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fire emblem genius, try me ;)
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try me ;)
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13 Nov 2011
When you are making a new squad what is the essence of it?
What are your thoughts, do you think "I need at least 3/3 physical/magical, at least 2 mounted units, at least 2 staffers, etc"

Do you even put much though behind it, or just put together some random units that fits the characteristics of anime/movie/games characters.

- Do you think differently between 4,6,8,10 man squads?
- Certain classes a must?
- Certain skills a must?
- Weapon triangle, weapon availability on your squad?
- Unit build, tanky, glassy, both?

What is your favorite squad, and why?
Basically what I'm asking is, what are your "key-structures"? For your ultimate squad set up.
I'm curious how people think about this... (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/x3.gif)
10 Jul 2011
The battle http://feto.feplanet.net/battle/113879
Battle log, turn 1 Hitsugaya. I got the choice to move all my units twice... I ended my turn twice, it even says so in the battle log.
26 Apr 2011
I got a friend to notice FETO. However when he registered he never got his validation e-mail.
Is there any connections to SaS leaving, or are we just being impatient (He registered 10 minutes ago).

I doubt is has any connections to SaS leaving, I bet there has come some newbies...

Any tips?

Oh yeah, we might use the same IP-Address.
I'm sure you know I wouldn't use another account for my own benefits.
27 Sep 2010
I just made this thread because I want some FETO'ers to come up with crazy squad ideas.

I have some 'symbol' squads Dark Blue Dark Knight X3 all holding a blue gem, thus the name 'Dark Blue'... I also made them because dark knights are on of the best classes for unprompted gameplay. (Although I could do over kill and made 6 dark knights (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/xD.gif) ).

I also got Silver Draco Trio squad. 3 Draco's all holding a white silver gem. Therefor the name silver draco trio...

I want you to post some crazy ideas, it can be anything!
For example 10 druids (Need moar druidz (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/blargagh.gif) )

Or maybe a 'Go, go, go critt luck team' full of crittmasters and 5/5/5 mages.

Tell me about your crazy ideas! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

I had a lot of money and wanted to make some new squads.... So yeah...
27 Jun 2010
It should show the stat calc instead of that annoying other way... That would also help people that doesn't know about that stat calc, or find out about it later and then need to buy 6+ master scrolls for 3500 each or wait 6+ weeks...

It would also speed up when you're making characters.
Me for example I always write the builds like this.
Wyv. Fighter -> Wyv. Knight [Defencive]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/5%]: 60.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SKL [2/17.5%]: 26.00
SPD [1/10%]: 28.00
DEF [0/2.5%]: 26.00
RES [1/17.5%]: 19.00
LCK [0/0%]: 11.00

Then I have to see on this while making my character... It takes longer time and sometimes I make mistakes.
It would be enough to show lvl 20 and lvl 20/20 stats if that's easier.

Catch my drift?
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