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1 Jun 2012
Name: Gerald
Age: 20
Homecountry: Marcellus, Strati Territory
Gender: Male
Height: 6' (183 cm)
Build: Muscular

Class: Archer
Level: 5

Weapons: Steel Bow
Weapon Levels: D 0/4

Summary: Gerald is a good ol' boy, born and raise on the farm. He views things pretty simplistically overall; there's good, there's evil, but he does have a bias toward family and those on the poorer side of life. He doesn't have much of an education. He speaks with a 'southern' accent.

He is pretty reliable and strong. He is quite loyal to family and friends, though some may just call him naive in trusting people so readily. Being quick to stick up for people does tend to get him into trouble sometimes, as does his rude mouth.

Gerald never had any formal training in fighting, though he can handle himself in a fist fight. When it comes to archery, he prefers to keep to the shadows and strike from relative safety. Not much he can do if someone gets up close, though he does have a fruit knife. Not that it would be much help against a sword...

Appearance: Gerald has short, dark blonde hair. He is pretty rough around the edges, owing to his upbringing on the farm. He has a small beard. His eyes are a dark brown color.

His armor consist almost entirely of leather he tanned himself. He wears a cloth undershirt, over which he wears a leather tunic. He has thick leather gloves, perfect for farm work. Around his waist is a belt, attached to which is a pouch. He wears cloth pants and hard leather boots. All in all, it's a perfectly bland look, though the muted colors help him blend into forested areas.

Bio: Gerald was born to a large farming family in the Strati Territory of the Marcelli Empire. His family had a rather large portion of farmland they were responsible for, so he never lacked for work. Even from a young age he was busy helping his father in the fields, tending to the crops, the cows, whatever he was asked to do.

Even though he was busy, as he grew up he just wasn't satisfied with the farm life. For one, he had several older siblings who would, no doubt, continue the family farm when his ma and pa were too old to continue tending it. Even if he liked farming, there was no way he'd inherit the family farm. For two, he yearned to see the outside world. He had heard things from his friends about all the amazing things the outside world held. He definitely wanted to see it with his own eyes.

When Gerald was older, he was taught how to use the bow by his father to hunt game. The farm had some woods nearby which game could be hunted, though the forest wasn't particularly large anymore, having largely been cleared out for farmland. Gerald became pretty good with the bow (in his own eyes, at least) over time; when he wasn't hunting game he had set up a range to continue practice. Finally, something he could use all that excess straw for!

Eventually, it was time for Gerald to leave home. With tears and goodbyes, he did so. He didn't have a plan, much less a map, but he didn't care. Anywhere but boring ol' Strati would be an adventure.

Additional Notes/Comments: N/A
25 Sep 2011
Name: Ashton
Title: Acolyte of Elimine
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Ilia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Church of Elimine

Class: Priest
Level: 6
Weapon Levels: Staff: D
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Intermediate Staff - Heal - Restore

A typical healing staff. Also removes bad statuses.

Basic Staff - Sleep

A staff infused with sleep magic.

Basic Staff - Torch

A staff used to light up the darkness.

Height: 5'5'' (165 cm)
Build: Thin
Appearance: Ashton is a slight person, having more in common with a toothpick than a man. Although he is somewhat short at 5'5'', Ashton believes he still has some growing to do. His light blue hair is long, reaching to mid-back. He has dark brown eyes.

His dress is very simple; Ashton eschews the unnecessary like jewelry. A plain white, hooded robe is as fancy as it gets for Ashton, along with sandals for his feet.

Overview: Ashton is a somewhat meek and quiet individual. He can have a difficult time talking with people. However, he is very defensive of the church and his religion. He won't hesitate to speak against someone for doing something wrong or offensive, but he can be shut-up easily.

He has taken two vows with the church: A vow of non-violence and a vow of chastity. As such, he is quick to denounce violence and promiscuity. In the end, he can do little to enforce his opinions and they remain as such. Ashton is not open to being teased about his values and will refuse to help those that do. Sarcasm is also lost on him.

Biography: Ashton was born in a small, rustic village of Ilia. His father was a farmer while his mother was a mercenary. At a young age, well before Ashton could have any memories, his mother was killed while on a job. His father re-married after some time, once again to a mercenary. That one is still alive, at least, last Ashton heard.

The family was always rather poor. Ashton, generally being a frail and sickly child, could not often get the medicines he needed for his illnesses. Over the years Ashton's condition deteriorated. He was eventually confined to his bed, probably months or even weeks from death. It was that day when a travelling monk visited his poor village... and it was the day he was saved.

To replay the wandering monk, Ashton volunteered himself to accompany the man. The monk initially refused, saying Ashton was still much too weak to leave his village. Ashton begged the monk and eventually the two settled on an agreement. In two years, when Ashton turned thirteen, the monk would return and take Ashton to become a follower of Elimine. The monk was a man of his word and returned in two years time, took Ashton from his family, and brought him to a monastery.

Ashton spent the next six years at the monastery. He prayed, he fasted, he studied. Life was a little dull, but he was happy to simply be alive. At the end of his sixth year at the monastery, he was finally ready to be ordained as an official priest of the church. It was here that Ashton took his vows of celibacy and non-violence, preferring to take up the staff instead of light magic. And, much like the monk who saved his life, Ashton decided to take up the role of the wanderer, to aid the poor and unfortunate of the world.

9 Aug 2011
Name: Breeze
Title: Statistically Superior
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Bern
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Mage
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: D 4/5
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Intermediate Air - Homing - Shade

Breeze pulls back on an invisible drawstring, sending a near-invisible arrow of magic at her target. Since the arrow is wind itself, it can twist and turn around obstructions and so it almost never misses its target.

Intermediate Air - Area of Effect - Implosion

Vortex creates a swirling whirlwind around an area, drawing anyone in the radius toward the center. It is harder to escape the vortex the closer one is to the center, but the ferocious winds are more damaging on the edges of the spell.

Frost Sharps
Intermediate Ice - Area of Effect - Close Range

Breeze's hand glows blue for a moment, then a large batch of small icicles fly from her hand. The icicles spread out from the point of origin, lending to a 'shotgun' effect. The magic is only useful at close to medium ranges. It is theorized that the mage who created this magic misspelled the name, leading to its unusual name.

Arc of Death
Intermediate Thunder - Pulsate - After Effect(Electrocute)

Breeze's hands crackle with electricity, lightning arcing across her fingers. When she pulls her hands away, the lightning is unleashed. Two bolts of electricity, one high and one low, race across the landscape. When it hits a target, the two bolts exchange lightning between each other, continually pounding the target with electricity. Even when the magic fades, the target still contains some of the dangerous magic within them, which shocks them whenever they try to move.

Simple Fire - After Effect(On Fire)

Breeze prefers to use this spell as a follow up to Vortex. The simple nature of the spell allows Breeze to cast quickly, so she is able to hit many targets in a short span of time. If all of her targets are in a compact spot, well, that just makes them easier to hit!

Sapphire Belt
Simple Ice - Homing

Sapphire Belt is a simpler version of Frost Sharps and, similarly, shares a misspelling in its name. Instead of multiple icicles, Breeze only shoots one from her hand. Unlike Frost Sharps, the magic is unnaturally accurate and will never miss its intended target.

Height: 5'4'' (163 cm)
Build: Small
Appearance: Breeze keeps her green hair long and free, allowing it to flutter in the wind. She wears two small blue earrings, one for each ear. She has hazel colored eyes. Breeze always has some light make-up applied.

Breeze knows she is attractive and dresses to accentuate that aspect. She wears a white, short-sleeved blouse. The blouse's edges are adorned with lacy frills and the neckline is a bit revealing. She wears a short blue skirt (made of surprisingly thick and stiff material) that reaches down to mid-thigh. Breeze also has a small belt around her waist and black travel shoes. Finally, Breeze wears black stockings to keep her legs warm.

Overview: Breeze is a rather polarizing individual; people either love her or hate her. She is an energetic girl and very outgoing. Some would say she's a spoiled little girl that must be the center of attention, but those people can be safely ignored because they're just jealous of her natural talent and beauty.

Which isn't far from the truth. Breeze is used to coasting by on her abilities and charm alone. She gets frustrated when things don't go her way and makes excuses for her own mistakes frequently. Breeze takes very few things seriously, which may lead others to think she's aloof or naive. She is also eccentric, a trait she shares with her father.

Biography: Breeze was born in Bern. Naturally, her mother died from complications during childbirth, leaving her father to raise her by his lonesome. While her father was a mercenary of some fame, it was difficult to be both a father and mercenary. Breeze was often left in the care of family friends while her father was at work.

When Breeze was age five, her father hit the jackpot. He brought a notorious criminal to justice and earned himself a sizable reward. With the money her father started up his own mercenary company. This allowed him to spend more time raising Breeze himself as he stayed behind to run the company.

At age seven, Breeze began to learn the sword from her father. Although she learned some basics, she was really more interested in books and magic. On the advice of some of the mages working for the mercenary company, Breeze's father started tutoring her in the magic arts. But since her father knew nothing of magic and the mercenary mages were away doing mercenary things, Breeze was instead sent to an Eturian school for tutoring. The Eturian school was expensive and it took several years for her father to save enough money to finally send her there.

When Breeze first stepped into the Eturian school, she was twelve years old. For the next six years, the school was her home. She would occasionally go home to visit her father, but the long distance away led her to write home more often than not. Worryingly, her father's responses came more and more infrequently, culminating in Breeze getting thrown out of the school when her father had not paid her next year's tuition. Breeze tried to convince the school to take her back, what with her being a prodigy and all. But the school refused, citing that 'nothing in life was free' and to take the issue up with her father.

Breeze stomped back across Elibe to Bern, ready to yell at her father. But, as it turned out, her father had suddenly disappeared about a year prior. Breeze found herself saddled with the various debts and such left by her father. Breeze refused to take responsibility for her father's debt, which led to debt collectors harassing her. Which then led to the debt collectors being immolated... either way, Breeze decided to leave the country and find her deadbeat father.

For the past year Breeze has been traveling Elibe, occasionally fending off the random bandit or debt collector. She hasn't made any progress on finding her father, but she enjoys traveling so it hasn't been a complete loss.

Mod note: I assumed that she learned some magic at the Etrurian school she went too, but note, Etruria does not have large magical academies or anything; magic is typically taught through a master-student method.

29 Jul 2011
Ishmael and Joachim, part of Calandus, have been tasked with cleaning up the streets in Saltaria, a Marceli city located in the territory of Vrapi. Lately, there has been an uptick in drug activity in the city as new cartels and gangs try to gain influence and gold. Each incident becomes ever more dangerous and destructive... it's up to the Calandus operatives (and a few good souls) to prevent a drug war from breaking out.

1. Ishmael, Lv. 12 Mage
2. Joachim, Lv. 12 Brigand
3. ???
22 May 2011
Yuliya: Joachim, are you going to escort me back home?

Joachim: Escort? *frowns* I told you, I'm not goin' back to Selisshan.

Yuliya: So you're just going to leave me to traverse the Wilds all alone?

Joachim: ...Well... It's not that far. And the Wilds aren't filled with as many thieves as the stories'd have you think. *muttering* Not that you'd know it from this trip...

Yuliya: I don't know... aren't the tribes of the Wilds lead by Bandit Queens?

Joachim: It's a title more than an occupation. Far as I know, Delaney and Ianthe're the closest you'll find to actual bandits. Just go south. We're not that far from the border.

Yuliya: So you don't even care about my safety? Is revenge more important than your childhood friend?

Joachim: That's not what I'm saying. *sighs* I'll take you back to the border. Or Rynas. But no further. *under breath* Shouldn't this be the knight's job...?

Yuliya: Yay! *hugs!*

Joachim: *recoils* Gnk! What're- *stands still, but stiff* Y-you call this knightly behavior?!

Yuliya: No, I call it girly behavior. You didn't forget I was one since I wear so much armor all the time, did you?

Joachim: It'd be kinda hard to...

Yuliya: Huh...? Well, okay. Let's get going, then.

Joachim: *sigh* If you insist.
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