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Al the Killer
But killing's no fun when the heroes are none.
28 years old
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10 Sep 2011
So possibly going to be a three parter RP for Limius' S rank weapon Nidhogg. The first RP will have to do with a ghost assassin/sniper terrorizing Marcelli towns while some Nagarathi shit goes down as well. If it turns into a three or even two parter the RPs after this one will take place in Nagarath, while this one will be somewhere in Marcelli.

I appreciate decent posting rates however I cannot guarantee that I will be able to follow my own strict rules as I will be fairly busy for the next eight or so weeks. I'll take however many people I feel like for this as well, and can probably accomodate most levels.

It will also include some stuff about the assassination of the Alacian king from the end of Gen I, if anyone is interested in having their character explore that however insignificant it may seem.
13 Aug 2011
So for those of you who don't know what Copious Cliches is, its an RP I ran a while back just for fun and it ended up having a sequel. I'd like to run another one in RoE just to help my character get off the ground. If anyone is interested, especially people who were in the others, then let me know and you will likely get in. I'm anal about posting, so make sure you dont keep me/us waiting more than a day or two, or I'm just going to skip you. I like to post fast and I like it when others do as well. This will probably be taking place around Etruria somewhere.

1. Neuro Carossan lvl 7 Mage - Al the Killer
2. Cirr lvl 1 Mage - Foe
3. Ihsan lvl 15 Theif - Rook
4. Tycho lvl 1 Peg Knight - Bro
5. Klaus lvl 8 Dancer - Echo
9 Aug 2011
Name: Neuro Carossan
Title: Brawler Mage
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Etruria
Nation/Group of Allegiance: N/A

Class: Mage
Level: 7
Weapon Levels: Anima: D
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Fire Finger Death Punch - Intermediate Anima
Close Range, Impact

Flames form around the caster's hand. The flames act almost as if they are solid when they make contact with something, inflicting damage both with fire and brute force.
Flaming Toes of Torching - Intermediate Anima
Close Range, Impact

Identical to Fire Finger Death Punch save the effect forms around the feet of the caster.
Flame Burst - Intermediate Anima
Close Range, Amalgamation (Fire, Wind)

Flames form around the caster's hand or foot. Upon punching or kicking, the flames shoot outward a short distance, allowing for bursts of flame. The caster can fire several small bursts or single large bursts with a casting.
Fire Mine - Intermediate Anima
Delayed, Area of Effect

The caster can place a small orb of flame at a location which after a few seconds will detonate in a fiery explosion, searing anyone it touches. Can in a sense be attached to a target if necessary.
Suffocating Flames - Intermediate Anima
Close Range, Imploding

The caster creates an orb of heat and smoke around the target’s body, head, or wherever the spell connects. The orb slowly collapses around the focal point of the spell, suffocating or burning the victim.
Bad Touch - Intermediate Anima
Close Range, Mercy

A small spark forms at the tip of the caster‘s finger. When the caster touches someone with the flame, that point on their body begins to heat up and feel as if it is on fire, burning from the inside out. Nonlethal, though it can cause nerve damage.

Height: 5'9" or ~1.75 Meters

Build: Lanky and Lean

Appearance: Neuro is of a relatively normal build - he is not overly muscular, but he has the strength and dexterity of someone who fights with their hands. He has somewhat long arms and legs for his height.

He is generally bald except for a small black bit of hair in the back which he usually has tied into a ponytail. He is often seen with one or both of his eyebrows missing due to the nature of the way he uses magic. He also usually has bandages or burns along his arms due to this as well.

Neuro wears a set of sleeves, dark green robes which allow for a decent amount of movement of the legs, and he wears several leather bands around his wrists and legs and each of them is adorned with a small gem which he uses as the foci for his spell casting. His feet or adorned with a pair of leather boots which he would normally remove before a fight when given the option.

Overview: Neuro is rash and loud. He wasn't raised to have good manners and even after he had 'grown up' his temperamental attitude and immature mannerisms remained with him - something that backfires on him constantly. Neuro is good-hearted for the most part, though his actions or his temper may not show it - he usually has the well-being of others in mind, though he is often self-serving regardless.

Biography: Neuro was born in a relatively poor part of Etruria, and as such he had a poor childhood. He often got in fights with other children and both gave and received many beatings because of it. While the fights were often over pointless, petty squabbles or to solve worthless disputes between young, ignorant children, they forced neuro to become reliant on his ability to fight. He took a great liking fighting - so much so that he spent most of his time trainign in some form or another, whether it was simply punching a wall or punching a face.

His family played a relatively small role in his life - he would often leave home for days at a time, even at a young age, so as to avoid the havoc and troubles with his parents, who struggled to handle themselves, let alone raise a child. He didn't mind it so much - he was able to make friends whose families treated him well enough, and he was more than capable of living on the streets, whether he had to hide from those who do harm to him or sleep on a roof.

When he was thirteen he found himself in a library in one of the larger cities. He didn't know why he ended up there, but he found that he was fascinated by the idea of magic. He had been taught to read by the parents of one of the friends he had made, and while he wasn't the best at it he could get by somewhat.

He read as much as he could understand of what he found in the library. His mind full of a little bit of the knowledge he was able to glean and his intrigue piqued to a height he hadn't really experienced before, he made plans to travel to the capital of Etruria. It was a place he had always wanted to go, and now that he actually had a purpose, he was eager now more than he ever was to make the journey.

Unfortunately, due to issues within his home and the issue of actually having enough money to eat while away, he was unable to leave for three years. At age sixteen, he set off. Aquleia was intimidating, to say the least. He had never really been to a place of it's magnitude, and he found that he loved it. He was there to find a master, or at least someone who would teach him the basics of magic. By some stroke of luck he managed to find one - someone in Aquleia found the dirty, scrappy kid from no where to have some sort of potential. That or the man was out of his mind.

Regardless of why, the man taught Nuero the basics of spell-casting. Though he was largely left to figure out his own style, the man taught him how to use foci and how to bend different elements to one's will. The man didn't teach Neuro for long - only about a year or so, but it was enough for him to learn the basics.

Neuro developed a very odd form of casting - he used the hand-to-hand fighting that he had developed while growing up and coupled it with his new ability to cast simple spells. He learned that he could funnel his spells to be concentrated around his hands and feet, aided by the foci that he used in leather bracelets, preferring them over a tome or rod of some sort.

This kind of casting was not without consequence, however. His affinity for fire magic and his style of magic led to many burns - flames would often lick at his hands or scorch his hair while he was learning to hone his abilities. As such he has taken a few precautions - he learned that he preferred being balled over the smell of burning hair, and he wears bandages and other wrapping around his hands and up to his elbows to provide some protection there.

After remaining within Aquelia for several years, practicing magic and learning from any who would teach him, Neuro decided to go out into the world at the age of twenty. He continues to travel, taking up mercenary work and enjoying money in amount he had never really been able to enjoy before, despite the fact that mercenary work didn't always pay very well.

12 Jul 2011
Gayne slammed the butt of his lance into the dusty ground as he waited just outside a small tavern in the small town of Dumark in the southeastern part of Western Araducia, along the border.. The job he was on wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to - it was an escort request. Ever since he had left the army he had found that he was best suited for these kinds of things - his armor and size seemed to draw people to want to hire him. It wasn’t as if this was a bad thing - in fact far from it, as he always found that he had some source of work and managed to get enough money so that he could get by.

This particular escort apparently required more than just him to come along. He was normally the only person asked to do the job, though it seemed as if this one might have been a little bit bigger in scope. The man who had hired him, who’d only given his name to be Joseph, had also hired several others to take part. He was transporting some documents along the border of Western Araducia and The Wilds to one of the rulers of one of the nearby fiefdoms, and had apparently received threats against his life from a sniper a few days earlier. He was more worried about the pay than he was about whether or not he could do the job.

Like he was want to do, Gayne had arrived earlier than was required. He was always one to be prompt - it was something that he prided himself on. It was better to be early than late. Gayne soon found out that Joseph was a crotchety old bastard and he soon regretted showing up as early as he did. It was all he could do to grin and bear it as he listened to the man babble on about things he didn’t care about.

“This really a big enough job to hire more than one person?” he asked Joseph, not even sure if the threats were valid enough to pay attention to.

“Of course! This is my life we’re talking about! I have the money and I sure as hell am not going to throw all of my eggs in one basket!”

Gayne grunted and slammed the butt of his lance into the ground again out of frustration.
11 Jul 2011
Looking to start an RP for my fourth. It will be in Western Araducia and be some sort of an escort mission kind of thing. Ill take 3 or 4 other people. Just know that if you join I expect a decent posting pace - none of this 3-4 days with no posts bs unless you have a legitimate excuse and its a rare occurance. 1 post a day would be baller yo.
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