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November 12th, 2010 - the start of something new. <3
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What would you do if it's your last night on Earth?
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Music, video games, cars, auto-mechanics and being an all around people-pleaser.
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14 Dec 2012
It seems the vast majority of topics in this board are one word titles or extremely vague, it seems much easier for me to ask this myself than dig through every topic.

If an RP were to span across multiple countries in Skylessia, how would this be done given the separation of countries in the RP section? I'd wondered that last time I got involved in the RP but never asked - now I'm considering getting back into it and it'd be nice to know. :P
30 Jul 2012
I wasn't sure if I should request this in the Request subforum or not - as it is a request, but not one for someone to supply me with their hard work. Instead, I would like to see what kind of references people could supply me with - I'm EXTREMELY picky myself, and can't decide on what to work with or what look to go for - so someone else deciding for me could do the trick.

I've recently started redesigning my signature character, Zanryu, and have decided to go for a COMPLETELY different look this time - instead of the typical mercenary/myrmidon/thief-esque design, I'm going for more of a FEP-Valiant type design - instead of minimal armor and scarves and capes, I want to try my hand at something incorporating fur. I was thinking armor that isn't, say, excessive (a-la-FE7-Hector), but not lacking (a-la-generic-soldier), and I'd have fur to line the shoulder plates as a bit of decoration - not a whole contour, just along the shoulder itself. I don't necessarily want armor references (though they are welcome), but simply references for FUR - design and, if possible, a shading style to replicate.


I wanna put fur on my Zanryu redesign's shoulder plates, but can't decide how in the hell I want it to look - so if you could find some nice references for fur and potential shading replications, it'd be mighty appreciated. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
18 Jul 2012
Haven't posted since May of 2011, don't think I had even lurked since that day either - not too sure either way. All the same, I haven't even been on a forum since I left the board I co-administrated with The Blind Archer... feels weird to be back, I must say. Not sure how long I'll be sticking around, what with the small amount of free-time I get nowadays, but I figured it'd be cool just to pop in, see how many familiar faces were still bopping around, see what I've missed over the last year. :P
4 Dec 2010
This is like, the third time returning from an unplanned disappearance. xD

Not sure how many of you will remember me (Zanryu may ring some bells?), not sure how many will care, but. I'ma try and get active again - no RPing, no time for that. No spriting really, lost all motivation and all that, but I'll definitely surf the board, maybe even read over other RPs.

If you're wonderign why I disappeared before, I'd like to say it was a big circle of things in my life, but it was actually problems with drug addiction that I've been dealing with... so, I'm apologizing if I seem a little bitchy on the board here and there, I have my reasons. But, going clean, getting happier - got a great girl, great friends, and I think my life's finally getting back on track. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/grin.gif)


1 Feb 2010
Four days have passed since the events told in To Be Pursued. Elina and Co. have recovered from their injuries, so she and Trent have decided to spend some quality time with one another, so they start searching for a suitable restaurant to eat a nice breakfast.

---------- Elina X Trent | C Support ----------

The sun broke over the horizon, a beautiful orange etched into the sky. Trent eyed it attentively, he was quite pleased with the progress he'd made with is recovery; he may have had magic on his side, but something so near fatal was never easy to get over, especially someone so inexperienced. Trent turned to face the elegant noblewoman.

"Hey, Elina, I want to apologize for being so forward the other night; it was rather... rude, to ask to enter your room, especially in such an odd way. I hope it didn't give you the wrong idea..."

The fencer turned to her lucky companion; it was daunting to think that his death nearly became reality. She was forever grateful for his courage that morning, and she'd make sure he knew the depth of her gratitude over time. The first rays of sunlight forced Elina to raise her hand half-heartedly near her face.

"Think nothing of it; I knew your intentions were just. That aside, now i remain truly indebted to you; you've saved me twice now."

The rogue rubbed the back of his head gently, chuckling to himself ever so slightly. He put his hand on Elina's shoulder for no more than a moment, and quickly pulled his hand away, his face flushed.

"I - think nothing of it, Elina. I was hired to protect you, and I won't stop doing just that until you say my service is no longer needed," Trent said humbly.

Elina failed to suppress a small giggle at Trent's reluctant contact; he always seemed so... uptight. And then she wondered; was she the same?

"And what say you, if a time arises that either of us prefers each other's company over the cost or value of a contract?" The fencer added, not knowing the boundary between her effort to be genuine or to tease.

Trent swallowed hard and stopped walking. He gently tugged on Elina's wrist, stalling her as well. He stepped in front of her and looked her in the eyes, smiling awkwardly.

"I hate to sound so forward, but your looks are what got you your bodyguard, not the money. I've listened to you speak, and I realize that I made a good choice in following you as your employee," Trent said, his voice trailing off as he continued. He caught himself and spoke up once more, "you're more important than a source of income."

Elina looked at him seriously as he spoke, no longer needing her hand to shield her eyes as he stood there, the sunlight creating a dim silhouette around the thief.

"Then, we found the answer to my question prematurely." Instantly, her thoughts dragged her back to the fight, and the willingness she felt to fight back after seeing Trent being attacked. "I wish you wouldn't call me your employer; your merit as a fighter is equal, if not greater than mine."

Trent scoffed, brushing a strand of Elina's hair off of her face. He looked up at the sky as if in thought; could he have found someone who wasn't afraid to be his friend? Was Elina willing to stand by Trent's side, unlike so many others who feared Trent's lust for blood and money?

"Unlikely, I can't do much with a dagger; you've got benefits with your sword, and your style is much more refined than mine. I'm good for being quiet, that's about it," Trent laughed, brushing his own hair from his face. "I do appreciate the compliment however. Seeing as I'm getting paid for this, I might as well grant your wish, as well. Now, shall we go find something to eat, my friend?"

Elina was glad Trent was finally warming up to her; and for his removal of hair from her face.

"That sounds like a good idea. Also, I'd like to ask you something. Let's say we do spend more time in each other's company. How would you feel about some sparring? I'm sure we could learn a lot from each other's styles, as well as our personalities" She replied with a smile.

Trent smiled as he looked at the sun once more, watching it rise slowly, yet so elegantly.

"I'd like that, I've never sparred before; perhaps I could teach you how to thieve effectively, as well. We'll speak more over breakfast, if you don't mind; I haven't had a real meal since the whole fight with Darren and Harris."

"Of course, and let us put that ordeal behind us and focus on the horizon, shall we?" She said, returning a pat on the shoulder to her companion before they headed off. The horizon in front of them, with the sun continuing its ascension, looked like a bright one.

Trent had no objections, so he continued his walk with his newfound friend. He finally had a real reason to smile, and he didn't try to hide it; not until his hand brushed against Elina's. His face red once more, he acted as if it never happened and continued to find a suitable breakfast with Elina.
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