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Konata Izumi
Otaku Extraordinaire
27 years old
Location Unknown
Born Oct-28-1992
My Interests? Oh boy...

Video Games, Movies, Books, playing with my dog, playing with my friends, sleeping, eating and playing Tennis.

Favorite Anime: Prince of Tennis, Lucky Star, Fruit Basket
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Video Game: Kingdom Hearts Genre
Favorite Book: Too many to choose one...
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Konata Izumi


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7 Apr 2013
Yo. I gots some suggestions. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/konata.gif)

1: Itemfinder. This is a bit of a revive of my old idea, but whatevs. It'll be helpful. This gist of it is that you put an item, say brave bow, and it'll tell you all the units that hav that item equipped.

2: Mass selling checklist. You kno how when you combine items there's a checklist? Well, its the same thing; however, instead of a 'combine item' button, there's a 'sell all item' button. Cause right now, the only way to sell crap is to sell each item manually. This'll streamline the process.

3: Mass forge. Just like above in the 'mass selling checklist', @ the forge page, all the unforged items are there. You can check all the items you want to forge as a specific kind. Ex, check 3 'Verrines', 2 'Short Bows', and a 'Great Sword' as a reliable. Like above, it'll streamline the process.

4: User auctions. Like the admin-set auctions, except us users set up auctions for other people to bid on. Granted, there should be a limit for each person per week, or else the auction'll be flooded... haha.

5: Item trading. This is the one I most want implemented. This was discussed in the chat.

[12:31:43 AM] Sora: I hav too many lolng bows T.T
[12:31:50 AM] μ€★Falaflame: I still prefer reavers > slayers
[12:31:51 AM] Nolan Kryptonite: want to switch? (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/oh.gif)
[12:31:58 AM] Nolan Kryptonite: I have like 15 brave bowz

[12:32:00 AM] μ€★Falaflame: at least i get the option to use in unpromotes
[12:32:06 AM] Sora: Omg yes
[12:32:06 AM] Speedy - IX: i got like 3 of each
[12:32:13 AM] Speedy - IX: but all of my bow users have them so
[12:32:13 AM] Sora: I need some brave bowz
[12:32:17 AM] Nolan Kryptonite: (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)

[12:32:22 AM] μ€★Falaflame: i'll use brave bows
[12:32:23 AM] μ€★Falaflame: lol
[12:32:23 AM] Nolan Kryptonite: need trade option and user auctions

Gist of it is you let people trade items among each other.
14 Jan 2013
Hey all. Just somethin I wanted to post. If you were around for the last tournament, it was a super-character tourney. Essentially, all generic units were lords, and the lord unit was a 9/90 unit. It got people to do some interestin things. Not me though, the majority of my units were nihil dual tanks... XD

*cough* So, if you could create a lord unit w/ 9/90 stats, what would you create? Post away! Wanna post an entire team? Post away!

Monk -> Bishop [Gladiator]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/20%]: 60.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/20%]: 28.00
SPD [1/15%]: 28.00
DEF [1/5%]: 18.00
RES [1/0%]: 18.00
LCK [0/15%]: 28.00

Dodgy Bishie that will insight/pursuit shimmerz you!

Solar Kn. -> Sunset Kn. [Rogue]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/20%]: 60.00
POW [0/0%]: 14.00
SKL [0/10%]: 28.00
SPD [1/10%]: 35.00
DEF [2/20%]: 21.00
RES [2/10%]: 22.00
LCK [2/20%]: 30.00

Strictly troll. Insight Shimmerz/poisonz them nao!
14 Jun 2012
So I got a job, and I work for about 8 and a half hours/day for 5 days. So I'll be inactive on the weekdays, sans maybe 1 hour. I'll be kinda sorta active on the weekends.
8 May 2012
So yea, sorry about missin those turns Speedy/Soul/Mallow/Herr/Drugged. I'll probably get my laptop up and runnin by next week.

P.S. Speedy, I cant pm you cause of your fuckin name.
4 Apr 2012
Whats up w/ this guy?


He's a new guy, with multiple lords. And his character count says 1 when he clearly has more. He also has no name...

Pic: http://i42.tinypic.com/r9lbic.png
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Happy Birthday Konata!
28 Oct 2012 - 8:47
Ugh... first internet connection stopped working at that damn hole and then some other shit happened... and more and more...
(again), I should be able to come back in a month...
I've missed you too~
28 Sep 2011 - 1:54
Ah, same here. So even though I know when to register, I may not get the classes I want.
23 Jul 2011 - 18:17
Like school text books?
23 Jul 2011 - 17:24
Same here. Can't register for classes until the 18th of August though.
23 Jul 2011 - 16:52


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