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Announcement: Forum Rules (Update:19/06/2008)
Forum Rules (Update:19/06/2008) 

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Posting on FEP
When posting on FEP, you are expected to follow the rules and respect the users around you. The following are the rules you must follow while posting. The numbers beside each item is the warn points given when you break the given rule. You can learn more about the warn system below.

-Verbal Warnings:
A verbal warning is a message from a staff member in response to a forum infraction. More than likely, it will be posted as a response to the violation. Once a verbal message as been posted, members are not permitted to respond.
-If a member (other than the guilty party) responds to a verbal warning, they will receive a 10% warning (even if you are agreeing with the action).
-If a staff member responds (other than to issue a warning or enforce the rules), they will receive a 10% warning.
-If the guilty member responds to a verbal warning in the topic, it will be considered flaming. If you wish to make an apology, do it through PM/IM.
-If a verbally warned member - or any other member - has any questions, they are to be directed to the staff member via PM/IM.

Every member has a warning meter. A staff member has the ability to increase your warning level via the Member Warning Center.
*When a memberís warn level reaches 50%, they will transfer to the Restricted group, which - as the name suggests - restricts a member's privileges on the forums.
*When a memberís warn level reaches 100%, they will be banned.
It is a memberís personal responsibility to read and understand the rules, and make note of the warn points as you study them. if you have a question/suggestion, speak with a staff member. Donít wait until you are reprimanded to make your case. Ignorance is not a good claim to innocence. It is up to YOU to read and follow the rules. Staff is called to act according to the guidelines laid out in the rules. When you break a rule, itís not their fault. Itís yours. Post responsibly.
-If a member (other than the guilty party) responds to another memberís warning via post/topic, they will receive a 10% warning.
-If a staff member responds (other than to issue a warning or enforce the rules), they will receive a 10% warning.
-If the guilty member responds to their warning via topic/post, it will be considered flaming. If you wish to make an apology, do it through PM/IM.
-If a warned member - or any other member - has any questions, they are to be directed to the staff member via PM/IM.

**Additionally, if a member behaves, every three weeks, 10% will be knocked of their metre. If your 10% decrease is not done immediately, kindly contact a moderator and they will take care of it for you, provided you fulfill the requirements.


Spelling and Grammar (0)
We ask that out of respect for the other members, you try your best to use proper spelling and grammar. Remember, this is not a chat room.

Other Post Guidelines(0)
Colours and other text effects are meant to make points, and are not to be used throughout an entire post.
When creating a topic, title it properly. It must at least hint at what the topic contains.

Stretching a Thread(0-1)
Please do not stretch the boards, either horizontally, or vertically (ie: making a long blank post, posting over-sized pictures, etc.). This makes it very hard to read, and if you do it repeatedly, you will be warned.

Posting Images(0-1)
Posting of images that contain violent, offensive and/or sexual content/images or contain foul language (language filtered from the boards), is prohibited. Also, when posting an image that is larger then 600px in width or height please link to it instead. If the purpose of a thread is displaying images (ie. an art thread, etc.) please post appropriate warnings in the first post that there will be larger images.

Spamming (1)
Spamming (otherwise known as "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages"), is the act of making posts that contain pointless and usually irrelevant content, or posting the same message or topic over and over again, and is not allowed anywhere.
1st offense: 10% warn
2nd offense: 30% warn
3rd offense: five (5) days of Restriction

Post In The Correct Forum (1)
When creating a topic be sure to post it in the right section of the forum. Remember, the forum descriptions are there to help you figure out where to post your topic.

Necroposting (1)
Necroposting on FE Planet Forums is posting in a dead topic (2 weeks/14 days or older) with a message that contains no relevance and/or adds nothing to the current topic. If a message contains relevance, it is not necroposting.

Double Posting (1)
Double posting is not allowed anywhere on the forums except for the, art/sprite, fan-fiction, and comic boards. You have been supplied with an edit button for a reason.
(Read rules specific to the listed forums for more information)

Flaming and Trolling (3)
Flaming is the act of sending, displaying or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. Trolling is posting inflammatory, rude, repetitive, offensive, off-topic, or otherwise disruptive messages designed to annoy or offend the members. Both are not allowed. If you wish to get a point across, do so in a calm, constructive, and mature manner. Do not feed the troll. This is a serious matter and punishments may range from a verbal warning to being placed in the idiots group, and if you continue to troll or flame, you will be banned.
1st offense: 20% warn
2nd offense: 30% warn, three (3) day suspension, followed by five (5) days of Restriction
3rd offense: banning

Mini-Modding/Backseat Modding (0-3)
Do not respond to anyone who is breaking the rules; warning and punishing members is the job of the administrators and moderators, and not yours. DO NOT respond to anyone breaking the rules. If you see anyone breaking the rules, the best action you can take is to make use of the report button. The message will be sent via e-mail to a staff member, and they will deal with it accordingly. If you see no action taking place within 24 hours, contact a staff member directly via PM/IM.
The reason we ask people not to respond is to avoid any potential flaming/trolling. We appreciate a memberís willingness to help; we simply ask that you do it properly.
1st offense: verbal warn
2nd offense: 10% warn
3rd offense: 30% warn

Veteranship (1-2)
- Asking to become a veteran, either for yourself or for someone else is forbidden. Doing so will result in a warning increase of 10%, and the person who is asking will not be permitted access to the group.
- Anyone who complains in any way, shape or form, which includes, but is not limited to, posting, PMs, IMs, and messages in your signature, about not being a veteran, or about someone else not being a veteran will have a warning increase of 20%, and the person complaining will not be permitted access to the group ever.
If you feel eligible for veteranship, don't ask us, we'll ask you.

Post Content And Illegal Material (2+)
Linking to and posting of illegal material is prohibited (which includes, but is not limited to, Warez, Porn, ROMs and MP3s).
Note that requesting OR linking to sites containing ROMs is against the rules, and such members WILL be punished accordingly. ROM patches and emulators are however NOT illegal and linking to them is NOT punishable, however be aware that many sites containing these also contain ROMs, which will result in punishment.

Linking to a site that does not host ROMs, but contains patches or emulators is not punishable.

Now, for those of you who don't know, I'll define what each of these are:
- ROMs are illegal copies of video games, on computers.
- Emulators are the programs used to play ROMs; they are not illegal.
- Patches alter ROMs in one way or another. Commonly, they will make the game harder, alter the theme of the game, or translate them from one language into another. They are not illegal.

-Posting Porn:
1st/final offense: banning
-Posting Illegal Material:
1st offense: 20% warn.
2nd offense: 30% warn, one week (7 days) suspension.
3rd offense: banning

Plagiarism (5)
Plagiarism is the act of posting content that does not belong to you and claiming it as your own, and it will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, posting sprites, fan-fiction, fan-art and emoticons.
-If a member suspects another member of plagiarism, they are to present their proof to a staff member via PM/IM. Posting in a topic accusing a member of stealing will result in a warning (see MINI-MODDING). A staff member will act on it accordingly.
1st offense: 50% warn, four (4) weeks of Restriction
2nd offense: banning

Advertising (5)
Links posted to advertise a site, or that have nothing to do with the topic at hand are not allowed. If you wish to advertise your website you may place a link in your profile or signature. (Read signature rules before doing so) Also, you may not use our PM system or our E-mail form to send out advertisements.
1st offense: 50% warn, five (5) days of Restriction
2nd offense: banning

Sexual harassment (10)
Sexually harassing other members, whether public or in private messages, will not be tolerated. It will result in an immediate ban! If you are being harassed, please report it to an administrator and provide proof (if it is by PM be prepared for it to be read to the administrator).
1st offense: banning

Your Account/Profile
Only one account is allowed per person. If someone registers from the same IP as you (most likely by using the same computer; a sibling or something), please notify an administrator. (Creating multiple accounts will get you an automatic account and IP ban)

Usernames and Name Changes
Most members have access to a feature to change their display name. What this allows you to do is change which name is displayed on the forums, however, your login name, the name you use to login, will remain unchanged. For example, your login name is "SaSxorz," and you change your display name to "SwordsAreShiney," you will still login using "SaSxorz".

Restrictions on display name changes are as follows:
-All moderators/staff members: 1 change/30 days
-Veterans: 1 change/60 days
-Newbies/Members: 1 change/90 days
-Restricted: 1 change/180 days
-Banned/Validating: Disallowed.

A user's former identities may be accessed from a menu next to their posts, and in their profile.

Also, note that usernames are not to be offensive. Also, users are not to change their names in order to impersonate another user without the other user's permission. If your name violates either of these rules, it will be changes for you. If you are unsure on whether a username is appropriate or not, contact a moderator.

Signature Images (1)
Signatures are pieces of text and/or images that are attached to every post you make. All forum rules apply to signatures. If your signature breaks any of the following rules you will be asked by an admin/mod to change it. If you do not change it your signature will be removed.
Signature restrictions:
-Images are to be no wider then 500px and no taller then 300px.
-Images size must be no larger then 300kb.
-There is to be no more then 1 image in your signature unless they are small images. (If you are unsure PM an admin for help.)
Note that images concealed in a spoiler tag still count towards your limit.

Advertising In Your Signature (1)
Signatures are one of the only two places you are allowed to advertise, but if you wish to advertise in your signature there are a couple of rules you must follow. First: Using text that is either coloured or bolded or made to stand out in any way is prohibited. And second: Linking to sites for the purpose of selling is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

File Attachments
Staff members as well as veterans are able to attach files to their messages and PMs, staff members being limited to a total of 15 MB (all of their uploads combined) and veterans to 7.5 MB. Attachments are subject to all forum rules - nothing illegal, inappropriate, etc. If you wouldn't link to it, then don't attach it.


FEP Member Hierarchy:
(according to forum powers/privileges issued)

Banned < Suspended < Restricted < Newbies < Members/Veterans < Advisors < Forum Moderators/Section Administrators < Global Moderators/Skylessia Moderators/Rise of Empires Moderators < Administrator < Root Administrator

Member groups defined:

For an up-to-date list of the of the moderation team, click here.


-Administrator/Root Administrator:
The Administrator manages all operational aspects of the forum. They rank above, as well as appoint, the Moderators. The Root (head) Administrator on FEP is SaSxorz/SwordsAreShiney.
The Administrator configures the forums, customizes permissions, as well as manages user accounts. They have the power to ban users, and have all the abilities of a global moderator.

-Global Moderator:
The duty of a Global Moderator is to enforce the forumís rules. On FEP, Global Moderators have jurisdiction everywhere but the RP forum. They have the ability to raise the warning levels of members (see post below), and have the power to suspend. Moderators have access to the ďModeration OptionsĒ scroll down menu which enables them to pin, move, close, delete topics etc.

-Skylessia/Rise of Empires Moderator:
Skylessia/Rise of Empires Mods generally have the same powers as Moderators, except that they are limited to their respective RP forums. They manage the siteís RP by approving membersí RP profiles, grading membersí RPs. There is also one member of the staff from each RP that has limited administrative powers for dealing with said RP. There are some exceptions to the rules that only apply within the RP forums. These include swearing and sexually related references and discussion. For more information on RP rule and guidelines, consult the respective RP forums.

-Forum Moderators
Forum Moderators have moderator powers over one or more specific forums. They can delete/edit posts, pin threads, etc.

-Section Administrators
Section Administrators are given limited administrative powers to deal with specific elements of the forum. ex. the forum arcade.

Members who have been selected to offer advice to the staff on forum/site related issues that could help benefit the other members.


-Former Webmaster
The members in this group formerly owned FEP; this group is a commemoration of their immense contributions to FEP more than anything, and they have few privileges on the forums above of the regular member.

Cannot view the boards. Have absolutely no rights, access or permissions.

Suspensions can be handed out in a number of levels. Members can be forced to have a moderator preview all post content before it is posted on the forums, or have posting rights removed, or have their account completely disabled for a period of time.

Members who have reached 50% warning and those who are on prohibition after suspension. Restricted members cannot start topics, and have several other limitations.

Members who have not reached 10 posts. They function exactly as regular members, except there are numerous links to the forum rules.

Members with 10+ posts. Have all the basic rights and permissions.

A member who has either been active for a year or more, or a former staff member who had contributed their time for at least two months. One must meet either of these requirements to be considered for veteranship, however, that does not automatically guarantee that they will be made one. They have some slight perks on the forums, such as less flood control and a larger PM inbox, but otherwise function exactly as normal members. Read the Veteranship section higher up in the rules for more information.

The FE Planet staff team reserves the right to delete any offensive posts without notice.

Anything not covered by the rules, or any contradictions or loopholes in the rules, should there be any, fall under the discretion of the moderators and administrators. Note that several sections have their own rules, which are posted in said sections, which members are expected to abide as well.
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