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Jacob Temple, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Ultra5, Jul 1, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Ultra5 @ post: 15071, member: 70")
Name: Jacob Daniel Temple
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Nationality: Ylissean
Allegiance: House Ylisse
Affinity: Light

Class: Lord
Level: 11
Weapon levels: Axe (Heavy) {C 3/5}
  • Mjölnir
    - Jacob's personal hammer that was specially forged for him. The head is made of sturdy black colored iron and is massive compared to normal hammers of it's type. The shaft of the hammer is oak that has been reinforced inside by iron. After it was forged a wise and powerful Sage enchanted the hammer so it can shoot lightning from it's head as a ranged attack against targets at distance.
    (Massive, Enchanted Iron Hammer)
Other Items:
  • Elixir
    - A powerful medical solution that when either ingested or applied to the affected area cures all wounds and restores vigor. Very expensive to make and purchase so they are usually in possession of the rich and powerful.
  • Temple Seal
    - The crest of House Temple given only to House Temple members, diplomats to and from House Temple, other Ylisse Lords, and friends of House Temple. The crest allows for free access to House Temple Lands and entrance into Temple Keep.
  • Temple Ring
    - An old and regal looking ring bearing the House Temple crest. Only one of the ring exists and is kept on the ruling Lord or Lady (by blood relation) at all times whether worn on the finger or otherwise.


Lord Jacob Temple: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Standing at 6' 10" (2.0828 m) and weighing 325 lbs (147.418 kg) Jacob is a behemoth of a man. He is extremely well muscled man from his life in the House Temple Knights and the Army of Ylisse. His skin is lightly tan and he has short cut dirty blond hair. He has a scar across the left side of his face from chin to ear that although healed looks to be fresh. Covering a bit of that scar is a beard of the same color as the rest of Jacob's hair that is well kept. Jacob's eyes are deep blue and full of experience from his years of military service.

Although Jacob is a high ranking lord in Ylisse he doesn't really own many clothes or other material possessions. He prefers simplicity over indulgence, a side effect of his and his family's military lifestyle. When he is not in his battle armor and "ready for battle" he is in his off duty armor that consists of a light suit of stiffened leather that is a dark red color with two pieces of red iron plating on the chest that is trimmed with gold. The off duty armor has leggings that are much the same as the suit with small iron plates over Jacob's thighs and a pair of heavy duty brown leather boots. A green cape covers most of the armor pieces except for two large red colored iron shoulder pauldrons that cover the cape and Jacob's shoulders. Jacob uses this as his "fancy dress" for occasions that call for formal dress. It is still as strong as standard soldier armor and Jacob remains constantly battle ready no matter where he is.

Jacob's battle armor is as tough as the toughest of his Armor Knight's armor making him extremely durable and very tough to take down with weapons in battle. The armor consists of a full body suit of dark green colored leather from neck to feet that is partially covered by a large steel breast piece that is made of many steel plates that are colored red with gold trim. The breast piece has large red steel shoulder pauldrons and an iron fauld that is colored green. Jacob's arms are covered by red colored iron vambraces with couters at each elbow that are dark red. The vambraces end into a pair of iron gauntlets with red colored armor covering red leather. The leggings are made of green and gold colored cuisses with red iron poleyn covering the knees and ending in red greaves covering the lower legs and a pair of heavy duty brown leather boots covering his feet. Interwoven with the breast piece and shoulder pauldrons is a green cape that is light on the inside and dark on the outside.

Personality: Although Jacob is very physically intimidating and the most powerful member, and leader, of one of the most militarily powerful Houses in Ylisse he is very warm person. He is extremely friendly if a bit aggressive. He would be one of the last one would expect to be a lord from the way he talks and what he talks about. Jacob acts like just one of the soldiers. He commands respect from his own or any Ylisse troops, but prefers that the other lords refer to him as Jacob than Lord Temple. Jacob hates formalities outside of the military and isn't one for the etiquette and speech that all lords must learn. He is also as blunt as his hammer. He will speak his mind to anyone and everyone. Although he is more respectful when speaking to people higher in rank than him, who are few and far between.

Jacob treats battle as sport and thoroughly enjoys the competition. He fights with honor and respect to his opponents even if they are Plegains. On the battlefield he is confident and commanding, issuing orders and demanding results. Jacob also has a soft spot for the less combat inclined often risking his own life to save his fellow Ylisseans who can not fight back. He has a great distrust of any and all Dark Mages as most, if not all, come from Plegia, a country Jacob would gladly be rid of. Although he distrusts Plegains he would treat them the same as anyone else if not a bit more distant from them. He treats them as fairly as he would anyone else in his company. The most important thing to know about Jacob's military leadership style is that he is on the front lines with his men. There is no place Jacob would rather be than in the thick of battle with his comrades.

Backstory: Jacob was born in Temple Keep on the House Temple Family Land. Jacob's father was Lord Richard Temple, a Lord of Ylisse and the head of the House Temple Knights and Jacob's mother, Susan Temple, was a Troubador and lead the more domestic side of House Temple. Although he was the son of a lord Jacob was drilled hard in both his school studies and his physical training. He wasn't given much free time as a child. In school Jacob did average or just below not being too good at anything. However Jacob excelled at his physical training and battle tactics. By age 12 Jacob was put on a strict training program with the Captain of the Temple Keep Guard, Daphness. Under Daphness Jacob learned the art of war, in between tough workouts and Axe training. Jacob finished his training by the age of 17. Just in time to put his skills to the test.

Not three days after Jacob's younger sister, Alexandra, was born the Exalt declared war on Plegia. Following the declaration of war Richard rallied the House Temple Knights. Some of the first troops to the front the House Temple Knights were ready for a fight. Jacob was ready as well, but Richard ordered his to stay behind and watch over the Keep and his mother. Jacob reluctantly agreed. Taking about a fourth of the total man power of the House Temple Knights Richard had left more than enough troops to defend the Temple Lands if the need ever arose. Jacob continued pushing his limits and getting stronger and stronger itching to get into the fight with his father. Jacob's itch was soon scratched two years later as a battered messenger returned to Temple Keep with news of Richard's advances being halted. Much to the dismay of his mother Jacob rounded up a force of Armor Knights, Archers, and Soldiers and marched to the front.

Upon getting to the Plegian-Ylissean boarder Jacob's company ran into Plegian resistance. Jacob entrenched his forces in the mountains. He used his archers to pick off the Plegian Dark Mages with the help of House Themis Mages. Once the Plegian forces were thinned Jacob gave the order. A tidal wave of red and green flooded out against the Plegains. Jacob himself joined the fray. Taking some losses Jacob's Company continued it's march to regroup with Richard's men. Being near unopposed made Jacob a bit cocky though. After a few weeks of marching steamrolling Plegain resistance Jacob's Company entered a massive desert. His armored units were weighted down and suffered horribly for it. Still Jacob ordered them forward. It wasn't until too late he realized he was exactly where the Plegains wanted him. Plegain Dark Mages attacked the near helpless Armor Knights causing major causalities before Jacob could mount a counter attack with his Archers and Soldier giving his Armor Knights time to get to more defensive positions. After weeks of Plegain attacks Jacob took matters into his hands. Problem was his armor was as heavy as an Armor Knights and he would be an obvious target being Lord Temple's son. Downing a suit of standard Soldier armor and his trusty axe Jacob lead a squad of Soldiers and archers behind Plegian lines to take down the leadership and cut through the Plegian lines. Jacob and the squad left the camp in the dead of night to weaken the Plegian lines.

Nearly a month of fighting without their commander, Lord Jacob, was wearing down the rest of Jacob's Company. Morale was at an all time low and supplies were running low. Suddenly the attacks lessened. The rest of Jacob's Company took the chance and attacked. They eventually met up with Jacob and the small coalition of Ylissean troops as they fought the confused Plegians from both sides crushing them. After rejoining with his company Jacob marched on again. As they marched Jacob could not help but overhear the declining morale and condition of his troops. Taking more time Jacob tried to let his troops rest as much as possible. Even Jacob wanted the war to end by this point. Both he and his troops were exhausted, low on supplies, and trapped in a foreign country. But Jacob had to get to his father.

After almost three years of fighting bad terrain and Plegians Jacob's Company finally made it to Richard's command post. Battle thickly rages as magic and arrows flew through the air. Armor Knights and Soldiers charging and maybe getting a kill before being brought down by Plegian Dark Mages. Jacob was horrified. So many sacrificed. Jacob found his father meeting with the captains of his unit. Richard was surprised to see Jacob, then outraged. Richard had ordered Jacob to stay in Ylisse with his mother. Jacob refuted that he had come to reinforce Richard's troops. Richard ordered Jacob to return with his troops to Ylisse. Jacob refused saying his troops were fresher and would be needed. After a very heated debate Richard accepted Jacob's Company and filled his son in on what had been going on. It was a complete mess. After the messenger, who was from another House and was not sent by Richard, had left Richard and the Ylisseans had only captured six miles of land after suffering horrible, horrible losses. Jacob was outraged at this. Sacrificing so many for that little land. This time however he kept that to himself.

The conditions on the front had not gotten any better, but relief had come from an unexpected place. House Ylisse Pegasus Knights rode onto the battlefield with orders that the Exalt had died and that his daughter Emmeryn had taken the throne and ordered a full retreat of all Ylisse forces. Jacob rushed to tell his father, but Richard was not so accepting of the news. He refused to retreat because some nine year old girl had ordered him to, even if she was the new Exalt. Jacob was mesmerized and enraged at his father's refusal. This tipped Jacob over the edge. Furious he removed his father from command with force. Two of Jacob's Armor Knights disarmed and held Lord Richard as Jacob took command of the Ylissean forces and gave the retreat order. Richard wretched free of the Armor Knights and in anger grabbed and swung his axe at Jacob. The axe caught the left side of Jacob's face from his ear to his chin. Wiping the blood off his face Jacob balled his fist and readied to swing when a sword thrust out of Richard's chest. Richard's chief tactician had killed Richard after he had attacked Jacob.

Jacob didn't have time to worry about his father being dead. He ordered Richard's body be collected and brought back with the troops on their way home. The troops unofficially made Jacob, Lord Temple as they made their way back to Ylisse. Being seen as the end of their suffering the troops were proud of Jacob and willfully followed his orders. The Ylissean troops faced some Plegian resistance on their way out, but nothing too major. As the troops entered Ylisse Jacob himself lead every House militia to their House Territory ending with his return to the House Temple Lands.

His mother and now five year old sister welcomed Jacob and the troops back. It was a bittersweet return as Jacob had to tell his mother of her husband's death at the hands of a Plegian Mercenary while leading the retreat of the Ylissean troops. This was made the official story by Jacob to cover for his father's less than stellar final moments. When questioned about the scar on his face Jacob never replied and refused any healing of it. He would keep the scar as a reminder of the truth of Richard's death and a reminder of what he never needed to become. Jacob had taken all the responsibilities of Lord Temple, but had yet to be knighted as such.

It would take a full year before Jacob felt he was ready to officially become Lord Temple. He set out for the Ylissean Capital of Ylisstol with only one personal guard an Armor Knight named Leslie who, although a new member of the House Temple Knights, had proven her worth. It took a few weeks, but the two had made it to the city. Jacob had dressed in his father's old dress armor he had refitted and refurbished for the occasion. Upon nearing the castle Jacob was stopped by the castle guards. A flash of the Temple Seal was all that was needed to get Jacob entrance. He met with the Exalt's adviser and formally requested knightship as Lord Temple as his father had been killed in the war with Plegia. A very small ceremony, only Jacob himself, Leslie, the Exalt herself, and just enough castle staff to make it official, was held and Jacob took his vows of service and was knighted, rather awkwardly with Jacob himself towering over the Exalt, Lord Temple of Ylisse.

Jacob's mother Susan continued her handling of the domestic non military workings of House Temple for years after her husband's death helping her son until her death five years later. After her mother's death Jacob's younger sister Alexandra took over helping her brother. Jacob and Alexandra ran the House Temple Lands smoothly enough but, as the Risen started appearing across the land Jacob took measures to secure the Temple Lands and improve his own troops including himself. He had his armor and weapon upgraded. His armor was made much thicker and heavier rivaling even his own Armor Knights. He commissioned a new weapon be made for him by the finest blacksmith in the Temple Lands. A hammer that had the power of lightning named Mjolnir. With tensions rising with Plegia again Jacob readied the House Temple Knights. Once war was declared again Jacob sent troops to the front reluctantly remembering the suffering his troops went through in the first war. After hearing of Prince Chrom's retreat Jacob got Jacob's Company and readied them for an attack. He made his way to Ylisstol for the meeting he was sure that the prince would call with his lords.

Important House Temple NPCs: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Commander Leslie "Sentinel"
Class: General
Level: ?/1
Weapon Levels: Lances (Heavy) {B}, Axes (Mediumweight) {C}
Weapons: Hel's Wrath (Ridersbane, Wither Silver Greatlance), Flail (Chained, Debillitating Iron Flail [Mace])
Holding the rank of Commander within the Temple Knights and proving herself one of the best fighters Leslie was given the title of Sentinel and serves as Jacob's personal bodyguard. She is dedicated and loyal to Lord Jacob and House Temple. She is a very quiet person and often leaves her helmet on causing many to believe she is a man.

Lady Alexandra
Class: Sage
Level: 10/1
Weapon Levels: Tomes {E}, Staves {C}
Staves: Heal (Potent, Selfspell, and Ranged Healing staff),
Tomes: Firewall (Defensive Fire spell), Blightning (Corrosive lightning spell)
Jacob's younger sister who handles most of the day to day non military and non political runnings of House Temple. A kind and compassionate woman who is very soft spoken. Her image greatly contrasts with Jacob's tough look and blunt manner of speaking, but both are beloved by their people. A few people believe she is more powerful than Jacob within House Temple.

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