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7 Feb 2010

Some jackass in the bar thought he'd be cool and show off his best coin. Armad, being not only a manufacturing giant, was also heavily fortified and swarming with military. So it was only natural that most of the bars had military personnel taking a break of some sort. Coins, for those unfamiliar with the concept, are rewards given from higher ranking military officials to lower ranks. When some kid shouts "coin check," everyone who wants in gathers around holding their highest ranked coin. At once, everyone shows theirs and whoever happens to have the lowest buys drinks for everybody.

The tricky part is that higher ranked officers, generals in particular, hardly ever reward with coins. They don't tend to spend a whole lot of time with the lower ranked soldiers who actually care for coins, and the only time a lower ranked enlisted soldier, or even officer, stands out to a general, it's usually rewarded with a promotion, rather than a useless coin.

So seven soldiers gathered around a table, most of them fairly large, but one of them was hooded eerily. No one paid much attention. This was a military bar, for the most part, and if he had a coin, he was military. He was certainly built like a warrior. Once the coins were on the table, and everyone's right hand covered their coin, the kid who issued the challenge counted out: "One. Two. Three." And all the hands were lifted. The soldiers around the table were immediately taken aback when one of these coins was that of Major General Deparnis, easily one of the greatest warriors in Devlan, and a fine tactical mind. This was the hooded man's coin.

"How the hell did you get a coin from General Deparnis?" the challenger asked.

"It was pretty easy," the hooded man said, lifting back his hood. Behind it was a somewhat aged man, late forties, with graying facial hair and top-of-the-head hair. He had a proud smirk on his face. "I pleasured him sexually," he laughed. Of course, everyone around the table instantly recognized the hooded man to be Major General Deparnis himself. Needless to say, he had the highest coin, but even if one of those kids was lucky enough to have a coin from a three or four star general, there's no way all of them did, and it was the lowest who bought everyone drinks, so being the highest has no advantages over being the second highest.

Not that a man of his rank would ever have to buy a drink anyway.

So cheer was had by all in the bar, and drinks were plentiful. Deparnis himself got completely drunk very quickly and he was of course the life of the bar. There was always at least one beautiful woman by his side and he very much loved telling stories from when he was still a kid fighting in the Yllspire Revolution. Deparnis was fairly well known for being the breakout soldier of that war, and he sort of became the model for which poorer kids looked up to, as the general himself grew up far less than wealthy, but became top of the top, at least in Devlan.

"Hey, kid," the general shouted at a man sitting a few stools away from him. The man looked up and saw Deparnis, an attractive young harlot hanging on his shoulder. "You want somma this? You eyein' my woman?"

"Oh, no sir," the kid said, trying to be humble. "She's yours, fair and squre."

"Hey!" Deparnis yelled. "Ain't no fair about it, son. I got 'er 'cause I'm a fuckin' general, you know? You're just a kid. The fuck rank are you anyway?"

"Second Lieutenant, sir," the man said.

Deparnis laughed. "Kid like you, you could never get a girl like this. It's all about rank. Power. Money. I got it all! I'm the best, you know?"

"Yessir," the second lieutenant said.

"Hey! I'm insulting you to yer face. Get mad, fucker."

"Have fun with your woman, sir," the man said, standing up. He turned around and headed towards the door. Why would he want to stay there and get verbally attacked by a man he could do nothing to. He was sure he could kick this old man's ass in a fight, but that would also mean probable execution. You don't beat up a general.

"Hey, I'm talkin' to you!" Deparnis stood up, shoving his woman aside. He pushed his way through the crowd (which tripled after his presence was known) and grabbed the young man by the shoulder. The kid turned around, a serious and deadly look on his face.

"What can I do for you, Major General?" he asked, rage building in his face.

"I want you to block this punch 'n try to counter with one of your own!" he shouted, throwing a giant fist in the kid's face. It was too quick, surprisingly quick, and the kid was knocked back pretty hard. He got up and, seeing the witnesses around, knew he wouldn't get in trouble for throwing the first punch. If anything, the general should have known better. But just to be sure...

"Is it an order that I fight you?" the lieutenant asked.

"Shit yeah!" Deparnis shouted, throwing another punch. The kid blocked by grabbing Deparnis' arm and twisting it around. He threw a punch of his own that hit his superior officer in the face, but there was virtually no reaction to the hit. Deparnis threw another punch and knocked the kid back once more. The kid was picked up by the crowd and pushed back into the fight, while the crowd yelled happily for the fight to continue. Deparnis turned around and was immediately handed a doubleshot glass full of something, he didn't really check. He threw it to the back of his throat and looked right back at his opposing combatant, both ready for some more fighting.

Unfortunately, that's all he remembered from that night. He knew it was a good night, however, by the harsh language of the letter he got the next day. Apparently he got into some serious trouble that night, and even Sromvoski's attention was grabbed. It wasn't anything new, Deparnis was used to getting scolded by the very few superiors he had, but he wasn't particularly concerned for his job, as he was still, without a doubt, the best tactical mind and had the most physical strength of all the generals. He was a necessary addition to the higher ranking officers of the Devlani army. The biggest problem he usually faced was the kind of bullshit punishment they always put him through every time he did something like that. They'd give him useless jobs, made him lead small mercenary armies to defeat bandits or monsters or something quite trivial to a two star general.

This time, it was a dragon in a cave or some other such nonsense. Apparently, they were going to have some lower ranked officer lead a group of mercenaries and prisoners into the cave to kill it but given recent events at a certain bar, it was decided that Deparnis would lead the expedition. The cave was located a few miles south of Armad, and the dragon who lived there was actually attacking travelers going through a nearby road. For the past few weeks, the man formerly in charge had been recruiting mercenaries and convincing various prisons to provide them with prisoners who, if they were successful, would be given early release on good behavior. Anyway, the team was already prepared, and two days after the bar fiasco, they all gathered on the road about half a mile away from the dragon's cave.

When Deparnis got there, there were already about 20 people, armed and prepared for combat. He had flown, by wyvern, and landed next to the man who looked to be in charge, dressed in somewhat decorated armor. "General Daparnis, it's great to meet you, sir," the man saluted. He looked to be in his late twenties, and it was pretty clear he had been preparing to be a soldier for his whole life. He reminded the general of himself twenty years ago.

"At ease, kid," the general hopped off his wyvern, Reaper. Kind of a lame name, true, but when he named him, it sounded cool and he was young and ambitious. Now he was nearing 50, and it was used to the name, so whatever.

"I am Captain Mahoney. I'm the one who put this team together and I can assure you that these warriors are not only exceedingly capable of bringing this beast down, but that they also have great incentive to do so."

"Captain Mahoney, will you be joining us in the cave?" Deparnis asked.

"Of course, sir," the captain replied. "I'll be your second in command, if that's quite alright with you."

"Works for me," Deparnis laughed. "When're we plannin' on goin' in?"

"We're going to wait another half hour or so to wait for the rest of the mercenaries to get here. All the prisoners are ready to go, though, since we all came together."

"Sounds good," Deparnis sighed. Truth be told, he was a little excited to have a shot at killing a dragon, but he'd still rather be home drinking. "I guess when everyone gets here, I'll give an inspirational speech or something?" Captain Mahoney laughed. "Maybe not."

"Well, I guess you're their leader, I just," Mahoney suddenly stood up straight as if he just remembered who he was laughing at. "I mean, sir, you know, your reputation is. Um. I didn't see you as the type to give inspirational speeches."

"Well at least I'm gonna introduce myself to my men," he said, looking around the fighters he'd be working with. "And women?" he added after noticing three women in the crowd. He was used to working with soldiers, men, and he had actually forgotten that there are actually a fair amount of female mercenaries. But hell, maybe it could be an opportunity to get some post-dragon-kill-tail.
5 Feb 2010
I'm trying to make a return to FEP. I've always been real excited about my Devlani character (Deparnis) but I haven't been able to use him yet! It's hard to find an RP for a Devlani general, and I guess I sorta just stopped looking. Anyway, here's where you guys come in: I decided to host an RP!

Okay, so here's my basic premise. My character's gonna get in all kinds of trouble because of his drunken shenanigans, and as punishment, he's being charged to lead a group of misfits, prisoners and mercenaries to slay a dragon hiding out in his cave. Apparently he's been causing some problems or something.

Anyway, anyone who happens to have characters looking for cash in the Devlani area, sign up. There's probably gonna be a bunch of fighters going into the cave, like maybe 20-ish, so it wouldn't really make sense to cap the RPer amount at 5 or whatever, but you know...I don't want all 20-ish fighters to be PCs obviously. I do want at least 3 other players though.

1. Agrail Deparnis - lvl 20/10 Skytrooper (Yzarc Drowsnam)
2. Vague Blacklightning - lvl 20/20/1 Sorcerer (viceman)
3. Nys - lvl 10/5 Agent (Rock)
4. Renoir Fasutoia - lvl 19/15 Assassin (Sui-kun)
5. James Sromvoski - lvl 20/20/1 Bellerophon (Jamie)
6. Zwingley - lvl 20/20/1 Juggernaut (Spamm)
12 May 2009

Name: Agrail Deparnis
Age: 47
Homecountry: Devlan
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 220 lb

Class: Skytrooper
Level: 20/10

Weapons: Angelslayer, Steel Lance
Weapon Levels: Axe: B (+3/5), Lance: D

Appearance: Deparnis is an aged man, and his appearance quite accurately depicts this. Though he is fit and muscular, his skin is somewhat wrinkly, his hair is greying and even starting to bald in a spot on the back of his head. There is still a hint of the dark brown color that was once there. His facial hair is similarly grey. He tries to maintain it, but more often than not, he has a dark grey shadow covering the bottom half of his face. His has a large build and wears dark orange armor when in combat, an expensive red suit on formal and rare occasions, but prefers more casual clothing because it is more comfortable. Simple pants and often a loose fitting long sleeved shirt are enough.

Personality: Though Deparnis was once full of ambition, he is now a depressed and angry old man. He is a general in the Devlani army, the best thing in the world according to his former self. But now he is filled with nothing but regrets, haunted by all the missed opportunities and experiences. He spends most of his free time (which is most of his time) drinking. His drink of choice is scotch, and he drinks only the good stuff. Far from a social drinker, it is usually the only way he can fall asleep.

Once every month or so, General Deparnis will ride his wyvern, Reaper, into the capital city of Armad and drink at a local pub. When this happens, he pretty much sets out to get in a fight. Moreover, he always wins. Every morning (or, more accurately, mid-afternoon) when he wakes up, he relaxes and rehydrates for an hour or so before working out and training for four hours.

Sadly enough, when it comes to more serious situations, he is not one to change into a more fitting personality. He remains his apathetic, depressed and facetious self even when speaking to higher ranking generals and Sromvoski himself. Perhaps his only redeeming quality in the eyes of his superiors are his undeniable combat and strategic skills. The other generals actually envy him for this.

Bio: Deparnis grew up as a middle class kid. His father worked hard and was paid enough to stay just a little bit in debt, while Agrail (an only child) went to school. His mother was around a lot and instilled a strong moral foundation into her boy. These morals being hard work, strong intellect, and patriotism, among others. At an early age, Deparnis noticed his father's boss did not work nearly as hard as his father, yet was paid so much more. Imbalance made him question his patriotism as he looked around and notice that many lower and middle class families were in the same situation. But he did not simply toss aside his love for his country.

At the age of seventeen, he discussed some of his worries with his neighbor, and his father's coworker, an old man by the name of Percival North, former Command Sergeant Major of Devlan. Agrail loved talking to North and listening to his old war stories. The man was a brilliant tactician and a damn skilled warrior. The reason the highest ranking enlisted soldier in Devlan became a woodsman was simply because he grew bored after a year of retirement and decided to continue to work, though at a simple job. In any case, North agreed that the situation was a bad one. He, himself, was not facing financial difficulty, but all his coworkers and their families were.

"The best way to get out of poverty," North said, "Is to rise ranks in the military."

So North taught Deparnis how to fight, and taught him the basics of battle and war strategies. Deparnis caught on quickly, and within a few years became an outstanding young warrior, ready to join the Devlani Military. His studies in tactics made him confident in his abilities to promote higher and higher. Unfortunately, his efforts in the military went largely unnoticed. Promotions, though easy to come by early on, usually required some level of wealth, fame or prestige at higher ranks.

When Malakov Sromvoski led an uprising in a grab for power, Agrail, almost 30, joined in. He remained a Sergeant, and was frustrated with his inability to get promotions over those less competent than himself due to his lack of money. Though he failed to stand apart in the very large revolt, Sromvoski promised more opportunities to those who joined him. And why would he lie?

Deparnis grew a small reputation amongst many low ranked soldiers around him, but didn't make a large impact on the higher level officers until the war with Yllspyre, where he fought valiantly in the hall of the ice giants. He managed to be one of the twelve thousand survivors. More importantly, during the final retreat, General Calmuth, the general present during said battle, personally noticed Deparnis' combat prowess as he managed to stay strong, somber and in control when the Devlani army was surrounded. He kept the troops around him in order too and managed to keep them from falling prey to the trap of chaos that almost the entire rest of the troops fell to. When the retreat was sounded, Deparnis kept fighting just a little longer until there was enough of a gap in the troops near him so that him and the rest of his company (which was not, by the way, officially led by him) could escape without too much pursuers.

Calmuth spoke to Deparnis once they got back to Devlan. Though the battle (and ultimately the war) were lost that day, it was fantastic for Deparnis' career, and he gained recognition, fame and prestige. He became an officer and his rank grew at a ridiculous pace an within seven years became a Brigadier General. A few more years passed and he became Major General (Two Stars). At that time, he was incredibly ambitious and many soldiers in the nation looked up to him. The power and fame got to his head, however, and he fell more in love with the rich life than with the military one.

Though he has had many sexual encounters, he has never been in love, nor has he ever tried for it. His loneliness led to drinking which, of course, leads to an endless cycle of loneliness and drinking. As his looks and prestige fade away, so too do his chances at finding love or even his favorite substitute for love: Sex. He expects that, in the future, he may have to resort to dishonorable, unconsensual ways of getting what he wants. Though he knows his position will allow it, he doesn't want to resort to that. He longs for love and wants to fight it legitimately, but sabotages himself at every turn in some form or another. It is starting to affect his career, as Sromvoski is becoming skeptical of whether or not Deparnis has actually maintained his combat and tactical skills.

Additional Notes/Comments:

Replacing character, Shihu Orak, who died at level 20/8 as a Swordmaster.

3rd place in RP Contest #VEL, +2 levels (to 20/10), +3/5 Axe levels.
7 Mar 2009
Joseph Bates was a proud man. The thing he was mostly proud of was his collection of rare, historic and, most importantly, expensive artifacts. His mansion was practically a museum. He had original documents written to and from ancient Alacian Kings, skulls of the ancient dragons, a dragonstone of a mamkute, and, most importantly, a sword hundreds of years old, used to slay a dragon during the Dragonkin War. While this was far from his most proud or valuable items, it is of utmost important in this story because it is the closest to the entrance of his home - The easiest stolen.

"Well did you see anyone come in?"
"Were you watching?"
"Of course!"
"Is it just getting cleaned?"
"Someone has to tell Bates."
"That sword was worth tens of thousands!"
"How long has it been gone?"
"Someone search outside!"
"Go tell Bates."
"You tell Bates."
"I don't wanna tell Bates."
"He'll kill the messenger!"

It was absolute chaos in the Bates Mansion. Servants, butlers, guards and maids were all running all over trying to find either the sword, the guy who stole it, or someone who might know something about it. Mates did not know of this catastrophe as of yet, and that was key on everyone's minds. Someone would tell him. Someone would have to.

Gary Lindenstein, Bates' financial consultant, was hard at work, doing the kinds of things financial consultants do. Looking through files, calculating returns, all that good stuff. He noticed, however, as he was trying to concentrate, that things going on outside were getting louder and louder. Some sort of commotion was going on. Gary wasn't too worried, because he knew it wasn't his fault. Even if he did, miraculously, make some sort of mistake, why would the low ranks within the mansion care? Unless they were all getting fired. In which case, they'd probably come after Gary and kill him, the brutes. He thought about how that would look, forty servants rushing into Gary's office, Gary holding them off with his sword. He fought them off valiantly, with utmost skill. He was the perfect swordfighter. This was, of course, all in his head. In actuality, he was less than mediocre.

He took lessons, but...

The door knocked. "C'mon in," Gary said, surprised he was able to hear it. The door opened and the Guard Captain walked in. "Hey, Phil," Gary said, standing up and walking over to shake the man's hand. "What the hell's going on out there?"

"Someone stole Bates' Dragonkin Sword."

"You're kidding."

"Yes," Phil said. "Because I came up to your office for a joke. Was it at least funny? Why didn't you laugh?"

"Shut up," Gary said. "Does he know?"

"Yeah," Phil said. "Guess who the unlucky bastard was who had to break it to him?"

"Ah, I'm sorry," Gary said. "He wasn't too hard on you, was he?"

"For what? I had one of my guards tell him."

The two shared a laugh. Truth be told, Phil was clearly worried to hell. That's what the guards were for, after all. To protect the things in the mansion. He truly was worried for his job and, after hearing this most recent news, Gary planned on advising Bates to get a new security team. Phil clearly approached Gary to get him to sympathize with him, but that doesn't work on an economist. To them, nothing is personal. Gary and Phil were pretty good friends and Gary didn't even consider that this could mess up their friendship. Hell, he'd probably invite Phil out to get a beer after he fired him. And he'd make him pay for his own.

"Look, Gary," Phil said, "Bates trusts you. You gotta convince him not to fire us,"

"Don't do this to me, Phil," Gary said. "I'm gonna do my job, and I'm gonna do it well. I'm not gonna make an exception because you're my friend."

"I didn't think so," Phil said. "Well, I guess I bet-"

They were interrupted by Joseph Bates himself walking into Gary's office. "Here you are, Captain," he said. "Afternoon, Lindenstein."

"Afternoon, sir," Gary said.

"What can I do for you, Master Bates?" Phil asked.

"I've decided that the only way to ensure that sword does not leave this city is to completely close it off. No one leaves or enters."

Gary chuckled. "Something funny about that?" Bates asked. "I got the money, I can afford it."

"Sir," Gary said. "Even if you were to pay off all the troops stationed here and continue paying the mediocre guards you already have, no offense Phil, you wouldn't have enough soldiers to keep people from leaving if they really wanted to. You'd have to hire outside help, mercenaries. And after you paid them all, you ended up paying more than the sword is even worth. Dragonkin swords aren't one of a kind, just buy another one if it means that much to you."

"It's about setting an example, Lindenstein," Bates said. "I'm the richest man in town. I can do whatever I want, and people need to know that I'm the most powerful man in town. They steal from me, and they will get caught."

"And how are you going to find the sword even if no one leaves? Hire thieves and private investigators to snoop around peoples' houses?"

"Not a bad idea," Bates said.

"I was being sarcastic, sir," Gary said. "You're already spending too much money as is! You're not leaving me much to work with here."

Phil interjected. "You're also sneaking into innocent peoples' houses," They responded with silence. "Just thought that was worth mentioning."

"Your job, Captain," Bates began, "Is to go straight to the real captain, who guards the city, and ask him how much money it will take to get him and his troops to effectively wall us off."

Gary sighed. What was the point of hiring a financial consultant if you don't even consult with him about how to spend your money? How inefficient.
4 Mar 2009

Name: Gary Lindenstein
Age: 27
Homecountry: Val Mae
Affinity: Dark
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 170 lb

Class: Fencer
Level: 11

Weapons: Slim Sword
Weapon Levels: Sword - C

Appearance: Gary is not very tall, but he he is still somewhat of an intimidating man. His muscles are far from bulging, but they are apparent at the least. He is a very healthy looking young man, and one would easily confuse him for a man in his early 20s. This is because he carefully watches what he eats, exercises regularly and maintains his cleanliness. His hair is cut short and he is always clean cut. His skin is somewhat pale, and his hair is brown. His teeth are very straight and he shows off his smile quite frequently.

Personality: He is an expert in economics. Not the leading expert or anything, but he completed many years in upper division universities, and knows the ins and outs of macroeconomics, at least on the level of discovery Skylessia has. He hasn't made any big discoveries, but he is up to date on all the new ones, and it at least capable of advising politicians economically (which is what he does for a living). When it comes to his job, Gary is very serious. It is more important to him to get the job done right than to get it done fast or to have a full night's sleep or to spend time with his wife.

It does not bother him that his priorities are as they are. It does, however, hurt him that he cannot spend more time with his wife. With talk of a baby in the future, he wondered how he was going to get the time to raise his son. The possibility of a daughter, by the way, didn't even occur to him. Stress is getting the best of him and all that time and effort put towards looking young may soon be out the window because of it.

The one thing that is most important to him is that, when his son is born, that he has a privileged upbringing, and doesn't have to go through some of the terrors of poverty that Gary, himself, went through.

Bio: Born in Val Mae, Gary grew up in poverty. He never met his father, and he had seven siblings: Six brothers and a sister. None of them knew their fathers either. Gary was the third oldest, with two older brothers. They all slept in a walled off corner barely passable as a house. After the last baby was born, Gary joined his two older brothers in sleeping outside on the cold, hard streets. They had to steal to eat already, and now they had to steal blankets just to keep themselves warm. He hated his life, but no one would hire him to do any work, so he did what he had to do.

His mother died while giving birth to his youngest brother, who also didn't make it. Still, Gary considered him his little brother, one of the eight. He was never given a name, so they all just called him Little Bro when referring to him, which wasn't that often. What was worse was that the seven were now on their own, and without the little income their mother brought in, they were completely reliant on thievery.

A year later, Gary's oldest brother, who was very strong, was certified as a mercenary. He wasn't particularly good at combat, and wasn't able to bring in a significant amount of income, but it was legal work, and he was proud of himself. Gary told him not to go, that they could make money without him putting his life in danger. His brother, Jake, told him that it was finally his chance of doing some legal work. Gary insisted that their mother had not broken the law, but Jake informed him that she was, in fact, a prostitute. This really hurt Gary's worldview. His mother sacrificed everything to help her kids, including her dignity. Of course, at the same time, this is also the reason she had so many. He didn't know whether to respect her more or less.

Two years later, Jake had finally saved up enough money to send Gary to school. Gary had always been the smart one, so the choice was easy. By that time, two more of Gary's brothers had died, due to malnourishment. Everyone was starving, so really it was just luck of the draw. Their most important priority was keeping their youngest brother, Timothy, and their sister, Sam, alive. So far so good. Only Jake, Gary, Timothy, Sam and Gary's other older brother, Greg.

After six years of school, on top of all his self taught schooling, Gary got his first job as a consultant for a nobleman in east Val Mae. He reached first major success when an advising call saved the nobleman a few million gold. He began consulting many more people, and could finally afford to help his siblings out. Jake didn't need it any more, as he was an accomplished swordsman by that point, and had actually left the rest of his family behind. While Jake found success much faster than Gary, he refused to help them any more than he already had by putting Gary through school. He disowned the rest of his siblings, out of shame of his mother. Still, Gary had the money to take care of Tim, Sam and Greg, and he did.

One of his jobs had him working with a partner, cohandling the money of a filthy rich man with a woman named Jill. She was very intelligent, perhaps moreso than Gary himself. And this is, undoubtedly, what made him so attracted to her. The two married after a year of courtship. They had a somewhat nice house, but Tim, Sam and Greg still live with them.

Additional Notes/Comments:

Completed RP: The Missing Sword. +6 levels to 11, +1 full Sword level to C. After his boss used his wealth to shut down the town where Gary worked due to one of his treasures being stolen (a sword from the Dragonkin War), Gary became angry. After finding the sword and its thief, he hired an elite squad to smuggle the sword out of town and simultaneously trick its former owner into believing it was destroyed. He fought and defeated a friend of his, Captain Troy, but left him alive. Partners: Carmine Almandine Zwingley, Everard Helasas, Aleth Mardh, Chara, Tzofiya (Scarlet Reaper), Erin Kuted.
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