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9 Oct 2012
Name: Falke
Title: Commander of the Dark Void Bandits.
Age: Thirty.
Gender: Male.
Place of Birth: Bern.
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Dark Void Bandits.

Class: Mercenary
Level: Level 19.
Weapon Levels: B Rank Sword.
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Steel Brave, Folded Sword; a simple dark blade that Falke refers to as Black Storm.

Height: 6'2" (1.88m)
Build:Muscularly Athletic.
Appearance: Falke is a fairly tall man standing just two inches above six feet, not only is he tall but he has a large powerful build weighing at about 200lb with almost all of that being muscle. His skin is tanned with white hair to contrast the colour and his eyes have dark circles under them, also due to a lack of sleep, but like his second in command it doesn't seem to affect him in the slightest. He wears some light to medium armour upon his body but not a lot of it, he prefers to have room where he can swing his blade. His default expression is a stoic one, and it appears that this might be his only expression as no one has ever seem him show any other face then this.

Overview:Falke is a very stoic individual, he barely shows emotion and his voice has somewhat of a deep monotone to it. He never seems to show much, if any, emotion to most situations especially in a battlefield. Despite all this, Falke has a somewhat idealistic vision of what the world can be, he believes that only he can make it happen and he will do anything that he can to bring it to fruition.

Biography:Falke was born and raised in a town shadowed by poverty. With no father and a mother who was killed as a result of his birth, he was taken in by acquaintances of the family; however, it wasn't long before they decided to throw him back into the streets. He raised himself in the village until he realized that he would never make it on his own in a small town with no opportunities.

He later managed to find his way to a larger city; there, he found himself at an orphanage in which he could, for the first time in his life, be taken care of by someone other than himself. During his stay at the orphanage, Falke kept himself out of sight, he didn't care much for the place and was originally planning to just stay there to gather food before taking off again.

That was until the next day and the weekly teacher came to teach the orphans as the noble had asked him to do. He taught the orphans the uttermost basics, the alphabet, numbers and how to read and write. It was here where Falke found a new reason for staying, the idea of learning these things made sense to him, he felt that he could survive better if he knew more things about the world and the best way to learn, would be from this man. As the other orphans did what they always did during the time there, Falke actually paid attention to the classes, he eventually took his knowledge of reading to the library and it was there where he found the books, most of them bored him but eventually his eye was drawn to a book about a famous military general from ages past. He read about the general's life and his exploits, specifically how he handled his battles. This piqued Falke's interest and he started to look for more books about famous battles, the people who fought, the men and women who led and most importantly the strategies and tactics that were employed. As he read more and more he earned the name of book worm at the orphanage, he learned to ignore the names mostly but eventually his patience reached its limit.

One night he waited right outside the door of the largest, and most aggressive, child in the orphanage. He knocked on the door for a bit waiting to get their attention out in the hall, eventually the boy answered the door and started to open it only for Falke to smash it into his face knocking him to the ground, Falke then proceeded to brutalize the boy while he was stunned, hitting him in various areas that he knew would cause him the most pain, leaving him a horrible mess, not giving him a change to lay a single hit in return eventually dragging him out into the hallway just as the commotion gathered the attention of every other person there, the orphans and the woman in charge of them all.

This one act struck fear into the heart of most of the other orphans who never bothered him again, save for the one called Fang who seemed inspired by the brutality that was laid upon the boy who he believed to be stronger than him. He came to Falke in the morning and asked to be his subordinate, Falke agreed knowing that Fang's violent nature would help him keep in control of his new position. Things went along as normal until one day, the old woman who took care of the orphanage died, leaving most of the orphans confused on what to do. Falke, however, had no intentions of leaving to find another place to find food and knowledge, and so declared to the other children that they needed to stick together, or that they could possibly perish. He ordered the oldest, strongest children to get branches for firewood from the edges of the forest, and he also ordered the swiftest, more young children to steal food from the local marketplace. They temporarily relocated to an abandoned house near the gates of the city, where they would not be detected for quite some time.

When they were finally discovered, they were relocated to the orphanage, with a new caretaker to take care of them. However, the man had no interest in truly helping the children or watching after them, so Falke still was considered the boss of the group. When the noble of the town died, and was replaced by his lazy, self-absorbed son, the city began to decline.

It went on a steep downhill, until one day when bandits decided to raid the town- a fairly strong bandit group known as the Dark Void Bandits. Falke, having read many books about military strategy and such, had the children raid the now unused armory, taking small, quick to use handheld weapons. They used hit and run tactics, and although some children were caught, they managed to confuse and even kill one or two bandits. The bandit leader, impressed by their ruthlessness and skill, asked one particularly sadistic child, Fang, to see their leader. They were brought to Falke, who showed no fear towards them, which impressed the bandit leader further.

Deciding to train both Falke and Fang, he brought them back to their hideout and had them trained in the way of the blade and the lance, respectively, with the leader training Falke personally. Falke's experience with the blade increased more quickly as they days went on. When the bandit leader became old, he declared that his position would go to Falke. Rekc, who was second in command and who expected to become the leader, stayed quiet to not challenge the old bandit leader's orders. However, when Falke demoted Rekc, and promoted Fang (as Rekc was not that good of a fighter), Rekc became angry. He demanded that he be allowed to challenge Fang to a battle to the death for the position of second in command. Falke knew this would be coming, and had planned it- he saw Rekc as a threat to his new position. He knew Rekc wanted to get to be the bandit leader, and that if he left him alive, that he would attempt to rebel sooner or later. But this way, Rekc would- and did- die by the hands of Fang, Falke's tool in his plot to gain power. Now as the years go on, Falke wishes to gain more power- no matter the cost.

Approved by Shuuda
6 Oct 2012
Just joined this looking for some FE fun with a friend so, if you don't mind, please validate me?

Edit: Well damn...I got a error message when I tried to post so I thought it didn't go through, and it turns out it did, how embarrasing...>_> sorry.
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