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immunology, birds, manga, drawing, Japanese history
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23 Dec 2008
A thought struck me while my boyfriend and I were driving through San Francisco today with a bunch of friends: just how much of a role does trendiness of a restaurant or a shop influence a buyer's decision to buy there?

A few nights ago, we had dinner out at a trendy Thai restaurant in a college town (a school-sponspored event). With the economy being so bad, you'd think it would be easy to get a table there. Instead, we ended up waiting about an hour to be seated. The food was alright, but not exceptional, though it was definitely overpriced.

That got me to thinking: if people are willing to pay so much money to eat out at Sofiya's, or drink Starbucks coffee, or buy clothing at Nordstrom, what would their reasons be for doing so? Do they consider the trendy atmosphere another quality they'd like to have for their product, thus they are patrons of the shop or restaurant, or do they do so because eating out (or buying something) from a trendy store makes them feel good about themselves?

I'd like to hear what you all think on the issue.
28 Sep 2008
u8magum and I were chatting on AIM again about possible Devil weapons (weapons that have a certain % chance of dealing damage to the user).

U8MAGUM (11:24:30 AM): we should have devil weapons in FETO
diat0me (11:24:58 AM): lol.
diat0me (11:25:08 AM): Like, there's a certain percent chance it does damage to you?
U8MAGUM (11:25:57 AM): devil sword 10 MT 0WT 70acc 5 crit Effects 50% chance to hurt the user aswell
U8MAGUM (11:26:05 AM): >_>
U8MAGUM (11:27:05 AM): so it checks for a hit...if it hits then it checks for same damage to user >_>
diat0me (11:27:42 AM): >_>
diat0me (11:27:44 AM): lol.
diat0me (11:27:53 AM): You could kill yourself with that weapon.
U8MAGUM (11:28:11 AM): and if you want to actually improve armors make it so it uses the users defense to calculate damage
diat0me (11:28:43 AM): Hm...
diat0me (11:28:46 AM): Yeah.
diat0me (11:28:51 AM): That could be an idea.
U8MAGUM (11:28:51 AM): XD
diat0me (11:29:04 AM): But I think the the % chance it can damage user should depend on user's luck.
U8MAGUM (11:29:20 AM): that could work
diat0me (11:29:21 AM): So, the higher the luck you have, the lower the chance you have of getting damage.
U8MAGUM (11:29:27 AM): tweak it as you like it was just an idea
diat0me (11:29:33 AM): It could be the % chance of getting damage is 50-user's luck.
diat0me (11:29:55 AM): So a war medic with 30 luck would have 20% chance of getting hurt.
U8MAGUM (11:30:06 AM): yea makes luck more useful too
diat0me (11:30:14 AM): While, a barbarian with 10 luck has 40% chance...
U8MAGUM (11:30:21 AM): XD
U8MAGUM (11:30:26 AM): make a thread for it i like the idea
diat0me (11:30:30 AM): LOL.
diat0me (11:30:35 AM): I'm thinking...
diat0me (11:30:37 AM): as for defense...
diat0me (11:30:49 AM): It could just be damage - defense.
diat0me (11:30:59 AM): So a 35 defense general will take little damage.
U8MAGUM (11:31:06 AM): so armors with 30 MT 35 Defense
diat0me (11:31:08 AM): And there's no chance it will crit user...
diat0me (11:31:24 AM): though, since they have low luck, the % chance of them taking damage is higher.
U8MAGUM (11:31:28 AM): they use a 10 damage devil weapon they take 5 damage if they are hit with it XD
diat0me (11:31:34 AM): Yeah. XD
U8MAGUM (11:32:11 AM): unless you crit with it XD
diat0me (11:32:21 AM): LOL!
U8MAGUM (11:32:21 AM): 30 damage you take 30-defense XD
diat0me (11:32:24 AM): Hm...
diat0me (11:32:27 AM): that's interesting.
diat0me (11:32:37 AM): Then that might be a way to penalize crit masters too! XD
U8MAGUM (11:32:40 AM): actually more i didnt include users MT
U8MAGUM (11:32:47 AM): yea XD
diat0me (11:33:07 AM): So if you happened to crit with a devil weapon, and you got unlucky enough to take damage...
U8MAGUM (11:33:09 AM): i like this alot
diat0me (11:33:14 AM): you take critical damage from it. LOLOL
U8MAGUM (11:33:39 AM): so you could see 2 units disapearing after an attack instead of just 1....
U8MAGUM (11:33:44 AM): LOL

This is just an idea. Any comments, suggestions?
27 Sep 2008
u8magum and I were talking on AIM about how some of the maps have problems and should either be taken down or revised. Here's a list of maps we compiled:

1. Castle Battle - Green will get swarmed trying to grab the treasure chest.
2. Opposing Dynasties - Orange can first strike on turn 1 with mounteds/flyers
3. Treasure Ruins 2 - Orange will always get the chest in the middle
4. Plus Canal - Orange and Blue can first strike/hit and run Red and Green on Turn 1.
5. Spann Island - Orange can first-strike with flyers.
6. Treasure Ruins 1 - Only one chest in the center, and orange has the same advantage as in Treasure Ruins 2.

U8MAGUM (11:07:11 AM): i think SAS just wanted to get a bunch of new maps in so he didnt really bother to see if they were balanced or not
U8MAGUM (11:08:04 AM): he should have people who observe the map submissions and approve them if they are any good and give advice on what to change if its bad
diat0me (11:09:05 AM): Are you suggesting that we gets these maps revised?
diat0me (11:09:09 AM): Or taken down?
U8MAGUM (11:09:55 AM): either or
U8MAGUM (11:10:08 AM): if they can be fixed they should be fixed
U8MAGUM (11:10:14 AM): if not i say scrap them

Feel free to discuss.

Edit: Oops...posted in the wrong section. Can somebody move this to either the suggestions thread or the general FETO board?
13 Sep 2008

Tried to use dispel on Package's ward-buffed mage. It allows me to select the mage as a target, but when I click on the target, nothing shows up.
4 Aug 2008
I'm tired of 1 vs. 1's for now, and put up a team match on Plus Canal. Please join if you're interested! ^^

Go here: http://feto.feplanet.net/battle/join/21318
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Feel better soon, Is all I can say.
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I actually can't draw very well at all. I usually stick to appreciating art, rather than making it. Thank you for the thought though.
26 Dec 2008 - 3:20
Are you w2k/bird brain dodo?
15 Dec 2008 - 15:08


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