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Posted by: kaishin no chikara Aug 12 2012, 10:10 PM

Anybody up for a debate tournament? I feel like this would be a lot of fun.

There will be a certain number of people who will face off in 1 v 1 matches to argue their point.

The topic will be "The Worst Lord Unit"
The challenge is to create, obviously, the worst possible lord. You will then debate with your opponents in a series of single elimination 1 v 1 matches. At the end of a set period of time for each matchup, I will make a topic regarding all the matchups of the current round, you will then make a post (NOT A VOTE) for each of the matchups, regarding your thoughts and more importantly, which one you think is the worst.

There are some stipulations: srsfacts.gif
1. The lord is promoted, level 20/20.
2. You must use all 8/70 worth of points.
3. You must HARD cap power, meaning you must use a nature that allows this to happen (If you use a pegmage it must have at least 34 SPD).
4. You may not use an Armour promotion. That's just too easy.
5. No overcapping, promoted OR unpromoted. I can't see the unpromo builds, so I expect honor code.
6. You do not decide the skills. You will use the most optimal ones, as determined by your opponent for that round. No making a low LCK/SPD unit and going lolpursuit/insight.

If I get enough responses I'll make one of these.


Posted by: Nolan Kryptonite Aug 12 2012, 10:47 PM

There are a few that would easily win... but still lose in that they're better than generics still.

Low power (limits variety):
Cavalier -> Champion
Curate -> Guardian
Soldier promos
Mage -> Mage Knight
Troub promos (not bad, but they only have 1 build)
Merc promos (not bad, but they only have 2 builds that aren't outclassed)
Dracomaster (not bad but outclassed by other classes)

And ones almost outclassed by other classes.
Mage staffers not from clerics
Peg staffers not from heaven

Posted by: kaishin no chikara Aug 18 2012, 08:55 PM

I updated the rules for some of that.

As for the mage and peg stavers: Mage stavers and peg stavers aren't forced to take RES, so it's a bit different than simply inferior.

Posted by: kaishin no chikara May 20 2013, 06:27 PM

bump because I want to play this after seeing it again 9 months later.

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