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Lambert Caulier, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Staticpulse, Aug 24, 2013.
post Sep 30 2013, 04:09 PM
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Staticpulse @ post: 15803, member: 486")
Name: Lambert Caulier
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Nationality: Plegian
Allegiance: None

Class: Thief
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: Light Swords {E - 0/5}
  • Mercury Dagger: [Bronze Combat Dagger, Poison]
    A simple dagger infused with a fast-acting poison. Act now and you can buy the antidote before you die!
  • Acupuncture Needle: [Bronze Throwing Knife, Piercing]
    These needles have been modified enough to be passable throwing weapons.

Appearance Picture: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Lambert is a thin man who is of average height. His short hair is red and often in various states of dishevelment. A poorly shaven face only adds to his shifty look. His eyes are a bright blue and seem to constantly flit around, as if he were paranoid about something. He also wears thin-rimmed glasses. His nationality can be hard to guess at a glance; his mother hailed from Ylisse and his father is Plegian.

For attire Lambert prefers thin and loose clothing. A thin brown coat covers a mostly-white undershirt. His pants, though made of thicker material, are still loose so as to not restrict his movements. His boots are well worn and are in need of replacing. His coat and undershirt sports several questionable stains of varying discoloration and age.

Lambert, at heart, is a good person. Is it really war profiteering if he is providing medicine to those who need it? Does attempting to sell a dying man the antidote to his own poison count as blackmail? Although his morality might be called into question, he does deal fairly. Though he may look like a con man, he has never scammed a customer.

While he seems like a normal merchant while he is peddling his medicine, in a personal capacity he can be rather nervous around people. Shy and withdrawn, he finds it hard to converse in a normal fashion. When he overcomes this limitation... some people prefer he kept his mouth shut as he can be very sarcastic and rude.

Lambert is the first-born of the rather large Caulier family. In total, he has five other siblings. His parents traveled a lot and they often brag that they have a kid for every major country of note. Lambert himself was born in Plegia, though he doesn't really consider himself loyal to it.

His parents traveled a lot because of his father's occupation, that of a traveling apothecary. His mother was a trained cleric and together they healed the poor and sickly of the world. Their differing nationalities, as well as temperaments, often lead to rough patches between them. Despite all the trouble at home and abroad, they have stuck together.

Lambert was always more interested in his father's alchemy than his mother's staff work. As the first born he was somewhat expected to follow in his father's footsteps, which suited him just fine. From an early age he was tutored by his father in all manner of subjects; Lambert much preferred studying to playing with his siblings and peers and often shut himself away from them.

Presently, his parents have settled down in a little corner of Ylisse to focus on raising their burgeoning family. While his parents continue their respective practices, Lambert got his father's blessing to set off on his own. He is more than a little nervous being on his own in such dangerous times, but he can't stay at home forever.

Lambert is a poor fighter and relies on his wits and his poisons to deal with physical threats. Also running away, he is pretty good at that.

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