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Wolfe Bogenmann, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by [v], Jul 4, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

, post: 15164, member: 389"]“Sniping or flirting, it only take one flawless shot to finish the job.”

Name: Wolfe Bogenmann
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nationality: Regna Ferox
Allegiance: a mercenary guild based in Port Ferox

Class: Soldier
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: Lance [E]

Hasta : Thrown
A light-weighted throwing spear designed to be easy for every beginner. It allows more movement over power, but no so much on a balance side.


An average height gentleman who possesses a dark brown hair, medium length and tidy. The most remarkable thing on his face, for most people, would be an eye patch over his right eye. The normal left eye is azure in color, it melts countless hearts already. He is simply good-looking. His body was not muscular, but one would find that it is well firm that most girls find it sexy.

Wolfe feels comfortable with his basic garments, including a stylish dark suit and desert colored pants. However, it is until recently that he found himself some light armor for more protection. He focuses his blind side, the right, by wearing a long gauntlet which covers his upper arm, as well as a thigh plate armor that is tied to his waist and upper leg. His brand name boots with golden rimmed are dark brown, a piece of metal is hidden at each heel.

Sometimes when he wears a robe or mantle, it will cover the armored right side to leave his armed arm a space to move.


One may find it difficult to describe Wolfe’s personality because he doesn’t act the same for when he is with other people, and for when he is by himself. In general, people refer him as a handsome narcissistic lanceman who speaks sniper language, and he always has a way to get smooth with girls. Sleights of hand is also his specialty.

He is rather a cheerful fellow who go with the flow for whoever leading the group, taking a supportive role professionally. He likes to tease people or make joke of them for the sake of a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, he acts a lot nicer if the partner is a woman, especially whom he already ‘locked on’ to be his target, like a sniper.

However, his sniper personality truly shines when he is by himself and gain full of his concentration. He feels comfortable to not speaking at all for days, like when he spies on someone for assassination or just plainly gather info. Even though he has only one eye, the ex-sniper often spots something that most people miss to notice. In a critical situation, he seldom place his trust to anyone to get the job done, since trusting people already cost him one half of his sight.


Born in northern Ferox, in a family of common status. His family ran a florist, operated by his parents before his two sisters took over to load off their work. Wolfe, being the youngest and unexpected child, had plenty of time to play with friends. His most favorite child play was bird shooting, with a slingshot, and slingshot being his dearest toy. When he turned teenage, the boy accompanied his father to go hunting. His father taught him a lot about hunting animals, and archery was inevitable.

The self-proclaimed sniper enlisted to the army when he turned eighteen. As expected, his well-trained sharpshooting allowed him to become a squire in no time. He became pretty popular among the rookies that year, being one of the best archer of the generation. He went through more training with other types of ranged weapon, for example crossbows and ballistas. For someone who understand nature of shooting, it didn’t take so long for him to get familiar with those weapons. At one time, the sharpshooter was recognized by most war friends that he was the best shooter in the army.

However, like a turn of a table, his life changed forever by this one event. During a skirmish one day, his precious right eye got damaged that it turned malfunction forever. Not for long, for many reasons e.g. shame, disappointment, lost of goal in life, Wolfe quit the army. He returned home and helped his family business.

Few years later, Wolfe journeyed to Port Ferox and ran into a warrior named Eric, just before they got surrounded by local burglars. A stick was thrown for him to use as a weapon, and the ex-soldier used that to assist Eric in a fight until they won. Eric then revealed the face that he was the head of the mercenary guild, the guild that bear no name but everyone knew what it was. Finally, he invited Wolfe to join, it took a while but the contract was formed eventually.

- not good with anything that come from his blind spot.

The Mercenary Guild: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
  • The guild has no specific name, people know it by 'the guild' or 'the mercenary guild'
  • The guild master is now Eric, he is generation 3rd
  • The guild agents are almost everywhere in the continent that is public
  • The guild is located in a tavern called 'Anchor Point', Port Ferox
  • The guild is open for members to stay, if there is a vacant room
  • The guild collects quests & wanted list, guild members do the job
  • The guild collects commission, guild members get the rest
  • The guild do not discriminate, but will only choose request that is legal
  • The guild takes no responsibility to the death or injury of guild members
  • The guild is open for new member any time, PM [v] for application
  • The guild's current PC member is: Wolfe

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