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8 Jun 2011
Just thought I'd poke my head back in here and see how everyone's doing. I've had a crazy busy year, but I missed you guys too much to stay away. It's summer now, so I thought I'd make my dramatic re-entrance... I'll be around the blasts more often, most likely, and some new profiles for Skylessia are in the works.

...anyone still remember me? XD
7 Jul 2010
It couldn't have been past four in the morning in the small Devlani village. Owen's eyes flew open as his ears picked up that sound he'd been dreading for weeks. He felt cold and clammy, and he wiped a handful of sweat off the left side of his face. He'd known it was coming, and he'd been too stupid to realize that it would happen now.

Got to get out! He grabbed his coat from a hook on the door. His wife, Elise, lifted her head. "Owen?" she asked sleepily. He didn't respond. The less she knew, the better.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Owen listened again. The clopping of hooves was distinct, and he knew that his time had come. There must have been dozens of them. He grabbed a dagger from the mantle, and ran off to the side entrance of his house, toward the barn. He'd fight them with his dying breaths if he had to. Owen gasped as he opened the door.

A fully armored, six foot tall man stood on the other side of the doorway.

Owen jumped back, shouting with surprise. He turned to run. A strong hand grabbed his arm, and he flailed against his attacker. The armored man was hit square in the jaw.


...ow? That didn't seem very Legion-ish.

"Hey! Take it easy, sir, I'm not here to hurt you," the man said. Owen blinked in surprise. The man's blue eyes held no signs of dishonesty. Still...

"Bullshit! That's what they tell you to make you come quieter."

"Owen? What's going on?" Elise had entered the living room and looked at the men questioningly.

"Get back, Elise!" Owen shouted. At the same time, the man shouted. "I'm not with Devlan!"

Owen turned and looked at the man. "What did you say?"

The man sighed. "I'm not with Devlan. I'm against Devlan."

Owen paused. "Bullshit. No one's against Devlan."

"I am. My name is Ian Cole, sir, and I've come to ask permission to hide me and my men in your barn for the day."

Ian hoped that the man would listen to him. It had been a long night.

Owen looked at him. "Why the hell should I believe you?"

Ian frowned. "I don't like making threats, but the reason I came to you is that I heard rumors you had been blacklisted. If you'd like, I can escort you to the Devlani authorities, Mr. Black."

Owen blanched. Elise frowned. "What the hell is he talking about, Owen?"

Owen began sweating again. It had been the rum's fault, really. He had a few drinks too many, and he said...something bad about their Glorious Ruler, Malakov Sromvoski. He looked at his wife with shame. If there hadn't been those soldiers at the next table over, he would have been ok. His friends wouldn't have gone that sickeningly pale white, and started talking amongst themselves, leaving the bewildered Owen to his own mug.

"He said something against Our Glorious Ruler, Malakov Sromvoski, Miss Black," Ian said, addressing the woman. "Several members of the Legion are in town, and were planning on moving out tomorrow night. Seemed they were going to pay your husband here a visit on the way out of town."

Owen gulped. Elise's mouth fell open. "Owen..."

"I'm sorry, love. I didn't want to tell you. Maybe if they thought you didn't know, they wouldn't come after you too."

"Owen! If a bunch of armed guys came to my house to try to kill you, I'd know about that! I'd try to beat them off, and then we'd both be..." she trailed off. They both looked away from each other.

After a moment, Ian spoke. "I said 'seemed.' It also 'seemed' that their horses may have been stolen by some wily bandits, and they took off in pursuit of those thieves."

Owen blinked several times. "W-what?" he stammered. "How do you know all this?"

Ian smiled. "Some of my men may or may not have been short on horses, so they may or may not have untied them and rode them north of this town, and may or may not have doubled back to meet us."

Owen blinked several more times. "Are... you saying that I'll be ok? That they won't come back?"

Ian shook his head. "Not remotely. They're headed back toward the town as we speak, and they'll be grouchy. More people tend to disappear in the dead of night when the secret police gets grouchy." Owen paled further. "What we did do, however, is buy you some time. They won't get here until tomorrow, and they'll need at least a day to procure new horses."

Owen's eyes narrowed. "What's your angle? What aren't you telling me?"

Ian spread his arms. "In exchange for one day's stay in your barn, we are offering you full protection from the Devlani military to the best of our abilities," Owen smiled in relief. "To do that, you'll need to leave your home and all your belongings and travel with us. If you're willing to leave, then we can help you. If you won't let us stay, we'll find another barn to sleep in, and you'll be on your own."

Owen thought about this. Would he rather be dead or on the run? Th—

"I hope you're not considering this decision without consulting me," Elise said. "I do have some say in whether we run away or not."

Owen blinked again. His eyes were getting tired. "We? Elise, this doesn't c—"

"Doesn't what? Concern me?" she stared at him, her eyes growing narrower and her hands resting firmly on her hips. "It damn well concerns me, and you know it. I just witnessed a conversation between someone marked by the government as a traitor, and some idiot who stole horses from the goddamn Legion. The safest place for me isn't here," she said. Ian raised his eyebrows at the 'idiot.' He supposed, to a certain extent, she was right.

"We're more than happy to offer you protection as well, Miss Black," the knight offered.

"Owen, we should go with them. You've been marked, I'll be marked eventually. At least this way we've got a chance," Elise said. Her husband looked down.

After a long moment of silence, Owen lifted his head. "Alright. You can spend the night in our barn, and we'll come with you when you leave town."

Ian nodded. "A wise choice. You'll be taken care of to the best of our abilities. We'll leave tomorrow night, once we've taken care of the Legion members in this town."

Owen nodded. "What are you going to do during the day? And why aren't you traveling then? The roads are dangerous at night."

Ian looked at him. "They're far more dangerous when people can see you," he said, and walked out the side door, leaving Owen and Elise to comfort each other.

He sighed. That had gone better than he thought it would. He wasn't kidding about the not enjoying making threats, and essentially blackmailing those people into giving him shelter didn't really sit well with him. Still, he had to do what he had to do. And now was the time to do it.

He held his head up high as he entered the barn. The twenty of them or so gathered there looked at him expectantly. "Here for the night, boys. Make yourselves at home." They all looked visibly relieved. It had been a few days since they had shelter, so this was a treat.

By this time, it was almost daybreak. It was time for Ian to explore the town more while his men rested. He donned a tattered brown cloak, pulled the hood over his head, and wandered into the main square.

He took a minute to rest, sitting by the fountain erected in honor of Sromvoski. He gazed up at the visage of the most feared dictator in Skylessia, and grinned.

It had been a fountain like this that brought him here, in Valhassa. He and Callan and Samson had parted ways a month ago. After the events on the Erimate border had occurred, Ian's fervor to fight Devlan had been renewed, and he and Callan worked out an agreement to end his contract. Samson didn't want to get further involved in the national conflict, so he and Ian agreed to part ways. He wasn't sure if he would see them again.

Ian had sailed to Valhassa to do some soul searching, and was visiting an old stomping ground of his when a friend and former subordinate of his turned up near a less-than-complimentary sculpture of Sromvoski. Valhassan art was notorious for thumbing its nose at poltiics. Jason Corriner had been one of Ian's staunchest allies back in his revolutionary days, and was surprised to see his idol alive. He had renounced all ties to the former officer, but was relieved to see him again. The reunion had been short and sweet, and Jason told Ian of a number of men who were still loyal to him. Ian had been surprised, but with some convincing, agreed to return to the main continent to help recruit an army to march on the capital.

Was it reckless? Sure. But Ian was tired of waiting, and the time for action was now.

The problem now was that he didn't have any sort of concrete plan to go by. He was a planner, but there were too many variables left unknown for him to come up with anything feasible so far. Above all, he needed a leader. Someone that the troops could rally behind ideologically as a replacement for the dictator. He could lead men into battle just fine, but he was no politician.

For now, recruiting an army right under Devlan's nose would be enough of a challenge. He'd have to focus on the next steps when he got there.

"Ian," someone said behind him. He jumped, and turned around. Jason was standing there.

"Jason?" he asked. "What are you doing here?"

"I couldn't sleep," he said, pulling his cloak around his face. "I wanted to ask you about some things."

Ian nodded. "What's on your mind?"

"Well, I was just wondering what your plans were. We've got almost two dozen men now, but that won't be nearly enough. We need to demonstrate our prowess in ways that don't attract attention of the military to get some more recruits."

Ian nodded. Corriner would be an excellent strategist someday. "I'm lis—get down!" he shouted, grabbing the young man's cloak and yanking him down. A crossbow bolt whizzed past both of them, and he heard shouting.

"Damn, the Legion's back already," Ian said. "Take cover!" he shouted. Jason rolled behind a plant box as another bolt flew past him.

"That's one of the men who stole my horse!" the man with the crossbow was shouting, his red and white uniform armor shining menacingly. "Someone seize him!"

Ian tore off his cloak and revealed his full armor. His long, metallic blue shield glistened in the light, and he ran forward, clinking all the way. The Legion member gasped and readied his crossbow again, but Ian lowered his shoulder and rammed him with all his might. The man flew through the air, landing in a crumpled heap some distance away.

"Come on, let's go!" he shouted to Jason, who was scrambling to his feet already.

But by then, another five Legion members had shown up, each holding weapons of some sort. Not good. Ian drew his lance, and Jason drew a slim sword from behind his back. It certainly was proving to be an interesting morning.

Enemies: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Valiant x 2
Knight x 2
Mage x 1

Since I don't know who's attacking who, assume the levels are close to your character. I'll have more concrete enemies later.
6 Jul 2010
So, in a similar vein to Spamm's RP, I thought a good conclusion to a lot of the Devlani characters' stories would be to have Sromvoski overthrown. Sromvoski's overthrow has been canonically confirmed by the mods, and James Sromvoski will be the new leader of Devlan. I've already got Jamie on board, so if this is your character's cup of tea, throw your name out here. It'll need to be a fast RP to finish before the August 10 deadline, and I've got a few characters in mind already that I'd like to be in here. Don't worry too much about character level, there'll be plenty of discretion as to the enemies you can fight. Space will probably be limited, but that depends on how many people are interested. Not necessarily first come first serve. Sign up away~

Current Cast:

1.) Ian Cole: Level 19/1 General
2.) James Sromvoski: Level 20/20/1 Bellerophon
3.) Aria Schezobraska: Level 12 Mercenary
4.) Christian Fralsk: Level 20/7 Agent
5.) Serenity Duval: Level 15/1 Skytrooper
6.) Isaac Masterson: Level 1 Myrmidon
7.) Andreas Valentine: Level 18 Huntsman
8.) Vincent Brahms Delavroix: Level 8 Knight

Closed, unless you have a very compelling reason to join. Then I'll consider it if you repay me in sexual favors

When'd the cast list get so big? O.o
16 Jun 2010

Name: Errol Brannock
Age: 23
Homecountry: Olivan
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Build: Lanky like a boss

Class: Archer
Level: 5

Weapons: Flare Bow, Steel Crossbow- D rank
Weapon Levels: Bows: D (0/5)

Appearance: Errol has scruffy orange hair, which, as hard as his staff has tried, remains uncombed constantly. A pair of bright, intelligent blue eyes is the dominant feature on this man's face, second only to a full smile when he decides to do so. His default expression is a playful smirk, unabashed under most circumstances. His clothes reflect his attitude: classy and practical. A bright green tunic/coat thing with a garish purple sash is his standard attire. The gold trim on the tunic and sash are musts, obviously, but the outfit has surprising mobility and breathability. He wears more practical leather pants and shiny black leather boots with gold buckles. They are impeccably shined, and if he happens to soil them, he can always get another pair. No skin off his perfectly average sized nose.

Personality: Errol's personality is twofold. On the surface, there is the cheery, innovative, always optimistic entrepreneur that is responsible for his position in life today. This man is all about humor. In battle, this humor has been known to disarm many a foe, causing fatal miscalculations in gauging Errol's strength. He is a risk-taker, and often makes the first move in unfamiliar decisions. His decisions are thought out, to some extent, but not to the intricate level of detail as many of his financial advisors would like. He's incredibly flirtatious, and has been known to bed many a woman based on his charm alone. His money probably doesn't hurt, though.

Errol, at heart, is a businessman and a warrior. A pretty dangerous combination. In his book, that means that if you cross him, he will ruin you. Give him some bad information? Steal from a client? Cause unnecessary casualties? Errol has the resources to hunt you down, find you, and then hire someone to break your sorry behind. He rewards loyalty almost like a mob boss, but doesn't engage in any sorts of illegal activities. He holds grudges like nobody's business—not to the point of wangst, but he has a very good memory. If he has a tragic or fatal flaw, it is that his dogged relentlessness that got him where he is in the world prevents from letting things go.

Bio: Errol Brannock is made of money. He was born into money, raised in a rich, nurturing environment, and is currently has more money than he knows what to do with. By some miracle of nature, he isn't a total prick about it.

This is largely due to his father. A self-made merchant living in Olivan with a penchant for innovation, Kiefer Brannock made it big after a number of his inventions started selling like hotcakes in Val Mae. International trade was up, and business was booming. The Brannock estate was growing practically by the second, and young Errol was born just as the upswing began.

A lesson that was drummed into the young boy's head was that hard work beats everything. Brains, intuition, anything can be overcome if you work hard enough was what Kiefer told him. The elder Brannock also instructed Errol that life didn't have to look like this—weekly outings into the poor streets of their city to purchase bread for the homeless taught Errol a sense of humility that many young boys of his stature did not obtain. His mother held his hand as he held out the offerings to the desolate. It is an image that he carries with him today.

But life, essentially, was good. And, unlike the angst-ridden backstory of many an RP character, life stayed good.

In fact, life got better. Errol began to grow bored with just his studies, and, with encouragement from his father, started to study the martial arts. There was something about the calculative nature of archery that appealed to him, and as long as he worked as hard as humanly possible on it, his father would support the lessons he took from Olivan's finest instructors.

At this point, Errol began to notice the inefficiencies of the system. The system, that is, by which adventurers and mercenaries find work. He realized that the unreliable news from a barkeep who had been sampling mead could cause delays in how quickly a job got done. And if this particular job involved protecting citizens, the results could be disastrous, to the point of unnecessary loss of life. Unwarranted death, to Errol, became an inefficiency, one that he vowed to eradicate.

He devised a new system. By hiring numerous private investigators throughout Olivan, he attempted to revolutionize the way information was spread. Multiple sources looked at single complaints, and no town, big or small, was ignored in the quest for information. Trustworthy agents of his began to set up shop in several Olivanese townships nearby, and Errol established the first ever Brannock Information Kiosk, or BIK. His agents received reports from his private information network, and then passed along said information, for a fee.

To his dismay, it got a pretty slow start. People already had ways to get information about quests and such—why pay a fee for some fancy looking kiosk? But then mercenaries started to try using the BIKs, and cited that they were able to complete their jobs more efficiently. Then the commonplace adventurer started to try it, and the wannabe swordsman, and even the disgruntled squire. People were helping other people, and knew who to bring along, what they would need, and exactly what should be done when they arrived.

Errol, meanwhile, reaped the substantial profits from this endeavor, to his father's unending approval.

Unfortunately, after a while he got restless. Eager to prove his merit as a fighter as well as an entrepreneur, he set off to see if the BIKs were actually working as well as they said they did. He feared that his archery skills were not as they once were, and he views his latest enterprise as his most interesting one yet.

Additional Notes/Comments: Tends to talk about inefficiency a lot. With disgust.

Also, while this is technically the same character from the Wardea era, all of his levels have gone to Ian, previously. This character is totally redone.
10 Jun 2010
"Hey, I'm not down yet! Just gotta... pick up my entrails, is all!"
--the inimitable Ellis Nineveh on Skylessia his battle wounds.

Skylessia is a Play by Post Game based on the popular Turn Based Strategy game series Fire Emblem. It is hosted on the website Fire Emblem Planet, or FEP, a fansite for Fire Emblem that has a fairly large sprite collection, official media gallery, and all sorts of other fun stuff. The RP originally started as a text-based RP set in Elibe, home of Fire Emblem 6 and 7, with heavy influences drawn from 7 in particular, but has since evolved into several iterations of Fire Emblem-esque worlds. Skylessia is the most recent incarnation, and shares many elements of the game that it was originally based on...

Has a character sheet...!: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Aria Schezobraska: Bearach VictoireEsperina Escalanza:Freya Lafayette:Ian Cole:
  • The Alcoholic: Used to be this after being betrayed by his country, but he got better and vowed to stop drinking again. He's had one drink since, and that was when he thought he was going to freeze to death in a blizzard.
  • Blue Eyes: of the icy and piercing variety.
  • The Captain: Was this in the Devlani military, before he was blacklisted as an insurrectionist.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Doesn't say much, but when he does it sometimes falls into this category.
  • Defector From Decadence: Starts speaking out against the oppressive government after a member of his batallion kills an innocent woman. It doesn't go very well.
  • Heroic BSOD: Experiences one while living in Valhassa after getting thrown overboard of a ship and left for dead. He gets better.
  • The Stoic: Mostly, but lately that's been changing as he's been dealing with Devlan directly.
[/list]Kallis Macgregor:Kraid Kaflar:Mairenn TrenorRenoir Fasutoia:Roc Skymir:Sithmaith Brady:Veika Steinhart:

Like what you see? Here's just a sampling of what could be your new Skylessia TvTropes page! For those of you not in the know, TvTropes is a website that is difficult to describe, but enjoyable to experience. Simply put, it is an informal wiki that boils down the essential plot/characterization elements into "tropes," is responsible for many a wasted hour for those who have already discovered it. It'd probably be much easier to link to it, so here it is.

Anyways, what I am proposing here (with help from Echo) is that we start our own Skylessia page on TvTropes. This will potentially address several problems: 1) it will give the current members something to do with Sky that is enjoyable and easy to participate in, 2) it will probably help establish some of the canon of Sky in an easy to view way, and 3) it has the possibility of attracting new members! All of these things would help in the activity department (although things do seem to be getting busier).

So! The purpose of this here topic is to brainstorm tropes we can include on the page once we open it. Here is the list thus far. Feel free to add to it!
  • Action Girls a-plenty
  • Action Heroes, too
  • Aerith and Bob: Many characters have fairly mundane names (Ian, Chris, Holly), while others have more unconventional ones (Syntyche, Tzofiya, Yngvildr)
  • A God Am I: The self-proclaimed God-Emperor of Xun Alartia.
  • The Alcatraz: The Isla del Fuego
  • All There in the Manual: The Repository
  • Anti Hero: It is possible to have a character be this, but there is alot of them... at least this troper thinks the last time he checked.
  • An Axe To Grind: A large number of classes, in traditional FE-style, use axes.
  • BFS: Zweihander, Durandal, Gurgurant, Exaccus
  • Big Bad: No straight-cut examples, but Malakov Sromvoski seems to fit this to a majority, and then there's the Akasha. As well, most characters' personal arcs have their own Big Bads - some that overlap.
  • Blade on a Stick: See An Axe to Grind, and then switch axes to lances.
  • Boisterous Bruisers also abound
  • Bow and Sword in Accord Nomad Troopers, Agents, and Bahadurs
  • Breath Weapon: Dragons and Manakete, but not wyverns. Fire is most common, but the Manakete ability Alternate Breath can let them use other elements instead.
  • Call to Adventure: Usually the reason (among its subtropes) why a motley band of mostly strangers are all together in an RP.
  • Cap Levels are capped at 20 for the first two tiers, and 5 for third tier.
  • Character Development: Kind of the idea behind the RP.
  • Character Level
  • Cool Sword: Partly due to the preference of swords as the weapon of choice for the characters in the GBA games, there is an alarmingly high number of swords available in the RP compared to the other physical weapon choices.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Mostly averted with F-rank weapons; weapons available for any class to use. They're not always very effective though...
  • Doomed Hometown: A plot mechanic in a number of PCs backstories
  • Dragon Riders: Any class with a Wyvern mount.
  • Defector from Decadence: A number of characters desert the Devlani army, or reject court life in their home countries.
  • Disappeared Dad: A number of characters have this in their backstory.
  • Dual Wielding: It happens.
  • Escort Mission: The premise behind a number of RPs.
  • Estrogen Brigade Bait: An alarming number of female NPCs and PCs seem to flock to Vadim Itzal.
  • Five Man Band: RP Parties usually end up becoming this.
  • Fragile Speedsters: Myrmidons, Huntsmen, Pegasus Knights, Pegasus Riders, Thieves
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Katti, Wo Dao, Killing Edge, and Sol Katti, while not katanas in name, could all arguably qualify.
  • Knight in Shining/Sour Armor: Many characters, not just the knight class, fit into this, depending on where they fall on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism.
  • Kuudere: A fair number of female characters are this, combined with a few defrosting ice queens here and there.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Every user can eventually earn up to 4 different character slots to use, and start off with two. The census is pretty substantial.
  • Light Is Good/Dark Is Evil: Light magic spells are largely based on faith and positive emotions, while Dark magic spells focus on destructive power and ill intent. The simple fact of using Dark magic can have a corrupting influence on the caster. However...
  • Light Is Not Good/Dark Is Not Evil: Light magic can easily be used for selfish and destructive ends while Dark magic users can be quite pleasant. It's entirely up to the individual; there are plenty of examples of all of these tropes.
  • Mad Lib Fantasy Titles: A large number of RP threads have names of this nature.
  • Mighty Glacier: Knights tend to be played this way.
  • Minored in Ass Kicking: A number of the more scholarly type characters can deliver a surprisingly effective beatdown, to the surprise of other PCs and enemies.
  • Mooks: These you'll most likely be facing in a standard RP from bandits to whatever can be stockpiled into an enemy.
  • Named Weapons: Almost all S-rank weapons are named, and some characters give names to their normal weapons.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Manakete are even more varied here than in the games. Some skills available include the ability to use their breath weapon in human form (Dragontongue), selectively shifting body parts to dragon form while in human form (Partial Transformation), and even having multiple heads in dragon form (Hydra Blood).
  • Power Equals Rarity: Imported from the GBA games, the S-rank and some A-rank weapons require mod permission to use.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Applies in some cases.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Several pairs of characters that travel together tend to be like this.
  • Sinister Scythe: The regular scythe and Dread Scythe.
  • Warrior Prince/Princess: One Zelena Svanhildur applies among several others.
  • Whip It Good: Whips are available as an F-rank weapon.
The list goes on... Brainstorm away!

Edit, 6/11/10: added a bunch of tropes. I also have BFS, Blade on a Stick, and Cool sword in the post, but for some reason the board isn't showing it.
Echo edit, same day: You forgot the " at the end of the URLs. DON'T DO THAT. Fixed that and added some more.
Cless Edit, 6/12/10 8:50 AM EST: Rearranged into alphabetical order and added in some tropes.
Destinedit: 6/12/10 2:32 PM EST: added a few of Andy's and Cap's suggestions, but not all since I couldn't think of examples off the top of my head.
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