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Sky Force, A Mutants and Masterminds Campaign (Closed)
post Apr 7 2011, 11:04 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Just as a note, this thing is invite-only, and I already have the people I need for this one. I just wanted to put it here because everyone involved is in FEP, and it's easier to archive information with that in mind. This thread will be for ground rules, character sheets, and maybe some extra stuff.

Also yeah... this falls as magical girl sort of setting, mainly with Nanoha, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Touhou in mind. Not very original, but I myself haven't tried this sort of thing before, so I'm going with it!

The Setting:
  • The world is dying. A great cataclysm tore through the planet's surface, and unleashed great fissures that seeped magic from the underneath. On one hand, this direct source to the planet's core resulted in a great energy, though also ravaged the surface as beasts from underneath rose up to tear through the civilizations of the world.

  • In a last ditch attempt, the great, advanced cities of each nation boarded their cities for as long as they could, damning the rest of the world to the beast hordes. As the monsters surged closer, the cities activated their mana-fed gravity devices, which lifted the urban metropolises off from the ground, and away from the ground-borne horde. At the cost of the planet's life, humanity survived and became doomed to an existence in the sky.

  • Humanity learned to adapt to their new life, though the years that passed also gave birth to the mages. As the mana cracks became more prevalent in the surface, more and more survivors became affected by mana exposure. This carried over the centuries until people discovered that certain folks became more sensitive to the mana flow, and therefore more able to absorb and harness it for themselves. Some received mutations, which others started to display minor feats of psychic power or pyromancy. People were freaked out.

  • The city-state governments tried to make the best of this "problem", and started to round up the dormant mages for study and experiments. A few believed that the mages were the link between humanity and the planet itself, though many in the governments only saw them fit to be used as energy for the city's massive gravity drives. Experiments in using mage as batteries resulted in a severe side-effect; the devices scientists developed certainly drew a dormant mage's power, though also revealed violent manifestations of the mages' inner magical power. Results were chaotic, and nearly caused for Domnic City to collapse on itself.

  • Despite attempts to cover up the Domnic Incident, the military from other Cities got wind of this, and started to weaponize these devices. Thanks to the addition of the mindmeld system and many failsafes, the Transformation Devices became less volatile to dormant mages. Many years later, the Combat Mage Program became widespread to the Cities, and many governments issued laws to draft dormant mages to serve as soldiers and enforcers of their city. Combat mages are treated from adoring heroes to terrible abominations under leash, depending on the City. At least it kept them off the streets.

  • In the City of Mycenae, they are both the greatest saviors of the city, and the greatest threats. Though one reason or another, the technology behind the Transformation Devices had been leaked, and a series of benefactors have converted the normally-expensive devices into mass production model spread all over the city. These flawed, bootlegged devices have produced renegade mages from the populace, the lack of the mindmeld and failsafes have promoted side effects that take a toll on sanity and aggression. This is on top of the monster infestation underneath the city, constantly putting the military on high alert as they defend the gravity generator from the burrowing beasts.

  • With a recent skirmish against the monsters taking away the lives of many combat mages, Captain Hawkins is ordered by Mycenae Command to immediately assemble a new team from promising mage trainees. And the story begins...

The City of Mycenae:
  • Like many surviving Cities, Mycenae has changed and evolved over the centuries that followed. Though much was lost from the cataclysm, the benefits of manatech kept the floating City strong against many monster assaults in the past, and preserved the standard of living. The City grew larger from more births and immigrants from other places, though their land didn't grow with them. The citizens of Mycenae were forced to build upwards and downwards, creating the three-strata layout as it exists today.

  • Skylight Quarter is the vast upper section built on top of the original Mycenae City. It has easily benefited from manatech the most, as the buildings are sleek, the streets are busy, and the atmosphere presents the façade of a shining future in the face of the calamity that befell on their world. It is the entertainment center of the City, and also the headquarters of the City's Combat Mage Program.

  • Awning Quarter is also known as Old Mycenae, the original city now pressed between the high-class life of Skylight and the dangerous fringes of the Core. Awning no longer enjoys the view of the sky or sunlight as the people above do, what with large sheets of salvaged ship metals that surround and protect the city, as well as the massive foundation pillars that support the upper section. It is the residential area of the City, and much of the popular and immigrants end up. The lack of police presence compared to the other two strata also makes this a common hideaway for renegade, a fact that Awning folk are aware of and not happy with.

  • Core Quarter goes even deeper, and is made up largely of the earth that once supported Old Mycenae, as well as a greatly expanded version of the City's mana reactor that powers the gravity device and pretty much every other device in the City. This is the center of industry in Mycenae, with the facilities taking full advantage of the area's massive mana presence. Military presence is the strongest, as this is the home of the many monster nests that have infested the unreachable miles of earth in the quarter. Those who cannot find a home in Awning also try to make a living here, despite all odds. A remarkable testament to that are the people that manage to live in the large mana rings that revolve about the core.

  • Mycenae is ruled by a Queen, from a long unbroken line of rulers since the Cataclysm. Though her rule has been harsh, the people have grudgingly thought of her as fair considering the chaotic state of affairs as of late. This is even considering the long persistent rumors of her being a dormant mage, which has hurt her popularity given the recent surge in renegade mages.

The Character Creation Rules:
  • This campaign uses Mutants and Masterminds, Third Edition.

  • The current Power Level is 10, but all PCs start with 140 points for character creation. Abilities cannot surpass a combined total of 40 points, and you're required to purchase at least two devices, a Communications Device and a Transformation Device. You can otherwise buy additional devices using your power points, though powers themselves are restricted within the use of the Transformation Device. Advantages and skills are fair game.

  • Well, an exception: you're allowed to have one or two minor powers outside of your transformation, representing the "mutations" that a mage encounters. Talk to the GM (me) about those.

The Required Devices:
  • The Communication Device is a Visual Communication 1, Removable Device, which costs 3 power points by default. The device can be upgraded up to rank 3, along with any extras you want within reason. The device itself is a headpiece that produces a holographic image of the receiver before the viewer's eyes.

  • The Transformation Device is a manatech instrument that absorbs and harnesses the mana potential of a dormant mage, allowing her to assume a more powerful form. The transformation is very blatant and changes the user's appearance dramatically, reflecting a theme that matches closest to her inner nature and personality. This theme is evident to her new powers; each rank gives the mage 5 power points you can use to purchase the new form's traits, which stack with her normal traits. She can purchase extra ranks for powers she already have or entirely new powers.

    The transformation only affects the user and is a sustained effect, requiring the mage to use a free action every turn to maintain it. Once out of the transformation has ended (either by prompt, or being unable to maintain it), the mage suffers a level of fatigue. Transformation Device costs 4 points for every rank.

    (You don't need to include this, but the Transformation Device is in effect a Variable X for [X times 5] points in acquiring magical powers and traits, Limited to one power theme, Tiring, Feature for changing into costume as a free action, Noticeable, Removable Device.)

  • CMP-issued transformation devices maintain a mental link to the user while transformed, so relatively basic functions such as firing a weapon or taking flight is perfectly intuitive. For greater functions, such as the transformation sequences, high-powered attacks, and power boosts, the devices require both a mental command as well as voice authorization as a safety device. (In other words, calling out your attacks is largely in effect here.)

  • The mindmeld system is a military add-on that coordinates activity with the mental link. It is an expensive piece of hardware, only able to work thanks to a rare metal mined from the surface that dampens mana flow. Each add-on is calibrated to a specific user, and tracks the combat mage's specific brain patterns that invoke the mage powers. They are designed to monitor the mind and control excess bursts of mana, keeping the mage in control of his powers and not allowing instinct to take over.

  • The transformation device is typically a wrist mounted device, though many custom models are spread throughout the City, taking the form of jewelry, weapons, etc. All CMP-issued devices activated are with a "key" (a card device which keeps a user's mindmeld data), while the devices used by renegade mages are activated by a charge by of their own mana.

The Character Template: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
[b][u]Personal Info[/u][/b]:

[b][u]Power Points[/u][/b]:


[b]Dodge (Agility)[/b]:
[b]Parry (Fighting)[/b]:
[b]Fortitude (Stamina)[/b]:
[b]Toughness (Stamina)[/b]:
[b]Will (Awareness)[/b]:






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