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22 Mar 2008
Name: Andreas Avel Deslaur
Age: 17
Home Country: Marcellus
Affinity: Ice
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 153 lbs

Personality: Having grown up in an orphanage, Andreas- or Avel, as he prefers to be called, is a sociable person; it was more or less required of him, growing up with so many other children. He is more of a dreamer than someone willing to take action, which can lead to the starting of many goals, which never last more than a few days. Despite a healthy economic status, his parents' line of work has made him quite empathetic and generous- especially toward children. This can lead to him being easily taken advantage of, although, given the boy's limitations, he wouldn't be very useful in most situations anyway.

In combat, Andreas isn't exactly the most skillful swordsman; his agility is a definite plus, although he lacks somewhat in brute physical strength. Rather then depend solely on skill, the boy fights using cunning and intellect; he is the type of swordsman that will fight defensively until he can successfully lure his opponent into a disadvantageous situation. He has no qualms with killing anybody that has done him or others wrong, but will not go out of his way to try and be a hero on any sort of grand scale.

Appearance: In terms of looks, the young man is fairly average; while not exactly ugly, he isn't particularly good looking either. His bright blue eyes are almost the exact same colour as his hair, which is worn in a short, well-kempt fashion. Physically, Andreas is more or less average; he lacks a bit in terms of physical strength, although he is generally more agile than males his own age. Clothing wise, he prefers style to practicality, although ever since taking up a sword, he has been willing to compromise; he can most often be spotted wearing a blue tunic, if only for the fact it matches his hair and eyes. When traveling in the rain, or cold he wears a second-hand, brown cloak.

Bio: Noah and Lulu Deslaur had never worked a day in their lives; this was due to a massive inheritance both received from their wealthy, merchant families. Although, they weren't exactly spoiled; the couple, rather then continue their respective family traditions as merchants decided to open an orphanage, funded by their immense wealth. The orphanage was one of the largest in Marcellus, and with so many children filling it up, they had decided on having a single child of their own. Since his conception, Andreas had spent almost all of his free time at the orphanage; his parents placed a heavy emphasis on scholastics, however, he often skipped lessons to play with the other children, despite coming from a rich family, most of his friends had never known- some of them even assumed that he himself was an orphan. This didn't bother Andreas, rather, it made him feel even more welcome amongst his peers.

Growing up, the boy was never able to commit to anything; he found it hard to remain disciplined in a single area. Although, after pestering his parents to allow him to take up training with a sword, he did commit to a few months of practice. The training would become more or less his only hobby, which Andreas would get bored of and take up again almost ritually. He wasn't exactly exceptional, but there was a little bit of talent present; his teachers remarked that were he to dedicate himself to training, he could have become an extraordinary swordsman. As he matured however, Andreas began to focus more on his family's orphanage; it had always been assumed that once his parents passed that he would take control- and Andreas was completely fine with that.

However, the orphanage received little in the way of outside donations, and the family's fortune was begging to expend itself as both of Andreas' parents lacked jobs, and had become to old to effectively search for any form of work. As the fortune began to dwindle, the Deslaur orphanage was begging to rely more and more on donations, which would not be able to support the orphanage or much longer. Andreas and his family did not mind giving up some of their personal luxuries, but even that would not be enough to sustain the children the children forever.

Andreas' father had decided to leave home and travel Skylessia looking for anybody who would be willing to donate, whoever, Andreas had intervened and volunteered to go out and travel himself. Too lazy to do any actual work, the boy had decided to travel the land and look for easier ways of earning decent wages. At first, his parents were hesitant to let him go- mostly because they expected him to come back after a few days, but with enough nagging they allowed him to part ways. Leaving with only a few person belongings, money and food, the boy set out to explore Skylessia; his nature as a dreamer made Andreas think that he would eventually stumble upon some sort of treasure, or save a princess and be granted a huge reward, however, after a few days of travel found it to be much harder than he had first imagined.

While having only been traveling for a few weeks, Andreas is quite surprised that he has not turned back and went home. His dedication had been a lot stronger than he could have ever imagined.

Class: Myrmidon
Level: 1

Weapons: Slim Sword
Weapon Levels: Sword - E

Additional Notes/Comments:
- Keeps a detailed journal, although will deny owning one if the subject is brought up.
- Travels with an orange cat named Citrus.
- Indifferent toward religion, although he is tolerant and respectful to the religious.

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