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King of Knights
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King of Knights


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23 Jun 2012
Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing tourney's and auctions going on. So if someone wants to catch me up, on what's happened recently that makes tourneys and auctions possible, I would love it.
5 Sep 2011
Ahhh, One of the hardest thread's I'll ever end up making. I can still remember my first battle oh well. Not that it matter's. But it look's like I'm takin off, highschool starts in 2 day's got sports and real life. FETO'S just not worth keepin up with. Well if you have noticed this thread mean's I'm leaving. Will I check in once in a while I dunno I'll try to I guess. IT must have been 2 year's by now right? maybe more. Well I'd like to say I've gotten to know you all which I kinda did. So this is a pretty lame goodbye, I dunno can't be bothered to write anything to sappy.

Speedy- Looks like I won't be co-clan leader anymore huh? I'd at least want a shrine Hmph maybe youre not too sad right now but if you finish code geass someday and like it then I suppose it's my going away gift. Like seriously that's the only thing I ask. Haha, Good Luck with Chrono warrior's I hope you see it through to the end.

(Well no one else is realy active)

Rika- Well hmmmm, back in old feto I would have beaten you with my eyes closed. Nowadays there's not many who dare to challenge you. You truly are a great tactition. Even though we didn't talk much it's still sad to say goodbye.

Kyrpto- Well kyrpto I like to think of you as the most sturdy person on FETO constantly delivering excellent battle's and team work, Keep it up!

Anyone else <3 No but seriously if I didnt mention you I'll still miss you I just didn't think you were active off the top of my head.

And to all the newbies I recruited to chrono warrior's may you prosper and grow so all of you one day rival me! Haha.

Yep it's goodbye, I dunno if I changed anything on FETO or FEP But I'm sure I eventually will or at least something endless possibilities, I wanna see what I can do, So Goodbye to all! All though it look's like I'm kinda excited to leave I'm actually quite depressed I'll try to check in.

Until Then See ya later, Buddy.
22 May 2011

*Insert Picture with multiple Clan Sig's Here*

This is the recruiting contest Corner!Here we will wage war in a battle of recruitment.

Achievement's: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Adding up[i/]- 1 Recruit(for own clan) +5 Point's
[i]Good Sportsmanship
- 1 Recruit for someone else's clan. + 10 Point's
Persistant Recruit 3 Member's to any clan in one day +15 Point's
One man can change the world 15 Recruit's in one week +30 Point's

More to Come~

Wait a minute......What is this?

I'm glad you asked this is a clan battling topic where each clan member record's his recruit's. In doing this you add Point's to the total score of youre clan. There is no, You hit 600 Point's you win, it will more likely be a week of recruiting to see who can recruit the most member's.

Do I have to participate?

No, You do not, If it is not your wish to join this then you do not have to.

What if my Clan does not want to participate in this event?

Then you can be put down as you own category and all your scores will just be added to you.

Wait a minute What do we get if we win?

For one you, or your clan will get the Honorary title, of Best Recruiter's. The player with the most recruit's in the winning team get's some kind of banner I may make probably have something like *Insert Clan Name here* Top Recruiter! And your clan will get the highest spot in the recruiting section in the Pub (If it's ok with speedy)

One More question why are you doing this? you don't care about people.

I don't that's why I'm doing this for FEPlanet. I want more people on the forum's and Feplanet to become extremly active at least making SAS Notice us again.

Also if some clan (TSK Mint's Ninja's) Would like to join this and I did not List them Please post saying so.
7 Mar 2011
Almost 24 hours ago I started 12 1 vs 1 matches...Funny how no one joined. If it was unpromoted there's a good chance it would start.
But No.
12 BATTLES????????
Sounds Like madness but if none started I'm really starting to doubt the fact anyone is really playing.
That or everyone is scared of me
30 Jan 2011
Why is this in batte discussion because more people i know will see it here.


HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I missed you all (and music)

Lokk foward to battling again ^^
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FETO needs our narutard back!
13 Mar 2012 - 21:37
http://forums.feplanet.net /index.php?showtopic=49251':D
29 Feb 2012 - 18:20
OMFG you're still alive D:
26 Jan 2011 - 20:48
King of Knights
Pbood don't take it personally it's mostly based on Old FETO Cept speedy XP and hi remawhatever lol
25 Apr 2010 - 18:50
Hi my new friend :D
23 Apr 2010 - 21:35


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