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20 May 2010
Reading Eian's thread about taking a possibly permanent vacation from this game spurred me to make this thread. Basically, I'm curious about the psychology and mentality when playing this game. From the outset, this game is simple, but it has a very Pokemon-esque depth that I'm sure most of you would have noticed. As a player who took over a year long vacation of FETO, it has amazed me to see all the changes the game has gone through. Furthermore, I have seen a new lineup of experienced players that have easily defeat me, not that I am any good of course. I am just playing this game for fun and not really caring about winning at this point.

Anyway, the point of this thread is for my curiosity to learn exactly what kind of battle style most of you like to adopt, and also your opinion if the now-small FETO community has a "casual" and "hardcore" player divide. Most of the people with high-level promotes and many tourney trophies seem to care a lot about their builds and take effort to consider the proper moves and such. I don't know if this is true or not. But basically, I am curious. I've been challenged by a lot of these people - kryptonite et. al, but honestly, I don't see why I am worth such a fight at all - I don't really care. At one point I did, but that was a long time ago. Anyway.

What do you guys think?
5 Jul 2008
Yeah, school has just been too restricting on my schedule, so I don't think I can continue playing for a really long time until my next opportunity for craploads of free time, and by then no longer will I be as good of a player as I was a couple of months ago.

What I'm really saying is, I'm going to impart some advice before I go on a FETO hiatus. It really has been fun while it lasted, people. So I'm going to just say a couple of things.

1) Save your gold, don't buy new weapons unless you really have to.
What does this mean? Keep losing, keep winning, whatever, just only spend your gold on batches of Master Seals. I've never had any trouble myself restocking weaponry since I always get some from villages or chests, if I lose, that's even better - more gold, less weapon usage. You can easily buy 2~4 Master Seals at once with this. So if you have a load of guys to promote, just do suicide battles! Are you a record whore? Exchange wins with a friend so you won't taint your record. Though you shouldn't even give a damn about your record in the first place.

2) Lots of units = lots of battles
If you're good at multi-tasking, having a lot of units means you can juggle a lot of battles at once. This is what Pahhur seems to do a lot, seeing as he probably has well over 100 units now. I think another person does this too but I forgot their username. Even if you lose, you'll still get more gold output and more treasure than if you kept winning single battles at once.

3) Optimize? Not really. Just allocate for what you want your unit to be.
I realized something. Optimizing is fun because you see a lot of big numbers. Who doesn't like big numbers? However, being too balanced can be a kick in the balls because you either: a - barely hit, b - barely damage, or c - die to quickly. So, you should optimize your stats depending on your unit's purpose. Stack defensive stats if you want a tank, etc. There WILL be a 20/20 meta-game rising in this place soon enough, given that there's quite a few 20/20 units now. So you should keep up with that. And don't forget that you can alter your states.

I have learned much out of playing...

But I think my time has come.

So... Uh... I might visit once in a while, but I won't really play seriously anymore.

Good luck guys, it really has been a great time.
31 May 2008
As it appears, you cannot upload a mugshot to a character that doesn't have a battle sprite if you don't have your own battle sprite. So you must upload it either when you have a battle sprite, or before promotion.

Can you like, fix this so you don't have to upload your own battle sprite at the same time? >_>
21 May 2008

Kenta attacks! [Item - Bronze Sword]:
It's a hit! Blexe takes 12 damage (0/24 HP)

Blexe is defeated!

Kenta gained 17 experience points!

Blexe gained 1 experience point!

Blexe is my Pegasus Archer, as you can see, she is still alive in the battle but if you check the battle logs (Player #1 Xeno, Turn #5) you can see that Blexe /should/ be dead. Why this is the case, I have got no idea. My browser is Firefox 2.

Quick notes;
- Refreshing did not seem to make the Peg Archer disappear like it should
- The hover tip says 0/24 HP
- I ended the battle to see if ending the battle would make the Peg Archer disappear
- Ending the battle makes my Peg Archer suddenly have 24/24 HP
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