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One day I will put something profound here, but for now, I like the unspecified.
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Adun of Tellius
We will take your distinctiveness and add it to our own.
26 years old
New Mexico, yes it is part of the US
Born April-15-1994
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Adun of Tellius


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21 Oct 2009
Hey ya'll, it's me, Adun of Tellius/Auir/The Borg, I'm not sure if it'll be permanent, but I'm going to try to come back to this site, no emotional scarring is not involved, only time constraints and a chemistry teacher who seems to have no concern for his student's personal safety.
5 Sep 2009
As most of you probably have noticed (regardless of if you cared), I have been on very little lately. School, other interests, and me being tired have led to my decisions to drop FEP for the time being. I'll probably pop back up again in a month or so (I'm notorious IRL for have month-long obsessions and then picking them up again a few months later). Since I will not be leaving forever (hopefully, FEP is in my banner shortcuts on FireFox), please don't archive my characters, but of course drop me from current RP's. Concerning Guarded Magics, if anyone would care for the levels please submit it for grading (partially since this is probably short term I don't want Ray to be lv 5 forever).

Adios Amigos (yay third year Spanish!),
30 Jul 2009
EDIT: I am staying, albeit with reduced activity for a week or so.
16 Jul 2009
(please tell me if this the appropriate place to put this, and lock 'er down if I'm in the wrong place).

I was wondering about preferences concerning RP sizes, since the last RP I made had way too many people in it, and random statistics are always useful.
2 Jul 2009
I was wondering if it would be possible to RP one of my characters (specifically Alex) as using an F-Ranked Lance/Bow/ ect. with a minor degree of proficiency (ie. missing spectacularly and only inflicting minor wounds)?

(sorry if this has been asked before)
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