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My jetpack is made of gatling guns.
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That I might touch that cheek.
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20 Sep 2011
Back to school!! This year is p. tough because I'm hopefully getting my masters so I gotta focus. Then you can all call me doc. Drop me from the things, sorry guys. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif)
24 Jul 2011
Name: Luiza Hastur
Age: 24.
Major/Degree: Major: linguistics. Minor: drama.
Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey. ( :v )
Place of Residence: Stark Dorm, however, has access to the family vacation house in Twin Lakes Park.
Job: Works as a waitress (and under the counter bartender) at the Capitol Grille, a high-end steakhouse.
  • Eyes - Luiza's eyes are a light blue, rather average by all accounts. Due to genetically thick blood, she uses blood thinners often. Unfortunately, this has tinted her sclera a light red. As most find this unappealing at best - and mistake them for pinkeye at worst - Luiza usually wears thick sunglasses. Her eyes are slightly myopic, so the sunglasses are treated to aid her vision.
  • Hair - Luiza's hair is kept short in a pixie cut. It is platinum blonde, and the bangs are kept long and pointed.
  • Skin - Her skin is pale and lightly freckled, very much reflective of her Russian / Italian heritage. It is otherwise free from blemishes. Luiza does have a pair of angel wings tattooed on her back. They're a source of embarrassment, having been acquired under inebriation, so she prefers to keep her back hidden.
  • Nose - One small golden stud piercing on the side of the nose.
  • Ears - Gold studded diamond earrings. Small, tasteful.
  • General Face - Pretty, almost cherubic, but not quite beautiful.
  • General Body - Luiza's body is thin and lithe - fitting, considering she received a scholarship to UMS for her diving prowess. A better word might be streamlined - her build is slim, her bust is small, and her legs are long. In Trenton, she indulged in soccer and ultimate Frisbee, but her main activity was swimming. Almost daily, she jogs near midnight - an eternally solitary affair, in which she pounds out the stress of the day to Bon Jovi and Swedish symphonic metal.
  • Physical Disabilities/Illnesses A genetic tendency for excessively thick blood - Luiza must take lots of blood thinners to keep herself normal, though it does have the unfortunate side effect of reddening her sclera. It is sometimes said that the Hasturs are known for their red eyes, but that's ridiculous, and certainly not anything perpetuated by Luiza. This is certainly nothing life-threatening, however, just a genetic trait that ought to be noted.
  • General Expression(s) - She is commonly blank faced, though it is rather typical for Luiza to smile (as it is with most people!). She often talks with her hands, and is known to attempt to crack her knuckles even when they do not need to be cracked. Her posture is usually straight, if a bit lazy. She prefers to wear sunglasses, blocking her reddened sclera.
  • Accent - Luiza speaks with a mishmash of metropolitan accents, borrowing heavily from that of North New Jerseyian. Her speech is riddled with Mafioso slang, which is not so much an affiliation so much as how everyone speaks like that in Trenton.
  • Clothing - For class, as with most things, form is preferred over function: pin-striped suits with ties are worn, leading to a large amount of unkind (and not necessarily untrue) comments. In the summer, she usually ditches the starched ensemble for lighter, but no less high-end skirts and shirts. In hanging out, she usually removes the coat section of the suit, and just maybe loosens the tie a little. For exercising, Luiza dons a red hoodie with a stylized gear logo on it (a freebie from her uncle) along with black running shorts. When swimming, she wears tanksuits, so as to cover her tattoo. As a server: Luiza wears a white collared shirt fully buttoned up to a bowtie, with a pair of black slacks. Over the shirt goes a tan-collared suit coat, buttoned.
5 Dec 2010

The sun began to die on that cloudy day in Nevassa, as ruffians catcalled at pretty girls in carriages and peddlers marketed their fine wares off on people. The wind shuffled trash into this particular alley where our story begins, where beggars skulked about on rice sheets, rattling their liquor bottles in the hopes of dredging some last vestiges of booze. The stranger in their midst was picked about with their bleary eyes, sniffing for weakness. Though the stranger, the lightly armoured girl, was short, the dual lances lashed to her back kept any audacious urchins away.

It was lucky that Anabelle had long since been blessed with a poor sense of smell, else the rotting garbages, body odour, vomitus, and other scents of human refuse would be quite overwhelming. She didn't know Nevassa well- only being there once before- but some of the more enterprising urchins had drawn her a map with nice pictures.

She was looking for a, oh, what was it, a "lavender haired lass of about thirty summers, a hand greater than yourself with an odd disposition. Oh- damn, 'Belle, wouldn't trade to be you, she's with the Feuerwehr! Must be some secretive shit, that job." Who were the Feurwehr? "You must be joking! They're a load of spooks- like the Firemen! You've heard of them, I'd wager a dime 'n' a 'alf."

Why? Well...


"Second Corporal Kotysch, the nation of Daein thanks you for escorting the Ambassador Haster from Begnion."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

"Second Corporal Kotysch, congratulations for your promotion. You are now a First Corporal, and hereby are subject to all the claims and responsibilities that precludes such a station."

A quiet gasp. "Thank you so much sir, this is an honour."

"First Corporal Kotysch. The nation of Daein requires your obedience once more. Your duties are addressed in this envelope, which you will promptly set afire upon memorization of its contents."

"...Thank you, sir." She couldn't read.

"First Corporal Kotysch, be on your way. Nevassa is a long journ."


Ah, there she was. Holmes Street- the one with the two high towers, one crumbling. One of her comrades had read out the order to the soldier, describing the way she was to join the Feuerwehr operative- find the specific carriage with the specific horse, rap twice on the windows, enter. While Anabelle waited, she adjusted her lances in their harness- a present from one of the blacksmiths who was sweet on her. She'd taken the Pest Crop and the Petzall with her, raw power and enhanced agility in two shafts of metal. Ashera willing, she would become a true Officer Cadet, and be thought skilled enough to wield a second weapon into battle.

She wasn't sure how she felt about this assignment- on the one hand, it was for the country, and soldier's duty weighed heavily on her shoulders. On the other, Anabelle knew next to nothing about Feuerwehr, and feared she wouldn't have the finesse to perform on the same level. She had been practicing her voice, attempting to minimize her dialect. It hadn't worked too well, but it was a start.

There was the carriage- with a horse spackled in darkest blue, not black or grey. Slowly, as the instructions had told her, she strode to the carriage, rapped twice upon it with her knuckles. It opened, revealing darkness. A little hesitant, Anabelle stepped inside, trying to blink it away.

"Erm, h'llo. Anabelle Kotysch, First Corporal Lancer. I'm t' be your support."
26 Nov 2010
Don't Get out of the Boat

(IMG:http://www.piratesonlineforums.com/forums/images/smilies/th_captain.gif) : There be a devil fish in theese waters, and I've spent twelve years a' my life waitin' fer it! We're gonna catch it!

(IMG:http://filesmelt.com/dl/Masaokis-Katana.gif) : O ok.

Some Crazy Old Boat Captain wants to find some devil fish and CATCH IT and presumably mount it on his wall and tell people "I caught this fish by myself no seriously guys". So he hires the PCs to help. Problem is, the Crazy Old Boat Captain is actually insane and there is no such devil fish. But he's paying the PCs really well, and for all they know, there really is a devil fish, so they might as well stick around to catch it. So things devolve into meaningless chatter and board games. This is a social. Please join it. I would.

1) Paige.
2) Clarice.
3) Hugo.
4) Midnight Seven, IRL cool dude.
5) Sed.
6) Altis.

Mmmmmmmaybe 6?
18 Oct 2010
I gotta step it up. Boot me from all of my RPs, and sorry about Coal'd Blood. Feel free to take charge or find greener pastures.
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