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...But still srs bsns.
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You do not find the answer until you've killed everyone.
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14 Dec 2012
The previous thread, or its maker if you must, has become inactive. I've requested and have been granted permission to overtake it, so...Here it is.

This thread will be used for both claiming anime (and whenever I say anime here, I mean anime as well as manga) characters and for any discussion, questions, arts, whatever-floats-our-boat, long as it's related to anime.

There'll be (once again) a change to the claiming process...

Considering the overall activity of the forums, the great number of anime there is, and my preference for not limiting people to only one character...This'll work like the Claim a Fire Emblem Character thread; with numerical changes.

The rules for claiming are as follows.
Rules: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
1. You may claim up to 3 "primary" characters. They will not be able to be claimed as primaries by anyone else. All must be from different animes. A "!" must be placed just after their name, to indicate they are a primary.
2. You may then claim up to 12 "secondary" characters. They will not be exclusive to you, and each may be claimed by 4 other members simultaneously. They can be claimed regardless of their status as primaries. You can not have more than 3 characters from the same anime.
3. If you want to change your current claim list you have to wait at least 2 months, unless there are empty slots due to either not filling them all previously OR having characters stolen--please state which is your case. If you changed your display name you must mention it in your post.
4. If you have been inactive for 2 months you will not necessarily lose your claim, however your characters may be "stolen" by another member. This includes your Primary and your Secondary characters; the latter cannot be stolen unless they have been already claimed 5 times.
5. You may remove your claim(s) any time, but that will not allow you to immediately fill the emptied slot.
6. You may trade (a) character(s) as long as all members involved agree to it, and they post here specifying which character(s) has/have been traded. All members involved must have made no changes to their list in 2 months.
7. You must have a minimum of 5 posts to claim a character.
8. To claim, change your claim, and trade your claim, you must use the template provided below.

The claims and the template will be registered in the next post. If that's not allowed, then I'll just put 'em up here too.

Claims are already open, by the way.
4 Oct 2008
I wanted to test something while I reseted, and guess it's another bug.
Before I reseted, I placed a bid of 3809 on something I can't remember now, and the told SaS I wanted to reset.
So after that, I was outbid, and I got the 3809 gold I had bidden.
This can be used to transfer gold between resets.
Not that this is that bad but yeah...
And no, I didn't do that for mischeif kthxbai. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/angel.gif)

Edit: No, it was 3308 gold.
21 Aug 2008
When I clicked the Refresh button in this battle,it refreshed the battle and it was my turn.
But after it refreshed the "Loading..." window stayed open.
I ignored that and moved my templar.
Right after I moved my next unit, the templar gone back to his previous space, à la "Undo Move" button,though I hadn't pressed it.
I tried moving my templar after that but it said "Unit has already moved!";and I couldn't put any unit on the place where my templar was before undoing his move.

Next turn was alright though.
21 Jun 2008
Minor stuff,that pikeman sprite that reminds of Lilina is listed as male.
26 May 2008
Anyone wanna join this battle?

Max Lv: 2
Time limit: 5 min
Unit Limit: 6
Map: Castle battle

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Yo Shuusuke. It's Sui-kun, how you doing? Just noticed we're online at the same time. :P
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Happy birthday!
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Hey, thanks for the donation. I already had 32% interest in the bank though so I didn't really need it =p I just meant that the 3000 points could've been used for something else. But thanks anyways? :)
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Thanks for the page visit. ^^
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Well, I meant you, as a member. I knew I saw a Roy Mustang on a different forum, but perhaps not you. Oh well, thanks for answering.
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You seem familiar. Do I know you from elsewhere?
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Crimea River
Your avatar reminds me of Sirius. :P
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Happy birthday, sir
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happy bday
22 Mar 2009 - 9:48
*sticks a flag down* This is My territory...
14 Dec 2008 - 1:27


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