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1 Jun 2010
This is a closed CRP for Abraxas, Selsius, Drake and Deen. 747, Early Summer.

=Crimean Countryside, near Pinel=

Midnight in the Crimean countryside was beautiful. The wind was blowing slightly when Selsius arrived at the homely inn. It was cold, surprisingly, but the nights in Crimea were usually slightly chilly even in the summer. Maxwell's was the perfect inn; rooms aplenty, drinks abounding, and lively entertainment for the many guests. The inn was run by an older military couple, in their late forties (the Beorc man might've been as old as fifty) who had settled down and retired. The place was almost always busy, and the couple made a good living there. Selsius was just a new face to them.

He was met at the door by a boy of about sixteen years of age heading the opposite direction, with a shortbow and a quiver tied around his back. The youngster's brown hair was spiked and unruly, almost like bed-hair, yet at the same time it looked completely natural.

"S'cuse me, sir," the boy said as he collided with Selsius.

"No, my apologies," he replied.

The young man kept on walking as Selsius entered. Interestingly enough, it was late at night and no one seemed to be tired. Drinks were being served and men were laughing and chewing on hay in between sips. Selsius new it for sure; he wasn't in Goldoa anymore. This was the country.

A much taller, older Beorc male walked up to him and shook his hand. "Hello, welcome to Maxwell's. I'm the owner of this establishment. What can I do ya for?"

Selsius smiled as nicely as he could. "I'm looking for someone, and was hoping I could stay the night while I looked for him."

"But of course, my friend!" replied the boisterous man, releasing Selsius' hand. "I'm Forrest Maxwell. May I ask your name?"

"Selsius Lemep."

"Ah! Lemep!"


"I've heard that name somewhere...." Forrest almost seemed to loose his exuberance while lost in thought. "Umm....Oh, right! Your room is up those stairs. The doors are numbered. Yours is number four, my son's old room."

"I appreciate it." Now Selsius was confused. "You said my name sounded....familiar?"

"Ayup, I could swear I've heard it....My wife would know. Helena!"

Helena Maxwell rushed to her husband's side. "Yes dear?"

"This here is Selsius Lemep." The words hung in the air for a minute. "Lemep," he repeated.

"Lemep...." she replied thoughtfully. "Oh! Like, Atuna Lemep?"

"WHAT?!" Selsius exploded. The entire room hushed, everyone turning to stare at the man in the white travelers robes. He was wide-eyed and obviously anxious. "You know my brother?"

"What? No!" Helena Maxwell shook her head furiously. "My son, Henry. He has one Atuna Lemep in his platoon. He's in the army, you see."

Selsius held a finger to his nose, not looking at the woman. His mind had just been completely blown. All this time, all his searching, and finally, he was here. Atuna was somewhere nearby. "Could you tell me where he is?"

"Melior, I assume," Forrest interjected. "They were here only just yesterday; Henry and Alina had been on Military leave. They brought some of their friends over with them."

"How far away is Melior?" Selsius urged.

"About a day's walk. Less if you take a horse."

Defeated, Selsius sighed. What was one more day? "I'll still need my room, if it isn't too much trouble."

Forrest laughed. "Of course, friend. Have a seat, we'll get your room key." Then the happy couple walked away, leaving Selsius next to a vacant table at the back of the voluminous game room. Men played darts, drank ales, sang songs, and dealt cards in games of chance around the dragon as he sat, bewildered, feeling like the stupidest person in all of Tellius. Of course his brother would've joined the army; all he wanted was to become a more powerful mage. Crimea's Army would've given him a perfect opportunity to practice.

Still, one problem remained: where in Tellius was Melior?
31 May 2010
Selsius Lemep has gone up and down Tellius in search of his younger brother. The last known place Atuna had been seen was central Begnion, from which he could've gone anywhere. The first lead in almost a year, and Selsius jumps at the chance. The White Dragon makes his way down to Crimea from Gallia, following what he hopes is his best chance of finding his Branded brother. Upon crossing the boarder, Selsius stops at an inn and stays the night, too tired to continue and completely lost. He needed some people to accompany him, who knew the countryside; or at least would be willing to come along.

So, Dragon. Looking for brother. Needs traveling buddies.

This is a Crimean CRP in the late spring/early summer. His lead will take him to the HQ of the remnants of a (formerly) large but slowly recovering rebel uprising operation. So, expect lots of bandits and angry soldiers.

Reasons for coming with Selsius:
You're traveling across Crimea, and want a companion.
You take pity on the man and his unfortunate situation.
You're a Crimean agent working to dissolve this group.
-Insert custom reasons here-

I'm looking for no more than 3 extra people, and I'd prefer 2 at least. This'll be short and sweet, and will have lots of....walking.

Cast List:
-Selsius Lemep: Level 18 White Dragon
-Deen: Level 24 Champion
-Drake Aurelis: Level 3 Red Dragon
29 May 2010

My character, Selsius, is (much) elder brother to Atuna, an NPC in my other character, Henry's, Crimean Knight platoon. I had an idea where Selsius would come looking for Atuna in Crimea, traveling with one or two PCs. An SRP, with a lot of traveling. On the flip side, I'd like to have the 5th Royal Platoon moving out to a mission. A CRP, involving Henry and Atuna with two other PCs. At the end of both RP's, I'd like the last post for both to be the same: everyone leaving, Selsius and Atuna meet for the first time in....forever.

The RPs are happening at the same time in different places, but the endings are the same/intertwined. Is this....legal? And, if not, how could it work legally?

It's not a vivid example, so bear with me, I apologize.
14 Apr 2010
This thread is for the five members of this RP to discuss....RP stuff. Nuf said.

Link to the thread
13 Apr 2010
----------------------Melior, Crimea. Early Spring, 747----------------------

Day 1194 of Service

Good morning, Mom.

You'll finally be getting my journal! I can't wait to send this to you, so you can read all of my different experiences first hand. I hope to come home soon and let you know how I've been in person, but this will suffice until then, right? Alina is okay, don't worry about her. Torvik (and Layn, too, I guess) are watching over her personally, per my request. Gotta have trustworthy friends, right?

Love you, and hope to see you soon.

Henry Maxwell.

Henry signed the very last page of his journal with his own signature. Glad, he stowed it in the little box next to him and sealed it with with a string, handing it to the impatient postman stading before him. He had just recently overcomed a great loss in his life, and Henry hoped the more recent entries would give his mother the comfort of knowing he had moved past it. The lights were on around him, none of the other soldiers tired, even slightly, despite how late it was. It had to be nearing midnight, Henry was sure of it, and everyone was in bed. Just no one sleeping.


The familiar, feminine voice had startled him slightly. "Yes, Alina?"

"Have you seen Torvik?" she asked from the bunk across from him.

"Uh, no, I haven't. Why?"

"Oh, no reason. Layn and him were gone all day, and they aren't back."

"Can't have that," Henry said, and he dutifully rose from his bed and walked outside. The air was warm, much warmer than it had in recent months, and it felt great not having to bundle up before walking outside. He had just stepped out when another voice emanated from the darkness beside him.

"They're over there, in the training yard."

Henry jumped a mile high, this time truly startled. "Ah! Atuna, don't do that."

"Sorry, sir," replied the branded mage.

"Sir....too formal. I hereby forbid you to call me sir."

"Yes ma'am."

"Shut up. Where'd you say they were?"

"Training yard, still going at it. Those two will break a few bones if they don't quit sparring."

"Alright, I'll stop them." And Henry made his way through Melior to the training yard, which wasn't more than a minute walk from the barracks. Layn and Torvik were exchanging swings at each other, as they had for the last however long, and Henry didn't want to know. Layn noticed Henry walking toward him and stopped to wave, only to be beaten in the gut by his brother's mace. With a mighty 'OOF!' the Sword Knight slid to his knees and fell down on his face. Triumphantly, Torvik rested his practice weapon on his shoulder.

"That's three, Layn. I win," he gloated.

"You win-....ack....nothing." Layn said, accepting a hand from Torvik back onto his feet. "Henry, what's up?"

"Bedtime, guys," Henry replied professionally. "All in. Get your hides back to base."

"Aww, Henry, c'mon!" protested Torvik. "I've got plenty more fight left in me. I could go all night!"

"Save it for tomorrow, my friend," replied Henry, much less formally this time. "We've got recruiting tomorrow, and you know what that means."

"Raising Crimea's future Royal Knights?" said Layn.

"Beating the snot out of farm kids?" said Torvik.

"Both. Go, back to base. Get some sleep."

The brothers walked back, and Henry followed, up until he arrived at the barracks, where he stayed behind and sat on the bench just outside the door. Atuna sat next to him, as he always did. The mage never slept inside, which often caused confusion among the soldiers as to who slept in the farthest top right bunk.

"I thought you said all in," said Atuna nonchalantly.

"I did," replied Henry, not looking at the mage until after he had replied. "That includes you."

"I don't sleep inside."

"You do when I order you to. I want to see you sleep inside for once."

"It's not happening."

Henry resigned, sighing deeply. "Why not?"

"Too crowded," Atuna replied stoically. "I wouldn't be able to sleep."

"Well, be thankful I give you the option. You'd never get any sleep if my better conscience dictated my orders."

"I'm eternally grateful, ma'am."

"Shut up."

And with that, Henry went inside, turned out all the lights, and promptly went to sleep. He loved being the new Lieutenant. He got repsect, and people obeyed his orders. It felt good.
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