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Alaine, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Knight_of_G, Jul 1, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Knight_of_G @ post: 15062, member: 359")
Name: Alaine. Some add 'the Profane' to the end.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: Born in Plegia, lives in Ylisse.
Allegiance: None.

Class: Mercenary
Level: 13
Weapon Levels: Swords (medium/heavy) - B (0/5) (1/5 from Opening Lottery)
Rending, Killer Iron Longsword - This hand-and-a-half sword has been with Alaine since she started her career as a sword for hire, and she's had it reforged a total of two times. She never saw fit to name the thing, but it is always kept sharp and ready for battle. The red blade never seems to dull.
Piercing, Enchanted(Ice) Spellsilver Broadsword - A newer blade, this was an accepted payment of one of Alaine's latest jobs. It's name is Mournfrost, but she's never addressed it as that. If she strikes an object, even if it does no damage, frost and cold take effect. Humans get frostbite before their flesh literally freezes, armor becomes brittle and easy to pierce. Alaine had it broken down and reforged from Spellsilver.

Standing at five feet, eight inches, Alaine looks the part of an imposing, no-nonsense mercenary. Her work coat, black and extending down to mid-calf, covers her black tunic, cream colored pants, and black boots. She also wears grey pants from time to time, depending on her mood and/or the job at hand. Her armor is black with a gold trim, pieces including a fauld, greaves, vambraces, rerebraces, and couters, a breast-and-backplate, and two different styles of pauldron, one for each shoulder. The one on her left goes up from the arm and does not restrict movement, and is also larger. The one on the right is smaller and has a half-cape draped from the rim.

Alaine has cream-colored skin crowned by long, crimson hair, which she often braids behind her head. She has moderately sized lips under a straight nose, and her left eye is crimson, set beneath a crimson eyebrow. Her brow looks moderately strong, but it is difficult to tell. Most of it is covered by a large bandage and her right bangs. She does not show anyone her right eye.

Personality: No one that she knows is more negative than Alaine. Out-swearing sailors and out-drinking many more, Alaine persists to see the worst of a situation, and especially of people. It occasionally grates on the nerves of her more optimistically inclined lieutenant. She does not balk at most things, and she has, several times in fact, broken contracts because she is too brutal. In her alone time, she is often sad and introspective.

She admires optimistic and/or good-hearted people, and while she is abrasive, her own good heart welcomes many strays into her home fort.

She likes being contrary with her surrogate father, but can often see his own points in the argument and will take his side when necessary.

Born to a poor Plegian family near the border of Plegia and Ylisse, Alaine was kept away from most of the Purge when it started. She was four years old at the time. She grew up until nine with no blemish or scar. She was a pretty young girl.

A skirmish happened that year outside her village that changed her life forever. She was forced to put on armor and help fight in the skirmish. Her helmet was a little big on her, but she took a sword and strove mightily to help. She tried to keep her daddy from taking a blow that would have killed him, and for her trouble, she took a glancing blow from a mace that crushed a portion of her brow and popped her right eye, and her helmet came off as she fell. Alaine slipped into unconsciousness. A Ylissian soldier by the name of Osney, a veteran of many battles in the war, took pity on her and took her to a healer after the fighting was over. When asked, he said, 'She reminds me of my late daughter.' Soon after, a larger Ylissian force arrived and razed the village, killing everyone she knew.

She awoke in the healer's tent on a cot, her face free to the air. The right side of her face felt kinda funky, and soon her healer was brought to her. He kept apologizing to her, saying that he'd done the best he could. Alaine didn't understand until she was put in front of a mirror, and she saw the hideous, ropy scars that blemished the entire side of her face. Her eye had healed over, but was forever shut and useless, and she screamed.

She has covered that side of her face since then.

When the war was over, she went back to Ylisse. She saw the face of the man who commanded the attack, but never did learn his name. She was taught swordplay at her own request, never wanting to be that helpless ever again. She grew up under the supervision of Osney. He had been dishonorably discharged due to helping a Plegian, nevermind that two weeks later the Exalt was dead and the war was over.

Osney has been her partner as a mercenary from the start and was a founding member of the company since it was started three years ago.

She's been contacted by both Plegians and Ylissians for help in the current conflict, yet she keeps forgetting about them and taking care of bandits and conflicts for the villages surrounding her cliffside fortress. Her company has a bit of anxiety in the matter.

Past Jobs:
Bandits, Brigands, and Outlaws, Oh My!
Hired by a village magistrate to take care of some bandits hiding around in a fortress.

She has her own little mercenary company. They'll be out-of-focus as much as possible here, and absolutely never all together on a combat mission, but they do exist. To list and do a brief description:
List: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Jacob - Lieutenant
Fighter Lv. 11
Met Alaine when she was starting out as a mercenary. Carries out her orders without fail. Worries for her.
Osney - Combat Trainer
General Lv. 10/2
Has known Alaine since rescuing her in the war. Has a gimpy leg from the War. Older. Almost like a father to her.
James - Negotiator
Mage Lv. 9
Main speaker for the group. His eloquence ensures that contracts keep coming.
Dark Mage Lv. 7
James's Wife. Loves both him and experimenting with magic. Causer of many explosions.
Archer Lv. 6
Triplet brother of Aoife and Naoise. Shooting needs improvement. Argues in favor of ranged assaults
Myrmidon Lv. 4
Triplet sister of Tobias, Naoise's identical sister. Swordplay needs work. Favors direct assault.
Myrmidon Lv. 4
Triplet sister of Tobias, Aoife's identical sister. Swordplay needs work. Favors direct assault.
Priest Lv. 8
Lecherous former cleric. Oblivious to Verana's obvious crush. Not afraid of battlefields.
Wyvern Rider Lv. 6
Dedicated bodyguard of Torvald. Wishes to one day best Osney. Is still working on that.

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