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kaishin no chikara


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27 Nov 2013
Well, I'm back for thanksgiving break, then finals. I still need to figure out what's wrong with my Skype but I've just recently figured out that Steam is also having connectivity problems, so it's time to run a virus scan. >__>

Sheesh, you look up obscure porn ONE fucking ti-just kidding. But hopefully I can get it running again.

I'll hope to be back for about a month for winter break after finals. Apparently school gets out the sixth, a fact that still surprises me even as a college junior.

Edit: Nevermind, steam isn't having problems. That must've been a one time thing. I'm even more at a loss now.
18 Oct 2013
I'm leaving for a while. Farewell.
17 Sep 2013
So, I thought of an awesome idea if it's not too much trouble. What if instead of submitting maps and having SaS integrate them (which isn't possible, anymore), we simply had our own map editor? Users could simply upload tilesets where other users can then access these tilesets and make their own maps on some sort of integrated FETO map maker.
13 Sep 2013
In a way, this is a run-time error since it's not an intended positive effect, so it's classification is correct. (IMG:style_emoticons/albino/grin.gif)

So, after seeing one too many newbies do things regarding this site, I feel that some things should be changed for the future FETO, FETO4.

1. Battles should be forced to have time limits AND missed turn limits. Failure to do this results in the game yelling at you via like with every other error. You can set them to 999 days and 99 missed turns if you want, just so long as every new player is forced to learn (one way or another) of the existence of these things. Some players forget they have matches started and often times the other player will forget. Bad news when this happens. Even worse when the only way out is a forfeit.

2. Some sort of New User guide that denotes standard procedure for dealing with the technical details of FETO and maybe LoFE, if my name gets approved. (IMG:style_emoticons/albino/awesome.gif) Anyway, there is a distinct difference between the type of game being looked for by players who set very different time limits. The player is probably on if there the time limit is 10 minutes. Probably not if it's 24 hours. Big difference.

More to come later.
15 Aug 2013
You, the lord of this story, were given an invitation to attend the birthday bash of Devin Claus, Druid of the 8 Types.

Devin was an old friend from Lord's Academy, the high school you attended not long ago. He graduated as Saludictorian (second only to you) and Captain of the Lord's Academy Football Team (I can sense your doubt; I'll have you know that Druids are built like Terminators). Knowing that Devin is a total bro to hang out with and is known for having extravagant parties (not to mention that he likes to give out free stuff at them), you got extremely excited. Of course, this was also perfect opportunity to show off your new prosperous kingdom, [INSERT NAME HERE], to all of the losers from Lord's Academy working 9-to-5 jobs at Weapons r' Us that made fun of you in your teenage years.

At the end of the invitation, Devin mentions that he hasn't quite... gotten the situation in his kingdom under control, to put it not-so-distressed terms. He mentions of insurgents attacking the areas between your location and his and recommends you bring an escort (not that kind of escort, pervert!) and prepare to fight. You then prepared a boat to ride with your posse of 7 of your most loyal and powerful knights (not to mention sexy) and got ready to set sail for Druid Land, as you liked to call it.

Your kingdom has been at peace for a while (you were known to be a fast worker), so the 8 of you weren't exactly... armed, and your practice had dulled from disuse (to C-Ranks). Remembering the treasury, you took out 20000 gold pieces; enough to stimulate your already prosperous economy even more AND fund all of your troops (well... hopefully).

You only worry that the peeps from Weapons R' Us won't make it for you to put them in their place.

Rules: All entered units must be promoted (though this is automatically enforced). You must have one unit that can use each weapon type. Max 2 bow users. A maximum of 3 may be flying units. You also must have a lord. The game mode is realism on every map (though some maps might have extra types). Plan accordingly. According to test runs, you may want a wyvern.

All S-ranks are worth 0 and you are allowed to buy one copy of each, but only the first chapter. Past that you must conserve them.

All units have their levels and weap levels reset to 20/1 and C. The EXP multiplier is 2.5x. Also, weapon ranks are reset to C at the beginning of each battle and WEXP is changed accordingly.
C-rank: 71 (starting value)
B-rank: 73
A-rank: 75
S-rank: 78

So far this is what I have (+ one chapter that has been somewhat playtested and is hard as balls (IMG:style_emoticons/albino/dry.gif) ).

I actually already have the campaign up. Anybody have any other ideas to spice this up and/or have knowledge of game balancing and would like to try designing a chapter?
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