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"I walk on wounds, that seldom prove, to slow, me down. I laugh this constant pain away.
'Till you can't tell, but there it lies, under the smiles.
It drains me mile, after mile,
but seldom proves to slow me, down."
-Rise Against. "Hairline Fracture"
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Heavy Rain
29 years old
Temecula, CA, USA
Born April-8-1993
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Heavy Rain


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2 Apr 2010
Like the title said, I'll be leaving here. Eventually. See, I've been Rping for about a year and a half. That half has been extremely slow, and I can hardly even do one post a week for one thread. I don't want to ruin everyone else's time so I'll just leave. But not now. I'm still in a thread, and I'd feel even worse if I just left

So I'm not leaving yet, an I'm still RPing. This is kinda...awkward.
4 Feb 2010
Name: Sharon Anne McIntyre
Age: 22
Creation Points: 10

Appearance:Sharon has a face. Said face would be considered attractive by most normal people. Her soft blue eyes are easily her best feature. No matter what her blonde hair fails to hide her rather large ears. It's a bit more obvious with her currently short hairstyle.

Taller than average and skinny, Sharon is about 5 foot 9 inches tall. Her wardrobe is simple and uncomplicated: a t-shirt, some shorts, and the occasional skirt or two. There hasn't been a need to wear anything more formal. Common colors are red, blue and purple.

Background: Sharon grew up. These first two decades were like most people's—average and not as interesting as adult life. School, friends, sleep: no sudden changes or anything important. Life went on and eventually she graduated from high school.

Now it was time to go to college. If there were a choice Sharon would have stayed home. Unfortunately she wouldn't of survived, seeing how her spending increased while her income stayed the same. People with any type of degree earned more money, and that small difference was important. The nearby town of Bethany had a community college, which Sharon signed up for.

Statline: 2/3/1/2; Weak: Mystic

Weapon: Bow & Arrows: Pierce


Single (+0) Normal (+0)Electric (+1) Associated Status Affliction (Shock) (+2)

Currently Unnamed Skill No. 2.
Single (+0) Normal (+0)Almighty (+3)

Currently Unnamed Skill No. 3
Single (+0) Normal (+0)Electric (+1) Drain Health (+3)

Life Bonus (+2), Life Aid (+4), Reach (+4)

Manifestation: Persona - The Morrígan, a figure from Irish mythology associated with sovereignty, prophecy, war, and death on the battlefield

Other Notes:
29 Oct 2009
It was noontime in the town of Stentorian, although no one had a clock. It was a fairly warm day...For Alacia...in late fall. Those from more tropical locations would still complain. A few other weird things were happening throughout the (small) area. Local kids were actually behaving themselves. A horse died for no reason. The one normal thing, was a man named Nathan greeting an old friend.

"I'm glad you could help me with this."

"Don't worry about it," the bald responded with a dismissive shrug. "All I did was ask around for some people like you wanted. And yeah, I made sure those ads sounded y'know, normal. Not like some rich guy said it."

Help Wanted!

Several People (with combat experience) are needed to find a (partly) magical item. There is a group of monsters protecting the spot it was buried. Defeat them, dig up the item, and return here. To sign up, talk to Nathan and Cole in the blue building across from the inn.

Nathan nodded in approval, remembering the description. It said just enough, without giving everything away. Any more, and his older brother 'Roa' would find out. It was under his order that the 'papers' were buried in the first place. He had been so secretive about it, which is what grabbed Nathan's attention. How would he know that their later father's will was being hidden? Officially, he had read the will to an audience of several hundred. So where did that come from?

Of course he wanted to know what it said. Which is why he went to his former comrade-in-arms, Cole Rainsford. The slightly older man knew more about this whole mercenary business than the noble ever could.

"So what do we do now?" Nathan asked.

"This is the part where we wait and let them come to us."

Realizing they didn't have a lot of time, they both hoped these fighters would all show up soon.


12.38 seconds later, Karyn walked in to the building. It looked like some kind of restaurant, although no one was really here. Just those two guys who were asking for help. Nathan and Cole, according to that paper from a few minutes ago. Most likely, it was true. So these guys wanted people to go kill stuff and dig up something. There was more, but that was all that mattered.

...Well, might as well introduce herself.

"Hi! I'm Karyn, and I wanna go do your mission and find the thing."

Some bald man (probably the Cole guy) had been frowning since she walked in. He stared at her, looked back at his partner, then went back to staring.

Rather slowly, he said "Uh kid, can you even fight?"

"Of course I can! I use magic. I'll show you if you want." It was getting annoying how many people treated her like a child. She wasn't really that young anymore...well not for this. Technically this was the first job application. But plenty of people have signed up for fighting, like the military or fighting random bandits.

"And I was just thinking," Karyn lied, "that I could find this item 'cause then I'd sense the magic in the thing. Then we'd know where ta dig for it."

"I never thought about that" the same man responded. The younger one leaned over and whispered something into his ear. After thinking it over, the first guy shook his head and sighed. "Alright, Nathan said it's okay and I can't really complain. You're in. Unless, of course someone much better comes along, but I really doubt we'd have the time to wait long, so you're pretty safe."
21 Oct 2009
It was the end of autumn, at about sunset. Finally. The season where leaves have changed into various colors and fall off their branches. It had snowed a little all week, covering the ground in a now useless slush not worth playing in. Instead, everyone hurried to wherever they needed to go, and stayed there.

Except for this Edmund Keen person. Sure he was inside: tapping his foot, looking all around, even sweating a little. It was about five minutes to closing time and there were a few people in the store. A grand total of three people decided to take advantage of a 50% off sale.

No one ever liked anything he sold. It was obvious. This was a niche of a niche of a fabric store. Some friends of his wanted to work together. Make a guild or something. Who knows? He didn't. Which was the whole reason he had to leave tonight, and not tomorrow when his partner would be back.

But who cared about that? So far, none of these people were the ones he talked to earlier in the day. In five—now four—minutes, they would all be late. Now, Mr. Keen was starting to worry. What if no one showed up? Oh that just wouldn't do. Not at all. Without them, he wouldn't be able to leave the store. Maybe every piece of fabric would stay in here by themselves. And maybe cows would go crazy and start eating cats. No, something would happen if no one was here. He was sure of it.

It just had to be random strangers. No really; these people shouldn't know each other. If one of them tried to take anything, the other five or so would stop him. That's why he couldn't of hired the Williams boys from downtown. Friends would cover for each other—lie to him about what happened.

But where was everybody?
12 Oct 2009
No more socials. Does that mean I had the last one? Not really. Anyway, now this is a full RPFF

Official plot; Edmund Keen, co-founder of the (business), is moving to a new location. Lately, the old store just didn't have enough customers for his products. Keen would of left a few days ago when he bought the new building, but he wanted to make sure the place was stable. The locals always did say he was a little too paranoid.

Which is why they weren't surprised when Keen one day started to hire people to watch over his stuff for the 6 hours he'd be gone. There wasn't much of a need, as there really isn't any thieves in the area, but this way there's zero chance of being robbed. Again.

1: Sety has Richter @ level 7
2: Lazy Moon with an archer named Olaf
3: Blond Panther as Panther
4: This is Ianthe
6: Amethyst is Kayla, level 3 Adept
7: I'm last
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