the line of soldiers with a harsh and determined stare. That man was Archduke Joran, the Fleet Admiral of Azgarth. "Stand ready, men!" he bellowed, raising his voice above the churning waves. "Remember that you are here to give your lives to a great purpose." While Lyra had no intention of dying, she was certainly here for any great reasons, the least of which was to go toe-to-toe with one of the most feared demons in Skylessia, the Kraken. She did not forget however that it was her deepest desire to find Ezra, who was still under the call of a devious siren in service to the Kraken. "You are not to show these demons any fear or weakness, and assure you there is no space for cowardice on-board my fleet. Do I make myself clear!?" All his troops stomped and saluted.

"Yes, Admiral!" they answered in unison.

The swordmaster's eyes soon became fixated with the sword the Admiral was carrying. While she could only see the hilt in its sheathed state she knew it was no blade she had ever encountered on any battlefield before. Simply being near it made her oddly home sick for chilling reaches of the north.

Joran approached the mercenaries and those who had offered their aid but not his army regulars. "Everything I just said applies to you maggots as well. So long as you are on my ship you follow my commands without a moment's hesitation. Those demons will come quickly and from under the waves, so you must be prepared for battle at all times. Now step forwards for roll call" He pointed firmly at Lyra first. The swordswoman did as she was told, not intimidated by the Admiral's shouting or glares.

"Lyra Tawny; swordfighter," she said, struggling to have her word heard over the crashing waves. As usual she kept her introduction short, not having much to say to city dwelling types. While the Admiral had been informed of how she and Elphisia had helped wiped out the den of demons it did not affect the way he treated them. He was concerned only with victory. He turned to the rest of the line and requested similar introductions.
19 Nov 2011
The Topic

After taking care of a large gathering of demons in the north of Azgarth, Lyra and Elphisia go to join the Fleet Admiral, Joran, who is preparing the navy for a large battle against one of the most fearsome demons in Skylessia. The Kraken and its army of naga and mermen are approaching Azgarth from the southern oceans and the fall of Joran's fleet would mean the fall of the entire nation to demonic forces. The Admiral is the possessor of a legendary blade which he hopes might turn the tide when it comes to defeating the Kraken, but even then he know it shall be no easy task. And so, he has decided to take on any other aid he can find, whether it be mercenaries, Ashuram mages, or concerned demon slayers.

Among this crisis Lyra has her own reason for heading into battle; her search for a piece of property one of the Kraken's servants stole from her.

In this RP our characters will be on-board the Fleet Admiral's battleship as the battle against the Kraken and its army of sea demons becomes very intense. It will be mostly combat as our character fight waves of demons but there will be time for social at the start and in between a few fights. This is also the RP in which Lyra will obtain the S-rank sword, Audhulma. Your character does not need to have any past history with Lyra, but neither will the RP be first come first serve. I would prefer it if everyone who joined is active and attentive.


Lyra Tawny - Swordmaster - Shuuda
Elphisia Svanhildur - Bishop - Viceman
30 Oct 2011
This is just a small point I've been chewing over for a while, but I'm wondering if you think it would be a good idea to give the graders the ability to approve profiles? I ask this because approving profiles is a much easier affair than in RL, and I think that profiles might get approved faster if there were more than two people on the job. Plus, if anyone were to ask whether their profile got through or not, because of errors, we could answer that for them as well.

Of course, this is just a small thought.
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