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14 Sep 2011
I should mention right off the bat that this only really affects RPers(Pretty much just RL/RoE for the most part) since that's what I mainly did on the site. I'm really sorry for anyone this inconveniences, but I simply have way too much on my plate now, with last minute credits I need in order to graduate making it necessary for me to be in school from 8 AM to 5:30 daily, returning home with a shitload of work and projects, and simply being too tired to even think of posting. Not to mention trying to cram in independent studies, which coupled with a long commute just doesn't give me a reliable amount of free time. It was irresponsible of me to think I could handle more RPs, so to those who I'm in an RP with right now I truly apologize. Factor in the waning interest I've had over the past year, and my tendency to go missing until I get inspiration, then come back for a little bit, then leave again... I'm tired of that, and I really don't want to inconvenience anyone with that again. I have absolutely no negative feelings, my time here has been just marvelous. I met some truly great people here, so for that I'm thankful. But yeah, It's time for me to let go. Sorry :'(
8 Aug 2011
Name: Zalera
Title: N/A
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Missur Peninsula/Nabata
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Arcadia

Class: Shaman
Level: 13
Weapon Levels: Dark: C

Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Zalera's spells are cast by using enchanted beads worn on her person, one single bead containing one charge of a particular spell. These are all color coordinated in order to easily keep track of them.
Surge - Dark [C] - Intermediate - Penetrate, Wasting
This spell causes dark energy in the form of a corrupted lightning bolt to come forth, zapping the target. It can pierce right through a mage's resistance, inflicting harsh non-physical pain on the target. Uses gold beads.

Ensnare - Dark [C] - Intermediate - Illusion, Vampiric
A wicked tome that confuses the target into thinking they have been entangled by illusory tendrils. The victim then has their vitality sapped gradually, until they break free or are defeated. Uses maroon beads.

Nyx - Dark [C] - Intermediate - Illusion, Corrupting
A mysterious tome that drenches the target in a noxious ink-like dark energy. It weakens and grossly deforms the target, as well as inflicting illusion-induced "blindness" on the victim. Uses pitch-black beads.

Height: 5'10 / 177 cm
Build: Lithe/Lanky
Appearance: One thing that can be said of Zalera's appearance is that she can be fairly hard not to notice. Her skin is noticeably dark, offset by short silver hair. She stands at about five feet, ten inches, on the taller end for most females, but not overly so. Her limbs are long and lanky, her body for the most part shows very little muscle tone.

Zalera prides herself on having skin clear of any bumps, blemishes, scars, anything of that sort. Her blue-grey eyes are almond shaped and rather squinty, some have even suggested they appear to wear a constant smile - but not necessarily a welcoming one. She is usually not seen without her eyes and lips dabbed with the appropriate makeup, not done to excess but still a necessity.

Overall, one can come to the conclusion that she is a well put together woman. Her hair is cut in a cropped, pixie-like style and meticulously looked after, and her wardrobe consists of mainly lightweight, flow-y dresses favoring earthen tones above all else. Her look is usually topped off with her favorite jewelry, a pair of emerald earrings passed down as her mother's.

Overview: Upon meeting Zalera, one usually doesn't end up with that great of a first impression. For starters, the woman is painfully blunt, to the point where she may often offend people that she has no ill feelings towards. She is a very forceful woman, her motto being that she gets what she wants when she wants it. She is certainly not one to let the rules, or the feelings of others get in the way of something she has her mind set on, for better or worse. Perhaps her thorough lack of empathy - or some would say a conscience altogether - is her biggest fault.

On the other hand, Zalera would like to think that even she has her redeeming traits. She is quite studious and well-read, and it shows as she is usually the go-to person when one has a question of any kind. In fact, she shows quite a bit of enthusiasm in this regard and often resorts to rambling once someone gets her started. All in all she is a rather curious woman, constantly seeking knowledge and with it, power. What she lacks in people skills she makes up for with solid work ethic and a healthy bit of perfectionism.

On the very topic of people skills, Zalera is sorely lacking in that department. Having lived the vast majority of her life sheltered with just her father and later a few servants, she isn't particularly good with social interactions. Certain common concepts such as "sparing people's feelings" or "small-talk" are simply not within the woman's grasp.

Biography: Zalera was born in the village of Arcadia, deep beyond the sandstormy veil in Nabata. She can recall very little of early life at the village, because while she was only four her father was accused of a rather serious crime, so much so that he fled the village taking with him his young daughter.

Life wandering the desert was rough, and the two barely survived the harsh conditions at times. After some time they settled down in an abandoned fort a couple of miles away from a much smaller settlement. Zalera was well-educated at a young age, as her father was a learned man, a scholar and practitioner of Elder magic among other things. As Zalera grew older, she came to realize slowly that her own father wasn't all the way there in the head. She began to inquire about her mother, why they lived in seclusion, and so on. Needless to say, she didn't receive answers.

At around thirteen, she began taking up the art of Elder magic, under the understanding that it was powerful, but dangerous... And of course, she could lose her life in the process. Even with that in mind, she proceeded with her studies for roughly three years, changing and growing more ambitious over this time. After being convinced that her training had plateaued without actual combat experience, Zalera was persuaded to help her father in his "studies" or rather, twisted experiments.

The set-up was rather simple, requiring a bit of planning and a moderate amount of energy expended into crafting her illusion. The end result would be a traveler lured in by the tale of woe of a fatigued young woman and her young child, either led peacefully or taken forcefully back home, all before they could fully catch on to the sketchiness of her story. The number of suspicious or otherwise unwilling travelers Zalera came across was such that she was able to battle-harden herself over the years.

Zalera continued to be her father's pawn in this way for several more years, eventually leaving the abandoned old fort at the age of twenty four. With a promise she would return home one day, Zalera continues to perfect her studies, also taking an interesting in learning more about the world beyond the desert.

27 Jun 2010
"... And make it quick, we don't have all day to get this done!" A raspy voice commanded, sending off two of her trusted right hand men. It just so happened that Nataraja had a ship full of right hands. She watched Noel and Silvestre fly off toward the hulking landmass that was Begnion int he distance. At the rate they were going, making land would only take an hour or so, possibly less. She turned to a rather large, golden-winged hawk beside her. "You're confident we'll be able to pull this off, right?"

"What's this... Are those doubts I hear?" He inquired, stroking the stubble on his chin. "Ya know the ole lizard didn't place you under my care for nothin'" Indeed ,though Nataraja was the captain, there were several of her subordinates that had considerably more experience than the dragon.

"I'm hardly under your care, baldy. He just couldn't bring himself to let you go. Besides, the only reason I'm questioning this is because... Well, it's alot easier to loot and sink a ship... Attacking a town in the Begnion Empire? This has the potential to go terribly wrong."

"Mmm... Well, ya got me, Noel and the owl'll be back in a heartbeat... Nature Boy's back there taking in the scenery," He mocked, tilting his head to the white-winged heron looking out to the ocean. "And ya even got that parrot here."

"He's been below-decks for hours. I bet he'll just sleep through the whole raid, and then expect to take credit for it when all's said and done!" Nataraja clenched her fist. No way was she going to let some fruit-loop take all the credit for her glorious raid on a Begnion town. Looking out, one could see the Begnion soil approaching...


The harsh sun beat down on Procyon for what now seemed like an eternity. It was the height of noon on a scorching summer day, and with that flaming orb directly overhead, the breeze of the sea was the only thing keeping many people from passing out of heat exhaustion. With the exception of a slight sluggishness caused by the heat, the town of Procyon was at it's height. Along the coast were set up several merchant ships, sweating and barely clothed men and women loading up crates of goods onboard.

The sheer busyness of the town was astounding, with the streets fairly crowded and people constantly moving. One every corner was a vendor of some sort, selling everything from food and drink, to trinkets, even clothing accessories. One of the many men ferrying goods to and from the merchant vessels came to a loud thud, dropping his good all over the street. "Hey, what gives?!" He demanded, before getting a look at the person who had caused him to fall backward. She was a lovely young woman, long blonde hair and a face that... Well, he didn't quite know what to say.

"Lady Gwendolen?" A guard declared, a deep and stern voice as uniform as ever. It had to be her, the few other guests that were invited were already aboard. "The Baron has been awaiting your arrival. Right this way, miss." The guard led the way to the Baron's vessel, a small but lovely little yacht that would carry a few guests around the Begnion sea for a bit. The guest he was most excited for was lady Gwendolen, a Crimean countess. Apparently she was in Begnion for the time, and for whatever reason needed a small break -- Or at least, one would assume. "You must forgive us, the Sir Galilei will be arriving shortly. He asks that in the meantime you request the chef make anything you want." Apparently some mage the noble stumbled upon was a fantastic cook, so the Baron agreed to pay her a hefty sum in exchange for slaving over a hot stove. On the counter was a slip of paper with big bolded letters 'MENU' written across the top. Hopefully the cook would know what the slip was for...

OOC Note: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
As a note, Dane, since I didn't realize going into this that Alma would be the only one whose involvement in the RP wasn't ironed out ahead of time, feel free to have Alma be the sessy blonde that knocked the guy down. Of course if you have other plans, that's fine too.
25 Jun 2010
Imani Yeboa, the reigning "Songbird of Skylessia"(More or less a title given to her by a few loyal followers,) finds herself, once again, in a bit of a predicament. In touring the continent of Skylessia, it seems not everyone is too pleased with her successes. Receiving several letters, originally starting out as hatemail and gradually evolving into death threats, the meek singer is faced with a dilemma just before the glorious end of her mainland tour. She could cancel her final concert before returning home, upsetting fans and neglecting to spread her splendor, or continue to perform and risk being killed.

Being the musical martyr that she is, Imani simply cannot consider the former, and puts out a request for skilled knights or mercenaries to attend her final concert of the year. She promises a bountiful pay of 5,000 gold apiece, though obviously she would rather their services won't be necessary at all. Unfortunately, things don't always seem to go the way she wants... In short, her guards will have their work cut out for them.

Alright, so first and foremost, your character doesn't HAVE to be an experienced bodyguard in order to get in. Any merc/knight, etc will do. They just need to at least appear somewhat reliable/believable, or they need to be capable of lying.

Second, I haven't figured out where this RP will take place simply because the location is so flexible. When you sign up just make sure you mention all the different countries that your character can feasibly be in at the moment and we'll see what we can do from there. Looking for four, MAYBE five applicants depending on what I get.

Third: Levels are irrelevant. Also, the obligatory:

Please, by signing up for the RP you must be able to ensure that you'll be able to post frequently(Like, if you're the only one left to post, at least within three days for the most part,) and you know, if you have to leave or something make sure you let us know. I want this to be a fairly short and fast RP, so please no stalling (IMG:style_emoticons/green/x_x.gif)

And on that note, I'm NOT accepting members on a first come, first serve basis. I will use my well-trained eye to judge how well you fit the criteria, plus if your character can contribute to the plot I have worked out or not.

Sorry if this list sounds a bit too specific. Feel free to sign up, I promise I don't bite. And uh... yeah,
25 Jun 2010
"So, Miss Amalia, are you certain you want to do this?" Inquired the stuffy noble figure, an unusual hint of hesitation present in his voice.
"Count Freidricht, why must you question me? I've thought this plan through, many times over at that. Targeting Lengyel right now would prove foolish -- Eisenburg is the far better option, especially since you refuse to offer your military aid." She grumbled, rolling her eyes at that last bit in particular.
"My lady, I've already explained my stance on the matter. I do not wish to be associated with your invasions... At least, not immediately. What was your master scheme, again?"
Amalia smirked, walking over to one of her many large closets scattered about the castle. She removed from it a suit of green armor. "A few of... these."
"Oho! Equal parts beauty and brain, I see..."


Amalia stepped down from her horse-drawn chariot, sporting a green and yellow flowery monstrosity of a sundress. Well it certainly wasn't her favorite look, that much was certain, but it did seem fitting given the event. The people of Lamberaht Castle Town were celebrating a remarkable spring, and hoping that the seasons to come would be just as prosperous.

It was the annual Spring Festival in the bright land, and like any of the other hundred or so events to come before this one, the town was packed. Men, women, children of all ages. Amidst the crowds one could see the giant pale blondes commonly seen in a remote area such as Yllspire, to a handful of tan desert dwellers likely originating from Nagarath. And of course, every shade in between was covered.

"By all that's holy, is this what we've been reduced to accepting... Alright, let's make it work!" A balding man with a noticeably high, whiny, perhaps even feminine voice, paced through the group of hired dancers. He prided himself on being able to immediately recognize a dancer when he saw one, but there was very little visible talent among the group of ten or so ladies. "You, desert girl! take red's spot," He commanded, noticing the redhead among the ensemble seemed to be lacking in not only poise, but simply the idea that she knew where she was. Right right, she's the one who's going to shoot down the flower petals after our wind mage releases them. Alright, let's see what we can do... Looking over the group one more time, and ignoring any voices of protest, or perhaps reason, the two aides began pushing the dancers past the curtain and out onto the outdoor stage. "Alright, that's your cue, make momma proud!"

The audience was of a decent size, the back rows filled with those exhausted helping hands hired to prepare for the event, and the anxious ones who were to clean up after. Some were preoccupied with the stage, while others watched, grumbling as a child spilled his ice cream all over one of the seats. As the first dancer, a statuesque blond that admittedly put most of the others to shame stepped to the center stage a round of clapping began. As the others followed, they engaged in their steps, lovely choreographed, belly dancing-esque steps designed to make the men lustful and the women envious. Perhaps even full of wrath.

"Where is he?" Amalia sighed to a servant, tugging anxiously on her pearl bracelet as she stood by the town gates. The new count of Avoret, a county just on the other side of the river was supposed to be here, and she could only assume he would be arriving soon. Still, the wait was killing her. I need to figure out what he's all about -- Depending on how well he complies, I might even manage to ally with him. Or, he could be the straight laced type and I'll have to take what he has by force... I sincerely hope that's not the case.

By this point Amalia could hear boos from the audience, despite not being close enough to really see what the dancers were doing. This couldn't be good...

OOC Note: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Okay, so this is the first post, so just establish where your characters are.
@ Solo and Rook: I assumed your girls were with the dancers, The event that inspires booing can really be anything of your choice: Could be amateur dancing on Yui's part, or even Aida's if she didn't get the practice she needed. Could be bumping into eachother/falling... giving the audience the finger...?
And sorry if this post isn't too good, let me know if you need me to change something to make a post come easier.
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