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21 Jul 2008
Zerene was in deep trouble now; she had strayed too far from the trail and had ended up quite lost. All she could see is the ongoing flat plain. She wasn't sure where she was exactly, everything in her eyes look the same. There didn't seem to be a town in sight or anybody in front of her vision. Stopping, she took out her map and steadily began to retrace her steps. The last town she visited was only a day ago. The old stains, torn edges and missing pieces didn't help identify much. Her master should have given her a better map; he said this was the one he used, but that only made her suspect it was older. As she looked up to release a lot of built up stress the wind blew softly on her face. Even if this place was bare, the wind sure felt good. While the sun beat down upon the plain, the yellow colored grass seem to glow a bright gold. Then a sudden thought came into her mind, the grass was yellow, and she was in the plains, the first place that came in mind was Olivia.

Zerene checked her pockets and noticed that she was running low on money. With her luck, she'll starve before she reached any civilizations. It wasn't exactly her fault that directions weren't her forte. The steady stream of wind calmed her down just a little, maybe when night falls, she could try to read the stars. Recently her knowledge spread to read minor stars for direction, but it still doesn't help her find her exact location. She began to continue on walking, still looking for a town, or at least a river bank to stop by. After a few more minutes of mindless walking, her luck changed for the better as the sight of water. Her heart jumped, filled with excitement, she began to run towards the water and was surprised to find it so close. Taking a few gulps of water, she sat down; leg sprawled out on the grass. Taking hold of her lute she began to play, as she continued her music, her voice smoothed out along with the words. She was unaware of anything during her songs; all she did was let the melody overtake her. Hopefully nothing too un-expecting comes along, like so many times in her life.
21 Jul 2008
Name: Zerene Eventide
Age: 18
Homecountry: Valhassa
Affinity: Dark
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 Pounds

Personality: Many people close to Zerene would find her appearance is just the opposite of what she really acts like. When in private courters with people she knows well enough to her standards, her true self might make a rude awakening, she is really an ill-mannered, bad tempered girl. Even if she is really a little devil, she is still quite gentle to many things of the world, although other humans are left out on the list. Zerene is calculating and doesn't judge things by their outer appearance (just as she shouldn't be judged by hers). Not much of a liar, when she tries just about anyone can notice something is off. Just like most people, she really likes to have fun and often try to pull pranks/jokes when things become too serious just to lighten the mood. If her jokes or pranks don't lighten anything, she would go out herself and start gambling. She enjoys chatting, but always tries to keep it away from her past. True fully, she hates it when people stereo-type things. Thanks to her looks it's easy for her to deceive people and she would take advantage of people if need be.

Appearance: Zerene has natural long flowing silvery-blue hair that reaches just over her collar. Her blue eyes seem serene, that often leads people believe she is the quiet type. She has fairly tan skin and looks like any other person based upon her height/weight. Many times she would have an open smile at passing strangers, but that is usually only a cover up. She doesn't indulge herself into fine clothing, instead wearing simple dark violet cloak suits her taste. Under the cloak she wears light brown leather armor, only a little thicker than a regular shirt. She doesn't enjoy to wearing long pants and would usually go along with light blue shorts that reach all the way to her knees. She wears small leather boots lined with fur on the top edges. She plays the strings of the lute with her right hand and holds the top with her left, it has a strap that she could swing behind her back or let it dangle over her neck.

Bio: Zerene was born in Valhassa or at least raised there most of her life. She never knew her father and was raised up by a fun loving mother, which would be away for most of the day dating. Zerene soon came to an agreement that her father was just some random guy that her mother hooked up with, like so many others. After years of living with her mother made Zerene dislike her even more as each day dragged on. Until one day on her fourteenth birthday she ran off into the city without giving any information to that "woman" (she began to refer to her mother this way). Not far into the day she realizes that she had just about no experience in anything. Everything she knew was self taught by books that were just lying around at home.

Zerene still didn't return home when night reached into the city, she continued to wonder the streets, looking for a way to get away from her current state. It wasn't too far into the night before she found a travelling bard. His music instantly attracted her attention and made her eyes shine with excitement. It took some convincing and she managed to get the man to let her tag along with him. During her time with the man, she would begin to refer to him as her father. He was a kind person and taught her all she knew about music. After she grown to the age of sixteen and her music became more developed, she left the man to travel on her own. Upon travelling she found that people would find her weak and shy. Zerene hated it when people stereo typed just for her looks. However she learned that if she played like how many people would think she would act, there were plenty of advantages. She also realized that she loved gambling as much as her music. Up to today she is travelling to refine her music and exploring to world.

Class: Bard

Weapons: Diana's Wit, Bast's Laughter
Weapon Levels: Lute/Voice/Rings: E

Additional Notes/Comments:
Her favorite motto is "Never judge a book by its cover!"
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