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11 May 2011
C Support

Hugo: Well, Zanzir, I'm starting to get pretty hungry. I'm thinking that your first act as business partner is to get me one of those pastries you were talking about earlier.

Zanzib: O-okay. What pastry would you like?

Hugo: Well, you're the local. Here's ten gold, pick something for me.

Zanzib: *abashed* I will, um, try my best. *goes up to pastry stand, gets two baklavas* T... this is my favorite, I hope you do not dislike walnuts.

Hugo: Walnuts? I've, uh, never had one.*takes baklava* But if it's your favorite it should be good enough, right?

Zanzib: *takes tiny bite* You... really think so?

Hugo: *takes bite* Well, sure. It's, uh, nice enough.

Zanzib: No one has ever said my judgement was good before.

Hugo: it's fine, it's good. *reluctantly* It's great with me.

Zanzib: R-really? You, um, do not think I am good-for-nothing?

Hugo: Well, of course not! Your choice in desserts may be... questionable, but you're probably good for something.

Zanzib: *looks down* Oh.
Zanzib: Do you think... if I try very hard, I could be a good merchant?

Hugo: Well, I'm thinking that you probably shouldn't think. You should do, and then, when you do what you want to enough, you'll be good at it whether other people like it or not.

Zanzib: *uncertainly* Ok.
Zanzib: Being a merchant was, um, something you wanted to do, yes?

Hugo: Well, I can't say that I really wanted this, but I think that somewhere, someone decided I was made for it. Or something like that.

Zanzib: Just someone?

Hugo: Maybe not just someone, I guess. What I mean is the forces of the universe should there be any. Do you understand what I'm saying, Zanzir?

Zanzib: Um... ye- *pauses, shakes head* No.

Hugo: Fate, then. Fate decided it, I guess.

Zanzib: *shocked* It was foretold?

Hugo: No! No, of course not. Well, uh, maybe. But not like a prophecy or psychic or anything like that.

Zanzib: Then, um, how do you know?

Hugo: Because it seems like everything is predetermined. You don't know when you'll die, do you? But it'll happen sooner or later.

Zanzib: That is right, but... so you choose and the choice is what you were always going to do, you are saying?

Hugo: I'm saying that I chose whether or not to accept that something was happening, and that it more like chose me than me choosing it.

Zanzib: *frowns* I am still confused, but if what you are saying is what I am thinking I am chosen to be confused.
Zanzib: *looks down* I am sorry. I am too stupid for these thoughts.

Hugo: No, of course not, Zanzir. I'm just not making much sense, must because I'm hungry.

Zanzib: *hesitantly* Um, if you did not like the pastry... I saw another stand with many roast meats.

Hugo: Ah! That would be great. Zanzir, it's about time to show you how a man really eats. *hands handful of coins* Buy as much as you want!

Zanzib: *gratified smile* Ok.

21 Apr 2011
Self-explanatory, post here when you retire, replace, or kill off one of your characters.
11 Apr 2011
C Support

Zanzib landed some distance outside the city walls before shifting back into his humanoid form, glad that no humans had decided to shoot him with crossbows or other slung or shot things. "I... think this is good and far from that terrible place."

Siphelyn looked back at the shambled clusters of buildings they'd flown away from, "And it will keep being terrible, but that's nothing we can help, is it?"

"Um... are you sure that it will keep being that bad?" the mamkute asked.

"I don't see how it will get better, not without some sort of large intervention at least, not even the people seem to want to do anything about it."

Zanzib looked down. He did not want to think that humans were hopeless, not after he had finally met such kind ones. "Um, well, i-if there were enough good people there to make there not seem like there were as many mean ones, maybe the mean ones would learn."

"...is that all you have? That's not much of a plan." It was frustrating, in some odd way. He wanted things to work out but he didn't seem to ever know how to actualize his desires. She was nothing like that.

The mamkute shifted uncomfortably, not used to being confronted so bluntly. "I don't know any plans. All I know is how to run away, right now." The reality of the words hit him. That was all he knew how to do and all he had been doing. He covered his eyes with his hand, sniffling a little. "I-I am sorry. I guess I am useless."

There he went, a full grown child. "I... I won't lie to you, you do come off as kind of useless. At least you can fly, that's definitely not been a useless skill of yours. If you ask me, what you need is some education so you can figure out how to do what you want to do." Or so that was her assumption. Surely no one this naive could have been through the kind of schooling she'd been through.

It was not very comforting to hear that flying was his strong point when all mamkutes could fly. He wiped his tears with the back of his forearm. "Education? Like... an apprenticeship?"

"Well... that's one kind. What do you want to do with your life? That would be a good starting point."

"I... what do I want to do with my life? I must become a merchant, because my father is a merchant and he is getting old."

"Why? If he gets old he can just sell everything and be done with it, why do you have to be what he is? Do you want to be a merchant?" Siphelyn was beginning to feel like she was talking to some of her fellow students back home. Chasing after their parents instead of going it on their own.

Zanzib frowned, furrowing his brow. He had not thought about this very much, because it had always been expected that he would do what his parents did, and no one had told him to do otherwise. "Um, I don't think I am very good at being a merchant. It is hard for me to talk to many people."

Now they were getting somewhere. "What about the question from before, what do you like to do?"

"I... like to sing, and take care of animals and plants, and... um... see that people are happy." Zanzib shook his head. "I have always been told that I have a bad list of these things."

Plants and animals, plants and animals... "What about farming?"


"You know, growing plants, raising animals. Maybe that's not farming but, you could raise them up and sell vegetables and pets? I guess that's still being a merchant some too. Sorry I don't have any better ideas, I just don't know enough."

The mamkute shook his head again. "That... that sounds like fun. We don't have many such people in my country."

"Everyone needs food, maybe you could start up something new in the area?"

"Do you, um, know of any plants that would grow in the desert that would be bought?"

Siphelyn looked away for a moment and rummaged for one of her small books. "Can you read this?" It didn't really matter what she picked out, she was just trying to find out if Zanzib was literate or not, really.

The mamkute peered at the book a little closely. He was not a very fast reader and was not very much in practice, but he had learned. "Umm... how... soul... rend..."

He looked up. "...t-this does not sound like a very nice book," he managed, suddenly feeling fear eat away at the pit of his stomach again.

Well, he could read alright. "The book doesn't really matter, could I have it back now?"

The mamkute tentatively handed it back.

"As I was getting to, you could probably find somewhere to read about desert plants and what they're useful for at a library. Maybe that could help get you some ideas." She paused, did other countries even have libraries? If they were like Marcellus, the books would probably be used as bludgeons instead of read.

"M-maybe I will be able to find such books in the capital." Zanzib replied, slowly. He looked nervously at the text he'd been told to read. "Is that book... yours?"

"Yeah, I need to keep up on my studies even if I've been banned from it for now."

Zanzib immediately shrunk away. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe Siphelyn was a dangerous and scary person. "W-w-what do you w-want to do with your life?" he managed.

Now that was a question she really should have seen coming. "I well, hmm, how do I say this. I want to bring an end to the mass amounts of malevolent souls that wander the world, and to bring about a better way for people to live." She knew how this conversation went from here. Almost everyone told her it was an insane goal with no way of happening, but she knew there was a way, she'd seen proof of it.

Most of it flew entirely over Zanzib's head in a not very comforting way. "Does that mean... 'attacking' souls with darkness?"

"It's that or allow them to possess people or become demons, I figure it's a better option."

Demons and possessions sounded bad, but he still could not understand what she was doing instead of having those happen. He took a deep breath in order not to panic when he was asking his next question. "Um, what I am asking is... are you wanting to hurt people?"

"Why would I? Didn't I just say the opposite of that?"

It sounded as though she was trying to do good with a book that attacked souls, somehow. Zanzib was starting to think that he had been unfair in accusing Siphelyn so suddenly. "I'm sorry, it is very confusing to me. I don't know very much about these things."

"I wouldn't expect you to, really. At least you didn't immediately threaten me when you saw that book like some have," she said in disgust.

He took another deep breath and did his best to relax. The human girl had not tried to harm him or rip out his soul, even with having such a dark thing on her. She had only helped him. She had been very honest and kind to him and he was going to trust her. "I think that it is good that you are trying to do something to help others with such a book, instead of... killing others."

"Now if only the Order of Zwi could spend the same five minutes you did realizing not all dark magic is bad. Oh, sorry, this really doesn't concern you does it?"

To someone as sheltered as Zanzib, the words 'Order of Zwi' had no meaning to them. "The who?"

Siphelyn sighed, "A huge order of people who claim to be against the demons but they also have a negative view on both anima and dark magics. They don't usually give any of our kind a chance to talk before trying to snatch us away. Nothing frightens me more on the mainland, not even the demons."

The mamkute frowned. This human magic world grew stranger and stranger to him. Were there really humans so terrible that other humans feared them more than anything else? "That's... not very good at all. ...I think it is very easy to see how good a person is once you talk to them."

"I can agree with that, if you get a chance to talk like we have." She looked to check where the sun was, there wasn't a lot of day left, seemed like. "Where do you plan to go now?"

"I would like to go to the nice part of Marcellus, I think." He would be very happy if he did not have to go back to this part for a long time.

"I'm going to Alimond to learn about a few interest areas of mine. Listen, Zanzib, it was nice talking to someone sane for a change, but I should get on my way. I think we part ways here."

"Ok." Zanzib smiled a little. He had made another human friend, though he did not know if they would see each other again. "You are a kind person, Siphelyn. I hope you do well."

"I hope you find something you like. Bye."

7 Apr 2011

This is what happens when we have four mods.
5 Apr 2011
C Support

Sala: *swings over to sit on the side of the cot, reaches for a cigarillo* Not the worst I've 'ad.

Nikang: *Cracks a grin and pulls the makeshift blindfold from over his eyes* Thanks, Boss. S'good to be keepin' useful, 'specially when it's fun.

Sala: *smirks a little* That's what I like to hear. Let's talk business.
Sala: *lights cigarillo* You smoke?

Nikang: *Sits up and nods* Sure, Boss. I'd do anythin' fer the right kicks, least of all post-sex smokes.

Sala: Good boy. *hands Nikang cigarillo, lights it with her own* So, Sharpsticks. How long you stickin' around this shithole?

Nikang: Howevah long you want me around, Boss'a. *Blows a kiss from behind cigarillo* M'last boss'a kicked me out, so I'm freelance to the biggest, sexiest badass bitch what's wantin' some thug.

Sala: Good. You're hired.

Nikang: *Grins and cackles* Haha, well alright! What'cha wan'me fer first, Boss?

Sala: *leans forward* First I want you to answer me this: are you down with being just a mook?
Sala: See, you ordered my bitches around real good. They jumped on your command like there was a hot poker headed for their asses. *takes a drag, exhales* What I'm sayin' is, you've got it in you to be more than one of those short-brained little fuckers.

Nikang: *leans back onto bed and stretches, taking a thinking look to him*
Nikang: That shit sounds pretty choice t'me, Boss, but I gotta warn ya; now that we knocked boots, I'mma be gunnin' fer yer lips'n all pretty hard. S'how my ambitions get, y'know. Gotta be havin' that top tang.
Nikang: *Grins around smoke* If'n that's good wit'you, Boss, den I'm yer boy and yer man.

Sala: 'Course it's good with me, you think we'd be here if I wasn't? *sits back* Long as you don't get yourself carried away when we're doin' the serious shit we've got ourselves a deal.

Nikang: *Chuckles giddily* So's I allowed t'get carried away when it's time fer fun, Boss? *Eyes Sala's hips*

Sala: *puts out cigarillo* Long as you can take what I dish out, fratello.


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