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2 Jul 2007
Is the arcade going to stay, or are we just going to get rid of it?
2 Jul 2007
This a club for those of you who think SaS is the greatest, orangest thing to ever happen to this site. Here are the rules:

-You must be a SaS fan.
-You must like the colour orange.
-You must not hate Canada.

-SaS OMG!!1!1!!!!

Lol, I'm never going to keep the list updated, so if SaS wants to, he can.

First topics of discussion: Oranges, shades and types of fruit. Which are your favourites.

I like normal base orange and California.
23 May 2007
Alright, I'm assuming you have used photoshop before, otherwise you wouldn't be using it. Once you get used to using Photoshop for spriting, your sprites will seem really good. I use it all of the time, and my sprites increased drastically from when I used to use Animation Shop 3.


These are the tools you need to use when you photoshop sprite. I have highlighted the magic wand settings, anything else doesn't work for this tut. Always have your sprites set to RGB. You don't even need a pallette if you feel confident without one. It's all a matter of preference.


This is your layer window. You won't need to use it for the first part of this guide. Alright, now let's begin:

We are going to recolor Matthew for the first part of the guide. Select the first color you want to change with your magic wand.

Now select the color you want to change it to.

Pick that polygonal lasso tool (I think that is what it is).

Right click on the magic wand'd area, then fill. Use this selection, and I'm assuming you have your color set to the foreground I don't know why you wouldn't...

This should be your product, if you used my colors that is. I like blue, so he will end up with a blue clock.

Continue to change your foreground color to light colors. I normally move the selection tool a little to the left every time I go lighter, and a little to the right every time I go darker. You should end up with something like this. Aww...now we have to change his boot, so he doesn't look so awkward. No worries, PS practically does it for you!

Select the pencil tool (not the brush) and set it to this. Then, select the color you want to change the rest of the boot to. Then, select the color on the boot you want to change with the wand. Color over the entire boot, and you only color the part of the boot you change. Go through the whole sprite and color over the boot in the sprite.

If you continue going lighter and selecting light shades, folowing the instructions on the previous step, you will end up with this. Now we go to the final product!

I recolored his hair using the previous steps used for the cloak. I decided, "Hell, green hair sounds good." So I changed it. I also changed the pants really quickly, and got this bad shading job. Now you have a recolored thief. Pretty basic. Doesn't look totally awful, If I do say so myself.

Yep, that's my awesome tutorial.

EDIT: Whoah, wrong section...
22 May 2007
This is for disscussion of the current event threads that the mods and many members (including myself) want(ed) to happen. I'm not too sure what we have decided on for this yet, what threads are going to be made for this, such examples being the wanted/black list, the newspaper thread (ask other for more information, I'm not sure about many details on this), Calender thread which was recently suggested, and I'm sure there are a few other I foregot to mention.

I, for one, hope that these will eventually be implemented, so that people will be aware of other RPs events, and a main basis so there aren't a large amount of ingoncruencies in different RPs. I know a few other mods/veterans (general term for well know members/RPers) want this to happen, but are unsure of whether this can be kept up. Hopefully someone will give more information on this, and we will know whether or not these threads will happen.
14 Apr 2007
(IMG:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v50/Tidas/Lancerguycopy3copy.gif) (IMG:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v50/Tidas/lancerguyspritecopy4.gif)
Name: Dessiné "Drunk Dess" Brochet
Age: 21
Home country: Val Mae
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 2
Weight:180 lbs

Personality: Dessiné is a generally carefree person, and goes and drinking and taking part is whatever activities he thinks will be a good time. He drinks where ever there are any, and, if he drinks too much, can get violent and odd. He likes
the ladies, and tries to get with them every chance he gets. He only lets his drinking buddies call him "Drunk Dess", acquiantances call him "Dessiné," or Dess, and bartenders call him "Drunk."

Appearance: He has a slightly bulbous nose, mainly on the end. He wears black armor, with a very faint purplish tint to it, silver trim, and a helmet. The armor was made by him and a professional smith known as Sindri. He has a faint beard, and almond shaped eyes. Underneath, he has a velvet burgundy shirt and white pants.

Bio: As the eldest son of a rich family, Dessiné was always treated with more respect than the rest of his siblings, but he was always expected more of. He received training at the academy, and private tutoring in how to use a spear.

When he came of age, he was expected to join the army. Dessiné refused, as he didn’t see why he should join if he would get special treatment and would more than likely be leading troops than taking part in battles. The same day, he was kicked out by his father. His father told him until he became a respected warrior on his own, he wouldn’t be welcomed in their home. Dessiné took his weapons, armor, and a few other goods that might help him.

Dessiné stopped by a few bars before he scrounged up the rest of his money from his mercenary and bodyguard jobs, and headed for Skyr. He met many interesting characters there, and once a man named Raggins. He got in many fights, drank too much, and took part in a few activities of questionable legality. Dessiné left Skyr, and went out and took a few more jobs that could use his spear expertise.

A few letters from his sister Marianne keep Dessiné trying to become the greatest lancer ever. His father still has harsh feelings towards him, and Dessiné still hopes to one day prove himself worthy to become the heir to the family. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown, and he is still taking up whatever job he can get.


Recently, Dess took up a mercenary job again, where he was recently in Marcellus. He met many people on the ship from Marcellus to Valhassa, some of which were Satsume, Limstella, Finnbarr, Rylus, and Natu. They reached the coast of Valhassa and escorted a caravan to town. A group known as the Red Cliff Bandits attacked, and were promptly defeated. Currently, the group is in a Valhassan city, celebrating their victory.

Class: Lancer
Level: 8

Weapons: Javelin, Pike
Weapon Levels: Lance: D (2/5)

Additional Notes/Comments:
*Dessiné met Raggins once, and Raggins still owes him a drink.

*Dessiné isn’t much of a smith, but can make repairs to simple weapons.

*Dessiné has a dog named Scruffy, who currently resides in the family manor.


*When he was younger, he once experimented with dark magic. He never actually got any results, though.

*He usually wears a helmet or bandanna over his head, and is rarely seen without one.
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Whoo for the awesome member of FEP.
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