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Firefly Emblem
I want my father back, you son of a bitch!
28 years old
Follow the cold shiver running down your spine.
Born Feb-11-1991
Star Wars, video games, writing, sword fighting, flying
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Firefly Emblem


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29 Jun 2006
Name: Robert Shackle
Age: 34
Homecountry: Born and raised in Derethe, but has not been there in 14 years. Since he was 20, he has been traveling all across the world.
Affinity: Lightning
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 183 lbs.

Personality: Sarcastic and cynical, Robert always finds something negative to say. He is also something of a loner, and although he does have feelings, he usually doesn't let on to what he feels. He is slow to trust, but when he does, he sticks with a friend for as long as possible.

Appearance: Robert is not particularly good-looking, due to being middle-aged and having two large scars--one across his left cheek, and the other on the back of his right knee. However, he is not unbearably ugly, either, with a pair of soft blue eyes and thick eyebrows. According to him, "The best thing about being a man rather than a woman is that the gray hair and wrinkles I have only add character." He doesn't shave very often, and thus his face is almost perpetually covered in a few days' stubble. He always wears his chest plate, but usually keeps his other pieces of armor in a backpack when not in battle. He also frequently uses his lance as a cane.

Bio: Robert was born and raised in Derethe, where he trained in the sword for many years. He was fairly normal for a citizen of Derethe, except that he never had many friends. Thus, when he was 20 years of age and a powerful swordsman, he left his homeland and embarked on a quest to find several things, including sex, money, powerful opponents, and the meaning of life (preferably not all at once). He found the first two things easily, making a living as a famed mercenary nicknamed "the Shackler," and now wishes he hadn't found the third. He did eventually fight a fellow powerful swordsman, who defeated him by destroying the tendons in the back of his right knee. He left Robert alive, but gave him a large scar across his left cheek. The injury to the tendons in his leg left Robert unable to use his old fighting style effectively, so he decided to get himself a suit of heavy armor and a lance, and he began training himself. The fame he acquired as a powerful mercenary swordsman has not faded away entirely, but it is certainly not what it once was.

Class: Knight
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Lance
Weapon Level: Lance: E
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