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I offer no explanation or apology for anything that emerges from my deranged mind.
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27 Jan 2012
Yes, I owe you. No, I don't care. I've blown this popstand.

Yeah, I think everyone around here has caught on to the fact that I haven't been around lately. And, well, there's a reason to that. The bottom line is that I really shouldn't have come back. There's too much baggage here and too many bad memories. AIM just is not healthy for me, I've decided, as I was starting to regress back to an unhealthy state. That's a place that I just can't go. Upon making this post, I'll be changing the registered email address here and scrambling my passwords, so a return won't be possible.

In the immortal words of anastasia, sometimes you've got to be a bit selfish to take care of yourself. I'm cashing in my selfish chips and doing what I need to do to take care of myself. I apologize that I'm leaving a bunch of broken threads in my wake, but my first priority is to take care of myself. Maybe Vel a few of you will take some sort of pleasure in being bad for my mental state and can list this on your resume as proof of your evil corruption skills.

Here's lookin' at you, FEP. We fought so hard and tried so hard. But in the end, you didn't even matter.
9 Dec 2011
Here's the rundown. Sheila needs an RP, and since nothing else seems to be opening up, I'm now contractually obligated to make one. Here's the scenario that I have thus far: Sheila, the Pegasus Thief, has been knocking about some random port town in the Wilds for the past few weeks. Naturally, a girl can't operate out of an area without making a few friends, and one of the unlikely friends that she's made is that of a young serving girl. The serving girl is a slave.

Now, Sheila's not the sort to get worked up over those sorts of things. Slavery's all around her and there's not a lot she can do about that, especially since the innkeeper has sold the girl off and is delivering her to the new owner that evening.

That night, while trying to swipe some gold from an old sea salt's barge. Fur hits the fan when some unknown assailant takes a torch to the place, burning the ship to the nubbins and forcing Sheila to just barely escape with her life. Unfortunately, it turns out that the serving girl was below that ship's decks awaiting delivery to her new owner. The girl has now died a horrible death.

That's put Sheila in a bad mood, and Sheila decides that its now her responsibility to find the man responsible for that arson and smear his guts against the wall. She's also, probably, going to need some help to do it.

As you can probably see, this is not going to be a thread full of sunshine and dasies, so your super-lawful PC types probably won't fit in too well here. This is a thread that's going to look at the murkier side of the Wilds and slavery and put some of the horror back into the concept after the way I've trivialized it with a few PCs. Don't worry, this isn't going to be an 'R'-rated thread or anything, I don't roll that way, but it's going to deal with a few heavy subjects.

If you're interested, drop me a line below. I'm looking for two other PCs, preferably, but I may end up taking three more. I'd also like this thread to maintain a steady pace, so I'd prefer it if you can post at a reasonable rate.
5 Nov 2011
Deep within an Etrurian province lay the province of a baron. For the past several weeks, there have been whispers of rebellion and sedition. Concerned with these rumors, the baron asks his finest knight to investigate. A short time later, a rabble of foreigners and dissidents are placed within the custody of the dungeons, and the knight reports back success.

Little does the baron suspect that he has just asked the fox to guard the hen-house.

So, the basic idea here is that a knight is planning a coup and he needs a few scapegoats to cover his backside. Enter the PCs. At the start of the RP, the PCs will be arrested on charges of forming rebellion and locked away. What happens after this depends on what actions the PCs take. Do they escape? Wait it out for a better opportunity? Try to send for help? Their actions could decide the fate of the entire province.

A few quick notes:
`Usual rules apply. Dust-ups happen IRP, but try to keep the OoC relations civil. Don't gripe or complain about who else is applying for the thread and don't send me any messages about who you will or will not RP with.
`If you join, then you're expected to read the posts of others in their entirety and to play off of them. There can't be any one-man-bands here.
`For sake of this thread's existence, I'll be instituting a four day time limit. If four days pass after the last post, then expect to be skipped.
`On an entirely different note, think of this as an NPC-run thread. I'd like everyone to try and participate and move the plot forward, like you would in an NPC-run thread, as I find that infinitely more interesting than one person telling everyone what to do.
`As an addendum to the above, don't hijack the thread, work with myself and the others to react realistically to the situation.

If you're still with me after all that, feel free to apply below.

Cast List:
Devora Lasenby -- Wingman
Possibly Reserved for Foe
6 Oct 2011
The next time that you need posting motivation, just take a gander at these. And feel free to submit your own.

solowingpegasi: Demand double time of your participants.
solowingpegasi: Expect the most; make them post.
(piratehystrix) Don't make it easy, make it squeezy.
solowingpegasi: One dragon head per RP thread.
(piratehystrix) Don't just coast, go make a post.
solowingpegasi: If you don't post, the RP'll be toast.
(piratehystrix) You should reply, if you don't want it to die.
solowingpegasi: The greater the amount, the higher the thread count.
solowingpegasi: If you don't wanna disappear, then you'd best get it in gear.
(piratehystrix) Good to post often, so the thread can avoid the coffin.
(piratehystrix) You don't have to post an essay, just make it classy.
solowingpegasi: Your posting lapse allows others to make tracks.
(piratehystrix) If you know what to do, don't let the post stew.
(lysander478) If you're feeling too terribly down, then get out of town!
solowingpegasi: If you listen to your muse, you'll be eaten by grues.
solowingpegasi: When you hit submit, then others won't quit.
6 Oct 2011
Vrapi, Marcellus -- Early Evening

Herman was an odd man. Many years ago, a stray arrow had claimed an eye, and about half as long ago, an overeager young show-off of a mage had accidentally cost him his left leg (the rest of the crew, however, had greatly learned from Herman's misfortune; now each member of the squad made certain to leave the game early if there was any suspicion of their opponent being a mage or a sore loser or both). That wasn't what made Herman such an oddity, though. What really set Herman apart was the fact that he could see twice as well with one eye as most men with two.

Because of that, when Herman came back from scouting, Dirke had a tendency to trust that man's report more than anyone else's. Odds were that if Herman had seen it, then that was the ultimate truth. All of that passed through Dirke's head at the same instant that the sight of a familiar wyvern passed through his eye. He pulled his mount, Blackeye, up and around, angling his course to intercept his scout.

"How's it look?" He called over to the other man.

Herman's bass voice came back in reply: "Not too good. Give or take an hour and we'll be right smack dab in the middle of the Glenn Woods. I don't relish the idea of camping around in the middle of ambush territory."

Dirke bit back a grimace. Forests were never good news to a Drake Rider, not only did all that thick foliage make it hard to get airborne-- thus robbing them of their greatest advantage-- it also gave any enemy ample opportunity to sneak up on them. He'd been jumped once by a bunch of green-clad thieves with bows once; he'd afterward vowed never to get caught like that again.

"The road heads straight through the glen," Dirke drawled his thoughts aloud. "I take it there's no clearings or anywhere like that to set up shop?"

"Not within driving distance. If you want my vote, I say we set it down and call it quits for the night, punch through tomorrow when we can see what's shooting at us."

"I agree. I'll go talk to client. You and Sam head out and see if you can catch any game before it gets dark. I'd rather not stress the communal stores any more than I have to."

Herman snorted. "Fresh meat tastes better than that salted stuff anyway. Good luck with the missus."

"Thanks." With their conversation concluded, Dirke broke formation and guided Blackeye down through the clouds towards the convoy far below.

It was an interesting turn of fate that had led to this present arrangement. An up and coming merchant named Will Nates had hired his crew and a few other mercs to safeguard his daughter while she traveled to his new textile mill in Progni. Evidently, he'd given the business to her or somesuch and needed her there sooner rather than later. They'd been on the road for several days now, pushing a hard pace, and thus far hadn't even encountered so much as a stray drop of rain. Dirke hoped that it would stay that way.

* * * * *

"So that's about the gist of it, ma'am." Dirke finished explaining the situation. "We'll be glad to push on for you, but me and the boys'd feel a lot safer keeping watch outside that forest than in it."

He was grounded now, resting atop Blackeye who, in turn, was trotting alongside the wagon at a leisurely pace. The long line of wagons and horsemen stretched out behind him, and to his right the lead wagon carrying Nancy Nates was trumbling along. She was a pretty lady, the type that could easily turn a man's eye, but thus far, Dirke hadn't been able to peg her as the type. She seemed pretty modest and chaste. He appreciated that.

"I understand. We'll stop here for the night, then. I'm sure the horses and men could use the rest." She spoke slowly and calmly.

Dirke nodded. "I'm sure they will.

He then pardoned himself, turned and issued the order to stop and break camp. Immediately the wagons began coming to a halt and hired help began leaping from their perches to set up campsites and tend to horses. His own men knew what to do, so he didn't bother with trying to micromanage that. He had his own business to attend to.

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Establishment round, we should all begin working towards a time of social... I'm figuring around the campfire would be as good a time as any.
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