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23 Nov 2009
Velbert, Eastern Daein.
Late Fall


The night before many had worked hard, for ready everything needed to be, or else the carnival wouldn't take place. Not in time at least.

The children carry what was not heavy, and their parents what was. The ones with coins to spare would buy new costumes, while the ones that lack of luck search for their old disguises.

The city wears the colors of the end of a season. The red and yellow leafs, that fill the trees and the roads alike. The wind blows them off, cleaning the scenery, and by it, creating a breeze colored, as dreams should be.

Yet, in a few hours, no beauty would remain, for bloodshed will take place. The villagers know it; the visitors do so as well. And as people begin to enter the majestic old city of Velbert, so as well do many cages, all filled with Laguz from throughout the world. Some yell, others cry, and the ones faithful enough pray, for a savior to appear. Helpless they remain, while the shadow of the reaper cast its spell on their souls.
The carnival, is about to begin.


And so, this is a major event in Velbert, a big parade due the harvest and the festivities of St. Lucas. It's widely known in Daein, as the great laguz purge.

There will be drinks, women, drugs, the latest way to make a fool out of yourself, and most of all, laguz to kill.

My advise is that if your character hates laguz, sign him or her in, this is the best place for them. If your character thinks this is madness, you can try to free the laguz.

No more than 4 others, aside from myself, allowed.

1.Count Marcello Salvatore Caroli di Santo -/- Myrmidon Lvl 14 -/- Cortez
8 Jul 2009
ok, just one thing; are there camels on Tellius?

as long as Irecall hatari is a desert, or at least most of it, so having cavaliers there wouldbe a pain since horses don't mix well with sand, just like MJ with children.

28 Jun 2009
Name: Count Marcello Salvatore Caroli di Santo
Nation: Daein
Age: 25
Race: Beorc

Appearance: Marcello is a man of high class, and he likes to show that up, even when he's alone. He has jet black hair, dark as night, and mostly to his discontent his hair is quite thick, making it look spiky and sometimes adds about two centimeters to his full height. He has disliked this ever since he was a little kid, for even if he tried to take it down, nothing would help his hair to get back up.
The count has white skin, and suffers from sunburn problems, most of the time when he was a little kid he would end up sun burnt instead of tanned due his sensible skin, so he often wears shirts that cover his upper body completely. He also wears pants most of the time, not shorts, since he also has an issue with his legs being quite skinny and hairy.
Thin as a pole is also one of the things Marcello dislikes about his body, even though he does exercises almost every day and eats almost as much to fill a normal men trice he barely gains any weight.

His brown eyes usually capture the fantasies of maidens around him, for they usually sparkle with innocence and peace. He has thick black eyebrows and small red lips, his nose is quite long and curvy, sticking out most of the time, and being the part of his body he dislikes the most, for when he was a young teenager he was often called "hawk" due to his nose.

When it comes to clothing Ed never hesitates to get expensive looking shirts and capes, but his favorites are the long coats that pass his waist. Most of his outfits are either blue or black and all of them have the crest of the Caroli family somewhere.
During his joineries he usually wears a full body coat with a shirt under it, a long pants and a pair of black leather boots with metal decors.
Most of the time, he completely ignores armor, or at least heavy ones, for he prefers to move freely and fast thought the battlefield he often than not wears light metallic shoulder guards, grieves and bracelets made out of steel or iron.

The garnets of the spy
When Marcello joined the Feuerwher he started to wonder what would be the best way to avoid getting his identity revealed, and a disguise was the best solution, even thought he could just kill anyone that was unlucky enough to see his face.

His most used costume consists of a black leather coat combined with black pants, a black shirt, with black leather boots and gloves. A long black cape and a mask were added after he was promoted and became #56.

When it comes to his weapons Marcello likes them close, so he would reach them quickly and efficiently. When he wears his normal outfit he usually wears a scabbard with a rapier that is attached to his belt, nothing that special really.
In the other hand, when disguised as 56 he throws the rapier aside to leave space for more efficient weapons. The count uses twin hand swords that are stored in the scabbards on his back, creating an X-like shape. He also holds daggers on his battle boots that are usually shown when he taps the back of his boots against the ground two times. He has many other weapons, but those three are the most important ones.

Personality: When it comes to be the nice guy of the tale, Marcello is your man. Ever since he was young he showed to be a kind soul, but due his noble birth he was often criticized for just trying to make up for the fact that he was born in the right family, however, those accusations are way far from the truth, Marcello only wishes to help those in need, even if he barely knows the people he is helping.
As could be expected Marcello's good willing personality often gives him more problems than needed, and for not considerate the consequences of his actions most of the time he is called stupid or naive.

Also note that the count is really smart, and has been educated at the highest level possible ever since he was a little kid, but he is also quite lazy, which was quite criticized by his father when the man was still alive.
In the downsides of his personality; Marcello is quite stubborn and prideful, when he starts something he really likes to do he probably won't give a damn about what everyone else thinks; he will just go for it. That is, if he really wants it.

When working as an agent of the feurwehr, Salvatore changes his personality completely when he wears his disguise, showing of his good acting skills and the hidden side of his self. This is so nobody will be able to tell the assassin/spy and the count is, in the end, the same person.

In this mode he keeps his kind soul, but added and fused with his violent impulses that he often hides from everyone when in company of nobles.
He is an assassin that only kills the ones he believes that deserve it or would need to die in order for him to accomplish his goals, proving that he also has an evil side, or as others could say, sadistic side.
Before killing his foes he likes to torture them, and make them confess what they did wrong, scary as it sounds, most of the time they do.

When it comes to fears, Salvatore only has one, arachnophobia. When he was an infant his crane got filled by tarantulas during a cold winter night, the cries of the baby woke up every maid in the mansion and even his own mother. He was not bitten, but the sight of such monstrosity left him scarred for life. Now days he is able to contain his fear, and sometimes ignore it, but he still have problems when facing bigger spiders.

Other personality trait that is quite important is that Marcello sometimes goes numb when he gets hurt; laughing without control every time he gets hit. This usually freaks out his foes and his allies alike, and is not something he is proud of. Luckily for him, this has never happened during his assassination jobs.


Chapter I: The Caroli Heir

The wind blowing against a half opening window started to trouble the hearts of her maids, for the noise helped nothing but to raise their tension.
This was the first birth of Lady Gwendolyn, a tall and skinny woman with long black hair and deep brown eyes. The creature coming out her womb was to be the first child of Lord Giacomo, the outcome of such even would determinate the future of one of the most respected houses in Daein.

Inside of the room, several minutes afterward, the noise of the storm was nothing compared to the endless screams of the new mother, some maids were trying to ease her pain by providing her with something hard for her to grab.

Outside of that room Lord Giacomo was starting to get worried about his wife and child, for no birth should take so long. The poor man started to eat his fingernails out of desperation and fear, getting mixed feelings about any possible outcome.
Lord Giacomo Caroli was a small man, with tanned skin and a long mane at that time. However, even due he was about 1.65 meters at that time he was quite strong and wise, among the other marquises he was known as "Il saggio".
It was weird to see him like that; he was usually a very calm man, never getting scared or nervous. But he was not to blame; an even of such magnitude could cause a disaster, not only for the family, but to him. He could never imagine the world without his wife; it would be a never ending hell for his soul. Then the yells of his wife stopped for a second, and his heart started to run even faster, soon after the cries of an infant broke the awkward silence. The man run inside to see when was going on, and saw his wife completely fine, with the baby on her arms, it was male.

The man let tears of joy out of his eyes, and got by the side of his lover, such happiness was that of a new father at the first sight of his child.
"What name shall he bear love?"
"...The name of his father, he shall be Marcello Salvatore Caroli"
"...and I couldn't't agree more, darling"

The storm ended, and the sky became clean. And so, our story begins.

Chapter II: Father and Son

The years passed quickly as the winds leave the mountains, and every day the young Marcello showed more traits of his mother; his long black hair, white skin and skinny figure were just like her's, but he also had the kind eyes of his father and the good will of that man. If he was not trying to help out the maids clean he was playing with the small daggers of the guards. However, such behavior was not quite approved by his aunt, Ginebra, who thought a kid of his status was not to be seen doing such denigrating things as treating his servants as equals.

She was not alone in that statement, the grandmothers of the kid also thought the same way, but his mother and father thought it was just natural, after all both, of them were like that, it was no surprise that their child ended being a good man.
The kid was never aware of that situation, since he was always treated well by everyone in his family; however, that problem was soon going to find him.

Two years after his birth, Young Salvatore got a sister, a beautiful girl with brown hair and huge pale green eyes. The name of the creature was Silvia Caroli, and from the moment of her welcome to the world, her brother had always being by her side.

The years passed even faster, and young Marcello turned 10 in almost the blink of an eye. The little one started to develop a taste for fighting that it was hard to control sometimes, this got the attention of his father, who was also quite founded in the art of combat, especially in the use of the sword. A sunny day of august the father called his son over to his study, and gave him a wooden blade, and told him that from that day on he would be learning the ways of the sword.
The eyes of the little one started to shine with happiness, and he gave his father a hug and he was hugged back, that few seconds marked forever the kid.

Chapter III: The abbot and the children

Ever since that day Marcello trained under many masters, with the first one being his own father, who showed him the ways of fencing. The boy proved not only to be skilled for his age, but also that he had a great natural talent. Using the blade with recklessness at first, but with some practice he started to fight with more grace. Not only he was smart, but was also a good pupil, he would never fight against the teachings of his masters and showed respect to all of them, regardless of their attitude toward the infant.

When the little master reached his Th birthday his father decided that it was time for him to start learning other things aside from how to cut things in half with an oversize knife.
And so, the little boy was sent to Palmeni, the city of the goddess. The trip to the Mecca was long; it took the little boy and his guardians about a week to reach it, and once there Marcello was welcomed by an abbot, a man with not one hair on his head.

From the first time they spoke, the boy and the abbot became quite close. The old man was kind and caring, for not only the young master was under his wing, but many other children that had no other place to go but to the church and ask for help, a concept the young master didn't understand at that time, "where are their parents?" he asked to the abbot, "they are with the goddess, but with us no longer" was his answer. Before that day the kid knew nothing about the horrible state of his country, and the concept of kids that had lost their parents or were abandoned was an atrocity in his eyes, he asked the abbot what could he do to help them, his answer was simple and short, "pray", and so he did.

The years passed, and before they knew it Marcello was 15 years old, he was starting to change, it was that time of life when kids turn into men, and for Marcello it was no different. He became taller than the abbot, standing with 1.71 meters of height but he was still slim as a stick. His voice had also gotten deeper and he started to show a quite peculiar accent. However, his time in with the abbot and his friends on Palmeni had come to an end, during those 3 years living there he had learned to read, write, about the natural world, mathematics, geography and astrology, but most important he learned about the goddess Ashera, the creation of the world and the ancient war.

All these things became his passion while inside the walls of the abbey; the kid was quite a believer, praying to the goddess before going to sleep every night and thanking her for every meal he ate, only few priests and monks proved to devote themselves more than he did. If he had chosen to stay he could have probably become the abbot soon enough, or even aim higher, alas, this was not what he wanted, nor what his father wanted. In a cold day of winter while Marcello and praying to the goddess in the abbey, he received a letter from his Father, in it he explained that it was time for Marcello to go back home, for one of his grandmothers had died of old age and his presence was needed for the funerary services.
Without a second thought the young man told the abbot that he needed to leave the abbey at that very same day, the old priest smiled at him and gave him his blessing, for all the years he had live he had never meet such a wonderful kid, Marcello showed him that one doesn't need to be old to be mature and that chivalry was still alive.
Marcello hugged his teacher and went outside to do the same with his friends. He took a horse from the stable and some food and left the place he learned to call home, promising that someday he would visit them once again.

Chapter IV: Family

That winter was said to be one of the strongest of the decade, and Marcello probably came to the same conclusion, for the freezing winds and dry air didn't help keep him warm either, and then he realized that going out in such circumstances was nothing but madness.
That night he had to sleep in the outside of a forest, the next village was still half a day away and it was too dark to go back to the abbey in Palmeni, he had no other choice.
The young lad took out a thick mantle he had prepared just in case, but he had to thank his friends for the idea, after all he learned the basics of camping due the monks and his pals, his three years in the company of the abbot were starting to prove to be useful.

After tying his horse to a tree so it wouldn't't escape, the young lad cover his steed with that mantle so it would't get sick and gather some dry sticks to light a fire. After everything was ready he took a second mantle and spread it to make an improvised bed, he lay down and cover himself with the mantle, giving the impression of the sleeping bag and tried to sleep, for he was still far from his hometown.

Every night was just like that one, however, by the second day Marcello met up with knights wearing blue and white, the colors of the Caroli Family. They said to be escorts, sent by his father to take him home safety.
It was a weird coincidence indeed, but a welcomed one, for a noble to travel alone was simply outrageous, and some company could help Marcello forget the fact that his grandmother had died, though he was not that sad about it, for he was never that close with either of them, in truth they were more of a nuisance most of the time.

And so the journey back to his hometown took him seven days, the same amount of time it took him to reach Palmeni when he was younger, but his hometown of Nova Velbert had change quite a lot, the city was bigger now, for it some new buildings were build outside the grand Franciscan Gate, the stone walls that use to protect the city from invaders back in the days of the mad king war. The marketplace was just as lively as ever; merchants selling the last of their harvest, or some poor stonemason looking for job in the lupo bevuto pub.

It had change in size, but not in spirit, the old city was still a nice place to live, even in such hard times.

However, when Marcello reached his home, the grand mansion, he felt the sadness the rest of his family was passing through.

At the entrance, his mother and sister were waiting, both wearing black dresses and with a sad expression on their faces, like if for them the world had come to an end.

The grandmother that died was Lady Sylvania, his mother's mother, so it was no surprise to see her in such a low mood. Marcello greeted his mother and sister, and gave a hug to both, but his little sibling ended up punching him in the stomach, and he had forgot how strong she was, even for a girl.

Silvia was considered by many as the rotten apple of the Caroli family, she was everything a noble girl should not be; Prideful, stubborn and egocentric, alas, she always proved to have a good heart, and Marcello was pretty sure that his sister was a genius.
While he was studying at the abbey she was far away, in the capital city of Nevassa, studying under a female sage, and old acquaintance of his late grandmother, so it should not be a surprise that she had arrive there sooner than her brother.

Marcello walked up the stairs, until he reached the fourth floor, were his room was located. Once inside he took off the robes the abbot had gave him early that year and got dress up in a more proper matter, after all; it was not well seen that the son of a noble man was to wear the habits of a simple monk, it should have been fine if he was a priest or a bishop, and he was far from either of those.

Once done he went to his father's office, where his old man spend most of his time, discussing with his secretary and his advisor's.
The young master knew them both, since they use to play with him when he was little, and both proved back then to be quite younger than his father, Marcello doubted that they had passed the S.

He knocked the big and thick door, it was made out of yew so it was quite heavy, making entering the study quite a pain for everyone buy Lord Giacomo, who, even with his age kicking his back, was strong enough to open them without much problems.

"Father, I'm glad to see your fare well"
"Likewise, my son"

It had been three years, and his father didn't change that much, the only differences were that he had lost almost all his hair and that his face was starting to show more aging. The small man stood up and walked toward his child, and gave him a warm hug, and he was hugged back.

Marcello also saluted the adviser and the secretary, but he noticed that both showed way more age now, when he asked why they laughed and put the blame on their wives, "Having a woman pulling your beard every time she is mad with you is not easy, lad" they said, making his father smile.

When he asked about his late grandmother his father told him that she had already been buried in the family's mausoleum. This gave Marcello a feeling of relief, for spending two long hours in the services would have been a pain, even for him, who lived three long years in an abbey where he was asked to pray almost every second.

If everything had been taken care of, why would his father call him over? It was true that he had learn everything the old abbot had to teach him, but he would at least know the real reason behind his summoning.

His father was direct, it was time for Marcello to assist to his first high class party, his father had been invited over to the Capital city for a meeting in home of the Marquees of Zehe, and he wanted his son to accompany him.
The idea was not that bad, however, the young master was not entirely pleased; inside such a place he would know no one aside from his father, mother and sister. There was always the possibility of making new friends, for he was not the only young noble in Daein, neither was his sister, then he stopped out cold and started to think for his insides.

'If anyone touches my sister, they are as good as dead'

Chapter V: The king and the wish

The journey from Nova Velbert to Nevassa was a long and problematic one, for the storms of ice and snow had just begun and traveling at that time was simply chaotic.
Nevertheless the Caroli family arrived at the capital city after a week of traveling, the very same day of the party. Marcello had just attend to a party that big and important once, and it was back when he was seven years old, and didn't remember anything from back then, aside from the fact that he was sent to play outside with some other kids for hours until he finally fell asleep.

The home of the marquees was nothing humble, for the size of the entrance was bigger than that of the Caroli Mansion, and the decoration was twice as stunning.

The ones greeting the guests were the main butler and some maids, they took the fancy coats of the arriving nobles and guided them to the dance hall, where the party was taking place.

The music calmed the young master, for it was quiet, yet not boring, just his favorite kind. As his father and mother went to salute the other noblemen he tagged along, with the hope to at least meet someone to talk to, sadly that didn't happen.

Everyone in that party was way too old to have a nice conversation, and the sons and daughters of those people were younger than Marcello and Silvia, making them the unofficial nannies of the event.

Marcello didn't mind it that much, he had always been good with little kids, back at the abbey he use to take care of the babies that had been abandon by their parents and the younger monks, so it was not much of a pain.

Then, the voices inside the hall shut, creating an awkward silence, the reason behind that was the arrival of the King, Tomislav Hinzvark, and his guards. Marcello had never seen the ruler of his country before, and noticed right away; his king was quite young.
Marcello left the young ones with his sister, who didn't like the idea that much; she always hated little kids, but Marcello didn't know that, maybe she should have told him.

His father called him at the same moment he walked back in. He wanted to discus something with his son, and Marcello was quite puzzled to know what was that he couldn't contain until they returned to Velbert.

Giacomo explained his son that he wanted him to begin his sword training again, under the wing of Sir Galahad, and old friend of his. Marcello had his doubts about it, but he couldn't just say no without a real reason, and he had none.

Sir Galahad was the bastard son of a well known general of the main army, and was a famous swordsman and Hero of the people. Well known for being in the right place at the right moment, for he saved several small villages from raiders and bandits just by chance, awarding him with the nickname "Fate's gambit". Back in the abbey Marcello heard rumors about him, being also a drunk and merciless man, so the idea of training under him was nothing fancy in his mind, but he knew his father would not send him to the fangs of the wolf.

After agreeing with his father he spent his time in the party just listening to the crowd. Most of the old men there was just complaining about the lack of founds they had, and the woman's were just gossiping about one another, it was boring as hell to be there without doing a crap.

The only one outside of such activities was the king himself, who seemed to dislike that place was much as Marcello did, but he couldn't possibly talk to him, the knights guarding him would never allow it. All he could do was wait until the party was over and hope that his trip back to Velbert was a pleasant one.

Chapter VI: Thou shall train under me.

The winter came and left in the blink of an eye, and so did Marcello. After the last snowflake became a drop of water he left Velbert once again, but this time in the company of his sister and her master, making their way to Nevasa though the roads full of new spring mud.

Once he arrived at the capital city he took a different way form that of his sister, who was going to west Daein in order to continue with her studies of magic there. He hugged her before letting her go, and received a direct kick to the balls, "you...will...never change...will you, sis?" "No I won't" she said laughing, but Marcello was already use to it, he stood up and tried to walk, sadly the hit of Silva was way more dangerous than he thought.
He took sit on the floor and waited for some time so the pain would go away, his guards could not contain their laughter, but little they expected Silvia to kick their nuts too. She walked away with her master while the two guards and her brother were still on the ground, swearing to never make her angry again.

After a while he started to feel better, but he could not say the same about his guardians, who were unable to walk or even stand, "thank the goddess for she didn't kick you that hard...or you could never have children" he said, the guards probably thought he was being sarcastic, but then they realized that he was deadly serious, making them sweat at the image of Silvia castrating them.

Marcello stood up and commanded his men to go back to Velbert, he was already close to the home of Galahad, and so he could walk there by himself. Both men stood up and said farewell to their lord, as they started to walk away the young noble noticed that they were walking like crabs, with their legs separated. This let a small laugh out, and after that Marcello started to walk up the city stairs up to the house of the knight.

Once he arrived he noticed, if it was not already obvious, that Galahad was either poor or had his brain attached to the dices or his dick. That place was wretched; it was a small house with walls made out of wood and with a fireplace on top, it probably didn't have more than two rooms.
The outside of the house was covered by a thick wall of uncut grass of about half a meter and there were holes in the entrance door, like if the bugs had been making cheese out of it.

That day Marcello was wearing the habits of the monks, his old robes that were a gift from the abbot back at Palmeni. With that disguise he appeared to be just another monk, so he would run into some trouble if Galahad was drunk...but either way, he was going in and introduce himself to his master or spend all day and night outside of his house until he was sure that the knight was not influenced by the alcohol, and somehow the later was way more appealing at that time.

But he couldn't just be a pussy, scared of some drunk, strong and skillful knight...and then he started to consider it again and again and again, until he finally decided to walk right in and introduce himself.

He walked with care pass the wall of grass and knocked the door, and soon after wards a voice coming from the inside, but he raised an eyebrow in response, for the voice was of a woman, could he have got the wrong address? Nevertheless he opened the door and apologized for entering all the sudden, however he was not only surprised, but prettify by what his eyes were showing him.

It could be seen a naked woman cooking something in a pot, she had long, dark brown, hair and was quite small, could she be the wife of Galahad? However all Marcello could look at was the curves of that woman and blush like his face was turning into an oversize tomato. "I-I-I'm sorry!" he said before turning his back at the woman, who only let out a small laughter at the reaction of the kid.

Marcello had never seen a woman naked before, in the abbey there were only the monks, and the nearest woman would live far away from them. He was told that a woman was summing to possess once he was married with her, he started to wonder if going there had been a good idea after all.

The woman let out a small laugh and then Marcello heard the voice of a man, he turned around, trying to look at the burst of the woman, and saw a towering man with bright red hair and small green eyes, and thank the goddess he was dressed, but only with a pair of pants, leaving his muscles show up at plain sigh. "Nihil, how many times do I have to tell you to get dressed when someone is visiting us?" said the man to his wife, "go get your dress on, we leave tonight".
The woman left the entrance and walked toward another room, closing the door behind her.
The man invited Marcello to enter, and revealed that he was Galahad, the woman named Nihil was his wife, "I must apologize Marcello, Nihil is not use to be with other people, so this things happen often, I hope you don't mind" said the man to Marcello, in his voice the young master notice that he was probably saying the truth, but he did mind a naked woman walking around him, "I could get use to it, but I'm not looking forward to" he said, lying.

The wife of Galahad returned to the entrance room and kept on cooking her soup, while the knight started to explain his training methods; training everyday and constant fighting.

The first one was no surprise for Marcello, but he didn't quite understand the constant fighting part, and when he asked Galahad what was that about the main laughed and explained that they were going to leave Nevassa to start traveling around Tellius for the next four years, and that the idea came from his father. "Back when we were your age, we did the very same" said the knight to the young lad.

Marcello didn't dislike the idea that much, maybe some traveling would help him know the world he lived in a little better. But then again, traveling with that woman may be a problem later on, mostly if she started to walk naked in the middle of the day.

After a while Nihil gave him a bowl of hot soup, and Marcello started to eat alongside the couple. He noticed then that Nihil was a wonderful cook, for that soup, thought it was simple, tasted way better than the average one in Velbert. He praised her, making her blush and her husband laugh.

'Maybe this won't be such a bad idea after all' he thought while eating more of that soup.

Chapter VII: The ways of your sword

The morning after his arrival in Nevassa the group of the three left the city, heading south, to Luseldorf.
Galahad just took his light armor and two swords with him, while Nihil had a big bowl she carried on her back, some bags with spices and herbs and a sharp cooking knife. Also they both had money pouches, and that was weird enough, when a man and a woman get married the woman usually let the man take care of the money, or the other way around in less cases, but they didn't, making Marcello wonder if they were actually married or were just lovers. After all, Nihil was probably 20 years younger than her partner.

Marcello kept that though for him and kept on walking until they stopped, about two hours after leaving Nevassa.

The forest they were in was still a bit cold, but the warm sun helped them keep their spirits up, then Galahad handed one of his swords to Marcello, explaining that such blade was for him for the very beginning, and should remain with him at all times, for he never knew when a battle would begin.

The lad didn't take such words with enough care, for at the next second the knight had take his own sword attack Marcello by surprise. Luckily for the kid this was just a taunt, Galahad was trying to see how much attention he was giving him, and that proved that it was not much, or enough.

That repeated at a daily basis; Galahad would attack Marcello at any time, even when sleeping. At first the young one was not use to being surprised like that, but soon enough, about two weeks later, he showed more care when it came to his master, alas, he was still far from the level of skill of Galahad.

Ever since he was young Marcello had only train in fencing, and thought it's still a fighting art it was far from being more than a show off in a real battleground, and Marcello knew it, that was why his master was able to take him on with such ease. And this started to bother him, until one day he talked to his master and asked him how he could become stronger.

His master laughed and asked; "what is your reason to fight?"

Then Marcello started to think, and realized that ever since he was a child he didn't have a reason for anything he did, aside from the fact his father wanted him to do those things. The fencing training, his life in the abbey, the party and this training, he was in none for his own free will, and then Marcello realized that he didn't have any motivation to do anything, or did so far, aside from pleasing his father.

With sadness in his voice he answered; "I don't have any..."

His teacher was not surprise at all, it was like he was expecting such reaction, Nihil started to cook at that moment, they had killed a deer a while back and she was staring to cut the meat with her knife so she could fry it with some olive oil they had brought from a merchant caravan a few days before.

Galahad looked directly at his pupil's eyes, "sometimes we don't know why we fight, heck! I didn't know mine until I met my wife. Don't worry, you will find your reason someday. It can be anything that moves you forward, keep that in mind, and you will have less problems in life". Marcello was surprised that such a simple man could hold such knowledge, the only man that had talk words that deep to him was the abbot, it was hard to believe at first, but Marcello started to understand what his master was telling him. But then the smell of cooked meat caught them both, "Dinner is ready, boys" said Nihil, while serving big pieces of cooked meat on big leaves.
Marcello didn't mind the substitute for plates; after all it did the job just fine. He literally devoured the pieces of meat and then started to drink some water Nihil had served him on a jug.

'If I keep eating like this I will end up fat' he though while eating his last piece of deer meat.

After that day he would train at least four times per day with Galahad, two times after breakfast and another two times after lunch. And by time I mean an hour of endless fighting. It was no surprise that Marcello was not able to keep up with his teacher, who would usually mock him about it just to get a laugh out of the kid, and it worked most of the time.

The first thing the knight taught Marcello was the proper way of using a sword in open combat, for Fencing was good for one on one battles, but he needed a more powerful approach. Also the sword the knight had given him was giving him more problems due not being a fencing blade, but a normal sword. "The most important part of fighting is the stance you use" said the knight to his pupil.

Then the real lessons began. Day after day after day Galahad would explain and teach Marcello new ways to fight. He even taught him a stance used to fight against flying foes, such as Pegasus knights and wyvern riders, leaving Marcello even more surprised about his master, for he was by far your average knight.

Thus, as the journey continue Marcello started to improve more and more, and after two mouths he started to catch up with his master, but still lacked of his own reason to fight. Then, a hot day of spring, the group stopped in a small village to rest, the wind blew strong and was quite a relief in comparison to the strong sun.

Little Marcello expected that his first real battle would take place there.

Chapter VIII: Blood and music

That day the village where they were staying was attacked by bandits, probably in an effort to steel some loot or food. Marcello didn't notice that until the screams of a woman echoed thought the whole village. Making him aware of the scenario he was going to pass though.

His master drew his sword and soon as the noise of steps was close enough, and so did Marcello, while Nihil only had her knife to protect her. "We will kill them, and then get some free meals from the villagers" said Galahad to his apprentice, such words made Marcello realize that his teacher was not always the kind man he portrait when he more calm.

The first man to see Marcello and Galahad was not that old in comparison to Marcello, just some years ahead of him, wearing only rags and wielding a short sword. "That one is yours Marcello; show me what you can do"

At first the young master didn't desire to fight the bandit, much less kill him, but then he noticed that he had a money pouch covered in blood in the hand opposite to the sword, making Marcello wonder if a man like him should be allowed to live, and then the words from the abbot resounded in his head, "those that steal from their brothers are evil in the eyes of the goddess"

It was decided, that man was better off dead. Marcello tried to cut his leg with a fast trust of his sword, but the bandits avoided the hit by jumping back and tried to kill Marcello with a fast slash down wards, yet he also missed the hit.

The exchange of blows continued for several minutes and neither of them proved to be fiercer or faster. Marcello was angry that all his skills were not able to skill a simple bandit that probably had never lifted a blade before.

Then he realized that his master was right, until then he had no reason to fight, so why was he trying to kill that bandit? Because his master told him to do so, at the end all he knew was to take orders, and this made him even angrier as the battle continued, "I'll fight to make this a perfect world" he said to the bandit, who seemed confused due the sudden words.

"I'll make a world where no one have to kill, a world where peace reigns, even if that costs my own life" those were his words, though he was not entirely sure why he said that, creating an utopia had never passed thought his head before, but then he realized that it was not such a bad idea; for if he was to create a better world, then he would be fulfilling the will of the goddess, at that moment Marcello smiled and started to fight the bandit again.

This time, he proved to be stronger than his adversary; his resolution was moving him forward. In matter of second and without him been entirely conscious about it, he had killed the bandit by thrusting his blade through the head of that man.

At first the smell of the hot blood covering his skin was scary at most, but he didn't mind it, and he felt incredibly satisfied. Could he have enjoyed killing that man? No, that was not it, he was starting to create a better world, his goal was getting closer and that made him happier than he had ever been.

However, the battle was still not over. In the time he killed one bandit his master had killed seven. It was obvious that his skills were vastly superior, so Marcello took the sword from the hands of the dead bandit and ran over to his next adversary.

This continued over and over for an hour or so, until every last bandit was dead. With each kill Marcello felt more confident about his skills. At first it was just an exchange of blows, but then he started to think before acting and planning the best way to approach his foe; he started to plan his kills.

How many men had he killed that day? He lost count, and so did his master, who could have easily killed four times more bandits than his pupil. Alas, something was wrong, he had enjoyed that bloodshed quite too much, and Galahad knew it.

After they received a free meal and some provisions for their journey Galahad went to a store without Nihil or Marcello knowing about it, and brought a long metallic flute.
When he went back to where his wife and pupil were and handed the flute over to Marcello. "Music is a good way to canalize your energy, try it"

The young master had little experience with musical instruments, but back at the abbey he learned a simple song he started to remember in the moment he had the flute on his hand.

When he started to play it he felt incredibly light, as he was floating in an empty space, the sounds that passed though his ears made him forget about his problems and realize that not everything had to spin around killing; something that he forgot for a moment back then.

Marcello apologized for his reckless behavior and after that day he played that flute before every battle he had to fight.

Chapter IX: The goodbye

The years passed fast, four years to be exact, and during that time the group had travel throughout half of the continent, Marcello had the chance to visit the capital of Begnion, the cities around it, and the island of Animus. After that they turned north, heading for Crimea and passing thought the grand desert.

During his journey Marcello was forced to repeat the events of that day several times, fighting bandits in several villages and oddly, laguz slaves running away while in the south part of Begnion. His body was covered with scars of those battles, with the most noticeable one being in his back, a huge cross shaped scar made by a tiger laguz gone mad.

He was also stronger, and wider, probably due the constant exercise of fighting, walking and then fighting again.

However, more than he changed did Galahad, whose age was starting to catch up with him. He was starting to have problems after walking for long periods of time and started to eat more than needed, making him grow a drunkards' belly. Alas, he was still skillful when fighting, but Marcello managed to keep up with him, and now they showed to have almost equal dexterity when it came to sword fighting.

Nihil was the only one to remain the same, during those long four years she only grew longer hair and got a bit more used to get dressed when around others aside from her husband.

The group finally reached the capital of Crimea, Melior, a majestic city filled with people from all over the world, but for Marcello's surprise; laguz walked freely around the streets.
As he had grow in Daein he never liked the laguz, and believed them to be inferior to the Beorc, and even if he didn't call them "sub-beorcs" most of the time, greatly to avoid conflict and problems, he always looked down on those creatures.

That night Galahad decided to sleep at the inn, which was quite a relief; during those four years sleeping indoors was a weird event, and that his master was the one willing to pay was even weirder...little Marcello knew that night was the last one he would ever spend with Galahad and Nihil.

The knight was direct, he was going to stay in Melior and establish a family there, and he had receive a letter from Marcelo's mother a few days back, but believed that it was better from Marcello to read it when the journey was over.

The young one took the letter and opened it with care; he had been exchanging letters with her and his sister for the last years, but this one was different, for it had the seal of the Caroli family, and most of the letters from his mother were just plain and normal ones.

The message was short, but extremely painful to read, his father had died and he was required to go back to Velbert to claim his title was the new count.

Marcello couldn't help his tears to flow, during all those years his father had been the pinnacle of his life, his reason to move forward, and now he was gone. He thanked Galahad and hugged his master, promising that someday their paths would cross yet again. He did the same with Nihil and wished them luck for their new and bright future.
The next morning he brought a horse, some dry food and left Melior, from that day it took him one and a half mouths to reach Velbert.

Chapter X: Ruler of Justice

The loss of his father was a great blow for Marcello, if not for everyone else in his family. The day of the funeral Marcello was accompanied by his mother and sister, for his aunts and grandmothers were no longer in this world, but their passing never represented anything but a sad day for the rest of the family, this instead, was a disaster.

At the petition of his mother, Lady Gwendolyn, Marcello took the title of count from his father, however, not for his liking. The young count had been a free soul until then, and now being chained with responsibilities to a chair in a study was only a nightmare for him, but he had no other choice, being the only male child of his late father the responsibility of any lands and properties he had own before passing would end up over him.
Without him, his mother and sister would end in the streets, asking for coins from passing travelers, and he was not going to allow that, not even at the cost of his own free will.

Marcello was overwhelmed by the amount of work he had to do. If it was not some villager complaining about how his whole harvest was stolen by thief's it was a new idea for a law that one of his advisors needed him to approve for his land, which were also quite vast.
Aside from Velbert he also had another three smaller villages to take care off. Those didn't gave him much trouble, since one only produced granite stones and other jewels and the other two were just agricultural villages, that were big enough to supply Velbert and all the area with food, but they barely produced enough for themselves, which got Marcello's attention at the instant he noticed it.

He was informed that his father's administration was not the best one ever, for many "laws" were passed so payments could be given to the sheriffs and those would then send it to the treasurer of Velbert, who would take care of the finances and regulate the income of the Count in charge.

"Who came up with such a bad idea?" he asked the main butler of the mansion, an old and thin man named Walter, "it was your late father"

Marcello couldn't believe that his father could end up allowing such an inefficient system if payment, not wonder that those villages could only produce enough to feed themselves, that system was allowing people to steal from the count in the most open and shameless way.

Salvatore lost no time to fix that issue, making new laws to replace the old and inefficient ones. Many people came to face him, saying that such new laws would kill them all of starvation, but those people were probably the ones that were getting the cash from the robbery, he allowed them to leave as if nothing had happened, but he commanded his men to investigate them.

At the end five men were found guilty by his soldiers and intelligence to be robbers of the funds of the count, not surprisingly one was the treasurer of his late father.

Marcello decided to give them all a fair trial and invite the whole town that will show everybody that justice would be passed upon those that committed crime. At the midday of the day after those men were found guilty the count called a civil meeting in the city square, and there his men set up a big and scary guillotine, that use to be kept inside the palace of the count but was never actually used.

The men were forced to said what they did out loud, and then were send to the cold steel of the guillotine, some cried and begged the count for mercy, other simply said that they regretted nothing and one tried to force his way out of that situation, but at the end all five ended up with their heads in a basket and their blood spilled all over the plaza.

Marcello smiled at the sight of the blood, for those that thought to be smarter than the judge, were prove wrong.

The changes started to show up soon after that, for Velbert became a calmer town, and the income of the count started to flow faster.
The city started to change for the best, and many old buildings that required repairing works were provided with the necessary help.

The people of Velbert and the towns near it started to like the new count as the days passed, and even thought his methods were quite harsh, proved to be effective, for the city started to shine with its old glory once again.

Chapter XI: fifty six

Then, one good day, Marcello decided to join the Hughist party, the supporters of the king, while attending to a social even in Nevassa.

Back when he was younger he attended to a party similar in ways, but this was more of a gathering than a celebration. Many noblemen approached him and said some words in behalf of his late father, while others simply wished him luck with his new lands.

In truth, Marcello was never that interested in the nobles around him, but the king was another story. While he was outside of his country he head many stories of drunken warriors and traveling sages about the evil Tomislav, the oppressor king, and how he tortured his own people and was plotting to conquer the whole continent.

Marcello didn't think that way; for him the King was a symbol of power, of rightfulness and truth, he was smart and strong like no other. Thus Marcello started to think; would that man is able to do what I can't? Yes, he has the might, the means; Tomislav could create the heaven he wished to create, but...how?

Then a man came to him, but he was no noble. The man was wearing a long robe that was covering all his body, with no designs or decorations, no crests or symbols, his face was decorated by a scar in the shape of a X on his forehead and his lips and nose were covered by a mask, "you have been chosen, follow me" he said to Marcello. The count didn't expect such figure to show up in a place like that, and what was that about been a chosen? Either way he had nothing to lose, that man couldn't possibly kill him in front of every last noble on the country, even less if the king was present.

After following the man around he ended up in a room so dark he was barely able to see his own hands. The light a small candle was the only source of illumination, and the man that had take him there was probably covering the exit, it was then when a man completely covered in a white robe lighted another candle. Had he been there this whole time? Marcello couldn't tell, until there the respiration of that man was not heard, neither his steps, whoever he was, he was a master of stealth.

The conversation was brief, his later father had been a member of a secret organization dedicated to gather information and work as the king's eyes, The Feuerwehr, and before his passing he wrote a letter to the head of the group to recommend his son as his replacement. Marcello was surprised due that news, but with that aside, he was happier than he had been in years.

His change to help the king achieve world domination and the creating of a utopia was right there, in front of him. Suddenly he understood why his father trained him from such an early age, why he was sent to travel the world, why he was send to learn to write, read and be loyal to the goddess, however, that made him love his father even more, due him he could fulfill his dream, he didn't thinhk it twice, he joined the Feuerwher at that very instant, mostly due the surprise of both men in that room.

After that day Marcello started to train under a master named Adel, who was cold as a piece of ice.

He took Marcello to travel once more, and left Velbert with the excuse of being in a diplomatic mission.

Another four years of long training taught Marcello everything he needed to know in order to become a spy; how to behave, the art of torturing, the ways to stay uncover at all times. After four years Marcello was selected as the number #56, and became a former member of the Feuerwehr.

Then a problem came like a thunder in the middle of a summer day; he couldn't possibly reveal who he was, if he was recognized it would just bring problems to his country, it was then when he created his alias; The White Hawk.
He took a mask to cover his face and came up with a good disguise. Such garnets would never reveal his noble blood, or the fact he was from Daein, he even decided to use a different fighting style, the one taught by Galahad, while wearing that costume. Soon enough it became his unofficial uniform for Feuerwehr operations.

However, in order to avoid getting followed, Marcello brought several properties around the county of Daein and some in Begion and Crimea, with fake names of course, and donated them to the organization, in order for them to be used as safe houses if the spies needed rest, food or just to change their clothing which was the most common reason for Marcello to use them.

Now days, at the age of 24, Marcello has grown use to the life as a spy, and learned to manage it with his responsibilities as count. Alas, he still hopes that, one day, King Tomislav will bring forth that perfect world he has so long dream with.

-Marcello recived 3 levels due trasferency from my last 2nd character, Oliver Von Zode, and 3/5 swords levels from that same character

Class and Level: Myrmidon level 14

Weapon Levels: Swords: {C} [3/5]

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17 Jun 2009
I have a doubt about this...how does "shade" works when applied to weapons? would it cover me in a veil of darkness or something?
2 Jun 2009
well, since tsu got the mods warm up maybe I should ask if my own ideas for Dante would be approved, here goes nothing:

Once promoted to 3rd tier (Possible class name: Golden angel) I was thinking about giving him the ability to glide and float for a limited amount of time (this works due his armor having wings that were wind enchanted) and once the energy runs out he has to wait for like, 5 minutes before trying to fly again.

his second skill is more combat oriented, the name is Longinus. the story of this attack is the following: back in the days Dante was still beginning his training with the lance (about 12 years old) he showed to be able to control anima magic in a small degree, but since his father wanted him to become a lancer he never tried magic again until he was 17 and started to develop a new stance to fight heavy armored units, then he started to focus in the point of his lance and, without him noticing, a lot of heat started to surround his weapons, when he pierced thought a three with his lance in such state the three was literally set on fire.

His father was nearby and saw everything, and even when he told his son he was impressed he told Dante to never use that skill again, for it was to dangerous.

almost 10 years later Dante used that same skill in the final battle of "Darkness and Starlight, Chapter III: Fortuna" to finish the big boss, but was severely injured by his attack and had to spend about seven days unconscious and another seven resting in order to at least walk again (he was not able to lift his lance when he woke up).

After this he decides to develop this technique, but now little by little. By the time he promotes he would have master it ans would be able to use longinus a maximum of 3 times per day.

The base for Longinus is the following; Dante would get in a battle stance were his lance would aim directly at his enemy and remain like that for about 10 seconds, during this time he would begin to focus his energy into the tip of the lance, and the chaotic energy around him will take the form of fire and heat around his lance, when the attack is at its full power he will release it and shoot a bean of focused fire that would explote when it makes contact with a solid object, creating a wave of flames that would easily melt metals such as iron, steel and mithril and would damage adamant if the impact was not direct.
Note that the closer you are to the lance when longinus is released the more damage you will take.

so far that is my basic idea for Dante's skills. please give me your opinions, even if you don't like them.

(note: originally I wanted the energy going into the attack to be "chaotic energy" but since chaotic = fire to me it went this way, sorry about that)
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