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2 Aug 2010
Do you believe that whether someone is constituted as a good or bad person is because of what they do, or what their intentions are. In case you don't know exactly what I'm talking about I'm going to give two examples that I might get hate mail because of.

#1 Hitler. I don't think there are many people that would say that Hitler was a good person, but when you think about it it's highly unlikely that he did what he did for selfish reasons. From what we know of who Hitler was we can assume that he did what he did because he believed that Germany was in fact the master race and the best thing to happen to the world would be under one government. Even the genocide can be put into pure motives, he honestly believed that the Jewish people were a threat and were attempting to take over the world in order to exploit people.

#2 Well as long as I'm making people who hate Hitler mad. . .Pope Benedict IX. He was accused of murder and adultery, including rape sodomy bestiality and hosting a number of orgy's. This is the person that also said it was okay to kill homosexuals, and adultery, who wasn't supposed to marry in his life. So he said to kill people who were doing the same immoral things he was doing. This is the person who helped a number of monks who were in need of help by asking a number of barons to build much needed monasteries.
1 Aug 2010
Name : Alaster Khmer
Age: 16
Home Country: Arad'uun
Affinity: Fire
Gender: Male
Height: 5,8
Build: Thin and slightly muscular in a lean way
Class: Mage
Level: 3
Weapons: Fire, Aero, and a Knife
Weapon Level: Anima D

Appearance: His face is round and boyish making him seem a few years younger than he really is. Alaster has eyes that change between blue and green from day to day. He wears a dark red brown shirt and trousers that hang a little loosely from his from. He also wears a brown weather worn cloak, and dark leather boots, and gloves. He has about shoulder length dark brown hair, almost black. Unless traveling he has his hair in a ponytail to keep it from getting in his eyes. The ends of his hair appear visibly singed by fire, and he usually smells of soot or smoke. Most of his clothing his weather worn except for his leather gloves which look brand new, and undamaged, he always wears gloves unless fighting so as not to damage them accidentally with his attacks.

Personality: Normally quiet and reserved, the few who know him think him closer to a madman that what is thought of as a Mage. He is generally spontaneous and has a somewhat skewed vision of the world around him. Both being the ultimate cynic and always hopeful for the best in humanity, he suffers from sudden changes in perspective and mood causing him to get in trouble more often than he should. More often than not his will choose to do something out of necessity and half way through decide it was not the right thing to do and switch sides, causing him to not stay in any one place fore an extended period of time. He is fiercely loyal to those who have showed any kind of honor and is afraid to risk his life for another, as he sees little value in his life.

Bio: Alaster was born if a fairly small superstitious town, his father being a blacksmith and being relatively well off early in life. He has never had any formal training in The art of magic. Through the years he learned to control it to an extent but never has been able to learn any more than the most basic of spells and the occasional trick. His parents, and the other people in his village were distant towards him believing that he was unnatural and could hurt them. Fairly early in life he learned to be cynical and believe that people at their hearts are inherently evil. At the age of 14 he accidentally burned down a large portion of the town, after this he was run out of town and has been forced to make a living on the kindness of strangers and the sharpness of his wit. For a short time he was associated with a group of brigands and thieves in the forest until one day he had enough and set the camp ablaze. Due to this he is unwelcome in most of the southern part of Arad'uun by both authorities and criminals. He now uses what skills he learned from the robbers to keep himself alive in his travels. He has also picked up how to do street tricks from various bards and such he has traveled with. From these people he learned the beauty of life and has learned to hope for the best in people but prepare for the worst out of them. Over the years he has tried to better himself at his magic but has made little progress, relying more on his knife, though when push comes to shove it's usually his magic that saves his life.
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