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Fire Emblem, annoying my sister, mugging, making mugs, killing people, Star Craft, killing some more people and all that good stuff.
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9 Jun 2013
So...yeah...I went on a cruise last saturday and came back yesterday...not that anyone was able to notice. I missed the one day the IPS Driver errors stopped, which looks like it was the sixth, but it seems that FEP is back(?). So, yeah. Nice to see that the board almost was completely the same when I came back...which was the IPS Driver Error.
10 Jan 2013

The Executor of the SA Consortium, writer of ellipses, the swiftest of walruses assassins has returned. Probably a bit overdue. I don't think I even made a single post last year. I'm not sure how active this place still is. Obviously active enough that it is still up. I don't know how many of you I'll will remember. Or how many of you remember me. Or remember Endal's Bay...or who even drew the picture above.

Okay...so I may be rambling a bit. But still...I might be here for a while. Maybe. I can never tell how long I'll be back for...
23 Aug 2011
(IMG:http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/Swift_Assassin/TyberRoEJacketYoung.png) (IMG:http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/Swift_Assassin/TyberRoEPauldronRobeYoung.png)
Name: Tiberius "Tyber" Secundus Fen
Title: Wanderer, Disgraced Noble
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Etruria.
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Etruria, Self

Class: Partisan
Level: 14
Weapon Levels: Lance - C
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Merciless-C Rank(Steel Bladed Provoke Killer) A lance that Tyber had inherited from his father, it saw combat at the beginning of the rebellion in Tiberius Gaius' hands and at the end of the rebellion was in Tyber's possession.
Pilum(Pila)-D Rank(Steel Projectile Shade Horseslayer) A javelin, kept in a holster containing five of them, which Tyber used during the rebellion. They work better against mounted cavalry than the do against infantry, but they still get get the job done.

Height: 5'5" 165.1 cm
Build: Fit.
Appearance: Tyber possesses white hair, of shoulder-blade length. He wears a couple of red headbands, one that goes over the back of his head on the right side of his head to his behind his left ear, while the over wraps around his forehead just above his ears. Across his face his a scar going diagonally from above his left eye to his right cheek. He has a dark brown chin-beard. His eyes are gray and filled with anger. Tyber wears a black jacket with brown trimmings. He wears solid black pants with brown boots. In terms of body armor, Tyber wears leather vambraces and greaves to protect his arms and legs respectively. When his family still held title in Etruria, he wore a black form fitting shirt with a black robes, accompanied by a red pauldron on his right shoulder.

Overview: Tyber found himself born into a hard situation. He was born into a chain which would find himself selling out his father for personal gain, a role he would fulfill during the rebellion. He had been prepared for the worse since his youth. He felt losing his family's lands to be a relief, finally ending the cycle of betrayal within his family.

He is definitely loyal to his friends and most of his family. The same goes for Etruria. Despite leaving the army and essentially becoming a wanderer, he'd still return to fight to defend his home. His loyalty to his brother, friends and Etruria is why he risked his life by siding with his father until he could betray him. Of the many morally questionable things Tyber has done in his life so far, sending his father to his death was an act he never regretted.

As a father, Tyber has been very reluctant and distant to his son, Nell. The pregnancy wasn't expected, nor was his wife dying after child birth. But even more, Tyber doesn't know how to be a good father. Tiberius Gaius was hardly a father to him. He felt more of a connection to some of the servants than his own flesh and blood. He fears that he'd do more harm than good for his son and he can't bare that.

Since the death of his wife, Tyber had been beating himself over it. During some of his more depressed periods, he spent most of the time drinking, passed out, or crying in solitude. The thought of his son was the only thing keeping him from outright killing himself, but that didn't prevent the times he provoked fights while drunk. After visiting his son for the first time in years, he took time to reflect on his life and realize just how bad he was making it out to be. He will shed no more tears for his wife and he'll slowly ween himself of alcohol, minus the occasional celebratory drink.

Biography: Tyber was born into a notoriously ambitious Etrurian noble family in 1021. During the war between Bern and Etruria, Tyber's great-grandfather had numerous attempts at the throne, all of which failed. He was summarily killed by his son, also in an attempt to further his power. Tyber would be forced to grow up hearing of empty promises that by the time he grew up he'd be one of the most powerful people in all of Elibe. Ten months later, Tiberius Secundus' younger brother, Antonius, was born. It wasn't until their adolescence that they started referring to themselves as Tyber and Antony.

The brothers were no delusional fools. They had a bad feeling about their father, Tiberius Gaius, and his ambitions. But at that point in their life, they would have been foolish to try to reason with him. After all, they were only little kids who knew nothing of the world. It was at this point they became friends with a pair of brothers from another noble house, Daren and Maddox. They had a feeling that it would better to lay their lives in their hands if Tiberius Gaius did anything reckless.

Most of his school years were uninteresting. He went to school, learned the ins and outs of politics. He left school at the age of fifteen to take up the lance and learn to fight. Everyone member of his family have been trained in lances for generations. He joined the army and served as a soldier. He trained long and hard, more than most of his unit. His dedication was almost unmatched. He knew he would need those skills for when he is forced to fight.

He befriended a man known as Lowell, a fellow spear man. He was an actual adult, as opposed to the ambitious youth Tyber was. When his noble connections became known, Lowell was among the few people who never singled him out for his heritage. He became a good friend to him, and in exchange he introduced him to Daren and Maddox. The group became good friends. Tyber knew he would need that help in time.

As the years passed, Tyber and Antony noticed their father had grown increasingly power hungry, initiating conversations with Lord Helter. Tyber bore witness to the plotting. By 1044, two months before what would be known as Helter's Rebellion, Tyber and Antony were forced by his father to leave the military to lead his personal garrison. Tyber was reluctant, but saw an opportunity present itself. He urged Antony to re-enlist and try to help Daren and Maddox in anyway he could. Antony was confused, but did as requested.

When the rebellion began in full force, Tyber reluctantly fought on Helter's side for the first month of the rebellion. When his father made a strategic error by splitting his force into much smaller units, he contacted Antony to have Daren's unit head to his position in the middle of the night. Tyber sacrificed his father to the loyalist army for amnesty. Tiberius Gaius never knew what happened until the day of his trial, when Tyber and Antony prosecuted against Tiberius in an effort to retain their status. However, the numerous accusations against the family over the years in addition to his rebellious actions was enough for the family to be stripped of their title and lands.

Tyber and Antony blended into the crowds in hooded robes on the day of his father's execution. Tiberius Gaius Fen became the example of what the Queen would do to those who dare challenge her throne. Tyber and Antony would continue to fight during the final months of the rebellion. During one of the final battles of the rebellion, Tyber found himself at the end of a sword, resulting in a nasty scar that would become a very defining feature about him. When the war ended, both of them officially left the army and went their own ways. Antony found his way to Cercium to join the Cercium guard, while Tyber took on a less restrictive life.

Tyber took on a life of a wanderer. He wanted to complete freedom to do what he wants and fight for what he wants. He decided that he wouldn't be a mercenary. He'd need no motivation to fight outside of the thrill of it. However, things would change for him for the following few years.

After a few months of wandering, he made his way to Pharae in Lycia, where he fell in love with a woman named Martha.They had a close relationship, closer than he wanted to have months ago. He stayed located in Lycia for a while doing work in the area. Martha had come to him revealing she had become pregnant. Everything in Tyber wanted him to run, but it wasn't in him to do it. He married her a month later, and then brought her to Cercium. He told her how he wasn't ready to settle down yet and that he would come back when he felt he was ready. Martha understood and trusted he would return. He entrusted her protection to Antony and went on his way.

Tyber went on his way but felt compelled to stay in Etruria until the child was born. He returned a few month later and stayed with Martha during the final month of her pregnancy. His son was born without complications. They agreed to call him Nell. However, Martha would not see him for long. She had encountered complications and was unable to be saved. Tyber entrusted his son to Antony and ran.

He entered a state of terrible depression, for which he'd be stuck in for a long time. The death of his love was traumatic and began drinking heavily. It got himself into many drunken brawls, wishing someone would reunite him with his wife. He was only happy when he was drunk, but that didn't stop the self destructive behavior. Along his travels he came across an old friend, Maddox. Maddox helped him recover emotionally after what happened. While Maddox helped him come to terms with things, Tyber was able to relay a message from Daren. He was the one who had to tell Maddox he was a father.

Maddox and Tyber obviously had a lot in common. Both couldn't settle down and both needed to fight. Tyber began to feel sorry for Maddox, instead of vice versa. Where as Maddox never knew he had a son, Tyber at least met his son. The two parted ways afterwards.

Tyber's heart slowly healed, but the bad habits he developed hadn't. Tyber had become an alcoholic and found himself in many fights. He often found himself in the care of various clerics, all detailing how he was lucky to be alive. He finally realized how long it has been and went to visit his son. Before showing himself to his son, he bought an entirely new outfit, and cleaned himself up a bit. He met his son, who was now three and was able to talk. He warmed his heart to see his boy and see a lot of his wife in his features. He remembers that she lives on in their hearts.

He left once again in his pursuits, with renewed vigor. He finally acknowledged that his behavior was killing him. He began to try to end behavior the best he. He occasionally relapsed, but overall he has been overcoming his shortcomings. At the start of the new year, Tyber felt it was ready to defeat his demons once and for all.

11 Aug 2011
(IMG:http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/Swift_Assassin/DarenRoEMain.png) (IMG:http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/Swift_Assassin/DarenRoENoble.png) (IMG:http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a302/Swift_Assassin/DarenRoEBattle.png)
Name: Daren Hyperion
Title: Count of Cercium
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Etruria.
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Etruria

Class: Paladin
Level: 20/1
Weapon Levels: Swords-B, Lances-D
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Schiavona-D Rank(Steel Defensive Armourslayer Horseslayer) A broad rapier which excells at taking down cavalry and piercing armor
Knight Lance-D Rank(Steel Treated Light Manaslayer) A ordinary lance good against magic users

Height: 5'8" 170cm
Build: Fit.
Appearance: Daren is of an average height with a fit physique. His pale skin stands out against the dark purple of his clothes. His deep blue eyes can be likened to an oasis compared to the desert sand colored hair. Over his right eye is a scar he had gotten during Hester's Rebellion, after being on the receiving side of an enemy blade. Most of his outfits share the same dark purple coloration that is only shared amongst those of his family, and was hand made by himself, given a few attempts. His main outfit is adorned in gold to help identify his station. His formal outfit is of a similiar make, but in lieu of his familial dark purple is pure white made of expensive material. Unlike his other outfits, this one was tailor made to mirror his main attire. When on the battle field, Daren dons white armor, consisting of a breastplate, a shoulder pauldron covering his right arm, a pair of vambraces and greaves. The breastplate and pauldron are accented in gold.

Overview: Daren is a man drowning in responsibilities. Belonging to a younger noble family, Daren shows great respect to the more well established families, as well as his queen. He must try to juggle his noble obligation with that of his family life. Daren is left supporting two families, his own, and that of his astray brother. That means supporting his wife and sister-in-law, his son, daughter, and nephew. If not for his social status, Daren would have collapsed from everything.

Yet he can't let that show. He is, after all, Count of Cercium. He has to carefully watch things to ensure nothing go wrong. Having only held the title for two years, following his father's declining health, he hadn't much experience in the diplomatic field. Daren, at heart, is a soldier, a warrior. But it was always his fate to this role. He had no choice but to take over. Daren always felt that he was guided to be this, albeit poorly. His brother was given so many freedoms, that Daren wasn't surprised his deserted to go to his own devices.

Loyal to a fault, Daren would risk his life for his family and friends. Perhaps a small part of him wants to use that almost suicidal tendency to free himself from the stress and responsibilities, but he knows that is no solution. His family would be less prepared than he was in that situation, and that could be just as bad for them.

In combat he is a different man. The stress melts away and he subconsciously sorts out friend from foe and charges. He will resort to anything if needed. He carries glass shards, dirt, and marbles with him, to help give him any edge he can get when he'd on the ground.

Biography: In Summer 1013, in the capital city of Aquleia, fraternal twins Daren and Maddox were born. The suddenness of the birth lead them to be born in the house of a family friend of Sophus and Selene Hyperion. The situation turned a visit into a two week stay until Selene and the twins were able to travel back to Cercium. The Count of Cercium at the time was Daren's grandfather Ludwig Hyperion, whose actions during the war with Bern at the turn of the century impressed King Mordred into making him Count of Cercium. While many questioned Ludwig's administrative abilities, they also knew not to challenge him.

Daren and Maddox were moved to their permanent home in Cercium. Their youth was relatively uneventful. When adolescence came, they were put into school. Daren excelled, while Maddox had his head in the clouds. In the fall of 1021, their grandmother Martha Hyperion had passed away in her fifties. They spent the following week mourning her as Ludwig established a family tomb, in which Martha became its first inhabitant.

In summer 1028, following their birthdays, Ludwig had decided that they were to start learning how to fight proper. Ludwig must have saw himself in Maddox and decided that he'd spend his last years teaching him what he knows. This left Sophus to teach Daren. This was a disappointment at the time. Whereas Ludwig was known to be a great warrior, Sophus was a lame duck in comparison.

Fortunately, Sophus was still a somewhat competent soldier. Sophus taught Daren how to ride a horse and how to use a sword. Given a few month, he taught him how to do both at once. He got the hang of it pretty quick, and soon went on to training against live targets. Most of the combat were jousting type events, with a training sword and wooden shield, but it was sufficient for a trainee. As the months moved on, he would taught a variety of things. Fighting against a mounted foe on foot, fighting a infantry unit of a horseback, how to knock an opponent of their horse, and how to quickly recover from being knocked off his horse.

It surprised him how much his father seemed to know about combat. As he trained more and more, he felt he was probably learning more than his brother. At the end of the year the two dueled each other to a draw. The following year was more of the same but the outcome of the duel following was a win for Maddox. While Daren was still practicing, Maddox had applied what he learned against live targets, with a real blade, in a real combat scenario. Daren decided to go out and do the same. The first man he killed was a guy attempting to mug a woman in Cercium. The guy went at him with a knife when he shown up. He still had the practice sword. He quickly disarmed the guy and killed him with his own knife. To add insult to death, he looted the body and gave the valuables to the woman.

He branched out more and more, killed brigands and thieves. He even anonymously hired small time mercenary companies to kill him.It didn't take long for him to catch up with Maddox. However, their rematch was not to happen. In spring 1031, Count Ludwig age 72, had died. Their training was over, whether they liked it or not. Sophus took over as Count and in the summer, at their eighteenth birthdays, Sophus presented them with long coats of dark purple. They had been enlisted into the Etrurian military, where they were to continue their training.

The next few years were spent preparing for a war that didn't seem to be coming. Having missed the border skirmishes with the Knights of Eckesachs, their wasn't much else to do outside of occasionally going to keep the peace. The brothers Hyperion were bored with how things turned out. They began duels once again. On one such occasion what started as a duel turned into an all out brawl between them and most of their unit. One was slain by an overzealous brawler and eventually the decided to end the duels.

By 1038, a relationship had began to blossom between Daren and fellow knight Kelsey. Almost just so he can make a point, Maddox got into a relationship with a woman named Briar. They got closer together over the coming month, and in winter 1039, Daren proposed. They married in spring 1040. On their wedding day, Maddox proposed to Briar, and they wed on the first day of 1041.

By 1044, Kelsey had left the knights as she discovered she was pregnant with Daren's child. Not a month later, Daren and Maddox were dragged into fighting off Lord Helter's rebellion. During a battle near Cercium, they decimated one of Helter's forces. The commander of this force, Daren discovered had a similiar hair color to them, which was odd outside the family. A prisoner explained why. Apparently the man at his feet was a man named Faustus Hyperion. He had no knowledge of any outside family at the time, but figured it was coincidence. He couldn't help but notice that Maddox had disappeared. A inquiry would later find that Maddox had gone deserted at the conclusion of the battle. Filled with rage, he wanted to chase down his brother, but was forced to release it on Lord Helter's forces. When the war came to an end, he returned to find not only his four month old son, Shad, but Briar's two month old son, Lennox.

He was left raise the boys as best he could. He had left the military to take charge of the guard at Cercium, which gave him more flexible hours. By 1048, Kelsey gave birth to a daughter, Maria. A month later, Sophus confides his health problem to Daren, and passes the torch to him. As unprepared as he is, he has high hopes for what he can do. By the time of Sophus's death four month later, Daren is exhausted. His only advisor he could trust was gone and he was left with two families to take care of personally outside of the people he has to take care of indirectly.

It was now year 1050. Perhaps this year he will have more luck in life.

10 Aug 2011
So...yeah. A couple months ago, I started losing interest with RL, and gradually left for an undetermined amount of time. Occasionally I opened up the bookmark tab here, because I meant to close a tab. Then I learned of the new rp, and I thought, hey, why not try it, it might also help me regain interest in RL. Then I notice RL is dead. . . . .Hopefully my curse of being stuck in rps for half a year has died with it.

Regardless, I'm back. Hopefully I can...at least be more active than I was leading up to the hiatus. Here's to hoping that there weren't too many name changes
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