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Hey. I'm probably not around much but thanks for the interest.
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The best enemies are the ones that are on fire!
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16 Aug 2008
Name: Yagami Hinarita
Age: 16
Homecountry: Val Mae
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 142 pounds

Personality: Yagami truly would prefer not to fight and is kind to many, but just because he asks if you are okay doesn't mean you should assume he trusts you. Yagami isn't paranoid, but he does have trouble trusting people. When he fights it's normally not by his will, and yet while he doesn't enjoy combat it's something he'll go "sure" to. He loathes the title of mercenary, but also accepts it. When he does fight he's determined to win. He likes to call himself tactical but the truth is he's not. He knows when to accept defeat and hates being ranked, and even more he hates being ranked highly. He hates going by impulse but sadly it happens to him often, and he doesn't think on things before realizing he's too late. He often finds trouble committing to things unless he truly cares. He'll make ideas, blueprints, and drafts of things he considers great, then throws them away. He doesn't feel his creativity is being wasted but still feels down when he does it. He's artistic but not very good at it. He prefers to act serious, but it isn't hard to get him to laugh. Sometimes he can be blunt. Has no care for politics. Will not strike those not willing to fight back, yet doesn't rule out scare tactics.

Appearance: Yagami has green eyes and blond hair. He wears a deep red shirt, blue pants and shoes. His right arm is sleeveless and has a training glove. His left arm has a metal shoulder pad with a long black sleeve held to his body with leather straps. Under his sleeve is several burns and a sheath for his Combat Dirk. His belt is concealed by his shirt, with his sword's sheath on his left side. He has an orange-red scarf with two ends trailing behind him. He he walks with a purpose even if he lacks one, which he often does. His whip is coiled at his side while his hatchet is kept in a leather hold on his back. He appears frail and weak, but despite this he's strong and fast. He lacks luck and defense but has an uncanny ability to resist magical damage. His mother claims it was the fact that she was once a cleric.

Bio: Yagami was born in Val Mae itself, by his housewife mother and soldier father. At a young age he would play with sticks and pretend to be just like his father. At the age of 8 his father retired due to illness and trained Yagami. The two traveled the continent, training in different locations. His father taught him how to use a bow, a blade, and how to fend for himself in the wild. At 12 Yagami was skilled in the sword. By then his Father's condition had worsened, but they both refused to give up. At 15 Yagami had lost his father to illness, but not before crafting his own blade, Din.

With no income Yagami set off as a mercenary, battling for money. One day after collecting some money his mother was gone. He lived in the house alone. He always came back expecting his mother, but found nothing. With nothing but his clothes and equipment he set out to live his life. Since he's traveled out of Val Mae to see the world.

Class: Huntsman
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Sword (Din), Combat Dirk, Whip, Hatchet
Weapon Levels: Swords: E

Additional Notes/Comments: None.
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