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9 Sep 2013
Original poll numbers: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Selling Characters: Would you like being able to sell your characters?
[|||||||||||-----] 11 For
[|||-------------] 3 Against
[||--------------] 2 Undecided.

QUOTE(Falaflame @ Sep 15 2013, 05:29 PM) *
I have an idea.

-250 gold base for selling characters-
-50 gold for every sub-sequent levelup it has gained.
-1500 gold if it's promoted (covers half of the master seal used)
-8725 gold if it's a lord (covers half of the Master Crown used)
-If it was created and lorded within the 1st month, full refund is rewarded. (17500 for Master Crown, 3000 for Master Seal, and 500 gold from creation)

For example.


This unit, I badly want to get rid of. Let's say I sell it. It's 20/3, it's promoted, and it's a lord.

Doing calculations:

I would benefit from a total of 11,625 gold. Gaining that much gold from selling a unit you're probably never going to use anymore is a big deal because you actually have spending money for a lot of things. (Which includes, but is not limited to: creating new characters, outfitting your characters better, stat changing/demoting/class changing your characters, and more.)

Original OP begins below.

As suggested by the title, in the next version of FETO we should be able to sell our characters for gold.

The biggest reason for this is that the majority, if not all of the players on FETO, get a list of characters since the beginning of their career on which, at the best cases, only 60% of them is of regular use, rendering the rest as foolish creational mistakes that the player finds troublesome to fix or use. Sometimes, this can mean complete ruin for a new player, because they make a team with units of bad builds and growths, or otherwise units that they can't use properly to battle, to find out about his/her mistake later than a week after creation. Being able to sell units, even if not for the complete price they're worth, means that those kind of mistakes will be fixable early on without ruining a player's score and potentially damaging his will to keep playing the game.

The foreseeable problem that some players have found with selling units is the recorded battles on which units participate. They're saved inside the system. However, as another player suggested, this can be easily fixed by implementing a script that renders the unit as deleted on such records (for example, adding a symbol next to the character and graying the link of the unit's name).

I think it would help the game greatly to be able to sell units and get rid of that extra space on the player's character lists.
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