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I'm Cynthia. I live in my own little world. I am happy here.
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The Raven Taelisin
33 years old
Born Sep-28-1986
Roleplaying, Writing, Reading, Video Games, Music, Manga, Anime, Animals, Ancient History, Occult, Antiques, Collectible figures & card games, Drawing, Painting, Nursing and Health Care
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The Raven Taelisin


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19 Jun 2010
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've been on the site. This is because I have been working hard on getting my life together. So guess what? I am succeeding! Since I got to Job Corps, I've gotten my high school diploma (I dropped out of regular high school), and I'm nearly done with my CNA training and have my Home Health Aide certificate. It's so great! I have lots of friends in rl, and also have a boyfriend.

I thought I might come to the site and tell the other members who might have wondered, why i wasn't here and wasn't posting. i had attempted to do RPing with the Radiance Lost RP here, but it wasn't getting off on the right foot. Maybe I should try again? If I decide to, I'll be using the same characters I already have created. I have gornw attached to them, especially Taelisin. I drew a picture of him the first week i was here (I've been here for four months though). I'll post it on here eventually along with other art I did. All the while here I haven't forgotten about this place. I found a book here in our library named the Island of Crimea. I remembered Crimea from FE so I read the description. Crimea is an island in Russia.
4 Apr 2010
Link to RP
The title of the RP is Red Eye's New Pathway
Setting is Kilvas
Season is spring, 747

Character Profile

I'd like some other members to join me in this RP in Kilvas. My character is seeking to be employed into Kilvas' ranks, so he needs to meet someone who is well aquainted with the King or another high ranking official who can relay to him. If anyone's interested in this and like to develop a story-line that would be great. I think it'd be really fun. So if anyone is interested in meeting Taelisin in this RP just reply here or PM me with your ideas/character information.
4 Apr 2010
Red Eye's New Pathway
747. Early Spring

Roster: (will be updated upon others joining)
Taelisin's Profile

A few more weeks went by. Taelisin had left Crimea after unsuccessfully finding his adopted sister Seia. Back in the last Crimean inn he'd visisted, he'd been visited by a childhood rival named Irvine, who was one of Crimea's cavaliers. Irvine had pressed Taelisin to explain a few things, which the black wing was reluctant to give forth, but he did tell the beorc to do one positive thing, which was to search for Seia. Even if Irvine could find her, he'd feel a little better about leaving the country. There were a few reasons he left. The first of which was that he'd met a pirate in the same inn, a bit after Irvine had left. Taelisin and the beorc pirate, whose name was Orlando, decided on a deal. Orlando was looking for more pirates for Kilvas' forces, and Taelisin needed a few more coins to pay for his bed, for starters. It all worked out, and Taelisin decided he'd go with Orlando to Kilvas, which was the place where his bloodline had come from afterall. Perhaps he was meant to go there....even if it did stray his path from finding his sister, for the time being.

Now, the crisp wind blew through Taelisin's hair as the ship of pirates continued to sail, headed for port at the beorc island of kilvas, where it seemed Orlando made his home at. Once the ship was docked, Taelisin helped the man to unload his bounty, and then he was told to fly to the avian sky docks. If Taelisin were to go there he should meet someone who could take him to meet the king. Taelisin thanked Orlando with a small nod and took off to do so. From what he could see thus far....Kilvas was very interesting....to say the least. It was also a lot more warmer than Crimea, which soothed him. He'd land on the high perches of the sky docks, and he would wait for someone to aproach him. In the meantime, he was quiet and thoughtful, wondering where Siea was right now. Surely she was safe, wherever she was. He'd find her again someday, but for now, he needed money, information, and a network. Kilvas could prove quite helpful, but he knew he'd have to do a little tinkering here and there. No problem, right?


Taelisin's WPNS:

Talons (PRF) D Rank: Fearsome [+1], Maiming [+2], Cruel Curve [+1]

Beak- D Rank: Keen [+2], Man Hunter [+1]
20 Mar 2010

Ok so it's been several weeks an no one has joined Taelisin's first RP which is titled The Lonely Crow and is located in Crimea.

I have a growing story idea for him. Right now he's in Crimea's capitol in an Inn/Pub, where unfortunately he's re-met a very annoying Crimean cavalier named Irvine Eochaid. Taelisin is on a quest to find his sister Seia (his adopted sister), but he's been traveling around Crimea for a few months with no luck of finding her. Now he's low on funds, and can't afford his bedroom! Now, either I am hoping that a character will come in and offer him a job and help getting the room, or I will have to make an NPC for it. It would be really great if this employer he meets is a Kilvan resident, that way he can travel to Kilvas (he's been complaining to himself about the cold weather in Crimea, lol) and he can probably get a lot of jobs there in Kilvas, and maybe some leads to where Seia is, or atleast get some help finding her. Yes, the Crimean Knight, Irvine wants to help too, but Taelisin wants to avoid traveling with him at all costs (because he annoys him, lol). Irvine is an important NPC in my story. He's related to another NPC from both of my characters background in their profiles. He'll become useful later on...and maybe eventually I'll make him a PC.

If you're interested (and I hope SOMEONE is), just reply here to this thread and or PM me. I'm also up to any ideas and suggestions anyone may have.
17 Mar 2010
Hey guys. I'm so happy..lol. I haven't been on hre in like 3 weeks and I was really excited about starting our RP on FE:RL lol. Here at my trade school, which is Job Corps, they have many sites blocked, including all kinds of forums. However, I now have a proxy in which I can use to be on here. *so sneaky* BWAHAHAHA! lol...well, during my time away I've been learning a lot. I'm getting ready to take classes to becoming a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) it's gonna be really cool. Other than the school work, i read Anne Rice's Vittorio the Vampire and am starting to read her book Lasher. I also have been drawing pictures and making jewlery....oh! And I've been working out! I can lift 15 lbs weights. lol.
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