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17 Jan 2010
I've felt a terrible urge to roleplay recently... so, here I am I guess (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/^_^.gif)

Wonder if I still even know anyone here...

Ah well, gonna have a new Skylessia character posted in the next day or two hopefully (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/^_^.gif)
14 May 2008
Sorted through a lot of stuff, went through a lot of rough personal times, but I'm back now I guess (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/^_^.gif)

Soooo... go about your business I guess.
15 Apr 2008
Full Name: Nicole Fayette of Sarha
Nick Name:
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Neutral Deities: Nicole pays no heed to the gods, preferring to make her own way in life.
Age: Twenty
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 126 lbs
Birthplace: Sarha, Fissa.

Special Abilities: Nicole is dedicated to completing her goal and killing Max Kugl, and to that end she's practiced quite extensively with the blade. She's quite swift, deft with the blade, and - though neither terribly strong nor hardy - will let no wound and no hardship get in the way of her revenge.

Inventory: A longish, frayed green coat, with markings on it that mark her as the master of a Falacian "Sword Academy." A similarly decorated curved blade is at her side at all times, the eighty centimeter blade kept in an ebonwood scabbard. She has a few other possessions she keeps on the ship, though none are worthy of note.

Appearance: The most noticeable thing about Nicole is her stare. It tends to make most people uncomfortable, almost as if she's glaring through people rather then looking at them, and her intense green eyes often make others feel as nervous as if they were speaking in front of huge crowd. Her shoulder length black hair hangs down like a curtain, though when preparing for battle she near always ties it into a ponytail. She has a pretty face, though her disagreeable temperament and intense glare are enough to make the crew think of her as the first mate first, and a woman second.

Slim figured, the lithe pirate is in incredible shape, being sure to do at least one exhausting physical thing a day - whether it be multiple sparring matches, hard labor repairing a damage part of the ship, or the myriad of other ways of tiring oneself - to keep her body fit and her desire to kill Kugl in check. She wears simple, utilitarian clothing, with white or black shirts, simple black pants, and lightweight yet sturdy boots. Nicole practically never removes her coat, since it indicates that she is a student of "Grandmaster Derun's Sword Academy," though this is misleading for a few reasons. She never attended it, the school is no longer operational, and she only obtained the coat after killing Derun himself.

Finally, her sword is always at her side, the simple and sharp blade roughly five inches longer than is typical - she reacts harshly to people even looking at her sword, and woe befalls any foolish enough to touch it with her express permission.

Personality: Nicole's burning desire to avenge her brothers has driven her to become a strong willed, passionate person. She is quick to react, preferring to quickly assess situations and use whatever situation ends the probably most decisively. She has little tolerance for stupidity, and even less for laziness. However, she also works as hard, if not harder, than anyone on the ship - she does whatever physical labor is needed of the crew alongside the men, and is always on the frontline in combat, doing her best to inspire the men.

Background: Born to a single mother, the child Nicole came into the world at just the wrong time. Her three brothers - Misha, Falam, and Asran - were happy to see their new younger sister, especially because the three had hoped that their mother would have a girl, having had to put up with them for so many years. The trio already had big plans, and they couldn't wait to put them into action. You see, they were all, even at their young ages (15, 13 and 12) planning on becoming great swordsman, and they were well on their way to becoming just that. Nicole still fondly remembers watching her brothers practice in the yard, each of them becoming skilled in their own right, and nigh unstoppable when working together.

Nicole, for the most part, always idolized her brothers. They'd always help defend the city when other Fissians attacked, and they all were kind and loving to her. The young girl had a near idyllic early life, keeping her mother company, learning from her brothers, and generally enjoying her life. However, things were going to change for the worse, as they so often did...

Fissia was torn by internal fighting as much eight years ago as it is today, and as was usual at the time, there were two factions fighting each other - the previous leader had been deposed, and both factions were attempting to gain control of the city. One side was led by her brothers, and the other by Max Kugl... In open combat, her brothers were hard to match, but they were at a terrible disadvantage other than that - Kugl had more followers, more resources and assets, and a trump card...

One of the higher ups in her brother's organization - she's still not sure who, though she certainly intends to eventually find out - betrayed them, poisoning their food and selling out them out. Weakened and surrounded, her siblings fought as hard as they could, though they were eventually slain, having slain scores of enemies as they made their final stand.

Nicole heard about it the next day, and she eventually heard who's men were responsible - Kugl's. It was then and there, in the burned out building that still housed her brother's bodies, that she swore she'd make him pay.

The next couple years blurred together. Unallowed to leave by her prematurely aged mother - not that she would have, anyways, given that her mother could hardly take care of herself, following a heart attack a few weeks after her brothers death - Nicole seethed with raged when she was reminded, again and again, that Max Kugl was still alive, and that he was in charge of a city he'd stolen from her brothers! She practiced everyday with a spare sword that had belonged to Asran, and she studied what notes and books her brothers had possessed.

Eventually, her mother's death (a second heart attack) freed the young girl from the town. She fled, rambling about the continent for a few years, sparring and fighting anyone she could, while occasionally acting as a mercenary to keep a little bit of money in her pocket. When she was eighteen or so, she came across a huge school, and after a bit of investigation, discovered it was actually dedicated to training its student to use swords - it had a bit of a reputation, and more than anything was a place for rich nobles to send their teenage sons to keep them out of trouble while learning something somewhat useful. Nicole, though, was determined to see just how far she'd progressed.

After publicly challenging the master of the school to a duel five times, he accepted, and the two settled on a date. Both arrived on time, and a fierce fight ensued - one that ended with him dead, and her wounded and bleeding. Stripping the man's jacket off him, she fled, eventually recovering from her wounds just in time to evade the students of the school who sought to avenge their fallen teacher.

((Section on joining the pirates to be edited in upon seeing Velyoukai's profile.))

Now, Nicole serves as the first mate, and she takes her position quite seriously. However, she's never lost sight of her goal - she will avenge her brothers.
17 Mar 2008
"May I have another please sir?" The pretty blonde girl asked, giggling quietly at the end of her statement. The innkeeper looked up, her newest request having distracted him from cleaning the smudged glass he'd been so diligently cleaning. To be honest, he contemplated pretending he hadn't heard her - even though he was a businessman, he knew that sometimes hurting your sales to keep a patron from drinking far more than they could handle was appropriate. After all, this particular customer had pulled up a stool earlier, ordered a drink, and then practically brooded the entire time, barely speaking except to purchase the occasional extra drink. And... she'd been at it for a few hours, to the point that pretty much everyone else in the town was asleep. It was obvious to him that she was upset about something... but it wasn't his place to try to pry that information from her.

"Yeah, sure..." He replied. Turns out, sometimes you have to ignore the desire to do good in order to make a bit more money. Things were tight around here, after all. Pouring another glass for her into the still smudgy glass he'd been halfheartedly cleaning, he gently put it down, the pretty little thing snatching it up almost before he'd even let go of it.

Shaking his head, the man turned away, walking over towards the entrance to his tavern with the intent to lock the door up for the evening. "Poor girl..." he muttered, but then smiled a bit himself. At least she'd paid well.


Evandele, despite how absolutely terrible her life had gone in the past month, felt alright. Having her best friend trick her into separating, breaking his promise to reunite with her, even after she'd already had to leave another friend of her (Evin) to be sure she was back at their link-up point on time...

Throwing the shot back as well as she could manage, the airheaded shamaness managed to only spill a part of it on her green dress - the same green dress that she'd bought to...

Think about something else... like... like how this room's really cool! The room, contrary to her new belief, was not in fact "cool." She was simply drunk enough that the room felt like it was spinning.

Rubbing her eyes to try and clear her vision a bit, the girl mumbled something about "liars," under her breath, before pushing the now empty shot glass away.

Chris hadn't even been the only thing troubling her recently! When she'd entered this stupid town, the guards had been extremely mean to her, searching through her belongings, making her answer a whole battery of questions, constantly badgering her, and finally ordering her to stay at the specific inn she now found herself in - in case they needed to find her, they had explained.

A couple of them had made fun of her for being stupid when she wasn't very good at answering all their questions, but she was kindof used to being made fun of for being stupid. She'd kindof agreed with them... Chris wouldn't have been able to trick if she was smarter.

Several of the guards had complimented her though, too... but, something about how they'd complimented her, and just what about her they'd complimented her about, had made her a bit nervous, and her unease and refusal to acknowledge some of the requests the brutish guards had made also ended up causing those particular guards to join in mocking her.

She'd made her way through Gatrile - that was the name of the Marcellian town, and she thought she remembered hearing that it was named after the person that ran it or something - to the inn, where she'd bought a room, a little food, and an ever increasing amount of alcohol. She didn't usually drink - she had a bit with Evin, and she'd certainly had waaaaay to much that night at the Alacian capital with Freya - but she'd begun to more and more recently. It made her a bit happier, even if she did feel truly awful the next day...

Eveey's newfound drinking habbits weren't all that'd changed about her in the past month. She'd certainly tanned a lot - she was always happy that her skin tanned so easily, especially considering she didn't sunburn. She hadn't tanned on purpose - she'd just spent several days lying on the tops of various hills, thinking about her life and just what exactly she'd done wrong, and well, tanning at the same time had seemed like a good idea.

"Ehghhh?" She asked, spinning to look at the blurry door. Someone had just entered, and she wobbled back and forth on her stool for a bit, trying to figure out just who the person was, she couldn't see that well though...
12 Feb 2008
Should I post, or wait for Wyvern? I imagined that something other than our characters gabbing was going to happen in his next post, but I'm not sure if I should get an extra post in before his next one... thoughts?
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Eve is Eve. A satisfying buy, would purchase again. Five stars.
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