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17 Aug 2011
Name: Trind Berthel
Age: 18
Major/Degree: Major: Architecture
Hometown: Vizby, Sweden
Place of Residence: Family residence in the Suburbs.
Job: A bakery in the Shopping District

    Eyes - Simple but large, almond-shaped brown eyes that shine beneath prominent light-brown eyebrows formed in slight, downward arcs.
    Hair - Auburn, straight hair. Usually placed in a long ponytail by a orange-yellow hair band while long bangs are clasped behind the ears by small clips.
    Skin - Slightly yellow, lustrous skin with small traces of acne on the face.
    • Mouth - Lips curl up strongly when smiling no matter how happy. Mouth rarely opens very wide.
    General Body - Weight: 183lbs. Height: 5'4". Has a body that holds its fat in form rather than rolls. Forearms and hands are a bit small and the same goes for the legs. Head is not quite proportionate to large shoulders and chest. Would not appear to have muscle despite having some to support her voluptuous body.
    General Expression(s) - Usually too preoccupied to maintain a facial expression of anything other than intent and does not smile unless in the presence of friends; however, few have ever seen Trind with a sad expression on her face. When lifting something with one hand, Trind holds her arm out and has had many accidents come from moving with this gesture. Otherwise, Trind is not very clumsy and moves with grace in the throes of daily life.
    Accent - Has a minor Swedish accent.
    Clothing - Most outfits pair either a petal pink with maroon, or turquoise with sea green. Wears a tight-fitted blouse with a light, woven overcoat, a long, cotton, white scarf and a long skirt during the winter. In the summer, wears mid-length skirts with short-sleeved plaid or flowery blouses. Shoes are never open-toe, but are always a little dressy or with a charming flair. At work, dresses in an old-fashioned maid's apron and dress, white and black respectively.

Was born in 1986 on the 16 of July. She lived in her hometown Vizby with her mother and father for five and a half years until her father died before her eyes. His last words, unlike those of many tales, were indiscernible and since Trind was unaware of what was happening, there was no one to try interpret his last utterings.
Trind's mother was not to become a widow, however, because she soon met a travelling American businessman and the two fell deeply in love. Less than a year after her father's death, Trind left her hometown for the United States. They started in New York City, then approached the South, no definite residence for Trind to settle down in. However, since Trind was so young at the beginning of this transient life, she managed it without feelings of grief or depression.
A few days after her thirteenth birthday in Kansas, however, a celebration stop turned into another nightmare. Her step-father was found dead in a bathroom stall.
Even so, Trind found life fair enough and enjoyed a new home in Kansas with just her mother. She met a friend who had heard of her tragedy and sympathized; Trind let her borrow a doll that she loved ever since she was a young with the hope that it would get this girl through her difficult home life. But, before she knew it, Trind was being sent to Missouri for a new high school education, a change coming so fast that Trind had only a second to bid farewell to her good friend.
For once in her life, however, Trind was coming to a very stable home in Sunrise City, Missouri and there would be some good years to come. At this point, it struck with a stinging irony that Trind could not readily adjust to her new social life; all the same, she now aspired to become a great person in the future. Her dealings with life, as she comes into UMS, have shown her to be far from reaching her goal.

Other Notes: Favorite Music: Bjork - Karvel
21 Feb 2010
Name: Winka Delcades
Age: 17
Homecountry: Valhassa
Affinity: Ice
Gender: Male
Height: '5''5
Build: Clumsy

Class: Jouster
Level: 1
Weapons: Slim Lance, Iron Lance
Weapon Levels: Lances-E

Appearance: Winka has unkempt hair that nearly covers his eyes. Winka's eyes show little white as his pupils are rather large and bold in their frosted green hue. Winka's hands and feet are just about his smallest features. Winka has a noticeably large chin with weak bone structure. The belly of Winka is most round because he is fed the fatty foods that are common among noblemen, but does little to work it off.

Personality: In his best mood, Winka will be extremely open with his emotions and heeds not to whom he speaks. Winka's parents are actually the only ones he meets in commodity. Politically, there are few exceptions when Winka will accept someone of a separate race, and he feels that the way everyone in Valhassa lives is truly pitiful. Winka is a dishonorable man who hates his royal heritage due to the means by which his family's riches are used.

Bio: The Delcades were of nobles, but in appearance were mundane and penniless. Riches where haphazardly inherited from Winka's deceased and far-off, grand-uncle who was of the family holding relatives to contributing founders of Valhassa. In spite of this, Winka's family was ravaged by various addictions leaving Winka unattended at all hours. Winka grew to have a distaste of general people in Valhassa and wished to find peace in other parts of the world. Disdainful of his disloyalty, his family was not to readily allow him passage from Valhassa. After arriving to that conclusion, Winka slowly, but surely trained himself to joust, aspiring to enter in a Colosseum and gain enough money to leave home. Upon that day he was unfortunately turned away at the door being seen as someone initially unsuited to arena battles. Winka has to hold on to hope and find a way to leave Valhassa and experience foreign pleasures in a pursuit of happiness.

Additional Notes/Comments:
23 Jun 2009
I missed two of my turns with a three turn limit. I managed to get on in time for my third turn. I took two turns and was there every second. I make a third turn completely, but forgot to end it until eight secs. were left. I just end the turn and then....
YOU HAVE FORFEITED THE BATTLE. Now how does that happen? It said that 3 missed turns were made. Why did that happen when I managed to end my turn? I also moved my units which usually works as an attended turn.
Can anyone tell me why?
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