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Bitches don't know about my Estelle Getty
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17 Aug 2010
Come one, come all! Are you ready to have your senses dazzled, your mind bewildered? Are you ready to see all the sights Skylessia has to offer whilst sitting in the lap of luxury? Then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

The great Steamboat Wilson is just one of the many highly advanced steam-powered vessels charting the seas of Skylessia in the modern age. However, its captain, Andre Martini, has taken this new idea of travel to another level: he has turned his vessel into a cruise ship, a riverboat with all the attractions the wealthy few could ever want. Gambling, girls, and good food are just some of the luxuries they offer...for a price.

The ship is set to sail from Valhassa to Marcellus...but will it make it there in one piece?

So all the characters are going to be passengers on the ship, either having paid their way on, stowed away, working, etc. The first leg of the trip will go well, but then something is going to go wrong and it will be up to our BRAVE HEROES to save everyone.

1. Freya - Penelope McCollough - lvl. 1 Wyvern River
2. Sui-kun - Red Antelope - lvl. 1 Mage
3. Viceman B. - Kashua - lvl. 1 Bard
4. Linkprime1 - Lloyd Xavier - lvl. 1 Wyvern Rider
I'll keep it small and add more slots if I get a huge influx of interest. Gogogo!
18 Jun 2010
So I spent hours making a mug for Veika, and my computer died so I lost all my progress...now I'm too lazy to start over (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/noes.gif) So it would be really nice if someone could do her for me. Besides, I tend to like other people's take on my characters better...

Here's the basic description:
Black hair, hazel eyes, heavy Knight's armor.

I'd like her somewhat front-facing (when I was making her myself I was using Lyn's head as a base with Heath's eyes). I'd like her to have straight, blunt bangs (think Clarine, Karla, Dorothy), and long hair. If at all possible, I'd love her forever if you could have a braid coming from behind an ear with a blue feather tied into it. It would be great if you could also use Lilina's headband recolored purple.

I'm pretty flexible with how the armor looks as long as it's bulky and gray. She also wears a scarlet tunic underneath if you want to incorporate that.

Here's the official description from her bio if you need more inspiration:
Veika can be described as anything but delicate. She is of above average height for a woman and is quite athletic, with a flat chest and trim waist. While she is not "manly" by most standards, her musculature and the way she carries it does not exactly beckon femininity. Veika has a square-chinned face with a protruding bottom lip and long, slender nose. Her eyes are almond-shaped and bright hazel, and a patch of freckles left over from girlhood rest between them. Years of living in a tropical climate has tanned her skin as best as possible, though her once-pasty complexion has resisted with some redness around the cheeks. Stress and sunlight have left crows feet and slight wrinkles when Veika frowns, though she is far from old. Veika's hair is long, pin straight and so black it almost appears blue, like the wings of a raven. She has blunt bangs and a violet hair-band to keep it in place. Hidden behind her left ear is a braid with a single bright blue feather attached.

A million billion thanks in advance to whoever ends up doing this! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
18 Jun 2010
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18 Jun 2010
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4 Jun 2010
"Blast, I've been here before..."

One tree separated itself from the thicket, its dark-wooded, sap-spattered surface marred by what appeared to be a single vertical slash. The shape of the gash, to any seasoned scout, would appear to be that of an axe, and its deepness would reveal the axe to be made of steel.

Freya Lafayette raised her steel axe and made a similar cut in the tree, although facing the other direction—an inverted twin to the first. That way, if she were to stumble upon the mark again, she would know that she had not been there once, but twice, and that it was definitely time to find a new path.

Though Freya had spent nearly a month in the forests of Arad'uun, most of it was still a mystery to her. She spent most of her time these days wandering paths both beaten and otherwise, immersing herself in the strange hush that seemed to encompass the area. Arad'uun was a place unlike the large, heat-stricken cities and markets of Nagaräth, and she wanted more than anything to go back to her home. However, Freya had always been one to adapt well to any situation: if she was forced to make her stay in Arad'uun, she would make the best of it. After all, she was a fugitive. Helping a runaway mamkute escape persecution did not make her a hero in the eyes of the Highland authorities, even if she had ended up fighting for the right side after all. By now, word must have gotten back to Olivan of the betrayal of the late Count Praxidia by Jean-Luc LeFont and Baron Graven, the jewel used for payment and letter addressed to Sovereign Arthing, Freya's group's pursuer, sent back up north for further investigation. However, it would still take time for Freya and the others' names to clear in the public eye, and until then she most likely would not be able to set foot outside the seclusion and protection of the forests.

Freya had found herself welcomed amongst the people, though. The Ranger that had helped deliver Illoria to safety, was more than adamant about letting Freya stay, and had made sure she would be given a hero's reception at any camp or commune she entered. The Rangers were just and kind, and Freya was overtly shocked at how genuine they seemed. After being scorned for so long as a criminal...how was she receiving such treatment? They had even gone so far as to give her a new set of clothes to adapt to her new, natural environment: she wore a scarlet tunic, with sleeves tucked in to crudely-hewn gloves and a hem ending mid-thigh. From there she wore a pair of cream breeches that tapered at the end to prohibit ticks, chiggers, or other creepy crawlies from stealing their way onto her body. The outfit allowed for enough movement to properly maneuver through the woods, yet perhaps wasn't as...fashionable (or revealing) as Freya was accustomed to. She had also let her hair down; it had grown longer lately, spilling down to her shoulder blades, her bang swept to the side to cover the menacing eyepatch she had once been known to parade around in hopes of intimidating others.

"Couldn't these people throw up a damn lantern or two somewhere? I can't my hand in front o' me, let alone a path!"

Sighing, Freya put her axe away again and chose a different fork this time, a route that would hopefully lead her to a place yet unexplored. She chose her footing carefully; her trusty boots had begun to tear a few miles back, and she had since slung tied them together and slung them over her shoulder, choosing to walk the rest of her way barefoot. Barely any sunlight filtered through thick canopy of trees, branches of sequoia and pine and birch lacing together to hide the sky from her. Freya swore, then quickened her pace—she had been wandering for hours, and it would soon become dark. With the trees hiding the stars overhead, it would become increasingly difficult to navigate her way home. As Freya learned, the Rangers, however, had other ways of helping lost travelers. Many hung dolls or emblems from the trees, signifying that the trail was protected by them and led to a safe place. If Freya could find one, perhaps she could make it back after all.

She came to a clearing, a small circle surrounded by ash saplings that had only begun to bud. The soil was loamy here, bare from the heavy underbrush of pine needles and dead leaves. Several patches of wildflowers grew in rings near the center, some picked clean by the smaller herbivores that frequented the area. Strangest, though, was what stuck out of the ground in the exact apex of the coppice: surrounded by a naked patch of dirt was a half-buried chunk of stone, quartz by the look of it, though Freya was no expert on such things. She was, though, endlessly curious, and walked right up to the strange thing to unearth it.

With a gloved hand, Freya rubbed the dirt from the top of the rock, taking a closer look at it. Written in a craggy scrawl all over the smooth surface was an innumerable amount of names, rows and rows of monikers that Freya had never heard of. She rubbed her hand over one name, too faded to be read; having the literacy of a young child, she would most likely not be able to anyway.

"Weirdos," Freya mumbled, and began to stand.

"Sister Freya?" A voice called out from beyond the clearing, and Freya turned to the direction it came from. With the scant light filtering into the coppice, the ruffian axe woman could just make out the features of a man on horseback. As he eased his mount forward, a sheath of unruly blonde hair, tender gray eyes, and a slight golden down of a goatee came into view. His urbane face regarded her curiously, and his clothes, though unornamented, signified immediately that he was a Ranger of Arad'uun. Branded on the side of his saddle as well as the breast of his doublet was the face of a crudely drawn black bear.

Freya smirked, crossing her arms. "Garret," she purred, walking closer to meet the man, "fancy seeing you in these parts. Come here often?"

Garret Beaumont chuckled heartily, to her surprise. Though the man was ever kind, Freya had noticed over the time she spent around him that he was completely oblivious to most of her sarcasm and derisive humor. Apparently living in a land of peace, harmony, and sickeningly sweet kindness did not allow for such sardonicism to creep into society.

"Sister Freya, what are you doing in such a secluded part of the woods? You should stick to the trails the Rangers showed you. They are safest."

Freya shrugged. "Wanted to try something new. This place is so huge, I wanna see as much of it as I possibly can. Besides, you know I can hold my own in battle." It was true—she had fought alongside Garret, along with the other Rangers and her own group of travelers, in an epic battle against lethal assassins and mysterious morphs.

Freya's eyes clouded as she thought of what had happened only a month before. That battle was the last she had seen of Illoria before she had been taken into the charge of the Rangers, in order to realize her true potential as a mamkute. After that, Freya had caught quick glimpses of her as she had walked through the forests. The young girl would lock eyes with Freya for a moment, before one of the many Rangers who accompanied her would usher her along, and she would disappear into the shadows for another week or two. Though no longer in her care, Freya found herself increasingly concerned for Illoria.

"Hey, Garret...what's this thing?" Freya gestured toward the strange object she had found sticking out of the ground.

Garret dismounted and stepped forward, observing the object with a keen eye. He hummed with understand. "I see you have found a Guardian's Obelisk, Sister."

Freya arched a silvery brow. "A wha?"

"A Guardian's Obelisk," Garret repeated, bending to completely wipe the dirt from the item. "it is a stone erected to honor those who once traveled the woods, but have lost their way. Arad'uun run so deep that many who stray from the path are lost, never to return again. Each name on this obelisk represents those who have been swallowed up by the forest, so that their spirits know that they are greatly missed."

Garret was silent for a moment, then regarded Freya with warning in his eyes. He had great respect for a strong woman. "These woods are strange even to most of our people. There are things back here that cannot be explained, or guarded against. Please, do not wander much father, or I fear you will come upon one of these things. There is only so much I, as a Ranger, can do to protect you from them."

Freya brushed him off, deciding to placate him. While she was ever grateful for Garret's stoic nature, a true guardian of the tree-people, he could be rather single-minded. Although, on the other hand, so could she. "I'll only go out a wee bit father, Garret. Then I'll return to the Black Bear commune for the night. Pleeease?" She winked a violet eye.

Garret considered the request for a moment, then nodded. "Right. This path here will lead you to my commune. I do hope you return soon—we've been accommodating a few more guests lately, and I'm sure you'd like some contact with the outside world. Even a few mamkutes have decided to honor us with their presence...hoping to meet Lady Illoria, no doubt."

Freya chewed her bottom lip, shifting nervously. "Right..."

Garret swung his horse around to the beaten path. "Well, please be careful, Sister Freya. I would hate to see any harm come to you. ...I do not want to be the one carving your name upon that stone."
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