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soccer, spriting, NCIS, etc.
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23 Sep 2008
*sneaks back in*

I'z back. I can't rp yet, due to being confined to an itouch, but come October 2nd, I plan to jump back in. (IMG:style_emoticons/orange/worried.gif)
26 Jul 2008
SO I'ma go away, I don't have the time to be here, and I really can't RP anymore, idk why, just it's impossible to get in character, and when I do, it's forced, so......adios, trinomials. (IMG:style_emoticons/orange/sadnod.gif) (IMG:style_emoticons/orange/sadnod.gif) idk if anyone'll miss me
29 Jun 2008
Name: Kerine "Keri" Sillvarat
Age: 22
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: *slapping noise*
Gender: Female
Affinity: Fire
Homecountry: Marcellus

Appearance: Keri is slender and pale, though her garb effectively disguises her body. She wears thin leather shoulder pads that do no more then they ought. A tight leather shirt with a steel breastplate sewn into it protects her chest. Her arms are protected by long leather gloves that cover her arms from her palms almost all the way to her shoulder. A thin layer of steel is sewn between the layers of leather covering her forearm and upper arm, disguising how muscular her arms are. A short leather skirt is belted around her waist, allowing mobility at the price of modesty. Long leather leggings cover her legs, with solid greaves slipped over them and her shin high dark boots, with metal soles. All this is hidden under a wolfskin cloak. Her long turquoise hair falls down to her slightly above her tailbone, and is held back out of her face with a strip of wolfskin. She has twinkling purple eyes that stand out with her thin smile as her most prominent features.

Personality: Keri is fun-loving and mischeivious, and loves to joke around, though she knows when to be serious. She uses humor to disguise sadness and longing, and when she is angry, her tongue is as sharp as her spear. A penchant for being late belies her reliability, and she is a great friend to those she knows, as few as they may be. She never abandons a person in need, despite the fact that she is often in need herself. She has a great respect for nature, and catches most of her food herself. She can be rash and impulsive, not caring about consequences, and is often blunt in situations that call for tact. She doesn't trust people easily, prefering to spend a long time around them before accepting them.

Bio: The oldest child of three, Keri's parents were both successful clerics, and she was cherished and pampered, getting almost everything she wanted. She was educated by her parents, and is very knowledgable. As she neared her teen years, she became fascinated by fighting, much to the delight of her younger brothers. Her parents, however, saw no need to let her learn how to use anything but a staff, to her dismay. Further annoying her was the fact that her brothers each had private tutors. She began to wait for a chance to learn, and started doing her brother's exercises at night when evryone was asleep, building up her muscles. When her brother came down with a fever, she stole his clothes, and, since her parents spent their time watching over him, was able to successfully impersonate him and attend his lance lessons for a few weeks.

Once he had recovered, she continued to practice, using her staff as in place of a lance. She mastered the basics, and every now and then was able to get her brother to show off a move, which she memorized. She continued this till she was 14, growing tall and pretty, and becoming the object of affection for many local lads, much to the horror of her parents. Keri, however, had no intrest in her many admirerers, and began to talk and dress like a boy herself, prefering breeches over skirts, and letting her hair to do whatever it would. Her parents were further mortified when, in a fight with her brother, she weilded her staff exactly the same way as he did his lance, and beat him soundly.

Her parents, unsure of other oprions, made plans to send her to a convent. Hearing them discuss it one night while she excercised, she was furious, and, come morning, had disappeared with all her savings and her brothers lance. She fled to town, disguising herself as an older boy, and joined a traveling mercenary group. She spent several years with them, keeping her gender a secret, much to the amusement of the men who often poked fun at the boy who wouldn't drink or sleep around the way they did. After four years, however, the then eighteen Keri got drunk celebrating her birthday, and tried to flirt with the commander of the mercenaries, a young man in his thirties. Still believing her a boy, the man was disgusted, and kicked her out of the group.

Alone again, though fairly well off concerning money, Keri decided to work on her own, and was fairly successfull when she concealed her gender and age. However, she tired of the constant lying, and spent all her money on new gear that left no confusion about her gender. Sadly, this also had unsavory results, as she had to beat off quite a few assualts by drunks or crude men, much to her disgust. Much because of this, Keri fell in love with a young female cleric who resided in town, and would let no one else treat her injuries whenever she returned from working. The two were practically inseperable. However, while she was out hunting, the small town was razed by bandits, and Keri was left heartbroken and homeless. She survived easily with her skills, but felt very alone, even when surrounded by others, and withdrew into the forest. After 4 years alone, Keri once again donned her mercenary outfit, this time a bit more modest with her homeade wolfskin cloak, and set off in search of love and adventure.

Class: Soldier
Level: 1
Weapon: Nyneve, pure white Iron Greatlance with golden inlay, and a red ribbon tied around the tip.
Weapon levels: Lance-E
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Yeah im looking for it too,Its suppose to be bout a guy who's in a war and got captured
19 Oct 2008 - 22:59
Thanks,Your names awesome too,And loveless is pretty cool,did you know theres an actual book
18 Oct 2008 - 2:21
Two years. it seems like just yesterday that we met~
19 Sep 2008 - 11:33
Lord Garthaur
Heh. Good times, weren't they? I may be pulling out some of my old characters again. Keep watch ^w^
7 Jul 2008 - 21:34
Lord Garthaur
Nyaa :3
3 Jul 2008 - 15:11
Henh. I actually fergot about that. I'll work on that when I finish BZK's sig.
26 Mar 2008 - 21:27
Henh- apparently, coding does not work in the comments.
13 Mar 2008 - 20:41
Patience, friend. They are [s]cumming[/s] coming soon enough
13 Mar 2008 - 20:40
Indeed. Albeit they are customized to fit very specific cups...
17 Feb 2008 - 17:33
Indeed, Futurama FTW, especially Jebus Zoidberg.
10 Feb 2008 - 18:14


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