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Friend: fire emblem is everywhere i go
Friend: sam plays it at school
Friend: you guys talk about it
Me: it's in the chat rooms
Me: it's in your friends
Me: it's in your toilet!
Friend: -opens lid- OMFG
Me: *ike pops out* HEY PUT THAT BACK DOWN
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11 Aug 2008
Awesome indie rock band that resides in Colorado. Something tells me that they'll eventually become like other catastrophes such as Plain White T's and such, but atm they're still a decent band. They became more widely known because of a Halo machinima called Pregame Lobby. While there main song "Brand New" is pretty decent, I think their amazingness shines in the song. "Song for the Teeny Boppers." www.myspace.com/swearbythis = their myspace, which is the only way you can listen to ALL their music. and so far you have to buy their music (or record the music as you listen to it, what i do >X]). I hope you like dem.
6 Jul 2008
Is it considered non-creative or unoriginal (or even rule-abiding?) if I have my Skylessia and Radiance Lost character the same?
6 Jul 2008
Name: Michael "Mike" Rhinestadt
Age: 24
Home country: Devlan, but as a mercenary, serves any country, though prefers Alacia due to past experiences and that he has friends there.
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: around 195/w just clothes on

Personality: Strong, open-minded, blunt, even a bit rebellious, yet kind, friendly, social when given the opportunity, and sometimes forgiving to a fault. He can have a sharp tongue when his wit strikes him. He fights for what he believes in, unfortunately, that can sometimes make loyalty to his employer a problem. Which is why he usually fights for Alacia, he believes that Alacia is well-lead and makes right decisions. That is the first reason why he left Devlan.

Appearance: Overall, his clothes are very lightweight and free-form. He extremely hates tight clothes, including formal garb. He wears a loose royal blue undershirt like an over garment with jaggedly ripped sleeves (it was a formal under-shirt, he was wearing it when his step-parents disowned him, he ripped the sleeves off himself) He also wears a shoulder guard on both of his shoulders, because when he trains, he likes to use his left arm, even though he's right handed.

His arm size is the size that you'd imagine of a mercenary, not huge or anything but still has muscle to spare. His hair is a darkened green. His eyes are a deep brown color. His nose is most likely the last thing you'll notice on his face, when not doing anything or if nothing is on his mind, he doesn't have much expression on his face. However when he has friends and loved ones around he's very smiley and laughable.

Bio: Michael was originally born in Devlan, and was raised there as well. When Michael was only 4, barely able to walk, both of his parents where assassinated by mercenary assassins with misinformation and was set to kill a figurehead in the nearby area.

The figurehead, usually having no pity for any man, took him in and had Michael live with the figurehead's secretly hateful sister. She raised him harshly and made him follow nobility manners. At the age of 15, the figurehead's sister disowned Michael, though reportedly, the sister went to sleep and Michael ran away while she slept and is still grieving it to this day.

After that day Michael decided to leave Devlan and head to the fair monarchy of Alacia. However passing through the extremely dangerous peaks of Alacia would be impossible alone. Seeing as he only recently picked up a sword and learned to use it. Luckily Michael made enough money doing small mercenary jobs (Usually by himself) to pay a merchant to allow him safe passage through the treacherous mountains. (Age 18)

Now in Alacia, Michael makes a decent living off of the mercenary life, soldiers are surprisingly fond of him. He likes to joke around, be helpful, and even do small favors for the soldiers. He's made many friends among the ranks and are even well-liked by his superiors (turns out his teachings in nobility taught him proper manners which are hard to find in most mercenary groups.)

Michael is now often found among troops of foot soldiers that take out enemy archers and ballistae, as well as bandits trying to use the chaos as cover to pillage local towns and village. He makes a decent living doing random mercenary work and often makes charitable efforts towards homeless children and families. He ultimately yearns to be an amazing hero with his own company of all whom serve who they believe is in the right and will never fall in to evil negotiations.

Class: Mercenary
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Blade
Weapon Levels: E-Swords
Additional Notes/Comments: Loves dogs, he'd have one of his own if he wasn't afraid he'd mistreat it since he isn't home and is often helping comrades and those in need those that witness his charity sometimes say that he'd take to the battle with a staff if he knew how to use one.
3 Jul 2008
I'm really just about ready to jump into this whole RPing deal and i got some great tips from the RP school area. But that's teaching for Skylessia. Truthfully, i'm a bit more interested in Radiance lost because the "radiance" FE "saga" (i guess you could say) is my favorite. However i plan on being active in both. So a one thing i noticed a difference between is the making of profiles. From what I've learned all Skylessia characters start at level one. but for Radiance Lost characters, you get your levels decided upon the submission of the profile for your character. Speaking of levels, do you level up in the same way that when you finish an RP, a moderator will grade you on how you did and will ultimately decide how you level up? If there's anything else i'm missing in terms of difference between Skylessia and Radiance Lost, please tell me. I'd really like to start as soon as possible. and thanks for any help given!
3 Jul 2008
Ok, I have a few friends who RP and they say they have loads of fun. Then when i see how popular the RP is here i feel like i can definately have fun with this. So i really have basically no knowledge (besides what i've read from the pinned topics) about RPing. If someone wouldn't mind pounding RP knowledge into my summer-rotted mind, it would be so amazingly appreciated. I really just have so many questions about it but i really don't feel like making a (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/walloftext.gif) post. So i think i'd rather keep it to PM's
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