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12 Aug 2012
If you haven't noticed, my activity has dropped unexpectedly.

There are several reasons for this:

Grandmother was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer
Best friend got in a car accident and is in a medically induced coma
Sister's best friend has a bacterial infection attacking her heart
College starts in 1 weeks time - so much packing and preping
Moving into the dorms this thursday.

Hopefully once I get moved in my activity will increase some, but not too much. I will be withdrawing my RPs to about 1 per character (if even that), except for a few special characters. I am sorry for the suddenness of it all. The RPs I am running I am planning on keeping unless stated in the discussion topics.

Hopefully you all can understand.

27 May 2012
Come, One and All!
It's time for the tournament again! Warriors and Magi test their magic and steel against one another!
Like always, the winning team receives a large monetary reward.

Different types of battles will be held, so prepare!

Teams of 4
Winners of last years tournament will help choose event types
A mixture of might and magic is required.

"So, This is the tournament Mr. Burbonberry talked about, right Uncle Vane?" The mage asked his uncle. He'd returned to his usual blue cape, deciding Ashuram did not need to be involved in the tournament.

His uncle also thought that, deciding to switch to a simple vest and shirt with loose fitting pants. He wore silver rings on both middle and ring fingers. His left ear possessed the small white stud, and his hair held the braid that he'd received from Ishara long ago. 'My, my, how time has passed.' He thought to himself as he remembered the events similar to this one that he'd met the missing woman.

"Uncle, are you alright?" Elmir asked before Vane finally heard him. The maestro had taken a trip down memory lane and forgotten where he was currently.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Elmir, do you have any memories of when we were here last?" The maestro asked his nephew. He guess the answer was "no" when his nephew's eyes questioned him. 'I guess it was too long for him to remember.' His golden hair was rustled by the sudden breeze, and his brown eyes scanned the crowds for his friend.

"I don't see Revik. I guess we'll go to the meeting place and wait for him to show up there." Vane said as he placed his arm over the younger mage's shoulder and the two walked to the restaurant that they'd been told to go to.
13 May 2012
'I had so many choices for which mission I would take. So many of the jobs were from wealthy nobles too. If I didn't owe so much to Bishop Martin, I probably would have passed this one off to one of the greener agents.' Thought the azure haired woman as the wind gently sent her locks of hair dancing. Her blue eyes searched the coastline as the ship continued on its course. She'd been unable to bring her trusted steed along, but she could always rent a mount when they arrived. Her tome and staff lay comfortably in her hands, being constant items of relief. Her armored garb was light and easy for travel: a few pieces of white armor that shone next to her lightly tanned skin. The armor laid over a blue tunic and soft leather pants. Her greaves and gauntlets matched the breastplate and pauldrons.

"Ilayna, are you sure you don't have a problem with this job?" The subtle voice of her partner came suddenly. If the valkyrie hadn't been used to it, she would have probably jumped like the first several times they had ended up working together. He came into her view, his appearance never seeming to change from job to job, even year to year. His dark brown hair was longer than normal, resulting in the back section being held into a loose ponytail. His dark eyes were ever so vigilant, and the scar he'd received on the last job had almost cost him his handsome features of his face. Luckily, the light wound only did more to attract the women he loved to chase and share drinks with. He still wore that old night colored cloak over his leather armor. His job as a rogue definitely contributed to his title: the Swift Silence.

"I'm fine. I just don't quite understand Bishop Martin wants us to take a look at this place." The Azure Butterfly said as she began to notice the docks coming clearer as they neared the main island of Fibernia. It felt odd, she'd never been to the Western Isles, yet that was the hot topic of Etrurian politics and discussions nowadays.


"We're arriving in the town of Almar, you'll find this place to the northwest of here." The captain said as to the agents as his crew tied to the boat to the docks.

The two Etrurians left quickly after saying goodbyes and giving payments. "Enjoy your time here." The captain said when they were our of earshot. 'Just be careful not to piss on the wrong people.' He thought before commanding his crew to gather supplies.

"We should get see if anyone would be willing to work with us." Elright said to Ilayna as they neared the tavern. "Shouldn't be too hard to find help or mercenaries here."
2 May 2012
Professor Vane Alzhilde has been invited by a close friend of his to attend a tournament being held in Valhassa. However, instead of just attending the tourney as a spectator, the Maestro decides to form a team to include in the tournament.

IMPORTANT: I do have some requirements
1) Need active posters. I would like to move the topic to the next round every week (7 days).
2) This RP will be combat heavy, though there will also be some social.

1.Vane Alzhilde - 20/14 Maestro (Bardic A, Light B) - Aviv
2.Catrin - 1 Archer - CMK
3.Luther - 5 Valiant - GM
4.Alanna - 5 Monk - DR
9 Apr 2012
Entry 1

It's been so long. Why does bad luck have to strike at the worst times?

I hadn't expected facing a foe with a weapon that was so strong against the seraphs. The conjurer almost got away had it not been for Hermio's golden arrows. I got my payment like always, but the consequences from that fight were unexpected.

His elemental was fighting Lezel head on, something I wouldn't have had any concern with in the past. But when the creatures's form struck his core... I could feel the pain. I tried calling Lezel back, but something was wrong. He couldn't return to my soul and rest. His form began to crumble into a luminous dust as the creature pulsated with power. It was almost as if it was feeding off him.

When Lezel disappeared, I felt... incomplete. Like I had lost a part of myself. I tried calling the summon, but he didn't come. I had Lezel's younger brother kill the conjurer and hoped that would do it. It didn't though.

Why, my beloved Saint! Why would you allow Fate's cruel hand to strike me!

I hear rumors of a possible solution. So now, I will hunt for them.

To bring my beloved angel back to me.

-Seraph Speaker
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