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FEP Contest: Writing Entries
Commander Wymsy
post Feb 10 2008, 08:41 PM
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Megalomaniac out for world domination
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This is the Writing Entries thread, where members will submit their own FEP-related written pieces for the contest.

*~ Rules ~*

1. Members may only submit one entry. This goes for all categories.
2. This thread is only for submitting entries, not discussing them. You must have an entry if you are posting in this thread. This goes for all categories.
3. The only way you can have any sort of assistance from a member is if you have asked them about their appearance, are using their RP character for a character, or anything similar.
4. The things you type must be typed 100% by yourself.
5. There is a 1,500 word limit.

Judges for this category are: Velyoukai, Snipe Hunter, Sharoflux, Nealuchi, Dan

FEP Contest Explanation Thread
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Commander Wymsy
post Feb 15 2008, 01:02 AM
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Megalomaniac out for world domination
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An extra rule has been added for the Writing category. There is a 1,500 word limit.
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post Feb 15 2008, 02:00 AM
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With a smile!
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First chapter of some story I quit on a... fair while ago.

wheeeeeeee I'm high on bleach! *dies*: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Chapter 1: Slip

A crescent of solid material burst forth from the ground below. The person it was heading for jumped in the air and brought two thick small shields down to take the blow, sending her farther into the air before flipping forward and landing back on her feet as she continued running towards her opponent.

"You can't play keep away forever, Erik!" She said with confidence.

"Neither can you." Erik said curtly.

"Tch." She left it at that, someone like him wasn't any fun to talk to anyway.

Another blade of metal shot at her from in front and she had to quickly block that as well before being sent backwards, right into another blade from behind. She extended one metal foot to catch that one and used it to propel herself forward once more. For the last minute she had been around eight feet from her enemy and not making much ground.

From above? She had looked at Erik's hands which were used to guide his attacks and they were pointed more upwards than usual. Not even looking up, she put her arms protectively above her head and sure enough, a heavy hit came soon after and she was knocked down to her knees from it. She felt the ground vibrating. Below now?! Shit. Trying to get back on her feet quickly the crescent of metal was faster and exploded from the ground. In a reflexive movement she leaned her body backwards as the blade tore through her cloak revealing her light battle armor beneath it. An inch close and that would have been very bad.

It was at this moment that she saw a golden opportunity, surely Erik had gained a feel of victory for the move. She clutched her gauntleted fists and pulled them back with strained effort.

"Using that now are you, Sina Vince?" Erik's feet were now solidly planted in the ground as he seemed to be leaning back again nothing. Sina's specialty was pulling her foes towards her with this, something Erik surely wanted to avoid. Even then, he was slowly sliding towards her. He could hold on, and so resumed his attack. That combination should work...

He created a blade to attack her backside this time, it hit her squarely in the back against her armor and sent her towards him. Right after that he sent one at himself from below and be hind, a slight hop and it connected with the bottom of his boots and he launched himself up in the air, aiming to sail over his opponent that was heading right towards his previous location.

Sina's metal fist was sent straight upwards with what looked like a punch as Erik was sailing over her, yet as her fist reached its apex a metal blade suddenly extended from below the shield and above her forearm another foot at high speed. Erik knew all about those retracting blades already and he own large shield, the only thing he carried, blocked the attack as the sword swiftly retracted back under the shield. With the first attack fouling up, Sina was ready to try pulling him in again, he was airborne after all.

This time pulling her arms downwards, Erik found himself falling into the ground with some amount force.

A foot rotated half way around in the ground as Sina switched the direction of her movement and send a left fist and accompanying blade towards the downed Erik. It cut into his right calf, tearing at muscle and hopefully a tendon or two. "Gotcha."

"Not really." Erik sent a blade right towards Sina's face which she had to twist her body around to avoid, letting him put some distance between them in the mean time. However, as she had hoped, Erik was limping heavily despite no showing a shred of pain on his face. Another attack of his fell onto Sina from above, which she managed to block though the force of it pushed her into the ground a bit. She rolled to the side and hopped back up on her feet acrobatically and charged once more towards one of Trale's pets, as one of her friends like to called them.

A familiar assault began once again as she weaved and blocked through a series of solid 'projectiles' for a lack of better term. Eventually Erik launched a series of blades at her all from below. The seceding blocks by Sina sent her into the air. Many of Erik's crescents assaulted her in the air, as though she was being juggled, while she was struggling to use her own ability to pull her back to the ground.

Keeping an eye out for any opportunities as always, Sina eventually managed to register one of the attacks that would be able to send her straight towards Erik. She rotated in the air so that her back was to the ground and kicked off the blade with both feet and bolted towards Erik. Expectedly, the following attack was aimed right at her to turn her back around but in an impressive feet of concentration she grabbed the blade with her hand and pulled herself forward as though it was nothing but a handle bar. She flew down towards Erik, fist first and a punch nailed him in the chest as he was sent into the ground as Sina landed on top of him so that he couldn't get up. "Now I really gotcha." She said victoriously, if with exhausted breathing.

"Why didn't you just kill me back there with one of your blades rather than punch me?"

"I was here to try and get some information, not kill a rival to me leader. Now if you could kindly tell me what Trale plans to do next I have no reason to kill you."

In a rare display of emotion, Erik smirked with a slight laugh. "You went after me of all people to try and get information?"

"Don't play stupid, I know your little personal weakness, blabbermouth." Sina held a hand up in the air and extended the sword out and pointed it as his neck. "I know Trale can't afford to lose anymore people right now, so just talk."

"...well, I suppose I'll tell you since it doesn't have much to do with you or Ranker anyway. When we brought down Contel's group two days ago he was missing his best fighter, a true monster, and we're conducting a search for him, trying to find out why he would abandon his leader like that. Which is why you ran across me alone."

Sina quirked an eyebrow, "Sounds honest enough." She stood up and backed away from Erik. "I got what I wanted, now just get out of my sight."

"You're pretty stupid for not killing me you know?"

"Yeah I know, but it's not like I dislike you or anything so I don't see much point in wanting to kill you."

"Your personality will be the end of you." Erik warned as he limped back towards his group's camp. He'd have to report to Trale that he spilled the beans, never a fun task.

And now you know where I recycled my first slot RP character from!
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post Mar 13 2008, 02:27 PM
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This took 15 minutes to write, so bear with me.

This Is Not A Spoiler Tag: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Kettius resided in the Stupidity region of Fepius. She had grown up not knowing her parents. She was raised by her grandfather, Sephiroth, who died that same year, leaving her alone. Her only company was her dragon, named Wymsy, who feasted on flesh, blood, and the krill that lived in the Rolling Sea.
It was a day like any other. She woke up, brushed her teeth, tended to Wymsy, and ate her breakfast. She went out, to fish for krill, when she saw something shiny on the ground. She picked it up, and examined it carefully. It appeared to be a ring, with a foreign language written on it. She put it in her pocket, and kept going along with her daily actions.

In the kingdom of Fepius, located in the Canadia region, Makorav sat upon his mighty thrown, with his large, shiney sword resting upon his shoulder. His loyal servant, Elto, approached him. "I am afraid we have some bad news, sir. The evil Exxeh has threatened to destroy the crystal if we do not destroy her. We must find the ring and destroy it before she destroys all of Fepius."
"I am sorry...what the hell are you talking about? What crystal and what ring?"
"The crystal that controls the power of Fepius, remember? And the ring that can destroy Exxeh, the Evil Queen of Emoness."
"Oh, yes. That ring. We must act quickly. We shall contact Zerxer the Grand Wizard. Fetch my Bidoof," King Makorav said. His Bidoof was his large beaver-like pet that he rode for transportation.

* * *
King Makorav and Elto approached the hut of the mystical Zerxer. They walked inside. "Welcome to my hut of magic. What the hell do you want?" Zerxer said.
"Errr...where is the ring? You know...the mystical one?" Makorav said. Zerxer looked deep into the crystal ball.
"It's foggy...hmm....I can't see much...is that a llama? Hm...I am seeing a sea. The Rolling Sea of Stupidity -"
"We shall travel to the Rolling Sea of Stupidity, then."

* * *
Kettius heard a loud knocking on her door. She swung it open and saw a large man with a crown on his head, a wizard with a large pointy hat. and a hunchbacked servant by his side. "Do you believe in fate, Kettius?" said the wizard.
"Not really," she said.
"Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?"
"Not really."
"Then what do you believe?" said the wizard.
"I believe that the entire universe is controlled by a magical crystal, and that an evil queen of emoness has threatened to destroy it. And the key to destroying her is in my pocket."
"Damn you are good," said the king.
"Really? I just took a wild guess, there." she said.

Kettius invited them inside. She gave them each teacups and filled them with tea. Makorav began to speak.
"So what we should do is gather a large group of warriors together. It could be a fellowship. He said.
"Like a fellowship of the ring?" Kettius said.
"Sounds good enough. Let's embark on an epic journey."

* * *

Among the warriors and mercenaries they recruited were: Oujay the Viking, Legault the Thief, Fury the Axeman, Asvel the Psycho Sword Lady, and HitoriFelix the Crazy One. They each gathered in the castle's dining room, gathered around the ring, debating their strategies for destroying the ring.
"Obviously we have to throw the ring into the Mountain of Doom" said Legault.
"That would be too obvious," said Fury. "It is probably in the last place we would think to look."
They all thought for a second, and all in unison said "The Paranoid Android's spiriting topic!"

* * *

It wasn't a long journey to The Paranoid Android's spriting topic. It was just across the street from the castle, in fact. They knocked on the door, and out came a small, wimpy elf. He began to talk. "Welcome! I am the Paranoid Android! In my hut, you can have all the porn you want! And I have free money! Also -"
He was crushed by King Makorav before he could finish.
"Silly Paranoid Android. Now let us destroy the ring," King Makorav said.
Inside the hut was a large toilet.
"I guess I have to place the ring in the toilet." Kettius said.
She was about to place the ring inside the toilet when Wymsy the Dragon rushed in, and said in a loud, booming voice "Lies! Fibbery! Deciet!"
The group each turned around.
"I am Wymsy, the true ruler of Fepius. You see, Makorav is actually Exxeh in disguise. If you place that ring in that toilet, he/she will rule the world."
"Don't listen to her, Kettius. I am the ruler of Fepius. She lies!" Makorav said.
Kettius, not knowing what to do, simply ate the ring. The world collapsed, and things returned to normal.


EPILOGUE: (This Epilogue is meant to have Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds playing in the background, while read. Don't question it. Just do it.)

Kettius died in a hospital, while getting her stomach pumped for the ring.

King Makorav bought a Bidoof farm in Arkansas.

Elto joined the circus.

Zerxer later joined the cast of Hairspray. They performed on Broadway for 30 years.

Wymsy became a powerful business woman.

Oujay, Legault, Asvel, Fury, and HitoriFelix later went on to form a metal band.

The Paranoid Android became a dentist. He now lives with his wife and two kids in San Fernando Valley, California.

*After everyone reads this, I will be more disliked than I already am.* (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
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Fezzes Are Cool
post Mar 14 2008, 02:09 PM
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Skylessia Characters

What?: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
In the beginning was FEP. And, lo, FM moved across the face of the forums, and said, "Let us make a Roleplay in our image, that we may enjoy Fire Emblem in a new way. And it was so. And there were those who called the Roleplay good, and it flourished upon the forum. And FM called the Roleplay Generation One, for it was to be a generational tale, but lo, it has since become known as Elibe.

And within Elibe flourished many characters, among them Svael, Valistrix, Lirae, and Eve. And it was good. And the mods declared, "Lo, we would like to roleplay new characters, and have them be related to our old ones" and formed from the dust of the forum a new land, which was basically just the same one 25 years later. And the players saw that it was good.

But then came the Fall. And woe unto the people of the forum, for unto them were delivered no RP mods. And the RPs grading requests didst pile up, and there was no grading. The roleplay foundered, as the mods were inactive or busy. But, lo, Exxeh did deliver a savior unto the roleplay, for an active mod was found, and for a while, peace again reigned in Elibe, as the single new mod--one member among six--found the time to bring forth grades for all the threads which had lain fallow for so long.

But again, the world was destroyed--those who didst enjoy the Elibe characters were cast into the outer darkness, when the forums were lost. Some were they who carried on, long enough to at least bid a tearful farewell to their old characters. And they did so, and laid to rest their characters in the land of happy endings, where all dutiful RP characters find their final rest.

And on the new forums, unto this troubled period was born Cynon, a mod of old. And Cynon did bring forth a new world, with new characters and even levels for all, and he called this land Wardea. And Wardea was a different land than Elibe, and many were they who could not get into it as much, despite the ability to now more grandly affect the world, as there was less established characters and settings to worry about.

Therefore FM returned from on high, and said, "Let us make another roleplay, focusing on the political and military aspects of Fire Emblem as opposed to its singular characters." And he did bring forth another new land, forged from the ashes of Elibe, and he named it Maris. And for a time, it was good.

Then did FM and Cynon have a spat, and Cynon left the forums, and Wardea was cast down and trampled upon. And from this time did Freya arise, and she declared, "This shall forever more be a new continent, and it shall be Skylessia, and we shall all work hard to do it right, and we shall find several active mods and implement as many good suggestions as possible," and it was so. And all saw that it was good.

And Skylessia did flourish upon the deep, and more players than ever partook of it, and contributed to it, and all declared it to be good. Thus it was, and thus shall it ever be.

But FM did take offense, and he left the forums. And Dark of Night faltered without him, and many cried out in anguish, "This isn't fun! I can't even get a sub slot! And nothing happens any more!" And FM did return for long enough to remove all of Maris and even the Dark of Night name, and it seemed all hope was lost.

But, yea, out of the rubble did arise a new sort of nation sim. Many were its shortcomings in development, and often came the restarts, but the mods did learn, and the people crowned TEH as their leader. And the people did name their new nation sim RoE, for it covers the rise and fall of many great empires.

And, yea, unto this came many with ideas, and many with suggestions, and many were they who were willing to adapt it all to a unified system, where they could learn from what they had done in the past, correctly or poorly. And they began working from the ground up to create it.

And they said one to another, "Let us build a new continent, with a new staff board and a new earth, and we shall create codified rules, and we shall partake of its rapture forever, in glorious economic and military and political struggle, for all eternity", and they set forth to do so.

From here they toil, and here they struggle, and here shall arise a new nation sim. And they did set forth as follows:

Four score and seven days ago we brought forth on this forum a new continent, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all PCs are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those PCs who here gave their lives that that these nations might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

Yea, we shall all pray for their success, and join in on their triumphs, and it shall be done without forum drama. Thus it is written.
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