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Zelena x Richter, C Support
Ced of Silesse
post May 3 2010, 09:51 AM
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Skylessia Characters

Zelena: *walks to the city gate with her horse, has a cape covering her head a bit*

Richter: *Walks by the gate, ready to leave on his journeys. He spots the caped figure*

Zelena: *notices that she is spotted, turns to* "Ah...Richter, is that you?""

Richter: *Surprised that this was Zelena* A-ah, Princess. Yes, it's me. Um...what are you doing here? And so late at night?

Zelena: *places a finger on his lips, whispers* "Shh... don't call me 'princess', just 'Zelena'. Can you come with me a bit?" *points to the footpath nearby*

Richter: *Whispers now* M-My apologies Zelena. I was just surprised. And certainly.

Zelena: "No worries, it's not your fault anyway. And I'm here because I...erm...going to leave Rynas."

Richter: I see. If you don't mind my asking, why are you leaving?

Zelena: "I don't feel like staying in the castle forever just yet, I still have something I need to do. *pauses a bit* It's...quite a selfish reason for a princess, is it not?"

Richter: *Shrugs* I wouldn't know. I don't have anything to do with royalty or nobles. But this does mean I won't judge you due to that. I can understand that reasoning. I don't have any desire to stay still yet. I travel the world in order to learn what books can not teach me.

Zelena: *widens her eyes a bit, smiles* Thank you.

Richter: It's no trouble. However, since you're leaving, perhaps you wouldn't mind an escort? Or rather...a travel companion? I have no set destination. I may head out on my own at some point, but for a bit, I could travel with you if you want.

Zelena: "Hmm...may be that's a good idea, I'm worrying if the guards will notice me if I go alone. Anyway, I'm heading east, will that be alright with you?"

Richter: Not a problem at all. And you needn't worry when I head off on my own. I'll let you know when I do.

Zelena: "Excellent. Anyway, can you do me a little favor?"

Richter: A...favor, Zelena?

Zelena: "*ahems, blushes a little* I'd like to ask you to pretend to be my...hmm...love interest a bit when we walk pass the gate, just pretending, you know?"

Richter: *Blushes* W-w-what? Pretend to be a l-love interest? W-well...I...suppose I can. J-just to help with exiting the city.

Zelena: You don't have to blush like that *blushes more herself*, I'm just going to borrow your arm a bit...you know.

Richter: Ah...my apologies. Let's...um...leave then, I suppose.

Zelena: Al-alright, excuse me *wraps her arm around his* ...I guess. Let's go.
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