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1 Nov 2012
PSInfo headquarters. Most likely, none of the students had ever heard of PSInfo, since it was nothing more than a start-up, fairly small time operation dedicated to gathering, aggregating and selling information on the state's public sector. The building itself was...unique and, more than that, it was unusual for such a small scale business to even have an entire building rather than just a simple office downtown. Given its location in relation to the city proper and the general nature of its business, it was rare that anybody other than PSInfo employees would find their way onto its lot.

And yet, at least two different groups, not an employee among them, would find themselves drawn toward these headquarters they had no logical reason to visit.

Group: Anthony, Carmine, Layla

Called out to the location by fairies, little information on it given, the building itself was likely a surprise. Surrounded by mostly overgrown blacktop stood what was once a movie theater but was now a big, boxy building in an uneven state of disrepair. The entrance, marked with the letters PSI and newer looking glass doors, and the area around it looked fine enough, but the majority of the building had ivy growing along its side, broken windows and gaps in the brick. Nothing about it seemed safe.

"Okay! Looks like you've arrived!" an obnoxiously high-pitched voice called out from the group's trinkets, "Doesn't it look like such a fun place for adventures?! You guys get to be the heroes, rushing in to save the captives from the evi—owwww! Hey, don't pull on my wiiiii—"

From there, the voice cut out.

Group: Clyde, Gail, Patricia

Called out to the location by Professor Steinhardt, all relevant information given before departure, the building should have been less than surprising. The portion of the building without broken windows and gaps in the bricks was the space marked as 'PSInfo headquarters', the rest of it left to rot, sealed off from the inside. Strings had been pulled to ensure the lot was subdivided such that it didn't matter that the majority of the building wasn't up to standards. It was rare for anybody to check or care about what went on in the unmaintained portion.

"We don't know whether or not the demons we're after have infiltrated the company itself, but they are somewhere within that building, according to our oracles. As we went over before, these demons can operate through humans so it would be best to think of every person you encounter as hostile...though don't act too rashly—we can only handle so much cleanup.

"Above all else, stick together. Whether you investigate outside the company or within first, that's your call, but I've already arranged for you all to be let inside as students from Sunrise's sociology department. It's to your judgement, but please do try to recover the missing students."

That was the long and short of what the professor had said before dropping them off. In the several days since he'd 'initiated' his new students, he'd done his best to go over the basics and get them used to working with each other and with their new weapons, but in the end it would all be up to them as to how their first real test would go.

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It's hard getting back into this writing thing. Think I re-wrote this at least four times before deciding on this beginning. Basically, you're all outside the building, but not at the same time. I rolled a die and it said clyde, gail and patricia's group arrived first so I guess it might be best to wait for a round from them before the other group posts, just in case they do anything to the outside or something.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the discussion thread. Especially the professor's group...since your characters might've had questions for him that he would have answered. I'll try to post a summary of information you might have gotten from/after both threads in the discussion too, to help things along.

13 Oct 2012
What's Once Lost

A week has passed since reports of bus accidents, sudden renovations to the Arts and Science building, and missing contest winners, among other things, began appearing in the local papers. Of all the odd occurrences, only the talk of missing people really stood out, airing on news stations across the state and, here and there, even out of state given the breadth of those gone missing. Because of the gravity and drama of that particular occurrence, it overpowered and completely overshadowed all of the others for most of the population.

As had always been the case, ten students were randomly selected for a special tour of the recreational center at the beginning of the year, a tour with a prize of 'free passes to every class' for all who suffered through it. This year, though, every student went missing on the date of the tour. The center's martial arts instructors as well as the tour guide, Mary James, were the last ones to see the students before their disappearance, implicating them as prime suspects. The town was alight with gossip, the media stirring things up further; the usual game began, that of guessing which of the current suspects had to have without a doubt done it.

But, some students had an idea as to what actually happened, only a little guessing required. One handful of such students had its possible suspicions confirmed via a high-pitched, valley-girl voice randomly coming out of what should otherwise have been small trinkets. "So much super-fun stuff happening, LOL. Will totally have an adventure for you soon! Cya," the voice exclaimed, more likely than not at a fairly inappropriate moment. Another handful got its update via text message: "we're monitoring the missing people case and will update you once we learn more, but until then do your best to cut down on the negativity surrounding it".

Call to Action:
Post here if you're interested still and we can figure a few other things out. Basically, this thread will serve to either pull the two separate groups together or pit them against each other if things go horribly, horribly wrong. Both will have the same -general- goal of finding the missing people from that other thread I started with donny and rock but never finished, but some specific details might be different.

What you might want to fill in/decide on now is what your characters have been doing in the week since the last threads. Did they all exchange numbers? Meet up? Go on with life as normal? Bunch of other things. On my end, I have to figure out what the fairies or the cult organisation might've sent or done in the interum week beyond the one message I gave above.
16 Jul 2012
The last couple months have been pretty stressful on my end, but things should settle down once school starts.

Long story short, both my family and I have had a string of financial setbacks so I've been working a ton more than the original 20 hour weeks I had planned. Pretty much been my usual tiling, painting, carpet removing, wood floor sanding, carpet cleaning, room/sale organising, etc. stuff during the day and my original summer job writing programs after I get home, since I was lucky enough to be able to work at home for that unless I need to demo stuff for potential changes.

Even though I now have enough set aside to at least fill in the gaps made by drops in scholarship money, I can't see myself being able to rest easy enough to have the kind of time I'd want for RPing around here and likely won't until I stop taking jobs when school starts. Not that I haven't had any free time at all, but for me RPing always was a bit stressful, though not in a bad way when I was wanting for more stress; just, for a while longer, I'll be minimizing additional stress as much as possible.

Hopefully I'll have something neat to show you guys once I'm ready to start posting again, since I've still been using my free time to write whenever I can or work on art and stuff, since I still find those types of more solitary things calming. Right now all I can show is this rough draft of a map, since anything more solid and info based is still a huge work in progress and in more of a 'write as much as you can without cutting things for consumption' state.

Actually been wanting to log into here sooner but...uh, the cookie expired some time after I first became busy and I was blanking on the password. Not that I tried too terribly hard, but it was kind of like few tries -> raeg and then I didn't really think about it again until today when, much calmer, I remembered. Pretty much safe to consider all of the threads I had been in over and I can only imagine SMT is about to die, but if you guys do want to wait until mid-late august I'd be willing to start another thread then. If not, there are a few other options we can explore depending on how you're feeling about it all:

1) I can try to get in touch with you guys. If you want to start something now and somebody wants to run the thread, preferably somebody without a character or somebody who wouldn't mind their character sitting out, I'll try to be on AIM so we can talk about thread ideas/general flow. Though, given what I had planned for this round in a more general sense, most any idea will work as long as it meets this one condition: the characters from both threads discover each other after both being sent to the same place. In terms of keeping to expected plot, the group from my thread will have been given as much information as possible via their benefactors/phones, whereas the group from vel's thread will receive thought-messages through the necklaces. The pixies will point them in the right direction, but be kind of annoying/cryptic about it.

2) You can not talk to me, have somebody run something and then I'll make sense of it/connect it to the greater plot when I get back. Might be fun. Only thing I can say about where I was going with the overall story was that it's more P2/SMT than P3 or P4, with some P3/P4 things automatically there by virtue of it being an RP and what that implies for character interaction, your characters still attending class and the inclusion of S-links. Ideally the thread runner would be somebody who had read both threads... but, have at it. I actually think I almost prefer this option, since it seems fun.

3) If interest is waning in general and the opinion is that, given what has already happened, it would be better to end this as it is now, but there's still want for -an- SMT RP: start a thread discussing what you liked/disliked about this and the other SMT RPs, even ones on different forums you've seen/experienced, and try working to build something from that. It might also be fun to come back to a new SMT RP already in progress! Obviously, if this option is chosen I give you full permission to have vel appoint a new RP head, re-organize the forums to suit the new needs, etc. In general, I just like the idea of SMT/Persona, so whether I'm RP leader or just RPer doesn't matter much to me; I can perform in either position, so long as it's an RP that continues. Oh, and if this option is chosen for sure, like really for sure, vel or somebody can make all or most of the stuff I had mulled over in the staff forums visible somewhere. Mainly the skill system stuff, since I think the system now is a mess to some extent (still plan on working that out somehow) and I had even messier systems in the works before it. Since it's stuff already largely worked out, it could point you away from certain decisions better than just discussion over ideas might. Or there might be salvageable parts/ideas I had missed. In any case, just saying that this -is- an option.

Hmm...and now I've just been typing whatever again...bad habit from writing my own stuff for a bit now, just type whatever I'm thinking without much organisation. Probably would be better to cut out the SMT stuff and post a new thread in the boards for it, since it's more than just 'hey I'll be gone', but I guess I'll leave that decision up to you guys. C/P it or discuss here, your decision or the mods decision or something like that. Either way, I won't be around to discuss with you guys too much, at least not in my usual way with...uhhh, long posts like this.

Really only going to try and check this until I know whether or not option 1 is in or out, since that's the one I need to contact somebody for. Part of why I posted this here, so I'll only have to check one place but...might be easier to c/p this now that I think about it and make a poll or something and report the results here. Eh, your choice.

Best Wishes, Be Back Soon
8 May 2012
Class System Proposal
After the reaction to the last poll and the last proposal, we sat down and took as much of your feedback into consideration as we could. And, in the end, this is what we came up with—a system that attempts to allow for some flexibility without tossing out the FE. In fact, we tried our best to make the class system even more like FE than it was before, while at the same time not adhering to a single game.

What follows is a fairly meaty document and we can only ask that you give it due consideration before responding to the poll above, as the results of the poll do not matter as much as the replies submitted to back them up. Even if you truly do want to vote yes on everything here, saying as much in a reply, perhaps with an explanation, helps us to get a better feel for you guys, as members, and lets us know that everybody isn't just voting whatever without reading and/or caring.

In fact, feel free to ask questions before voting; there is no huge rush here as we want your informed, honest opinions, even if they take a week or more to form fully.

First Tier Classes
  • Swords: Mercenary, Myrmidon, Thief
  • Lances: Soldier
  • Axes: Fighter, Brigand, Pirate
  • Bows: Archer, Arbalest
  • Anima: Mage, Adept
  • Light: Monk, Advent
  • Dark: Shaman, Necromancer
  • Healer: Cleric
  • Bardic: Dancer, Bard
  • Armour: Knight
  • Mounted: Troubadour, Mage Knight, Wyvern Knight, Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Nomad
  • Manakete
Every character starts the RP with one of the classes listed out above and from there grows and gains levels by going out and experiencing the world. Since these classes are represented slightly differently between the various FE games and skylessia does not adhere to any single game, the descriptions for them will largely reflect that and, while keeping the themes you might expect, they will be unique to skylessia. But, at any time during a character's growth from level 1 to level 20, they may pick up something to further define them beyond their initial choice in class, either bringing them closer to a particular FE game's representation of the class or closer to something entirely of your own creation.

This defining trait is called the First Mid-Tier Advance and can be thought of as part of the first tier class itself, just introduced at a pace fitting the individual character. Then, after reaching level 20, a character can Promote and gain a higher class, the Second Mid-Tier Advance serving to inform and develop that class further. Finally, a character who has gone through 20 levels of both their starting class and 20 level of their promoted class is said to have reached Third Tier, the pinnacle of development.

First Mid-Tier Advance
The first mid-tier advance is your opportunity to highlight your character's first step toward something greater, be it through giving them another weapon, increasing their devotion to their original weapon or giving them a unique ability or trait that not all characters of the same class would have.

A classic FE example of a class having an additional weapon as their advance would be the GBA game cavalier, which had access to both lances and swords from the start, whereas an example of a FE class focusing on their starting weapon would be the FE10 myrmidon or soldier, as shown by the small boost to critical hit they received and their standard promotion to swordmaster or halberdier. Though, in skylessia, a character choosing devotion to their starting weapon as an advance is not given something so simple and vague as 'more critical hit', but rather is instead given more options in terms of weaponry and spells; by default, some things in the weapon system will be locked to characters devoted to their weapon. One example of something like that would be melee weapons capable of having more than one enchantment at the same time.

Then a classic FE example of a class having a unique ability or trait as an advance would be the GBA game myrmidons. Though they did not always use their 'flash step' type ability, they did use it when going in for a critical hit. In skylessia, that would translate as always having the option for a 'flash step' over a shorter range, only with additional reasons not to use it all the time. For instance, a slight miss-step might result in a broken ankle, such a thing being more frequent the more inexperienced the user is. Obviously other conditions and limitations are possible as well, but in the end it's all subject to moderator approval. Brand new abilities not seen in FE games would be the same in that respect and the moderators would be sure to check both that they fit within the setting and that they are comparable to the classic FE abilities in terms of limitations at this initial stage.

Much like the list of first tier classes, a list of second tier flavour options will be provided. As of now, it has not been decided whether we'll treat these as the full list or as premade, FE-canon examples, though we can work with it either way. Once a character reaches level 20 they are eligible for promotion to a higher class suitable to how they've grown and developed over the course of their adventures. Likewise, the promotion provides suitable benefits to further develop the character, similar to the first mid-tier advance only potentially greater.

A weapon or magic taken at promotion potentially starts at D-rank rather than the E-rank of a mid-tier advance weapon or even the character's initial starting weapon, thanks to the experience the character has gained with weapons or spells in general. Naturally, this does not hold for a character who previously only used weapons promoting into spells or vice-versa; in such a case the new weapon or magic taken still starts at E-rank. And then the option to devote oneself to a particular weapon in order to unlock more of its features still exists at this stage as well and comes alongside a boost in weapon level, though for characters who had already done so as a mid-tier advance an option to move onto full-mastery of the weapon exists as well. That movement to mastery would, in large part, mean the ability to use a moderator approved weapon that operates somewhat outside of the system, a weapon that becomes almost as a character-specific skill in and of itself. As you might expect, the specifics on what that weapon might be capable of would depend on the weapon level of the character using it and, in fact, the weapon would grow alongside the character's weapon level, even up to S-rank.

As a final option, characters can choose to upgrade the unique ability or trait they might have chosen as a mid-tier advance or, in the absence of such an ability or trait, they can add one on now. In general, an ability or trait taken initially at this level will be less limited than one taken as a mid-tier advance, but at the same time even better would be an ability taken at mid-tier and then upgraded via the promotion.

Second Mid-Tier Advance
Just as the first mid-tier advance was an opportunity to highlight your character's first tier class and expand on it, differentiating it from others with the same class, the second mid-tier advance is an opportunity to highlight your character's promoted form, making it truly -their- promotion. As well, it should bridge the gap between second tier and third tier, making the eventual third tier promotion flow nicely.

From here, options remain about the same as before, the only differences being ones of scale, to account for a character's experience at this point. For instance, while new abilities taken at this point would still be expected to have drawbacks and your character's mastery over them would be decidedly limited, it would not be unusual for those drawbacks to lessen at a considerable rate as your character moves from thread to thread. Especially if your character does, as would most often be the case given the approval of the ability at this level, have some relevant prior knowledge or related experiences concerning it.

Third Tier
Once a second tier character reaches level 20, they are eligible for promotion to third tier, the pinnacle of their development. And, naturally, the promotion itself should reflect that, flowing naturally from the character's experiences and development over the past 40 levels.

Now, more than ever, boundaries may be pushed, though never broken. If given the proper development from first tier on up, your character's personal abilities may venture beyond the realm of what is naturally understood as 'humanly possible'. Though, make no mistake: a third tier character is not invincible. Rather, he is one of two things, as a best case: highly specialized, occasionally unnatural so, or widely skilled, having a large set of skills that individually fail to surpass or maybe even -reach- the level of most second tiers. In either case, all in-betweens considered, he can still be bested, perhaps by a second tier or, with luck and proper care, even a first tier character, as he is -not- and -never is- above all others in all or even most things. Still, he is impressive nonetheless. To become a third tier character, your character must have put forth a considerable amount of effort, enough to propel them up 40+ levels from their humble beginnings, and that is always impressive. But, at the same time, third tier is the pinnacle of character development.

Taken in this way, as a hard-won pinnacle of ability, you might expect that a highly dedicated, old soldier character would be third tier or would, at least, have been third tier at some point in their life—perhaps they've regressed back to something closer to a second or even a first tier existence, retaining only some faint portion of the abilities they'd won during their initial ascent to their own, personal peak. Age aside, you might imagine such growth patterns with other characters, PC and NPC alike, as third tier is not a permanent, natural thing; this is the pinnacle of your character's existence, something they've worked long and hard to reach, but as soon as the work stops or, perhaps, something external forces their work to stop, they just might fall, their hard-earned abilities pushed out of reach as they must again work to regain them.

Levels and Retcons
Which brings us to a discussion on levels, albeit a rather short one. First and foremost, levels will, as they have as of late, 'matter' again. That is to say, levels will mark your character's experience as a character and, in part, you may choose to consider some of the levels given at the end of a thread to take into account both the happenings of the graded thread -and- additional happenings that may occur between threads. As well, as the previous section alluded, you may, whenever you feel it appropriate, subtract levels from what the moderators award or, beyond that, from levels your character had previously earned. The caveat is that you must note such changes within your character's profile, but nonetheless you may freely assume direct control over any 'negative growth' your character might experience.

Beyond that, you can even move your character down a tier, though it must be stated that one of two things will happen there: they will lose, in large part with some remnants, what they had earned any point after or during the point they descend to and regain the full use of their abilities only when they again reach an appropriate level or, alternatively, they will lose such things -entirely- and, in such a case, will be able to grow differently than they had before. What this suggests is that you may not retcon your character and expect to keep them at the same level: anything similar to a 'retcon' must occur within the universe or, stated more strongly, your character must actively lose and gain again in order to fit your 'retcon' image, going through threads and working their way toward it. Naturally, this does not apply as strongly to characters converting into this system, but for anything thereafter it most certainly does.
12 Mar 2012
While I think the skill/persona system, as it is now, will -work- I would like to raise a few points and generally open the floor to comments, criticisms, concerns or otherwise before we proceed too far with it. Not that the floor hasn't always been open, but now I'm specifically asking for a dialogue on the various systems I've put in place.

Before I propose a few potential changes and make some general statements, I'd like to bring up a point that's tangentially related. That is, a lot of your persona are rather similar in terms of specializations and, while this is not inherently a bad thing, I'd like to make certain that they ended up that way by random chance and that you all chose based on what seemed interesting to write as well as what fit with the persona/character you've envisioned. If this is not the case, and you chose based on perceived mechanical imbalance, now is the time to voice that so I can iron out the stuff you actually wanted to choose based on how well it fit your persona/character. Perhaps I didn't adequately explain this or that or, due to lack of visible combat rules or example encounters, some of the stuff seems better or worse than it actually is. Or, maybe some of it is just out and out badly implemented. In any case, we are approaching something akin to 'speak now or forever hold you peace' since once things really get rolling here it'll be much harder for me to make these changes in an equitable way.

That out of the way, I'd like to light on the handful of things that have already been pointed out or that I've noticed myself or that I would just like to mention in general:
  • 1) Perhaps the cost increase applied to non-specialized skills is too steep.
    I wouldn't entirely disagree with this point. Since only one, or maybe two, out of eight chose to take anything with that nasty x2 to cost, it probably really is too steep and, being a multiplier, that will only get worse. So, I've come up with a system that is a bit less simple, sadly, but probably more equitable. Basically, you'd tally up the skill (or skill part in some cases) separately and then convert via a somewhat more equitable method:
    New Method: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

    Probably not obvious how I determined that right away, but if I gave you an additional hint of '6 goes to 9, 7 goes to 11, 8 goes to 12, 9 goes to 14' you should be able to determine the pattern, not that anything after 5 even matters at the moment. Suffice it to say that this is -way- better than x2 as time rolls on, which makes sense in a way. Starting out, everything is fairly difficult anyway so stuff essentially costing x2 if it's not a natural specialty should make sense, but as time goes on and your character gains experience as a persona user in general going outside of those specialties should become easier and this system mirrors that to some extent.
  • 2) Perhaps the magical status effects need an overhaul, as they seem to be rather unattractive.
    Maybe my proposed solution to problem area #1 will straighten that out, but I've also considered removing them as 'you must purchase them' items and instead making them magic's versions of critical hits. Rather than being mostly random like physical's, they'd work on something of a tally system. That is, each time an enemy's magical weakness is exploited there's an increased chance of the extra 'magical status' occurring. Modifiers could be taken on them much like modifiers can be taken on physical's and perhaps those modifiers would be tied into having a status effect specialization, but at the very least magic would, in general, have something extra that it seems to be lacking.
  • 3) I only listed what you can currently afford to have.
    Yeah, I did do that...which -might- be why most of you have avoided specializing in physical's typings, since at the moment everything seems to be fairly low cost and free for anybody anyway. Well, that changes as more stuff becomes available (i.e. the good stuff). At the moment it's mainly that basic attacks are free under the system, regardless of specializations, with a little hidden edge given to those with the specializations in terms of damage, hit chance, etc.

    In large part, that sort of thing is the one downside that I see to not listing everything or even more things out right now, as it might have informed some part of persona creation; my greatest worry is that some of you may have instantly avoided thinking about a more physical typed persona upon seeing the list as it is. Now, that said, I do not, at the moment, plan to list out more in the future either, just because I kind of don't want you to plan ahead too much or even at all. I believe that increases in power should flow more naturally, I guess. RPers tend to think about these things/dwell on them more than the characters themselves might, is the main thing. Because, hey, posting is slow so might as well spend some time imagining the future...only to become depressed about posting in the now/impatient to get to the imagined future.
  • 4) The language around specializations and everything is sort of confusing and at times unclear.
    Yep, I'm going to spend some time editing that up. Doesn't matter -as much- now, but in any case I'll try to mind that in the future as I edit the combat rules. Sorry about that, guys.
  • 5) Combat Rules topic?
    Yeah...I've had what looks to be a draft done since before the end of last year. Had worked on it a bit more near the end of January and then forgotten it, so I'll try to clean that up now and get it posted.
That should be it for everything I want to say initially, so consider the floor open. At the very least I'd like to hear your opinions on #1 and #2, as well as whether or not you like your persona exactly as it is now or if you'd wanted to use a certain typing only to find it to be too weak or not how you wanted it to be.
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