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13 Apr 2008
Name: Kajh-Chunier
Affinity: Light
Gender: Male

Personality: Kajh has always played the part of the gentleman. He always shows the highest respect towards members of the clergy, because he feels they are the most worthy of respect in this world. He isn't a very strick man, however, and is often in a jolly mood. He absolutly loathes fighting, which is highly ironic, seeing as his name was based on 'The first warrior' in a dead tongue. He believes the ultimate goal for all humankind is to enjoy ones life, no matter what. If he is doing something that he find unenjoyable, he will simply stop, making him seem lazy at time. He is at all times a logical person. This makes him seem cold and evil at times, because he realizes that cruel and dishonest things must be done at times to achieve a goal that is honorable and just, and once it is clear to him what exactly he must do to achieve that cause, he will not hesitate for an instant. He is a very religious man, and is consistently peaching the teachings of the god he most favors, Orofitz, who teaches that all humans are created equal, but as we live our lives progress, we depleate or increace the value of life. Kajh also preaches those who follow Orofitz lead a better life in general. His belief causes him to do practices that few others understand, and often he is ridiculed for this.

Appearance: Rajh is usually see wearing pure white robes and large amounts of silver jewelry. Oftentimes, he will receive golden jewelry, which he kindly accepts before hastily selling, he believes gold used for anything but money is tainted, but constantly tries to be polite about it. As for his own looks, his skin color is a deep pitch black. He keeps a very short, black haircut, and his eyes are a gray that some people fear, claiming he is possession incarnate. He carries a silver rod with him at all times, it has a ball at it's tip, and a monkey perching on the ball. When he uses his magic, he will be seen waving this around as if it helped him command his powers. It does not. It's just a cool looking piece of silver.

Bio:OK I am about to blow your mind, but I have to do it by his age. Just read it, it's good (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/walloftext.gif)

Birthday: A narrow escape.

Kajh was actually born in the gap, his overzealous mother would not allow something as simple as pregnancy stop her from fighting. Luckily, she was with his father and a good friend of theirs, a ship captain by the name of Chadvice. He helped Kajh's mother give birth, as Kajh's dad, Kajh-Eliotti, kept the numerous creatures at bay with his powerful compound bow and it's special arrows. It seemed as though everything would work out alright, but at the last moment, an Elder bael snuck up from behind and infected his mother, Den-Janielle, with a poison that proved to be fatal later on. And to further complicate matters, Janielle had had unexpected twins! The five of them all made it out of the gap alive, but ended up on the wrong side of the gap. They pleaded with the tribal leaders of Teralynn for shelter for a mere night. They agreed, and on that night, Kajh's mother died form the poison given to her as he was born.

Age 0-9: The naming

For the first years life, Kajh and his sister had no names. It wasn't until a traveling old man offered to give Eliotti a veiwing of his children, a supposed prophesy of what these children would become. The man only spoke his prophecies in a very unusual language. Eliotti knew only a few word in that language, and decided to name his children after what he knew. Kajh was at first to be named Kajh-Elianne, but his father thought that sounded to woman-like. He instead used the name he had though of for the girl-child, Chunier. He and everyone else agreed that Kajh-Chunier seemed to fit him, and his sister gained the name Den-Elianne.

The youthful twins couldn't be any more different in any way. Elianne was always bullying her brother, who simply slept most of the time. She was a picky eater, eating nothing except things that met her foolish standards. Kajh, however, was a vigorous eater, and eagerly attacked anything laid out in front of him. As a young boy, Kajh always had a great respect for his elders, rarely saying anything. Elianna was the more typical child, rude and obnoxious. Chadvice always would say that she would make a fine pirate.

Age 10-15

As Kajh matured, his curiosity grew. Even at this early age, he longed to see the world beyond Skyer. He was often taken onto pirating voyages, which absolutely fascinated him. One time, after a raid on a cargo ship, a prisoner begged him to be set free. He set him free, and in return, he was given a small, silver letter opener. It wasn't much, but Kajh was overjoyed to have it. His father was very displeased, but he realized that Kajh was a child and didn't know better. Often times he would sit with his sister on the shores of Skyer, staring off into the distance, and betting with his sister about what lay beyond the sea.

Age 15- 21 Departure

On the day after Kajh's 16'th birthday, his father announced to them that he felt that they were old enough to leave his house, and begin there own lives. He had expected his children to become smugglers, so it was a great shock to him when Elianne announced that she had applied to become a member of the tribes of Teralynn. Elianne had become an ample fighter, and the tribe gladly accepted her. Kajh, at this time filled to the brim with curiosity, asked for any money his father could spare, which was plenty, and set off with Chadvice to see the mainland. Kajh was entrusted with his fathers compound bow that had been passed from generation to generation, and the knowledge to create the special arrows it fires. Chadvice simply dropped him off at the shoreline, and left him to make his fortune, hoping someday that the boy would return. Eliotti, however had not waited. When Chadvice returned, he found that Eliotti had taken his own life out of grief. Neither of his children knew, or cared.

Age 21-23:The explorer

Kajh planned to see the world, and thats exactly what he did. Once on the mainland, he first walked to Marcellous, and bought himself a horse. He had many grand adventure at this time, staying in no place for over a month. When he was 23, he had traveled to every country on the continent except for Azgarth, he had even been to Isle del Fugo for a short period of time before he realized what the island was, and quickly left. He had learned many things, he had studied philosophy and all different sorts of religion. He was considered to be an absolute genius. He considered not even going to Azgarth, but he figured he may as well, to complete his understanding of the world.He could wield basic light magic at this time, and thought many times upon being a clergyman.

Present day: Homecoming.

Now that he has seen the world, he has decided to return home, to at last complete his travels by looking at his home witha new mind. After all these years, he still had the bow his father gave him, and he still remembered how to make the special arrows, however, he never even tried to draw the bow, for it was of no importance to him. He decided it should belong to his sister instead, he remembered how much she had practiced the bow as a child and figured she must be able to use it.

Class: Monk
Level: 1

Weapons: Lightning
Weapon Levels: Light magic: E

Additional Notes/Comments:

Kajh has always feared Wyvrens, however he has never had a problem with mamkutes. Mamkutes were much more intelligent, in his mind.
8 Apr 2008
Ok. I do lots of stuff for you when you ask, ya? You bring cookie and I work faster ya? I stop writing in sweetish accent cuz I'm an angry boy now, ya?

But seriously, here's what I do:
Battle sprites
Statsheets nevermind, this site has a script for that.

I'll still do it for you...

I'll do some of these, it all depends on what it is.

SO! Tells me what you want, and bring a cookie.
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