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Time to shake off the rust...
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Lord Torell
26 years old
Born Sep-1-1993
Dungeons & Dragons(yes I know I'm a geek)
Power Metal
Classic Rock
Swordplay and Quarterstaff
Any combination thereof :P
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Lord Torell


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10 Jun 2011
Okay, I'm back. Sorry about that. My eight-year-old computer finally—and suddenly—gave up the ghost, and what with graduation week and everything going on I couldn't pop over to a friend's house and log on there either. What I aim to say is, next time I fall off the face of the earth, I should be able to warn you guys first. Barring any more "unforeseeables" happening, I'll be jumping back into the community now... and stay a while. See y'all around!
7 May 2011
I really can't say much about how it happened, but suddenly my opponent's turns timing out counted against my missed turn limit. As soon as he popped in, I noticed this start to happen. (In case it matters, the battle was: Lord Torell vs. Jart on Opposing Dynasties. He had a full team of 8, I used 6.)

He misses a turn at the start of the battle, then acts late into the second turn. When the turn timer counts down to 0, my missed turn counter increases, and he gets another turn. Probably just Firefox being buggy(v.4.0.1), but I thought it should be mentioned.
6 May 2011
Name: Galen, Rogue Knight of Melior
Nation: Crimea
Age: 37 (looks about 17/18)
Race: Branded(White Dragon)

Class and Level: Mercenary Level 6

Weapon Levels: Swords D

Appearance: Galen is always clean-shaven, neither tall nor short, neither thin nor fat, and neither slender nor sturdy. On the whole, his appearance is relatively unremarkable... but for the brand on the back of his right hand, and the fact that even at the age of 37, he still appears to be in his late teens. His hair, which he keeps at shoulder length, is a dark, purplish color that at times seems to suck in the light around it. His eyes are the orange color of molten steel, and seem to flash with the light of a great inferno when he is angered. His face, often obscured by his long hair, hints at his true heritage; his features are slender and elegant, which has occasionally resulted in him being mistaken for a woman. Years of training have augmented his average build to make him appear as the swordsman that he is.

Most of the time, Galen wears a large, black leather garment not unlike a trench coat, over top of the armor he wore as a low-ranking officer in the Crimean army, now battered and tarnished with years of use. Over the years, some of the pieces have been lost, leaving him with a cuirass, gauntlets, vambraces, couters, rerebraces, and spaulders — about half of the original suit. He typically wears a pair of thick, travel-worn leather boots that have carried him man miles so far and still have many miles left in them. Galen rarely wears headgear, his helmet lying long-forgotten in some field somewhere. In sharp contrast, he ALWAYS wears some form of glove or gauntlet on his right hand, even while sleeping, so that his true nature is hidden from those who would wish him ill because of it.

On the rare occasion that he stops mingling with the wild animals and common folk to dress up, Galen gathers his hair back in a ponytail and trades his well-worn gear for simple, although far from crude, garments of cotton and linen, typically in darker colors. He trades his muddied hiking boots for a pair of clean boots designed only for appearances. He often accentuates this with a cape from his time in the military, and a simple emerald ring of origin known only to himself.

Personality: Galen, in years past, was a kinder man than he is today. Over time, his cheerful, outgoing demeanor has become sullied with the woes inherent to being one of the Branded. The end result of this is that Galen has become very sarcastic. He is business-like and formal where he once was warm and inviting, and has adopted a methodical, no-nonsense approach to life. He has become aloof and distant, and tries to avoid unnecessary human contact, reasoning that getting found out at the wrong time could be his last mistake. Through the years of good and bad, one thing has always remained constant about his persona: Galen does not suffer fools gladly.

Despite the darkness surrounding his life, Galen rarely troubles others with his woes. Instead, he maintains a strict policy of levelheadedness and calm, hoping to never again allow emotion to blot out reason in his actions. Galen is ruthlessly pragmatic, but has also the will to uphold an extensive set of morals and values. After all, what is life but an ongoing mission of self-improvement based upon the learning of hard lessons?

Biography: Galen is the son of a noble's servant whose name has been lost to time. Both of his parents died before his fifth birthday, leaving him with no memories of them. Instead, he was raised collectively by various palace guards and servants. This left Galen with little experience with the concept of secrets, setting up a grim situation when his brand appeared at about age sixteen and a half. This revelation about his parentage rattled him to the core, since he was already intimately familiar with the lore surrounding the Branded. Never in a thousand years did he suspect that he was one himself.

Heading off to join the military, Galen figured he might be able to have a normal-ish life, so long as he stayed out of laguz nations, and didn't take his gauntlet off. Perhaps not. Putting this thought from his mind, Galen began his career as a soldier. He withdrew from most social interaction, instead focusing on his training and advancement, ultimately being promoted to officer status when he was thirty-five. Several years of hard training had given Lieutenant Galen a good start on the road to greatness, but all of that was about to change in his thirty-sixth year.

Year thirty-six of Galen's life was a living hell. His secret was discovered, his only close friend died in an accident, and his career ultimately went down the drain. As it happened, his commanding officer had finally figured out Galen's true nature. Through a complex series of events, Galen was disciplined for withholding information, turned on his friend and accidentally caused the situation that led to her death. With his secret out and the suspicious circumstances under which his friend died, Galen was framed for her murder. Right as he was headed to the proverbial gallows, his captain took pity on him, reducing the charge to manslaughter and only discharging him from service. While grateful for his life, Galen's mind was too preoccupied with recent events to function clearly. Two thoughts burned in his mind: to escape anti-Branded persecution in Hatari, and to follow his friend's example and work to protect the innocent at any cost.

Since that day, Galen has remained in his native Crimea, pursuing the two goals left in his life: protect the weak and find freedom in Hatari. So long as he has goals, he can survive. No... he WILL survive.


Sanguinus(4/D, PRF): Hand Sword, Iron +0, Basket Hilt +0, Serrated Edge +1, Armorslayer +1, Thin Blade +1, Perfectly Balanced +1
Survival Knife(3/D): Dagger, Iron +0, Double Alloy +2, Killer +1

Edit 1: Added weaponry and expanded on personality.
Edit 2: Remembered the existence of PRF weapons, renamed main weapon.

Approved by SoloWing
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Magnus Blade
Ah, thanks man. I appreciate that! Any help is accepted.
15 Jun 2011 - 21:26
Magnus Blade
Yeah, progress over at SR is really slow at the moment, due to the lack of members and the majority of the current ones are really inactive. I'm afraid that I have to shut it down again...but I'll succeed this time.
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12 May 2011 - 19:48

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